Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 406

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 406

Episode 406

: Pyowol put Guia and Naedan into her arms.

In an instant, naturalization soared in the police officer’s eyes. Pyowol’s disrespectful behavior made him angry.

the police officer shouted.

“To (土) Gyeong (硬) raw (生).”

It was just a three-letter call. However, there was a mysterious principle of magic in it.


Suddenly, the soil beneath her feet shook.

The soil wriggled like a living creature, and soon it came together tightly to form a spear.

There were dozens of spears made of earth like that.

At the gesture of the police officer, a spear made of earth was shot from the ground into the air. And at the place where the spear was facing, there was the lower body of Pyowol.

Pyowol took a meandering step and avoided dozens of spears. However, the police officer’s attack did not end there.

“Tree (wood) leek (破) mountain (散).”

At his cry, the tree near the pyowol was shattered into thousands and tens of thousands of pieces. The pieces of wood were memorized and rained down on Pyowol.

It was incredible.

It was unbelievable that a few words could do such a miracle.

The magic he practices was originally a very old vision, but his father improved it in his own way.

In particular, this three-character mantra can be easily invoked and has great power, so the police officer enjoyed using it.

Every time the police officer chanted the mantra, the trees exploded and the soil clumped together, sending out spears.

Pyowol avoided all the attacks by taking a meandering step.

“This rat is like a mouse!”

The police officer was enraged at the sight of such a Pyowol.

The three-way mantra was extended, but the power was not enough to hit Pyowol.

He was furious that he could no longer use the dharma bodhisattva he wore on his wrist.

He would have been able to exert greater power even if he hadn’t run amok with the law to subdue the ghost king. If that was the case, there was a high possibility that he would have been able to subdue Pyowol more easily.

The basis of gyeongmusaeng was not martial arts, but magic.

Martial arts is enough to be called a strong master, but it was magic that made him stand out and become stronger.

The police officer had never been pushed back by any opponent before.

His magic, which reached the stage of hurling wind and rain, was difficult for any warrior in the river to deal with. However, Pyo-wol avoided all the magic techniques performed by the police officer by a narrow margin.

The moon was like a ghost.

Sensing like a ghost that the policeman’s magic was about to be activated, he ran away. Even so, he was steadily narrowing the distance with the police officers.

For the first time, the police officer felt strong pressure from others.

I had the feeling that if I allowed Pyowol’s approach as it was, something big would happen. So, I used magic that I don’t normally use.

“Ho(呼) Wind(Wind) Strong(强).”

Wind It also brought a very strong wind.

The strong wind was used to block the approach of Pyowol first.

Pyowol’s body stopped at the unexpected strong wind.

The police officer did not miss the gap and memorized another three-way mantra.

“Rain (雷) Yin (引) Earth (地).”

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky.

He avoided all other magical arts, but he could not avoid lightning as much as the leaping moon.


Along with the explosion, the new model of Pyowol, struck by lightning, flew away.

The police officer burst into madness.

“Ha ha ha! bloke! It’s ugly.”

The magic technique of calling the final thunderbolt was the most powerful among the three mantras. Once opened, even a police officer would lie down sick for days.

Compared to the majesty of thunderbolts that occur in real nature, it was mere jokjok hemostasis, but it was not enough to kill a single person.

Until now, the number of times a police officer had spread the three-way mantra of brain intellect could be counted on one hand. And those who spread the three-way mantra of brain cognition lost their lives without exception.

When lightning strikes the human body, all nerves are first burned.

Those with nerves become crippled, unable to move their limbs, no matter how they save their lives.

The police officer thought that Pyowoldo would have been one of the two.

Either dead or crippled, unable to move limbs.

At that moment, the police officer’s face was stained with shock.

Because something unbelievable has happened.

Pyowol, who had been hit squarely by the lightning, was raising his body.

Pyowol’s white face was scorched black.

It was a sign of being struck by lightning. But that was all.

He did not lose his breath or become paralyzed in his limbs.

Although he received a strong shock and was complaining of pain all over his body, there was no problem with his ability to breathe and move.

It was because of the black lightning.

Black Lightning was a key to using brain power.

The moment Pyowol was struck by lightning, the black lightning was activated and all the brainpower that flowed in beyond the limit was scattered.

If it was a real thunderbolt, no matter how much the black lightning was activated, it would not have been safe. Because there was a limit to the brain power that humans could accept and use.

Unfortunately for the police officer, however, the thunderbolt he summoned did not have that much power.

The police officer glared at Pyowol and said.

“What are you? How the hell…”


Instead of answering, Pyowol kicked the ground.

I had no intention of having a leisurely conversation in front of the enemy.


Sasa River was extracted from Pyowol’s hand.

The guardsman was frightened and backed away.


A hole the size of a needle’s eye was pierced where he stood.

The hole was too small to be seen with the n.a.k.e.d eye. So it made me even more appalled.

It was an established fact that the smaller the condensation, the stronger the power.

It was clear that a strong energy that had been condensed to that extent would be several times stronger than a normal strong energy.

No matter how much a police officer learned the highest magic, if he suffered such a wound to his head or heart, his life would have been cut off.


Pyowol shortened the distance with him in just three steps. Then, Pyowol’s face became clearer.

His features were clear even though they were smeared with soot.

Black eyes sunk coldly. Her blood-red lips stood out especially.


The police officer’s face contorted.

It was because Pyowol’s beautiful face instantly felt terrifying.


Sasa River was extracted from Pyowol’s hand again.

In an instant, the police officer unknowingly threw himself backwards. It was not simply a step back, but a leap far away from leaping.

The police officer’s face was stained with shame.

