Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 405

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 405

Episode 405

: Slowly!

Guia rode up on Pyowol’s chest and settled on his neck.

One person one person glared at the gigantic dragon that was attacking.

Its gigantic jaws, which seemed to swallow even rocks, were full of thorny teeth. Once bitten by those teeth, even a freshman will not be able to escape.


The rock on which Pyowol stood was bitten by the dragon’s teeth and turned to powder.

It was a spectacle that made even the world’s moon shine.


Every time the gigantic dragon freely changed its direction, its scales collided and a strange sound echoed.

If you have a weak mind, it contains a strong enough temptation to steal your heart in an instant.

pop! Perong!

The dragon attacked Pyowol at an incredibly fast speed.

Its massive body moved like a whip.

Every time the dragon moved, a sound exploded. The sound produced when the speed of the whip is at its peak comes from the dragon’s body.

Pyo-wol evaded the attack of the Kyoryong by taking a meandering step. But I couldn’t avoid it forever.

Pyowol looked straight into the dragon’s eyes.

The figure of the moon was still reflected in those huge eyes.

The inorganic eyes that do not contain any emotions have the power to make the viewer fearful.

So, many people shun snakes and stay away from them.

Because there is nothing more dangerous than an unknown animal.

The moon was different.

Having lived with snakes, I was able to read their thoughts and understand their emotions better than anyone else.

The dragon was sad.

After failing to ascend to heaven, he might have had a second chance if he had given up his mind and devoted himself again. Although it will take much longer. However, all opportunities for Gyo-ryong disappeared as he was overpowered by the police officer.

Heaven does not accept a spirit creature that rides on human hands.

Even if Jiaolong gets a second chance and works hard, the opportunity to ascend to heaven will not come.

All that was left for Gyo-ryong was to become a policeman’s hand and foot until his death and accumulate bad karma.

Gyo-ryong did not want such a life.

But the dragon had no choice. This is because they were thoroughly subjugated to the guardsmen.

Even if he wanted to die, he could not die of his own will. Gyo-ryong had to live like this forever until the police officer freed him.

Even now, regardless of the will of the dragon, it was because of that that he attacked Pyowol.


It opened its huge mouth and charged at Pyowol at full speed. However, the only thing the dragon has bitten is empty space. There was no taste whatsoever in the mouth.

Pyowol spread the black lightning and increased the reaction speed of the body to the highest level.


His fists pounded the dragon’s torso.

It had power enough to break even a rock, but the dragon’s body only shook for a moment and did not receive any damage.

The dragon’s scales are harder than steel and have strong elasticity, so they can absorb any impact.


Pyowol punched again.

As expected, only strong reaction force was felt in the fist, but it did not give any shock to the dragon.

The martial art that Pyo-wol most often used was the suhonsa. However, the suhonsa could not entangle or damage that gigantic dragon.

Even if it was tightly entangled, it would break in an instant if the dragon twisted its body once.

All that was left was the Sasa River.

Pyo-wol created Sasa-gang and attacked Gyo-ryong.


The moment Sasa Gang was about to attack, the dragon’s scales trembled violently. The Sasa River bounced off at the slight but violent vibration.

The police officer who was dealing with the ghost shouted.

“Do you think you can be defeated by a dragon that much? It’s just that he couldn’t ascend, but he has the same ability as a dragon.”

“Gyoryong is not a dragon. It’s because of you that this guy lost his chance to become a dragon.”

“joy! What are you talking about? I gave a dying b*stard a second life. He is thanking me.”

There was madness in the police officer’s eyes.

He sincerely believed that the dragons were grateful to him.

The police officer shouted at Gyo-ryong.

“What are you doing? Come on, don’t kill him. Digest it in your stomach without leaving a single bone fragment.”


At the command of the police officer, a ferocious light shone in the dragon’s eyes again.

Gyo-ryong attacked Pyo-wol with terrifying momentum.

The forest was destroyed with every stroke of its gigantic body.

