Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 373

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 373

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Episode 373



Screams erupted one after another.

The suhonsa penetrated the foreheads of the warriors.

Shu Shu Shuk!

At the same time, a sharp crackling sound echoed through the underground cavity.

It was the sound of a ghost rain cutting through the darkness.


“Buy and save…”

A series of desperate screams rang out.

Yoo Soo-hwan’s eyes shook.

“oh my god!”

He was a skilled swordsman.

From the moment I held the sword in my hand, I always fought fair and square.

As a swordsman, I thought that was the way to go.

In particular, I thought that unmanned people aiming for high achievement should not use shortcuts.

His thinking was flexible, but he was stubborn when it came to martial arts.

He had been taught that this was the path of a swordsman, and he thought so too.

However, the moment I saw Pyowol’s martial arts, I felt that my existing values were shaken.

“Is that an assassin’s fight?”

“Not all assassins are like that. Only the symbol of the moon can fight like that.”

Sogyeoksan, who was leaning on Hong Yushin, denied Yoo Suhwan’s words.


“okay! devil! He’s been like that ever since. I liked to mock others from such a high place.”

Looking at the battlefield, Sogyeoksan’s face was full of jealousy.

He swore that he would be loyal if he let go, but the competitive spirit toward Pyowol had not completely disappeared.

The image of Pyo-wol reaping the opponent’s soul with ten lines of suhonsa and suffocating with a ghost rain was the death itself.

Darkness multiplied his abilities, and Pyowol was using the darkness to collect the lives of his enemies.

It was like a well-organized miscellaneous drama.

If he had performed like that, the audience would have cursed him and the miscellaneous drama troupe.

Pyowol was elevating the assassin’s killing method to the level of art.

“You are crazy!”

Hong Yushin shook his head.

The hatred and miasma that had been burning like fire melted away like snow the moment he saw the warriors in the fire pit being attacked by Pyowol.

That’s how pitiful they look.

“Eight Constellations? Fuck you yeah! If the author aims in the dark, even the Eight Constellations won’t be safe.”

He shook his head with a tired expression.

I knew that Pyowol was great, and I also knew that his killing method was so great that no assassin in the world could follow it.

However, hearing about it through scraps of paper and seeing it with your own eyes were different.

I didn’t know the goose bumps on my skin would go away.

Awesome! Swoop!

The sound of flesh cracking echoed in the darkness.

Gujahuang also stopped the lion’s roar.

It was because he knew that there was no use in unfolding the lion’s roar any longer.

Anger and fear coexisted on his face.

The moon was like an unreachable mirage no matter how hard I tried.

I tried everything I knew to catch him, but to no avail.

Neither the lion’s roar nor the powerful blows could work on him.

“It means stop.”


I tried again, but only the stalactite was broken, and the shadow of the moon did not touch it.

Something grayed out in the darkness of the ceiling.

It was a thread so faint that it could only be seen by non-militants who reached the level of Ja-Hwang Gu.

Even so, it moved so fast that it was easy to miss it if you didn’t pay attention.


Before he knew it, the devil’s thread had taken most of his subordinates’ lives.

Only half survived.

At least it looked like a frightened dog with its tail curled up.


“oh my god!”

The moment I saw the terrified subordinates, I burst into anger.

Because they weren’t the ones to be scared of.

They were warriors of reversal who traveled through numerous battlefields following him.

Although they were not known to the gangho because they were active outside the family, they were masters who could occupy a place anywhere in the gangho sect if they were officially released.

It was very painful for him to watch them tremble in fear all at once.

I was even more shocked to think that all of this was because of the person who passed the mark.

I had only heard the name Pyowol, but I really did not know that he would be such a formidable assassin.

He thought of an unmanned person who hadn’t arrived here yet.

‘Everyone kills! What the hell are you doing?’

The only person who had the chance to catch the moon was Manin-sal, the seat of the eight constellations. I sent a letter asking for support, but somehow he didn’t hear anything about it.


Goo Ja-hwang gritted it.

Now that it had happened, it was meaningless to wait for the support of Manchuria.

It was clear that by the time he arrived, they would all have been slaughtered.

In the end, he had to solve all these problems himself.

Boo-wook! Boo-wook!

Gu Ja Huang tore off all the cumbersome clothes. Then, a body tempered like steel was revealed.

The trapezius muscles above his shoulders were bumpy like a mountain range, and his arms in gauntlets swelled as if they were about to explode.

He used Geumganghyeol Magicong (金剛血魔功), a non-seasonal skill, to the extreme.

Once opened, the aftereffects were so severe that I had to lie down for several months. So, it was a method that would not be used unless it was a desperate situation.

Gu Ja Huang muttered.

“Since it happened like this, let’s burn it hot.”

His gaze was not that of a man who longed for life.

He moved with a gaze that only those who were prepared for death could have.



Even at that moment, his subordinates were dying.

I could understand Pyowol’s intentions.

It was clear that he was trying to inflict extreme despair on himself by annihilating his subordinates first.

He was truly brutal to the point of trembling.

However, when it comes to cruelty, he is second to none.

He was neither despaired nor frustrated by the death of his subordinates.

“I’ll show you! Who is the real madman?”


He kicked the barrels piled up next to the tent.

The barrel shattered and a thick liquid gushed out. It was the oil that flowed out of the barrel.

It was stockpiled for use when lighting a torch or cooking food.

Twenty barrels of oil were stacked next to the tent.

Gu Ja Huang smashed all those oil barrels.

The oil quickly spread throughout the underground cavity.

Gu Jahuang threw the torch onto the oil.

Fuhua Hahak!

