Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 98

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 98

Light Novel: Volume 4 Episode 23

Manhwa: N/A

The Qingcheng sect was in a dilemma.

They were afraid of Jianghu’s criticism if they were to seek revenge and they were also afraid of Jianghu’s ridicule if they left Pyo-wol alone.

It was difficult for them to send a large force because they had already suffered so much damage. Plus there is no guarantee that they would be able to deal with Pyo-wol.

As shown in previous fights Pyo-wol did not consider it a shame to run away.

Pyo-wol’s fighting style in which he would run away when the situation was unfavorable to him and reversed the unfavorable war situation through sneak attack was the opposite of that of the Qingcheng sect.

Due to this situation it was impossible to even dream of moving in with the warriors of the Qingcheng sect. In the end Go Yeopjin came forward.

Until he came here Go Yeopjin only thought of Pyo-wol as an unforgivable man. So he tried to cut him off in one go.

However Pyo-wol whom he finally saw in person was not such an easy opponent. While he had a strange atmosphere around him he could not be regarded as simply evil.

The aura coming from Pyo-Wol was somewhat sneaky and sharp. However it wasn’t evil.

He neither has reason to fight nor desire to fight.

It was the first time something like this had happened Go Yeopjin was a bit bewildered.

“Don’t listen with your ears but listen with your heart.”1

It has been an old saying in the Taoist that when you hear you should not listen with your ears but listen with your heart.

Go Yeopjin blamed himself for moving only after hearing the complaints of the Qingcheng warriors. He should have looked at the situation with his heart and with a broader mindset.

In the end all of this happened because the Qingcheng sect did not maintain the purity of the Dao.

Because he didn’t listen with his heart but with his ears he heard nonsense that was not the truth.

“Hoo! I’m embarrassed. I showed my ugly side.”


“The reason why the Qingcheng sect became like this is also the will of Heaven so please forgive me for trying to blame you. But I’m also a human being so I can’t help but feel resentment against you. But just give me this one thing. Please refrain from killing for no reason in the future. Then the Qingcheng sect won’t stand in your way.”

“I can’t make such a promise.”

“The Qingcheng sect and I have conceded this much and yet you’re saying you can’t make such a promise?”

“There is a reason for a person to kill another person but I have seen many people who kill people without any reason at all. The place where I have lived in Jianghu is not a place like the Qingcheng sect nor is it the kind of place where people are broad-minded enough to forgive and forget. Sometimes you’ll have to kill people for no reason. That’s the kind of place I lived in. So if you can’t understand me you can go ahead and try to kill me.”


At Pyo-wol’s resolute words Go Yeopjin gently closed his eyes.

Thousands of thoughts flooded in like a tidal wave in an instant.

Would it be better to stand down like this?

Would it be better to deal with Pyo-wol right now no matter what sacrifices it takes?

Numerous other thoughts filled his head.

‘Why did the heavens send such a person down here?’

He suddenly had a thought.

Go Yeopjin looked at Pyo-wol with his eyes closed. He tried to see Pyo-wol with his heart and not with his eyes. Then I felt something strong.

As hard as rock as dark as pitch black and as strong as a thunderbolt.

Three energies that did not seem to go together at all were combined to form a figure called Pyo-wol.

Go Yeopjin thought that what he was seeing was the essence of Pyo-wol.

No wickedness was seen anywhere in Pyo-wol’s nature.

He knew all too well that dark does not equate to evil and that light is not always so righteous.

‘Just as there is no useless thing there must have been a place where he is needed so the sky must have sent him. Okay. Let’s just stop here.’

Go Yeopjin opened his eyes.

For a moment his eyes deepened.

“This old man was very nosy. I apologize!”


I just want to tell you one thing. Heaven has the attribute to maintain balance. It’s the same in Sichuan. However since the two major factions of Sichuan Province the Qingcheng and Emei sect stopped their activities at the same time others will try to take their place. If those who seek justice take their place peace will be maintained. But if those who seek injustice take their place a great disaster will occur not only in Sichuan but also in the whole world. If you have any sense of compassion please prevent such a situation from happening.”


“I’m sorry to interrupt your good time. If we meet again see you then.”

