Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 374

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 374

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Episode 374

Took! swarm!

The head, with its eyes wide open, tumbled to the floor.

With an expression full of disbelief, as if he couldn’t believe in his own death.

The head that had rolled on the floor rolled under Pyowol’s feet.

Pyo-wol looked down at Gu Ja-hwang’s face without saying a word.

The vitality gradually disappeared from Gu Ja-Hwang’s open eyes.


Pyo-wol kicked Gu Ja-hwang in the head. The bouncing head disappeared into the fire.


Yoo Soo-hwan shook his head.

Gu Ja-hwang was a master who could enjoy the world.

In particular, my body, which was harder than steel, had to struggle even if I was a master. But Pyowol killed him too easily.

It wasn’t simply a matter of compatibility or surprise.

Pyowol’s martial arts is so powerful.

“He has already thrown off the limits of an assassin. That’s scary! There is such a warrior in the world.”

Yoo Soo-hwan clenched his fists.

Before I knew it, my palms were wet with sweat.

Pyowol’s martial arts that he saw in person was shocking.

There were only two people in his entire life who delivered such an intense impact.

One was his priest, Dokgo Hwang, and the other was Pyowol.

It was a big shock in different meanings, but it was also true that Yu Su-hwan’s values were shaken because of it.

At that time, Sogyeoksan said bluntly.

“This is not the time to leisurely comment or comment. If we continue like this, we will all be burned to death.”

The entire underground cavity was filled with red flames and pungent smoke because of Gu Ja Huang’s madness.

It was clear that if I stayed like this for a little while longer, I would die of suffocation, let alone burn to death.

In fact, Gu Ja-Hwang’s subordinates were all burned to death because they could not escape the flames.

Pyowol looked around and said.

“It’s too late to get out anyway.”

The flames were also a problem, but the biggest obstacle of all was the black smoke. The moment you inhale the hot smoke, your lungs will melt and you will die instantly.

Black smoke was filling the vertical cave, the only passage to the outside. It will take a considerable amount of time for that smoke to dissipate.

If he was alone, he could somehow hold his breath and get out, but it was impossible to take other people out.

“Then how?”

“I have no choice but to lock the iron door and wait until all the smoke is gone.”

Pyowol looked at Donghyeol, where Hong Yushin and others were imprisoned.

At the entrance to the cave, there was a huge iron gate.

If you close the iron door, you will at least avoid the flames and smoke.

Hong Yu-shin agreed with Pyo-wol’s opinion.

“There are still people in me who haven’t gotten out. We must save them too. I will follow the will of the Pyo Daehyeop.”

“I can’t help it.”


In the end, the other two had no choice but to follow Pyowol’s opinion.

The four of them entered the blood again.

“Turn it off!”

“help me!”

As soon as they felt the presence of people outside, the people trapped inside the iron gate shouted.

They also noticed that a change had occurred in the underground cavity.

Upon entering Donghyeol, Pyowol closed the iron door.


Darkness came as the iron door closed firmly with a dull sound.


Black smoke billowed out through the vertical cave.


“What is this?”

The warriors guarding the entrance to the House of Fire made puzzled faces.

Because suddenly, without warning, black smoke flowed out.

I’ve heard stories of volcanoes releasing smoke like this before they erupt. But this was Dragon Tiger Mountain.

It wasn’t like a volcano.

However, there was only one reason why black smoke was emitted like this.

It is that there was a change inside the Bulhoeok.

“Come on, drop the basket. We have to save the people inside.”

“Release the string.”

It was then.

“Cut the line.”

A voice as cold as ice made the warriors stop.


The unmanned men who had been preparing to lower the basket for a while carefully looked back.

A monster in a dark red uniform entered their field of vision.

A beard that covered his chest and hair that was unkempt.

All that could be seen on the face were two ghastly eyes and a nose.

In an instant, the unmanned people froze.

‘Everyone kills!’

They immediately recognized the monster’s identity.

The monster who killed the most people in the world.

If it’s a joke, it’s 10,000 kills because it’s said to have killed 10,000 people.

He didn’t really kill 10,000 people, but it was certain that an uncountable number died at his hands.

As the death of all people approached, the warriors stepped aside.

The warriors smelled the smell of death flowing from the massacre. His smell frightened even his fellows.

Ten thousand people walked hurriedly through the vertical passage.

sniff sniff!

He smelled the black smoke billowing out of everyone’s flesh.

he said frowning.

“It is not ordinary oil that catches fire.”

“yes! This oil is specially formulated to produce strong firepower with a small amount. Once ignited, it is not easily extinguished.”

“How much oil is inside?”

“There are twenty barrels in all.”

“How much does that amount burn?”

“It will burn for at least 20 days without turning off.”

“Twenty days?”

Mansal frowned.

I have never heard of a fire that burns for more than twenty days without being extinguished. However, I thought that if it was Guryongsalmak’s ability, I could create such a monster.

“Looks like I’m late. I wondered why he was asking for help.”

When he received the letter from Gu Ja-Hwang, Man-In-Sal was in a situation where he could not get out of his body.

No matter how urgent it was, it was something that had to be dealt with.

Above all, he believed in Gu Ja-hwang.

Although he had a dirty temper, he was a guy who deserved it.

The Geumganghyeol Magicong, which Gujahwang learned, was a martial art that even everyone was reluctant to deal with.

because the fit doesn’t match.

