Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 375

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 375

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Episode 375


“It is out.”

The men let out a roaring sound. However, their voices were soon drowned out by the sound of waterfalls and rain.


“Finally out. said it came out.”


The men fell to the floor and cried.

They were all warriors imprisoned in the prison of fire.

They were trapped in a cramped space with no light or hope, and were waiting for the day they would die.

The scene of the sobbing and weeping of the venomous men who have maintained their harsh lives despite being treated worse than pigs in cages made the viewer feel solemn.

Hong Yu-shin looked at them with pitying eyes.

They were men who had been imprisoned in prison for much longer than he was. I couldn’t even guess how much despair they had endured until now.

So I had no choice but to watch. Clumsy consolation could not soothe their hearts.

For now, it was best to watch him vent his anger.


Yoo Soo-hwan sighed and leaned against the cliff.

His complexion was Parisian.

His lips were also blue, and he was in a state that would not be strange even if he collapsed immediately. Even so, he tried to catch his breath and gazed at Pyowol.

For over a month, it felt like hell.

The fire started by Gu Ja Huang continued without being extinguished.

For the first few days, we waited for it to go out naturally, but the flames did not seem to abate. It was clear that all the air in the underground space would burn if this continued.

When everyone was in despair, Pyowol started to move with Gwiah at the fore.

Pyowol did not even think of approaching the vertical cave, the only exit to the outside, and moved in search of a new exit.

Other people were at a loss as this was the first time such a case had happened, but Pyo Yue had already survived in this environment.

Above all, finding Saint Lo in a hopeless situation was what he did best.

Being trapped in darkness without a single light, rather, all the senses came to life vividly.

Even in the confined underground space, there was a flow of air. That meant that there was a wind path coming in from the outside.

The place Pyo-wol found was Wind Road.

After a lot of hard work, I found the wind path, but it was cramped enough for only one person to fit in. Moreover, it was pitch black.

I thought I could squeeze my body in, but if there was a narrower section, it could be a situation where I couldn’t get my body in and out.

There is a high probability of dying of starvation or suffocation in fear and despair in a dark space without a single light.

No matter how courageous a warrior may be, not many had the courage to jump into such an unknown space.

In fact, some of the warriors imprisoned in the Hell of Fire refused to enter the windway. They decided to stay in the fire pit and wait for the fire to go out.

Pyowol did not necessarily force them.

The choice was yours to make.

The choice of Pyowol was the wind direction.

He crammed himself into the cramped space without the slightest hesitation.

At that time, it was Guia who helped.

Guia was a child who lived in a dirty swamp. His senses were extremely developed to the extent that he could move freely in a swamp where he could not see an inch ahead.

The sensitive sense was rather a step above Pyowol.

Guia moved in front of Pyowol in search of Saint-Lo.

Sogyeoksan was the first to follow Pyowol.

Knowing the power of Pyowol better than anyone else, he followed Pyowol without hesitation.

Hong Yu-shin and Yu Su-hwan followed suit. Then dozens of men moved together. There were those who stayed, but there were many more who ventured out.

The cave was terribly cramped.

The clogged blood on his shoulders was bent here and there like an ant’s nest.

Sometimes there was a gap that was narrow enough to fit an arm through.

Pyowol concentrated his air power in his hands to tear off pieces of stone or carve out rocks.

The space was too cramped, so I couldn’t swing my hands wide. I had to use only the grip and strength of my hands.

It required a high level of concentration, internal air handling ability, and a sense of hand.


The cramped space that barely fit my wrist was broken and a much wider space appeared. Then, after sighing for a while, he moved forward again.

Unknown insects lived in the pitch-black underground space. People following the Pyowol ate bugs to soothe their hunger.

All they had to do was follow Pyo-wol, but Pyo-wol had to take the lead in clearing the road, so his physical strength was consumed many times over. Still, he did not complain once and took the lead in paving the way.

Sometimes it went up endlessly, and other times it went down into the endless underground.