It was the first time since ascending the Eight Constellations that he backed down in fear of someone else.

He hates to admit it, but he was overpowered by Pyowol.

‘Is that guy my nemesis?’

The swordsman’s magic is overwhelmingly powerful against the ghost king.

This is because the person who saved the ghost king in the first place was Gyeongmusaeng. However, on the contrary, his magic did not work on Pyowol.

This is because the transcendent senses the subtle changes when magic is activated.

No matter how powerful the magic was, it was useless if it didn’t hit.

The last bolt of lightning struck me too suddenly. Having already experienced it once, I was able to avoid it before it was activated.

Such powerlessness of Pyowol came as a threat to the police officers.


The police officer gritted it.

It was the first time in his life that he was not affected by magic.

Everyone is afraid when they find out that he is practicing magic, but Pyo-wol had no such thing.

The magic was obviously mysterious.

It was also threatening in that it could not be predicted. However, that did not mean that it was superior in power to martial arts.

Above all, when magic was activated, there were signs.

He could have avoided magic if he detected the signs first.

In a way, Pyo-wol was clearly the nemesis of Gyeongmu-saeng. In many ways, Gyeongmusaeng’s magic did not go well with Pyowol.


A horrifying roar rang out.

Pyowol blew the Sasa River.

The steel, as thin as a thread, possessed terrifying power.

The police officer hastily backed away. However, it was not enough to shake off the Sasagang.

“Wind, turn, wall.”

In the end, he memorized the three-way mantra and created a wall of wind.

The wall of wind rotated and amplified its power.


The Sasa River collided with the wind wall, and a metal sound exploded.

It was a magic technique that was spread between spears, but fortunately, it was able to block the Sasa River. However, the shock caused the police officer to fly backwards.

The police officer realized that there was no chance of winning at this rate.

The fit wasn’t too good.

A different method was needed to handle transcendence.

He had no choice but to leave this place with only the ghost king on his back. Because the original goal was the ghost king. But Pyowol did not tolerate even that.

It seemed as if the suhonsa was stretching out, but it wrapped itself around the ghost king’s body and pulled it.

At that, the police officer’s face became even more distorted like a demon.

“You b*stard! I will never forgive you.”

I didn’t know when the opportunity to subdue the ghost king would come again. So it was more regretful and anger rose up.

If I could, I wanted to tear Pyowol’s entire body to shreds and kill him. But now was the time to cool down.

“We will meet again soon. Then I will show you hell.”

The police officer left a curse on Pyowol and suddenly disappeared.

Pyo-wol looked in the direction where the police officer had disappeared.

I wanted to pursue it right away, but I couldn’t.

If he leaves, not only the ghost king but also Hong Ye-seol will be in danger.

He started this uproar to save Hong Ye-seol, but if she dies, all his efforts so far will be in vain.


Pyowol let out a sigh.

My whole body was still tingling.

Thanks to the black lightning, my nerves were holding up, but it was still true that a huge load was put on me.

If it hadn’t been for the black lightning, the thunderbolt summoned by the police officer would have burned his nerves.

Pyowol also needed time to recover.

He took the ghost king and settled down on one side of the destroyed forest.


Hong Ye-seol’s eyelids trembled slightly, and after a while he opened his eyes.

The first thing she noticed was her own situation.

‘The body is buried in the ground.’

Red dirt covering his body except for his face.

His whole body, buried under the soil, was itching.

It felt as if thousands of ants were crawling all over her body. It wasn’t that I felt bad. Rather, it felt refreshing.

Hong Ye-seol did not move and quietly checked his body condition.

All the clogged blood vessels had been pierced.

Everything that flowed freely seemed to be restored.

You have to move it yourself to know, but the condition of the muscles and bones weren’t bad either. no it was good An energy she had never felt before filled her entire body.

‘Are they buried in the ground that will save the person the ghost king said about?’

There was no other way to explain what had happened to his body.

Hong Ye-seol did not hurry to get up.

She closed her eyes again and started clouding.

I could feel the inner air in the Danjeon.

A ray of power escaped the dantian and began to circulate in her qi and blood.

At first, I used my strength cautiously. However, when she felt that there was nothing wrong with her body, she flew more boldly.

One lap, two laps, three laps.

In an instant, he finished the three-week series.

Only then did Hong Ye-seol realize that he had fully recovered. On the contrary, my physical condition is much better than before.

My energy seemed to increase, and I felt strength in my muscles.

I’ll have to check the details in real life, but if I’m in this condition, I think I’ll be able to compete with not only Ten Blood, but also Baek Guryunju.

Only then did Hong Ye-seol stand up.

The dirt covering her body flowed from side to side.

Hong Ye-seol, who gazed at the gently flowing red soil for a moment, raised his body perfectly.

Hong Ye-seol looked around.

He could see the black earth surrounding the red ground he was standing on. A green forest was visible beyond it. However, a corner of the forest was mercilessly destroyed.

‘Something happened while I was unconscious.’

Hong Ye-seol flew towards the ruined forest.

It was only a light blow, but she arrived at her destination in an instant.

There, he saw two people sitting cross-legged.

One was Pyowol and the other was the Ghost King.

After that, the body of a gigantic dragon was seen.

“oh my god!”

Hong Ye-seol was surprised and covered his mouth with his hand.

No matter what the circumstances were, it was clear that there was a great clash here. However, Hong Ye-seol was completely unaware of the fact and was even cured.

It was clear that the moon had protected her.

“Chit! It makes people’s hearts cry again like this.”

Hong Ye-seol pursed his lips and sat down on a rock near Pyo-wol.

Now that Pyowol had protected him, it was his turn to protect him.

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