Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 372

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 372

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Episode 372

The blood spewed from Sogyeok Mountain soaked Lee Ho-gwan’s face red.

Lee Ho-gwan glared at Sogyeoksan with his eyes wide open.

“Kuh! This evil…like a demon…”

“The real evil is not me. Compared to him, I am just a bat wandering aimlessly in the dark.”


Lee Ho-gwan’s gaze turned to Pyo-wol, who was approaching from behind Sogyeok Mountain.

Sogyeoksan smiled, revealing teeth stained red with blood.

“Yes he is! It is a true horror.”


Ho-gwan Lee tried to say something, but only the sound of wind escaping came out.

Sogyeoksan looked into Hogwan Lee’s eyes for a long time as his life was running out. His eyes were full of madness.

Finally, Lee Ho-gwan stopped breathing and collapsed.

At the same time, Sogyeoksan Mountain also collapsed.

“Huh! Huh!”

He lay down on Lee Ho-gwan’s body, breathing heavily.

I felt like my whole body was breaking from overexerting my imperfect body.

It was hatred and madness that moved him.

Because it exploded everything at once, it consumed all of its stamina and mental strength.

He didn’t even have the strength to move a finger.

If even an enemy appeared at this moment, it would be a dead life. But Sogyeoksan wasn’t worried.

This is because the real demon symbol appeared above his head.

Pyowol looked down at him and said.

“How long are you going to lie down?”

“Can’t you see that we’re just one step away from dying?”

“If you’re going to say that you’re sick, just keep lying down.”


Sogyeoksan cursed and stood up.

Simply raising the upper body made the whole body scream. Still, Sogyeoksan endured and stood up.

It was because he hated showing Pyo-wol any more weakness than dying.

Hong Yu-sin helped the faltering Sogyeoksan.

Normally, he would have stubbornly resisted, but Sogyeoksan didn’t even have the strength to refuse help.

Sogyeoksan leaned on Hong Yushin’s shoulder and said.

“It was you. The one who has followed me since I was young…”

Although I couldn’t see Hong Yu-shin’s face, I clearly remembered his emotions that were revealed at first glance.

“Thanks to you, I had a hellish experience.”

“Hehe! It really is a hellish place.”

Since both of them were imprisoned in the prison of fire, a consensus was formed.

It was for this reason that those who had never been able to mix like water and fire before entering this place recognized each other.

Yoo Soo-hwan understood the feelings of the two.

Although our positions are different, we were able to acknowledge and understand each other just by the fact that we were trapped in this hellish place.

It was then.


Suddenly, the iron door leading to the underground cavity was smashed with a roar.

Through the broken door, I saw a man with a magnificent build.

The man with both fists in gauntlets was Gu Ja-hwang, the owner of the Jade Jade.

Gu Ja-hwang’s gaze turned to Lee Ho-gwan, who was lying on the floor.

Even after seeing Lee Ho-gwan, who had stopped breathing, Gu Ja-hwang did not change his expression much.

Lee Ho-gwan was just a bait to lure out the sneaky rat.

The opponent was strong enough to neutralize and infiltrate the impregnable border. It was not easy to find such a talented person if he decided to hide. That’s why he didn’t stop when Lee Ho-gwan said he would help.

Ho-gwan Lee had a sense of rivalry with Ja-hwang Koo, but on the contrary, Ja-hwang Koo never even thought of Ho-gwan Lee as an opponent similar to himself.

Only Lee Ho-gwan had a sense of competition, but in reality, Gu Ja-hwang’s martial arts were far superior.

It was absolutely no coincidence that he became the jade of the impregnable prison.

It reigns as the jade of fire of fire because it is equipped with such martial arts and abilities.

His gaze turned to the moon.

“It was you! A sneaky rat.”


“I don’t know how you got here, but you’ll never see the sun again alive.”


At that moment, Gujahuang’s subordinates threw torches at once with the Donghyeol with the Pyowol back.

Dozens of torches lit up the cave like broad daylight.

It is to block the hiding place of Pyowol in advance.

Gu Ja-Hwang said, radiating life.

“Where do you hide again, you bastard?”


The air of the basement shuddered with his life.



Yoo Soo-hwan and Hong Yu-shin let out a silent voice.

Normally, they would be able to live without difficulty, but now they were in an extremely weak state.

The two people’s complexions were pale, and Sogyeoksan coughed up blood. If a little more time passed like this, their lives were in danger.

At that moment, Pyo-wol stepped forward to the three of them and cut off Gu Ja-hwang from killing himself.

“You’re a mouse who looks as pretty as a girl. If you throw it to the kids, it will be worth watching.”

“Did you say Irresistible Lord?”

“Who told you to open your mouth? Don’t open your mouth or breathe until I give you permission.”

“Is it self-consciousness? I must have learned only the bad things from Guryongsalmak.”


In an instant, Gu Ja-hwang’s expression hardened.

It was the expression of an unexpected blow.

The words that came out of Pyowol’s mouth momentarily puzzled him.

Soon, his face contorted like a slaughterhouse.

“Where did you hear that name?”

“As expected, it was Guryongsalmak.”

“Where did you hear that?”


Gu Ja-Hwang’s lion roar resonated in Donghyeol.

The lion’s roar resonating along the cave wall was greatly amplified.

The three of them, except for Pyowol, could not stand it and fell to their knees.


Blood flowed from their ears. The eardrum ruptured after the death.

It was the top secret of top secrets that Bulhoeok ran in Guryongsalmak.

Even Gu Ja-Hwang’s men were hearing the name Guryongsalmak for the first time today.

I couldn’t help but feel astonished when Pyo-wol was talking about such a secret without hesitation.

Gu Ja-Hwang glared at Pyo-Wol with fearful eyes.