Manslaughter’s martial art was a handicraft that maximized its destructive power.

On the other hand, Gu Ja-hwang’s body was hard and the best in the world. It is impossible to hit them all at once.

No matter how old he was, he had to use a dragon to defeat Gu Ja-hwang. For that reason, Gu Ja-hwang was highly evaluated.

He thought that he would be able to hold out until he arrived, no matter what enemy invaded and no matter what trouble occurred. However, contrary to his calculations, it seemed that an enemy he could not handle had intruded.

Otherwise, Gu Ja-hwang could not have stood by and let the oil catch fire.

“Are you aiming for Dongguijin?”

Mansal’s eyes narrowed.

If a master like Gu Ja-hwang was aiming for Dongguijin, it was clear that he was an unusual opponent.

In my heart, I wanted to see the face of the person who killed Ku Ja-hwang. However, going down the vertical cave in this situation was tantamount to suicide for him as well.

He gave a cruel order.

“Cut the line and close the entrance.”

“But inside…”

“Do you think you can survive in those flames? everyone would be dead Close the entrance to erase the traces.”

“I see.”

The unmanned replied with expressions that could not be helped.

Everyone inside was like their brothers. The fact that they had to cut their only lifeline with their own hands was heartbreaking, but they had no choice.


The string with the basket was cut off.

The next thing the soldiers prepared was a thunderbolt.

They are trying to completely destroy the entrance with a thunderbolt.

It was an item that had been prepared since the time when Fire Jade was created here.

It is to completely bury the evidence in case the secret is leaked. I thought I would never use it, but now was the time.

The unmanned soldiers who installed the thunderbolts looked at the massacre.

Everyone nodded their heads.



The subordinates responded with a thunderclap.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

The entrance collapsed with an explosion.

The black smoke that had been pouring out just stopped. The entrance is completely closed.

There is no means to climb the vertical cave, and even the entrance is buried.

There was no way for those trapped inside to come out. Even if there are survivors, they will starve to death or suffocate in the flames.

Mansal gave orders to the warriors.

“Clean up this place and withdraw.”

“All right.”

“Remember. That all evidence related to us must be thoroughly erased.”


The warriors began to move busily with the answer.

By their hands, the traces of the existence of fire jade in Yonghu Mountain were erased.

Everyone looked at the scene and murmured.

“What kind of guy are you?”

The Jade of Fire was the most completely closed place in the world.

Even if someone noticed the existence of the Fire Jade, it was impossible to sneak in.

Manin-sal himself would have preferred a head-on breakthrough, but he was not confident about sneaking in without anyone noticing.

Judging by the reactions of the warriors guarding this place, it seemed that they also did not know who had invaded and what had happened inside the Hellfire Prison.

That meant that, without their knowledge, an intruder had hidden inside the Prison of Fire.

“Is there such a person in the world?”

Suddenly, a man’s name popped into his mind.

“If he is the God of Death, it might be possible…”

As rumored in Gangho, if he is such a great assassin, sneaking into the Hell of Fire would not be a problem.

“If he really is, he must have caught a big fish! Ha ha ha!”

Mansal burst into madness.

There was only one entrance to the Hell of Fire.

It was impossible to get out of the inside as long as the entrance was buried with a thunderbolt.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a Shinigami or someone else. Once you are trapped inside, you will never be able to get out.”

The rock blocking the entrance is about to form a huge garden.

It was impossible for any unmanned person to break through here. But Mansal was never careless.

He sat cross-legged there and guarded the entrance to the Prison of Fire.

It was a month later that Man-in-sal left the Unholy Prison.

“The bastard is dead.”


Nogyeha (瀘溪河) was a large river that flowed around Yongho Mountain.

The river is clear and deep, and the current is not turbulent, so fishermen living here float rafts to catch fish.

The scenery of Yongho Mountain seen from Nogyeha was absolutely perfect, so many poets and calligraphers usually visited it.

However, on this day, neither the fishermen nor the people who came to see the magnificent view were seen.

It was because the weather had been unusual since the morning and it had been pouring with heavy rain all day long.

Rainwater poured down like a waterfall from the cliffs leading to Nogyeha. Because of that, the smooth current of Nogye River flowed terribly like an angry buffalo.

Floating a raft on a day like this was tantamount to suicide, so people didn’t even approach Nogyeha at all.


The magnificent cliffs were pouring out huge amounts of water as a huge waterfall. But not all cliffs were wet.

Curiously, not a single drop of water fell into the hollow at the bottom of the cliff.

At the bottom of the hollowed-out cliff there was a hole barely big enough for a finger. I thought something was wriggling in the hole, but it suddenly appeared.

It was a small snake about the size of a child’s finger.

Unusually, the snake’s scales were burning red.

The snake stuck out its head, looked left and right, and came out completely.


Immediately after that, the hole the snake came out of crumbled like sand, and a hand came out of nowhere. Then, a face and shoulders covered in mud appeared one after another.


He knelt on the floor, breathing heavily.

A red snake climbed up the arm of such a man and twisted into a coil.

After a moment of breathing, the man washed his face and head in the falling waterfall.

The soil was washed away, revealing its true face.

There was only one person in the world with pure white skin and a charming face.

Pyowol he came out of the world.

It wasn’t just him who came out into the world.


“Is it outside the bar?”

“I lived.”

After him, dozens of men were coming out of the cramped cave.

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