Occasionally, there was a space large enough for everyone to gather and rest, and there was also an incredibly vast underground lake.

A strange fish without eyes lived in an underground lake.

They caught fish to barely satisfy their hunger.

The existence of a lake meant that water was introduced from the outside. Pyowol chose to go up the waterway.

Everyone followed him.

Now they fully trusted the transcendent.

It wasn’t just because he was strong.

I was impressed by the strong will and power of action to take the lead in pioneering an unknown space.

Even before they were imprisoned in the prison of fire, they were all warriors who had heard that they were in the middle of the river.

He had such a strong sense of pride that he did not easily admit others. All of them acknowledged the mark and accepted it as the leader of the group.

They believed in the moon and crawled through a dark underground space without a single light.

I didn’t know how much time had passed.

I just followed the back of the person in front of me. And they finally came out.

“Ha ha ha!”


Laughing and crying, they breathed in the air of the outside world to their heart’s content.

shoot it!

I really didn’t expect the pouring rain to be so welcome.

I finally realized that I was out in the world.

They looked at the moon.

When he came out, Pyowol’s non-human appearance stood out even more.

A face more beautiful than a woman’s. However, there was a will stronger than steel hidden inside.

They were all people who had seen and experienced the will of transcendence.

That’s a month or so.

I had to refuse to admit the mark, but I couldn’t help it.

All of them were deeply admiring Pyowol.

Yoo Soo-hwan suddenly grabbed Pyo-wol and said.

“From now on, I will serve Pyo Dae-hyeop as my lifelong benefactor. I swear that I will gladly jump into the fire of hell if Pyo Dae-hyeop commands me.”

Hong Yu-shin, who was beside him, looked at him in surprise at his sudden words.

Yoo Soo-hwan’s expression and eyes were determined.

It’s not just a word drunk with the joy of being outside.

I thought and thought about it for a month to get out of here.

No matter how you think about it, there is only one conclusion.

To trust and follow that man.

He foresaw chaos.

The existence of such facilities as the impregnable prison was proof that the turmoil had begun.

All those imprisoned in the Jaffa were promising talents in Jaffa. The mere fact that they couldn’t embrace such people and imprisoned them in a prison of fire was enough to stir up a stir all over the world.

It was a serious problem that this was happening in the shadows that people didn’t know about. And there was no guarantee that these facilities or inhuman things were only happening here.

Certainly, such inhuman things are being done all over the world.

It was never common that in such a chaotic world, there were people who could only look at their backs and chase them.

Yoo Soo-hwan thought that Pyo-wol was such a person.

Since his life had already been saved, there was no hesitation in his decision.

When Yoo Soo-hwan opened up the water, the other men also took turns taking turns.

“Jiyeonpyeong of Heungmubang swears. I will serve Pyo Daehyeop with all my heart in the future.”

“Nam Soo-gon of Golden Gate also swears to follow Pyo Dae-hyeop. No matter what thorny path Pyo Daehyeop takes, I will gladly follow it.”

“Bukshinhu of Hogeommun (護劍門)…”

“I swear by Amyeonmun (黯然門) Mak Woo-seong.”

The voices of the men pierced the sound of the rain and resonated under the moorings.

Pyo-wol looked at the men with his brow slightly furrowed.

It wasn’t because I didn’t help them by hoping for their loyalty.

It was then.


Sogyeoksan put his hand on Pyowol’s shoulder and said.

“Congratulations. All the servants of the world have sworn allegiance to you. I will also keep my oath.”


Hwayeong guest cup was a very old guest cup.

The building was old, and the owner and his wife were also old, so they weren’t very enthusiastic about the inn work. As a result, the customers gradually went away, and they were barely maintaining their lives.

There were days when I couldn’t even get a single customer a day. Still, the old couple were not in a hurry.

Thanks to hard work in his youth, he was able to accumulate a lot of money, and his old age was rich.

