Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 97

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 97

Light Novel: Volume 4 Episode 22

Manhwa: N/A

“I think I’ve been tricked.”

“What do you mean?”

At Hong Yushin’s self-talk the brothel keeper looked at him with a puzzled expression.

The chief inspector of the Hao clan was indeed a terrifying position. He had a strong authority to inspect and punish the members of the Hao clan.

It was not a place that could be climbed simply by having strong martial arts.

Only those who had an excellent brain and broad insight to search for the truth could become the chief inspector. This was because the person who handled the most extensive and deep information in Jianghu was the chief inspector of the Hao Clan.

So it was natural to find it hard to believe that Hong Yushin had been tricked by someone.

A dark shadow fell on Hong Yushin’s eyes.

He remembered the moment when he first met Pyo-wol. At that time none of his negotiations worked for Pyo-wol. The moment he revealed who he was Pyo-wol reacted immediately.

His bloody force resolute hands and even a creepy eyes that seemed to penetrate the soul.

Hong Yushin was overwhelmed by Pyo-wol’s presence and could not resist. Moreover Pyo-wol even threatened to kill everyone if the Hao clan approached him.

So Hong Yushin was extremely wary defining Pyo-wol as someone who he could never communicate with.

Hong Yushin’s assessment of Pyo-wol reached its peak when Pyo-wol entered the Water Lily Pavilion. But the unexpected visit of Pyo-wol completely destroyed his prior assessment of him.

In particular he became very excited when Pyo-wol obediently accepted the deal he had proposed. It was as if Pyo-wol’s resilient nature that was never going to collapse was an illusion given how it had been torn down. So he quickly accepted Pyo-wol’s proposal.

Until then he hadn’t thought of it as strange. In any case he was satisfied with just opening the door to a conversation with a partner who seemed incapable of negotiating.

However as his excitement subsided he realized that he had not gained anything as a result.

‘Deal? He’s the only one who benefited from the information he received from me. He actually hasn’t given me anything. He only reassured me by saying he had no ambition but he might have kept his true feelings hidden. All of this was a picture he drew.’

It was scary no terrifying.

Maybe Pyo-wol had been painting this scenario from the moment he first saw him. In that brief encounter he might have known who he was and found a way to use him.

‘As a bonus he gets to take the courtesans of the Water Lily Pavilion.’

It was said that courtesans lined up to enter the Plum Room where Pyo-wol is still staying. Pyo-wol obtained information from Hong Yushin without paying a penny and was spending a wonderful time at the Water Lily Pavilion.

It was like being ripped off all the way to the bottom.

‘He’s not just a clever fox. A bear with strength and intelligence. But has there ever been such a handsome bear? So is he not a bear? What? This stream of consciousness–’

Hong Yushin shook his head to shake off his useless thoughts.

Beside him the brothel keeper was looking at him with a puzzled expression. In her eyes Hong Yushin looked like a madman talking to himself.

Hong Yushin opened his mouth.

“Tell the members of the Hao clan in Chengdu to monitor the progress of the Seven Stars.”


The brothel keeper bowed her head deeply and replied.

Hong Yushin’s eyes deepened even more.

‘Seven Stars. Loaches of Jianghu.’

* * *

All seven warriors of the Seven Stars have gathered in one place.

They rented the entire VIP room on the second floor of a particular guest room. All kinds of food were piled up like a mountain on the table where they sat in a circle.

The seven warriors of the Seven Stars ate the food laid out on the table without speaking.

In particular the fourth member Jae Woong-pyeong and the youngest Cho Samcheok ate the food at a frightening speed.

In an instant the large chicken leg was left with only its bones and food debris piled up around them.

Even Yo Sulyeong a woman ate more than most men.

So they removed all the food on the table.

Sa Hyo-kyung said while sucking the grease off his fingers through her mouth

“Now time is running out. We must find him.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve confirmed that he has entered Chengdu. It seems that he is scared and is hiding somewhere but it will be easy to find him in a week.”

The person who answered was Jeong Sanwi the second member of the Seven Stars. The nickname of the Jeong Sanwi was the Poison-Bellied Sword.

He boasted of an insidious mind and excellent intelligence like his nickname which means that he had a sword hidden in his stomach.

Sa Hyo-kyung’s gaze turned to Yo Sulyeong.

“What about him?”

“He’s quiet.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I went with the dwarf and tested him out but he didn’t seem interested in what we do.”

“Keep an eye on his movements. I don’t think the rumors about him are false.”

Gam Ilhae was astonished at Sa Hyo-kyung’s words.