In an instant, huge flames shot up to the ceiling.

The flames carried the oil and spread throughout the underground cavity.

Red flames and black flames filled the underground cavity, and terrible heat rushed in as if melting the walls of the cave.

First, Ku Ja-hwang’s subordinates near the flames inhaled the black smoke.

The poisonous smoke, containing the terrifying heat, melted their lungs in an instant. They collapsed without even screaming.

A few quick-witted ones hurriedly retreated from the flames, but the entire underground cavity was already engulfed in flames.

No matter where they ran, they could not escape the flames and smoke.

His subordinates died because of the fire he had set, but Gu Ja-hwang did not even pay attention.

Hong Yoo-shin and Yoo Soo-hwan were shocked to see the scene.


“You mean we all die together?”

It was three hundred chapters.

Although labyrinth-like caves were pierced in all directions, there was only one vertical cave where air could escape.

To pour oil on such a terrain and set it on fire.

All I could say was that we would all die together.

In fact, Gu Ja Huang set fire with such determination.

It was clear that if time passed like this anyway, only his subordinates would die. In that case, it would have been better to set the fire with the mindset that everyone would die together.

There was one more effect of lighting a fire like this.

That is, Pyowol can block the hiding place at the source.

No matter how great the stealth skill of the moon was, it was impossible to remain hidden forever in such intense heat and flames.

As a human being, it was clear that he would not be able to stand the heat and jump out.

Gu Ja-hwang was also hot. However, he believed in his inner strength and body.

He created a curtain to block the heat and smoke.

Unless his internal energy was infinite, he could not endure like this forever. But it was the same for the opponent.

Although he couldn’t find Pyowol hiding in the darkness with his ability, he was confident that he would not lose as much as his patience and inner strength.

Even in the blazing flames, he looked straight ahead with his eyes wide open.

It was then.


A black figure descended into the middle of the blazing sea of fire.

It was the spot where the military barracks were. There was a lot to ride, so the heat was even more intense.

Pyo-wol stood in the middle of the inferno and looked at Gu Ja-hwang, as if he didn’t feel the heat at all.

Even in the red flames, not even a blush appeared on his white face.

That face, still pale, looked like a real death.

It wasn’t about escaping the fire.

If he had intended to escape the heat, he would have taken refuge in Donghyeol, where the flames had not yet spread.

The reason why Pyo-wol appeared was because Gu Ja-hwang blocked his own retreat and went head-to-head.

Koo Ja-hwang must have bet on the game because there is a chance of winning, but I thought it would make me realize how big of a miscalculation it was.

Pyo-wol moved toward Gu Ja-hwang. Then the flames split left and right. It was as if the flames had a will to avoid being overshadowed.

There was no way that fire had real will.

It was a phenomenon created by Pyowol’s formidable inner strength.

The Amryongpo fluttered in the tremendous heat and shimmering air.

The fluttering of the black dragon cannon looked like a bat with its wings wide open.


Gu Jahuang’s teeth clashed.

It is the body that reacts first without knowing it.

‘Was this enough?’

The opponent was not an assassin who just hid and ambush.

It was something that was covered in the mask of an assassin.

Gu Ja-hwang, who had traveled through numerous battlefields and dealt with so many masters, had never seen a single warrior like Pyo-wol.

It was the first time in my life that I felt this dirty feeling that my mind and body shrank just by looking at it.


To get rid of the fear, Gu Ja Huang burst into the lion’s roar.

After the Lion’s Roar that swept the ground, the flames burned even more terribly.

Koo Ja-hwang kicked off the ground and rushed toward Pyo-wol.

After completing the Geumganghyeol Magicong, his body was no different from a Geumgang Buddha.

His strong body, trained to the limit, was his weapon.

When speed was added to a body that was no different from a rock, there was nothing that could not be destroyed.

Like a buffalo ramming an opponent with his whole body, Gu Ja-hwang tried to ram the leap with all his might.

Pyo-wol did not avoid it even when he saw Gu Ja-hwang coming at him with terrifying momentum.

Rather, he ran towards Gu Ja-hwang.

“You are foolish. How dare you fight me head-on?”

Gu Ja-Hwang sang joy.

I don’t know if it’s an ambush, but it’s because I thought I had a much better advantage in a head-on confrontation.

‘I’ll crush you like fish meat.’

Just before colliding with Pyowol, his body spun.

It started at the ankles, turned the waist, followed by the shoulders.

It was a technique of maximizing destructive power by momentarily rotating the torso like a top.

The two clashed.


At that moment, Ku Ja-hwang realized that something was wrong.

It was because Pyowol’s body, which should have been thrown away by his fighting power, did not feel any repulsive force.

Instead, the figure of Pyowol disappeared like a mirage.

‘Illusion? Then where is he?’

Gu Ja Huang widened his eyes.

An illusion that completely deceives one’s senses?

It was impossible.

His senses weren’t that flimsy. But it actually happened.

Pyo-wol stretched out his Ma-yeong-hwan stomach and completely deceived his senses.

It was then.


He felt an unfamiliar feeling on his shoulders.

When I turned my head, I saw an unfamiliar foot.

The moon had landed on his shoulder.

Gu Ja-Hwang swung his fist and tried to hit the pyowol that had landed on his shoulder. But at that moment, he felt a strange feeling in his neck.


Gu Ja Huang realized that it was the thread of the spirit that had snatched away his subordinates.

he shouted, straining his neck.

“Do you think you can hurt me that much?”


In an instant, his head separated from his body and flew through the air.

What Pyowol unfolded was not a suhonsa, but a sasa river.

The thread of death, made of strong air, cut through his flesh and bones.

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