Pyowol’s gaze turned to the black earth.

Now, a little further, it was a black earth.

When Jiaolong reaches the Black Earth, Hong Ye-sul will suffer a great misfortune.

‘There will definitely be trouble.’

Even though it didn’t become a dragon, the dragon also had the characteristics of a dragon.

Pyo-wol watched carefully while avoiding the dragon’s attack.

It took a long time to carefully examine the whole body because it was so huge.

In the meantime, he faced several crises.

Each time, Pyowol overcame the crisis by using a mixture of Sahaengbo and Black Lightning.

‘There is no reverse in the back or chin. Then, is there only a ship left?’

The only place Pyowol didn’t look at was the belly.

The dragon’s boat was in contact with the earth, so there was no way to look at it.

Under no circumstances did the dragon hold the boat off the ground.

In order to see Gyo-ryong’s ship, Pyol-wol also had to venture out.

Think faster and act faster.


Pyowol suddenly changed direction and rushed at the front of the dragon.

The dragon also opened its mouth and attacked Pyowol.

The moment I could vividly see not only the dragon’s teeth, but also the inside of its throat, Pyowol suddenly kicked off the ground and flew into the sky.


The dragon’s body bent at a right angle and chased the moon floating in the air.

Pyowol glanced down at her feet.

He vividly saw the dragon’s jaws wide open trying to devour him.

No matter how strong of a person he is, he couldn’t help but feel numb in front of such a figure.

In an instant, Pyowol stretched out the Suhonsa to a large tree that could be seen below her feet.

As the suhonsa was wrapped around a tree branch, Pyowol’s body came to a halt in the air. Then, his body crashed at a terrifying speed and intersected with the dragon in the air.

In the blink of an eye, the moon’s eyes scanned the dragon’s belly.


A scale the size of an adult’s fist was visible on the lower part of the belly.

Unlike other dark red scales, the scales are exceptionally bright red. Even the direction I was in was different.

The reverse was clear.

Pyowol rushed toward Yeokrin.

Jiao Ryong also noticed Pyowol’s aim belatedly and turned sharply in the air, but at that time, Pyowol had already reached Yeokrin.

Pyo-wol opened a prison cell toward Yeok-rin.


coo wow!

In an instant, the dragon roared in agony.

It was a completely different reaction than before.

The dragon wriggled and fell to the floor.

In the meantime, Pyo-wol once again fed Pa-ok to Yeok-rin.


At the same time, the dragon fell to the ground.

For the first time in his life, the dragon twisted his body at the intense pain he felt.

Pyowol stood on top of the boat holding onto the dragon’s scales. The dragon tried to wrap the moon with its huge body.

No matter how great Pyowol’s martial arts was, if it was wrapped around the dragon’s body, it would be crushed as if grass was pounded with a mortar.

Even in the midst of a huge threat, Pyowol did not waver at all and once again threw a punch at the dragon’s wrath.


The hard scales shattered and bare skin was exposed.

Toward the exceptionally soft looking bare skin, Pyo-wol spread out the black thunder saga.


A black thunderbolt that penetrates the bare skin and penetrates deeply.

As if struck by lightning, the dragon’s huge body trembled violently.

Pyo-wol got down from the belly of the dragon and approached the head.

The dragon’s face was so calm that it was hard to believe that he had been so ferocious just before.

The string of magic connected with the police officer was fading.

“Oh, no!”

The guardsman screamed in astonishment.

He also felt that the connection with the dragons was being cut off.

The police officer frantically tried to run to the dragon.

He is trying to bring him back to life somehow and subjugate him with magic. But this time, the ghost king persistently blocked him.

“Get out of the way!”

The police officer used all kinds of magic, but the ghost king silently blocked and interfered with all the attacks.

Thanks to this, Pyowol was able to focus on Kyoryong without worrying about Gyeongmusaeng.

Gyo-ryong was panting as if he would run out of breath at any moment.

The ferocity and madness that had been young in both eyes disappeared, and the transparent eyes were still visible.