The old man got up from his seat.

He disappeared as suddenly as he appeared.

Pyo-wol looked at the spot where the old man had disappeared.


It was then that Cho Hyang regained consciousness. Cho Hyang who had been looking around for a moment muttered blankly.

“Oh my! How did this happen? This is a big deal. To think I dozed off during the day.”

She thought it was because she had just fallen asleep but never imagined that someone else had visited. Pyo-wol reached out and wrapped his hand around Cho Hyang’s waist.


When Pyo-wol touched her Cho Hyang let out a moan without knowing it. Her body was now perfectly tamed by Pyo-wol. Pyo-wol placed his lips to the white nape of Cho Hyang and thought.

‘I don’t have anything such as a compassionate heart.’

Cho Hyang’s body trembled at his deep breath.

* * *


Tang Sochu sighed and wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve. His whole body was soaked with sweat from the long work.

Since he was working near a furnace that always spews out intense flames there was never a moment when he was not sweating. At first it was hard to breathe because of the heat but now he’s pretty used to it.

Even though his whole body is drenched with sweat the fact that he can do what he loves to his heart’s content made him forget even the fatigue.

Tang Sochu suddenly looked back. Then he saw a boy squatting in the corner of the studio and looking at him.

It was the boy who suddenly came to visit him a few days ago.

There was still a distance between the two. Still it was a lot closer than the first time.

The boy’s condition improved unlike in the beginning. His bones are still visible through his skin but now his weight has increased to some extent.

It was thanks to Tang Sochu who gave him food.

They haven’t talked to each other yet but the distance didn’t feel as far away as it used to be.

Tang Sochu said to the boy.

“Let’s go get dinner. Since I bought chicken we’ll be able to eat dinner until we have a full stomach.”

Tang Sochu made a big decision and bought chicken. Although the meat was tough it would still be enough for two people. The boy reacted for the first time to the word.


“Yeah chicken! Do you know how to eat?”

The boy nodded.

Tang Sochu headed to the kitchen. In the kitchen there was already prepared chicken. Tang Sochu skillfully dismantled the chicken and began to cook it.

It’s been a long time since he started living alone so he was able to cook just about anything skillfully.

The sweet smell of fire permeated the kitchen. The chicken stir-fry dish was completed in no time. It was full of spices and very spicy.

Tang Sochu served fried chicken and rice together.

“Let’s eat!”

At the words of Tang Sochu the boy approached and sat down as if possessed by something.

After sniffing for a moment the boy began to eat in haste. Tang Sochu looked at the boy and then began to play with his chopsticks.

The boy ate the food made by Tang Sochu as if he was possessed.

In an instant the bowl was bottomed out.

A smile appeared on the corner of Tang Sochu’s lips. Although he didn’t eat much because of the boy he was still quite satisfied.

The strange cohabitation with a boy whose name he did not know has been going on for several days already. During that time Tang Sochu did not ask about the boy’s personal history nor did the boy talk about himself.


Suddenly the boy recalled and vomitted everything he had ever eaten. The chicken which had been so deliciously eaten had turned thick and wet the floor.

“Are you okay?”

Tang Sochu patted the boy on the back and asked. The boy wiped his lips with his sleeve and shook his head. The boy’s complexion was very pale.

“Are you sick? Do you want to go to the doctor?”

The boy shook his head without saying a word. Tang Sochu looked at the boy with a worried expression.

What a weird kid.

One day he suddenly appeared and sat down in his studio. Judging from the way he was it was clear that he was being chased by someone. After sneaking into the workshop the boy never went out. It’s like being afraid of someone.

“Hu…! I don’t know if it was a good thing to bring you inside.”

Tang Sochu let out a sigh.

The reason he didn’t expel the boy was because his past was projected in the boy. He wasn’t chased like a boy but he lived his life under the scrutiny of other people. For that reason he had to live with the vision of the Tang Family while hiding his achievements and skills.

If he had not met Pyo-wol his life would still be difficult. Perhaps he would live being pursued by those who coveted the vision or philosophy of his family.

Therefore the boy who suddenly hid in his workshop one day did not feel like a stranger.