The more I stared at him, the more Pyowol’s white face caught my eye.

A strange face that stands out even in the thick darkness.

At that moment, Gu Ja-hwang could recall a name he had heard someday.

“Pyowol! You are a pyowol.”

His life amplified even more.

Pyowol was the number one enemy of Guryongsalmak.

Because of this, the Daegyeom in Yeonam suffered a great blow, and Lee Yul, a leading bookmaker, experienced a great failure.

It was the first time they had suffered such a big blow since coming together under the name of Kowloon.

Bulhoe Jade was one of the bridgeheads established by Guryongsalmak in Gangho.

Bulhoe Jade does the dirty work that powerful people in Gangho are reluctant to do directly.

It doesn’t make a lot of money right away, and if you do something wrong, you could be accused of being a strong man, but instead, you could see the riches of the powerful as if you were reading the palm of your hand.

If such information is gathered and gathered, one day it will be possible to move the people in power as they wish.

Fire House is a place that is operated with such a purpose.

The moment the secret was leaked, the meaning of existence was lost and Kang-ho had no choice but to become an enemy.

Such a situation had to be prevented.

Seeing Gu Ja-hwang’s flustered expression, Pyo-wol was convinced that his guess was correct.

No matter how much I thought about it, Guryong Salmak was the only group in Gangho that could secretly operate a prison.

They were thoroughly growing their power in the shadows, out of sight of people.

It was not known how far their influence would extend.

Pyo-wol muttered as he looked at Gu Ja-hwang.

“It must be fate.”


“Seeing how they keep bumping into each other, it seems like fate that I have no choice but to fight with you guys.”

“What crazy bullshit…”


Gu Jahuang fired the lion’s roar and threw a punch.

Whirlwind Strike.

It was the cutting edge of maximizing destructive power by rotating the winding machine.

As if proving its power, the Donghyeol shook as if it would collapse at any moment.


A whirlwind struck the floor, digging a large pit and stalactites falling.

It was truly formidable power.

However, Gu Ja-hwang’s expression was not so good.

Because there was no feeling in the hand.

Suddenly, the moon disappeared and was nowhere to be seen.

Even though dozens of torches illuminated every nook and cranny of Donghyeol, there was not even a shadow to be found, let alone a trace of the moon.

Gu Ja Huang’s eyes sank even deeper.

It was only then that he remembered the fact that the opponent’s root was an assassin.

It was clear that fighting in the dark was what Pyolwol did best.

Torches illuminate every corner of Donghyeol, but there are always shadows. Pyowol used the shade as a hiding place.

he shouted.

“Everyone watch your back. He will definitely attack.”


The subordinates responded and moved in perfect order to form a square. It is to prepare for a surprise attack with each other’s back.

Just by looking at them, you could tell how well trained they were.

Quite a few unmanned soldiers would not even dare to intervene among them.

The only problem is that their opponent is Pyowol.


Suddenly, one of the unmanned soldiers who made up the square was caught up into the air with a scream. Pyowol used a suhonsa to put a noose around his neck.

The unmanned man’s eyes shook as he saw his colleague right next to him being caught like a fish.

The unmanned’s eyes turned to the empty space where their comrades had disappeared.

Torches illuminated the floor and walls, but did not fully illuminate the ceiling of the basement cavity.

The rows of stalactites cast long shadows in the light.

The problem is that the shadow cast that way is extremely wide.

Thinking that Pyo-wol was hiding somewhere and was aiming for them, Mogol became agitated.

It was then.

Fu Chemistry!

Suddenly, wet liquid rained down from the air.


“This is…”

I was surprised when the soldiers inadvertently touched the liquid wetting their faces.


The fishy smell of blood was clearly blood.

I could tell whose blood it was without having to say it.


This is because the decapitated body fell from the air.

The corpse with its tongue sticking out with its neck long split was a colleague who had disappeared shortly before by Pyowol.



Enraged by the death of their comrades, the warriors swung their weapons at the ceiling.

The sword wrapped in sword blades fiercely stirred the air, but it didn’t even touch the ceiling.


Gu Ja-hwang, who was worse off, blew a whirlwind to the ceiling where the body fell.


Stalactites fell with an explosion. But the figure of Pyowol was nowhere to be seen.


Instead, another unmanned soldier disappeared.

It was quite far from the place where Gu Ja Huang attacked.

“Chae Hong!”


Soldiers came running calling the names of their missing comrades. But by then, it had already completely disappeared into the darkness.

“Give me Chae Hong!”

Gu Ja Huang roared and threw a punch.


Fortunately, this time, a crackling sound was heard.

It was the sound made when hitting a piece of flesh, not a mineral stalactite.


It was the moment when Gu Ja-hwang called for joy.

Fu Chemistry!

Blood and flesh fell.

The moment they confirmed the identity of the shattered body, Gu Ja-hwang and the soldiers froze.

“Chae Hong!”

The body that was shattered by Gu Ja-Hwang’s blow was the same soldier that Pyo-Wol had taken away.

Abominably, Pyowol used the warrior he had snatched as a shield.


Enraged, Gu Ja Huang used all his strength to burst into the lion’s roar.


The closed terrain amplified Lion’s Roar.


“Oh Ok-ju!”

Gujahuang’s subordinates covered their ears with both hands and suffered.

It was because he instinctively realized that if Pyowol was allowed to run wild beyond this point, he would get out of control.

His judgment was excellent.

However, it was unfortunate for him that the opponent was Pyowol.

He used his powers to protect his ears from being affected by Lion’s Roar.

Gu Ja-hwang and his subordinates couldn’t see him, but Pyo-wol’s eyes could clearly see them wandering around.

they don’t know

This was a battlefield for the leap.

I will tell you about it from now on.

A ten-stranded male thread came loose from Pyowol’s fingers.


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