Gyo-ryong looked at Pyo-wol with docile eyes.

His life was on the verge of death because of the moon, but there was no fear or resentment. Rather, as if grateful, he stuck out his huge tongue and licked Pyowol’s body.


Pyowol sighed and caressed the dragon’s face.

Gyo-ryong’s heart came through his hands.

Gyo-ryong was sincerely grateful to Pyo-wol.

Although he couldn’t ascend to heaven and ended his life like this, the fact that he didn’t have to accumulate any more bad karma made Kyoryong feel relieved.

It was then.

The ghost riding on Pyowol’s shoulder slid down and climbed onto the head of the gasping Kyoryong.

The sight of Gwia hovering around Gyo-Ryong’s eyes seemed to comfort him.

Gyo-ryong rolled his big eyes and looked at the ghost who was comforting him.

Although their sizes were incomparable, the two snakes shared a deep bond.


The dragon’s body trembled greatly.

It’s right before you run out of breath.


At that time, the dragon gathered his last strength and vomited something.

It was a small marble.

The color of the beads, smaller than the fist of a child, was very bright.

Pyo-wol recognized that it was some kind of introspection.

He failed to ascend to heaven and lost most of his spirituality.

All that was left was an inner hem the size of a child’s fist.

Originally, it should have been made larger by using a small inner hem as a priming. However, as he was subjugated by the police officer, his growth stopped, and Naedan also lost most of his strength.

Gyo-ryong looked at Naedan and Guia alternately.

Pyo-wol understood what Gyo-ryong was trying to say.

“You want me to give my hemp to Gwia?”

He stuck out his tongue as if it were a dragon.

Although he himself failed to ascend to heaven, the little friend who comforted him one last time hoped that he would not suffer the same failure as himself.

Pyo-wol replied while placing his hand on Gyo-ryong’s face.

“Don’t do that.”

The next moment, the dragon closed its eyes.

The dragon didn’t struggle with pain anymore.

You are freed from everything that oppresses you.

It was a peaceful death.

Gwi-a stood still like a mangbu-seok on the corpse of Gyo-ryong.

It was as if they were mourning the death of Kyoryong.

Pyowol said to Guia.

“Take this. It is a gift from your friend.”

Gwi-a looked at her dead friend’s face for a while and climbed onto Pyo-wol’s hand. And like a bird hatching an egg, it coiled around the inner hem left by the dragon.


At that moment, the police officer’s angry voice erupted from behind.

When Pyo-wol looked back, he saw the police officer approaching with terrifying momentum.

“You dare to kill a dragon? I will never forgive you guys.”

The police officer was like a demon.

The distorted face and the radiating momentum were truly formidable.

Pyowol looked at the ghost king.

The ghost king was unable to move with his body stiffened, as if he had been hit by the policeman’s magic.

The ghost king had great skills to reign in fear over everyone, but it didn’t work for just one police officer.

The soul is entangled in the soul casting technique and cannot exert its power properly.

They were a kind of nemesis.

It was a great thing that the ghost king had promoted so far.

Watching the Kyo-ryong suffer, Gyeongmu-saeng sacrificed all the dharma treasures in his arms to perform powerful magic.

The stronger the magic, the stronger the repulsive force.

So, he had been careful not to cross the line, but in front of Gyo-ryong’s death, Gyeongmu-saeng lost his temper.

He performed powerful magic even while sacrificing his treasure, and suffered great internal injuries from the repulsive force. However, he walked toward the moon without regard for the pain.

The police officer’s gaze was fixed on the gwiah and the inner hem in Pyowol’s hand.

“Since you took the most precious thing from me, I will also take the most precious thing from you.”

His eyes were filled with greed.

It was because I thought that it wouldn’t be too much of a loss if I lost the dragon but got a demon that absorbed Naedan.

Although small in size, the potential of Gwia was endless.

After a long time passed, if the ghost ascended to heaven, he could become a magician who commands dragons.

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