“Then you mean the rumors are true? The fact that the Qingcheng and Emei sect suffered a lot of damage because of him.”

“I cross-checked the information with the warriors of the Hundred Flower Room and Golden Gates so I’m sure!”


“It’s not easy to believe. I was like that too but the rumors are all true. I don’t know how such a being was born but there is a monster that denies common sense in Chengdu.”

“So what should we do? Are you just going to avoid him like this? No matter how strong he is if we all gather our strength we will be able to handle him easily.”

“It’s a matter of efficiency. If we can solve a problem without provoking him there’s no reason to clash.”

“Okay. If that’s how it is…”

Gam Ilhae agreed.

Sa Hyo-kyung’s gaze turned to Yo Sulyeong.

“Make sure you keep a tight hold on him so he won’t get involved in our matters.”

“Ho-ho! In that case leave it to me.”

When Yo Sulyeong gave a bewitching smile the Iron Dwarf became restless.

“Oh it’s not even necessary for you to go as far as…”

“Distinguish between public and private. Didn’t you almost crash with him again the other day?”

“I’m sorry leader!”

“It’s a quest from a sect in the east not anywhere else. If we successfully complete this quest we’ll be able to step forward as a group in the region beyond Hunan.”

Sa Hyo-kyung’s eyes were full of ambition.

The Seven Stars was not as powerful as its reputation.

Because it was made up of only seven people.

Although the individual’s forces are strong they were only active in Hunan because they are not supported by any financial or military power.

But if they successfully complete this commission the client will fill in the missing part.

“So we have to catch him and go back. If that’s not possible we have to kill him and completely destroy the evidence. Keep in mind what I’m saying! This is a great opportunity but if it goes wrong it’s a shortcut to our total destruction.”


“I understand.”

The six brothers answered in unison.

Only then did Sa Hyo-kyung smile with satisfaction.

He trusted his brothers.

Although they were born on different dates they trusted and depended on each other enough to swear to die on the same day.

‘No one will be able to stop us.’

Since the six brothers and one sister were united they were not afraid of anything.

* * *

Pyo-wol used the Plum Room as if it were his own room.

Even though he was locked in the room no one said anything.

In the meantime Cho Hyang the top courtesan of the Water Lily Pavilion lived in a Plum Room and took care of Pyo-wol.

Many courtesans tried to aim for Pyo-wol but most of them were blocked by Cho Hyang so they could not achieve their goals.

Pyo-wol was reading a book while leaning against a soft blanket. Cho Hyang was sitting modestly beside him.

When Pyo-wol opened his mouth slightly Cho Hyang hurriedly put a piece of fruit she had cut in front of him.

“How does it taste?”


“I specifically asked the merchant to bring it in this morning. It’s fresh and tastes good.”

Cho Hyang acted coquettishly and rubbed her chest against Pyo-wol’s forearm. Anyone could see how hard she had fallen for Pyo-wol.

In fact Cho Hyang was deeply in love with Pyo-wol.

It felt like her soul was satisfied just by looking at him.

She was mesmerized by his beautiful appearance and skin that rivals a woman and deep red eyes that seemed to see through everything.

The brothel keeper and the chief inspector’s warnings were no longer in her mind. All she had in her mind was Pyo-wol.

How can I make this guy look and embrace me?

That’s all she had been thinking about all day.

If Pyo-wol showed her even a small smile she was even willing to sell her soul. But Pyo-wol remained indifferent never showing a smile.

Of course it was okay.

It was both okay and scary at the same time.

After entering the Plum Room Pyo-wol did nothing after grabbing a book.

It started when he accidentally found a music sheet that was stuck in a corner of the Plum Room.

The courtesans had to be good at the Four Arts1 so they always lived with related and relevant books nearby. The music sheet that Pyo-wol was reading was one of those books. The melody often played by the prostitutes was written on the sheet music.

Pyo-wol fell in love with the score as if it was fate.

He was deeply engrossed with the book as if he was desperately trying to fill the gap in his knowledge.

Pyo-wol was an angler.

He was hungry for everything he had never done before.

He greedily sought out knowledge and female bodies.

The morals and views of the world had no effect on him.

What he needed was to satisfy his immediate hunger.


Finally Pyo-wol closed the booklet.

Finished reading.

A faint anticipation appeared on Cho Hyang’s face. Since Pyo-wol had finished reading all the books it was now her turn.

But her wish did not come true.


With a gentle sound Cho Hyang’s eyes suddenly lost focus.

Pyo-wol frowned and carefully embraced and laid the soft female body of Cho Hyang which had fallen to the side.