Tang Sochu said as he cleared the traces the boy had laid on the floor.

“Are you still hungry? Do you want make me to make something else?”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Really? But you threw up.”

“It’s okay!”

The boy shook his head.

Tang Sochu made a puzzled expression.

The first day he came here the boy was horribly thin. He was skin and bones to the point that he could not be considered alive.

So he paid special attention to the food the boy ate.

Given the special attention Tang Sochu paid the boy ate food and recovered his stamina steadily. However from a certain moment on he seemed to be refusing food little by little.

It wasn’t that the boy didn’t eat it on purpose it was as if his body wasn’t accepting it as it is now.

He had been waiting for a boy to open up on his own. But he couldn’t wait any longer. It was time to talk to him and discuss where he was going.

Tang Sochu asked cautiously.

“What’s your name?”

“Nam… Shin… Woo.”

The boy said his name after trying to remember for a long time.

“Nam Shin-woo? That’s a good name. Where are you from?”

“He… fei.”

“If you are from Hefei isn’t that in Anhui Province? How did you get here from there? The distance must be over a thousand li.”

“I don’t know!”

Nam Shin-woo shook his head.

“Are you being chased by anyone? Where did you escape from?”

“People in black clothes.”

“Huh? People wearing black clothes? Tell me more.”

“I don’t know!”

Nam Shin-woo shook his head once more. He frowned a lot trying to remember but his head was hazy as if there was fog.


Nam Shin-woo let out a groan as if he was suffering. It was unusual to see him have his eyes closed and his body shaking like a person with epilepsy.

“It’s okay! You don’t have to force yourself to remember.”

Tang Sochu hastily hugged the boy and calmed him down.


The boy’s body temperature was so low that it felt as if he was holding an ice cube in his arms.

The little boy regained some stability as he hugged him. However the body temperature did not return to its original state easily.

“Wait a minute. I’ll bring you a blanket.”

Tang Sochu got up after rubbing the boy’s shoulder.

When he was about to walk towards the chair where he had put the blanket on.


Suddenly the ceiling of the workshop was smashed and someone broke in.

“Found you.”

The man who broke in showed his yellow teeth and grinned.

“Who are you?”

Tang Sochu shouted in surprise but the man ignored him.

“I didn’t know that you were hiding here. I spent so much time looking in the wrong place.”

The man who grumbled and revealed his life was Cho Samcheok the youngest member of the Seven Stars.

Cho Samcheok approached Nam Shin-woo in one stride.


Tang Sochu tried to stop Cho Samcheok in a hurry.


Cho Samcheok swung his thick arms towards Tang Sochu as if chasing away flies.


Tang Sochu couldn’t even scream. He just flew and fell down.

Seeing this Nam Shin-woo’s eyes lit up with anger.


Nam Shin-woo screamed and ran towards Cho Samcheok.


Cho Samcheok unconsciously swung his sword towards Nam Shin-woo who was rushing like a wild beast.


His way precisely cut through Nam Shin-woo’s chest.

The feeling of the sword cutting through the muscles and bones came vividly to his hand.

Nam Shin-woo’s chest was split long revealing his bare flesh and empty breastbone and blood was pouring out of the wound like a waterfall.

It was a fatal wound that could not be saved even if a physician came.

“Ah! I told you to be capture him alive—”

Cho Samcheok scratched his head.

The request they received was to unconditionally bring back the target. However since he inadvertently killed the target they would not have been paid.

“Well if we bring back the corpse we will still get half the price.”

Cho Samcheok wrinkled his nose and walked towards Nam Shin-woo’s body.

Then the unbelievable happened.


Nam Shin-woo who he thought was dead woke up with a bizarre breathing sound.


Editor’s Notes

Hope you enjoy the chapter~

Don’t listen with your ears but listen with your heart. Raws: “무청지이이(無聴之以耳) 하여 이청지이심(而聴之以心)이라더니.”

Meaning: Rather than just listening to superficial words you have to listen to the truth hidden behind the words and you have to listen to that truth with your heart. If you don’t have the desire to listen carefully you won’t hear it and even if you do hear it it will only be perceived on the surface and you will only be able to respond frivolously.

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