The reason why I left the inn was because I didn’t want to just play with the space filled with the blood and sweat of my youth, not to make money.

The old man muttered as he looked out the window at the pouring rain.

“It looks like there are no customers today. Is it normal? What kind of madman will come through this rain.”

The old man thought he should close his business early.

It was then.

Through the pouring rain like poles, I caught a glimpse of a human figure.


It wasn’t just one or two.

Dozens of men were approaching the Hwayeong Guest Cup.

The old man rubbed his eyes, thinking he had seen something in vain. But it was not an illusion.

There were literally dozens of men coming.


The old man shuddered.

The intense eyes piercing through the rain made him shrink.

It was like the eyes of a wolf released from a cage after being locked up for a long time. There were not one or two such wolves, but dozens of them.

The old man felt his hamstrings tremble.

Finally, through the rain, the men arrived at the inn.

They were the warriors who had escaped the impregnable prison.

There was a mark at the head of it.

Pyowol said to the owner of the inn.

“Bring all the food.”


“Give me all the food in the inn.”

“I see.”

The old man nodded hastily.

he shouted as he ran into the kitchen.

“oh my! wife. It’s a big deal. Come on, I’ll make some food.”

Then came the sound of frying and frying food in oil from the kitchen.

Pyowol and the men took their seats and sat down.

“Hehe! It’s nice to be cool.”

“The air outside is definitely clean.”

“I wish I could die right now.”

The men sat down on chairs and spoke one word at a time.

‘Where the hell did they come from?’

The old man watched them from the kitchen, trembling.

The ferocious atmosphere, as if wolves had been starving for a long time, frightened the old man.

He was an old man who took pride in running an inn all his life and having gone through all kinds of hardships. I thought I had no fear because I had seen everything I couldn’t see, but just looking at those wolf-like men who occupied the center of my inn gave me goosebumps.

The good news is that they are unlikely to harm him or his wife.

“Quickly go.”

The hostess’s wife held out plates full of food.

The old man hurriedly brought food.

When the table was full of food, the men began to eat in a hurry, regardless of who came first.

They gobbled up the food on the table at breakneck speed, like people possessed by gluttony.

Pyowol said to the old man.

“Keep bringing the food.”

“yes? But there are a lot of these too…”

“I’ll eat several times this, so keep bringing them.”

“I see.”

The old man hurriedly ran to the kitchen with the answer.

I heard the sound of stroking my wife, who was the hostess, but no one in the room paid any attention.

Pyowol looked at the men.

The shortest confinement was four months, and some were confined for over a year.

They have been starving for a very long time.

In the meantime, the only food they ate was an unknown porridge. I just ate it to sustain my life, and I didn’t feel any taste at all.

I couldn’t die like that, so I lived and tasted humane food for the first time in a long time. The thrill the men felt was indescribable.

The ordinary pork stir-fry tasted heavenly.

Sooksu made food non-stop, and the old man carried food nonstop. However, it was not enough to keep up with the speed at which the men ate.

In the end, the old couple had to make and carry food until they were exhausted.

“I think I will live.”


The men stopped eating only after the plate piled up on the table.

someone said

“I feel that I am alive now.”

“Then you have to do your job.”

“yes! We have to show hell to those who sent us here.”

They were the ones who brooded over resentment and burned their anger, enduring a hellish time.

Escaping from the impregnable prison did not make the anger he had cultivated go away. Rather, their anger grew more and more as time went on.

Pyo-wol and the men continued to stay at the Hwayeong guesthouse after that.

They ate, rested, and practiced luck. And they left the Hwayeong Gaekjan in the order of recovering their bodies first.

“If you need my help, call me anytime.”

“We are brothers. If our brothers call, we will run to the ends of hell.”

“I’ll come back as soon as I clear things up.”

They left the inn after taking Pyowol’s fist.

The direction was different and the destination was different.

Even though the body was gone, they were connected by a strong bond.

At the center of it was a pyowol.

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