Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 407

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 407

Episode 407

Pyowol and the Ghost King came to their senses shortly after.

The ghost king’s face was full of tired light.

It was because the aftermath of the law enforcement officer’s magic still remained.

There was an invisible psychic connection between him and the police officer. While switching bodies, it faded, but that didn’t mean the connection was completely severed.

Now, the ghost king has withdrawn, but he will return after making all preparations.

Even then, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get over it safely.

‘I have to go there quickly.’

where you open your eyes.

I don’t remember anything before that.

But one thing was certain.

The fact that only when you go to the place where you open your eyes can you completely cut off the psychic connected to the gyeongmusaeng.

What the ghost king wanted was not so great.

It was about finding freedom.

Just escaping from the pressure of the police officer was to achieve the desired goal.

It was not a rational judgment.

It was his instincts that judged him that way.

In order to achieve the goal, the help of Pyowol was essential.

The ghost king turned his head to find the pyowol.

Pyo-wol was also raising his body after finishing cloud work.

When he opened his eyes, Hong Ye-seol pushed his face in.

“are you okay?”

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.”

“I’m glad.”

“What the hell happened while I was losing my mind? What is that huge monster?”

Hong Ye-seol asked incessantly.

Pyo-wol raised her hand for a moment to restrain her and peeked into her bosom.

Gwi-a was coiled around the inner hem of the dragon, and her eyes were closed.

It was evident that he was breathing, judging by the undulations on his torso. Fortunately, he was not shocked by any lightning strike.

Pyowol straightened his collar and raised himself.


“never mind.”

“Because he is a man with many secrets.”

“Looking at you talking like that, it seems like you’ve recovered.”

“Thanks to you. thank you.”

Hong Ye-seol smiled.

Pyowol looked at her face for a moment before turning his gaze to the ghost king.

“Are you okay?”

“I got help. Okay.”

“Can you move?”


“Then let’s move to a seat.”

“i get it.”

The ghost king nodded and followed Pyowol’s opinion.

Before moving, Pyo-wol looked at Gyo-ryong’s body for the last time.

Corruption was starting in the giant body of the dragon.

In this state, it seemed that within a few days, all of his body would wither away.

It was an incomprehensible phenomenon. However, Pyo-wol thought that this would also be the will of the dragon.

The last pride that does not want to leave a shabby body in this world after dying.

Such a will would have accelerated corruption dozens of times faster than normal.

Even if someone comes here in the future, they will not see the corpse of Gyo-ryong.

Pyo-wol touched Gyo-ryong’s corpse one last time and threw himself away.

After that, the ghost king and Hong Ye-seol followed.

The three of them left the forest and moved in search of a private house.

After crossing several high mountains, they found a small village.

The village was so small that even one inn was shabby. However, all three of them were not particularly inclined to cover their beds, so they were satisfied with having a space where they could wash and rest comfortably.

The ghost king entered his room without looking back.

Hong Ye-seol left his room and entered the room with Pyo-wol without hesitation.

Pyowol asked.


“I have something to check.”


Hong Ye-seol smiled and said.

“I think I will be able to confirm that I have been cured only after checking this.”

The muddy hem of her clothes flowed down.

Without hesitation, she was carried into Pyowol’s arms.


Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol have made love several times.

Hong Ye-seol lay on Pyo-wol’s upper body and looked at him with a red face. and said

“It sure looks better.”

“I guess so.”

Hong Ye-seol smiled and caressed Pyo-wol’s chest with his long, white fingers.

Pyo-wol enjoyed Hong Ye-seol’s pranks while wearing an arm pillow.

Hong Ye-seol looked into Pyo-wol’s face and said.

“Ooh! Be pretty.”


“I’m sorry. The fact that I won’t be able to see such a beautiful face for a while.”

She had a look of genuine regret.

Pyowol asked.

“Are you going to Baek Guryun?”

“It should be.”

“Would it be dangerous?”

“I have to go anyway.”

“You are firm.”

“Because Eun-won tends to make sure.”

Hong Ye-seol smiled.

It was a group of assassins like Baek Gwi-ryun that was harsher and rougher than any other strong group.

Hong Ye-seol was one of the poisonous species that survived in such a place.

He could never survive if he was looked down upon by a group of assassins like Baek Guryun.

Such was the case this time.

She was thoroughly taken advantage of.

The client caused trouble in Kang-ho by using her.

If it was a simple dispute, she would have gone as well, but the situation was not so good that it could escalate into a great war.

It was imperative to find out who intended this situation.

Hong Ye-seol suddenly kissed Pyo-wol.

I coveted Pyowol’s lips more intensely than when I was making love.

After a while, she parted her lips with a regretful expression.

Hong Ye-seol, who was looking at Pyo-wol with a deep gaze, stood up.

she asked, putting on clothes that had fallen to the floor.

“Are you thinking of going with me?”