At that moment an old Taoist appeared in the room. He was an old Taoist with a bright red face and a bright smile like a child.

The old Taoist looked around the room with a curious expression.

“It’s a room with the right flavor. How can you live in a place like this all day?

“It would be better than living in the mountains with nothing but grass.”

“Fuhaha! That’s true for you but for some life which is like a paradise will look infinitely boring. By the way do you know who I am?”

“I don’t know.”

“But how come you’re so calm?”

“If I felt a little bit of hostility I would have definitely reacted first.”

“You are such a crazy child. It is understandable to some extent why Mu Jeong-jin failed.”

“So you’re from the Qingcheng sect too.”

“Nodo is said to be a dead leaf. It is not a private residence for Mujeong.” (“노도는 고엽이라고 한다. 무정에겐 사숙이 되지.”)

“It doesn’t look like you’re here to take revenge what is your purpose?”

Pyo-wol asked indifferently without a single expression of surprise. Go Yeopjin couldn’t help but admire the attitude of Pyo-wol.

Go Yeopjin was a master of the Qingcheng sect with the highest position.

To the outsiders Mu Jeong-jin was regarded as the best swordsman in the Qingcheng sect but in reality it was actually Go Yeopjin who held the title as the best swordsman in the Qingcheng sect.

It’s just that he hid a long time ago and is not well known.

Although his name is not widely known people often freeze when standing in front of him just because he is the longest-running member of the Qingcheng sect.

Go Yeopjin was the spiritual or emotional pillar of the Qingcheng sect.

Even with such an existence in front of him Pyo-wol did not waver at all.

“Because of you the Qingcheng sect has been ruined. Do you know that?”

“Should I?”

Pyo-wol questioned back.

At that moment Go Yeopjin was speechless. No one had ever spoken to him like this before and no one had ever responded properly. It was such an unfamiliar experience that it felt rather fresh.

“Still they became a mess because of you shouldn’t you be aware of it?”

“How is that my fault?”

“Are you going to deny what you have done?”

“No. I have no intention of denying what I did. However it was self-inflicted that the Qingcheng sect was humiliated and had a bad atmosphere. It’s not my fault that Mu Jeong-jin learned magic.”


Go Yeopjin let out a sigh.

A sad expression was revealed on his face. If Mu Jeong-jin had been defeated in a fair fight with Pyo-wol the sect would have enough justification to try and challenge him again. Even if the world scolded them for being cowardly they were confident enough to handle it.

The problem is that it has been revealed that Mu Jeong-jin has learned magic.

In addition the elder of the Qingcheng sect a prestigious sect in Jianghu mastered magic and ran wild. Of course the reputation of the Qingcheng sect would plummet and even the smallest justification to punish Pyo-wol was lost.

Rather than seeking revenge he came to a point where he had to worry about the survival of the Qingcheng sect.

It was all because of Pyo-wol.

In a way the Qingcheng sect was the victim.

Through the execution of the Emei sect’s assassination contract they lost Woo Gunsang who would lead Qingcheng sect and suffered a fatal blow to their prestige.

“Virtue is lost due to the lust for honor2 and knowledge is beyond contention.3“

It was said that virtue is swept away by lust for honor and wisdom is created by fighting.

The virtues of the Qingcheng sect were swept away by the desire of Mu Jeong-jin and Pyo-wol has gained wisdom as he fights over and over again.

Even before coming here Go Yeopjin thought that Pyo-wol was simply a natural fighter. But the moment he saw Pyo-wol’s eyes he changed his mind.

Pyo-wol was not simply a warrior with strong martial arts.

His eyes were so deep that he couldn’t understand what was inside.

It may have been that way from the beginning but as he continued to fight it was clear that he had acquired a stronger intellect than any other.

Go Yeopjin sighed softly.

“Huu! My original intention is actually to kill you and restore the honor of the Qingcheng sect.”

Editor’s Notes

Hope you enjoy the chapter~

Four Arts. Raws: 금기서화(琴棋書畫). This refers to the four arts of the Chinese scholar: chinese lute chess calligraphy and painting.

琴 chinese lute guitar

棋 chess any game

書 book letter

毒 painting picture

Virtue is lost due to the lust for honor. Raws: 덕탕호명(德荡乎名).

德 ethics morality virtue

荡 pond pool cleanse

乎 interrogative exclamatory

名 name rank title position

Knowledge is beyond contention. Raws: 지출호쟁(知出乎争)

知 know perceive

出 go out send out

乎 interrogative exclamatory

争 dispute fight

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