Pyowol shook his head without saying anything.

Hong Ye-seol asked again.

“Are you going with the ghost king?”

“That’s the price for saving you.”

“It makes me speechless. all right.”

Hong Ye-seol gave up cleanly.

It’s because he knows that he’s stubborn, but he’s more than that.

Pyo-wol was a person who never looked back once he had made a decision. It was the same for himself.

Hong Ye-seol never dreamed of living an ordinary life.

She was an assassin to the core.

He never had any intention of giving up his life as an assassin.

Hong Ye-seol tied his belt tightly.

“I’ll go.”


“See you later.”

Hong Ye-seol left the last words and closed the door.

Her presence faded away, and then she completely disappeared.

Pyo-wol then got up from the bed.

Maybe it was because I was alone after being together, but the room felt empty for some reason. Pyo-wol thought that even such feelings were extravagant.

Pyo-wol put on some clothes and came out to the backyard of the inn. There was a well in the backyard of the inn.

The owner of the inn built a partition around the well so that guests could undress and wash.

Pyo-wol took off his clothes and put them over the partition, then drew water from the well and put it over his head.

Chow ha ha!

The cold water soaked his entire body.

Pyo-wol washed away all the dirt on his body by dousing himself with water from the well several times.

After finishing the bath like that, when I returned to the inn restaurant, I saw the ghost king.

The moment he saw the ghost king’s face, Pyowol felt strange.

The substance may have changed, but his shell was Doyeonsan.

A child who burned everything to avenge his brother and parents.

The boy became a ghost king and was accompanying him.

‘Is this a fate too?’

It was said that the relationship was so vague that one could not dare to predict the future.

The ghost king raised his head and looked at Pyowol.

“Did the woman leave?”


“Is it okay if I send it alone?”

“He is a person who can take care of himself.”

“is it?”

“Now let’s talk.”

Pyowol sat down in front of the ghost king.

The ghost king stared blankly at the moon.

Pyowol asked.

“Did you say you were looking for a way?”


“What is the final destination?”

“Source. The source that opened my eyes is there.”

“It’s too comprehensive. Any other explanation?”

The ghost king shook his head and replied.

“I don’t remember.”

“How do you transfer into someone else’s body?”

“I do not know. It is just possible.”

“possible? Is it possible for anyone?”

“It is not. Feelings come to those who can.”

“Are there many like that?”

“no! Few.”

“What happens to your memories when you switch bodies?”

“It is diluted.”

“Is it fading?”

“The expression that it becomes turbid as it mixes is correct. As the memories of the previous body and the changed body collide, they are mixed and eventually become indistinguishable.”

“Is it still like that? Is it mixing with the memory of the operation?”


Pyowol frowned at the ghost king’s answer.

The more he talked with the ghost king, the more he felt that all the common sense he had known so far was being denied. But with the evidence right in front of my eyes, there was no way I could not believe it.

“Then do you remember your first personality?”

“I only remember when I first opened my eyes.”

“What kind of sight was it?”

“It was in a forest. Many buildings collapsed. And there were so many stars.”


“I don’t remember.”

“Not even one?”

“Not one.”

“I need more information.”

The ghost king closed his lips at Pyowol’s words.

It was an expression that he no longer remembered.

Pyo-wol had a hunch that helping the ghost king would be more difficult than he thought.

No matter how great Pyowol’s ability to find his way was, he couldn’t fully demonstrate his ability without sufficient information.

“It won’t be easy.”

“So I’m begging you. Aren’t you going to give up?”

“I made a deal, so I keep my promise.”

“I believe.”

After saying that, the ghost king got up and went to his room.

Left alone, Pyo-wol looked out the window without saying a word.

Darkness had already fallen outside the window.

It was as if the invisible figure was foreshadowing his future. However, Pyowol did not despair or give up.

No matter how hard and difficult it is, there is always a way out.

It just feels difficult because I haven’t found it yet, but there are many cases where it’s not a big deal once I find the way.

Pyowol thought it would be the same this time as well.

It was then.

“How would you like to eat?”

A stooped old man approached cautiously and asked.

The old man was the owner of the inn.

“I’ll eat it, so bring it.”

“All right.”



“Where is this?”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s the name of the town.”

“It’s called Baektap-ri.”


Pyowol tilted her head.

It was a name I had never heard before.

Pyo-wol did not know the exact location of this place because he came blindly following the ghost king.

The basis of all tracking begins with recognizing exactly where you are.

The name Baektap-ri did not help him at all.

“What is the largest city nearby?”

“Ah, if you follow the road out of town for half a day, you will come to a city called Giyang.”

Giyang was a city located at the southern tip of Honam Province.

It was located about 1,500 li southwest of Lake Poyang, where it was originally located.

I was curious about the news of Lake Poyang, but it was impossible to hear the news from Baektap-ri.

‘How could it have been?’

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