Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 93

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 93

Light Novel: Volume 4 Episode 18

Manhwa: N/A

At that moment the owner of the guest house closed his eyes tightly.

No one here had seen Pyo-wol longer than him. So he knew better than anyone how scary he could be. It was clear in his eyes what was going to happen now. And his prediction became a reality.


A terrifying pounding sound echoed through the guest house.


The Iron Dwarf jerked his head back in surprise at the sudden sound. Suddenly something sharp ripped through his arm. If he had been a little late to dodge his forehead would have been pierced.


The Iron Dwarf stared at the man he had cursed a while ago.


At that moment another sharp piercing sound came from the back of his head. The Iron Dwarf who thought he had avoided danger was shocked and he hurriedly fell flat on the floor.


Something passed through his back.

Fortunately for him he avoided it in time so only his clothes and skin were torn but if he had reacted a little late his spine would have been severed.


The Iron Dwarf hurriedly got up and looked at the man who was more beautiful than the woman.

There was a small dagger in his hands.The Iron Dwarf instinctively realized that the dagger in the man’s hand was the weapon that wounded his body.

The Iron Dwarf released the chain on his waist. The iron ball hanging from the end of the chain rattled.

“Crazy b*stard! Attacking me all of the sudden? Who are you!?”

“I don’t think that’s something that a person who cursed first should say.”

The man who was sitting in his seat Pyo-wol stood up and said.

Suddenly a faint red light appeared in his eyes. Pyo-wol was the type of person who didn’t start a fight but would not hesitate to fight back if needed.

Pyo-wol knew how unrealistic his appearance was. So he knew that many people would look at him with unkind eyes. In particular the less confident they were in their appearance the more they were to show off and attack.

He wondered what would happen if such people were alone.


The Iron Dwarf swung his the chain in circles and said

“Do you know who I am?”

“Your sense of inferiority is talking too much. It seems that there’s a problem with your mind rather than your body.”

“This b*stard–!”

The Iron Dwarf’s anger exploded.

He swung the chain back and forth.


The iron ball attached at the end of the chain flew towards Pyo-wol destroying the objects in the guest house in the process.

“Oh my!”

The owner of the guest house closed his eyes tightly and fell to the floor. It was because he couldn’t bear to watch his inn break down any more.

But he didn’t hear the sound he had imagined.


It was because Pyo-wol’s hand was holding the chain.


When the chain failed to show any power and was caught in Pyo-wol’s hand the Iron Dwarf was freaked out.

At that moment Pyo-wol pulled the iron ball sharply. Then the Iron Dwarf who was attached to the chain bounced out of the window.

Then Pyo-wol flew away.

“You son of a…!”

The Iron Dwarf who had been thrown on the floor jumped up.

His anger has reached its climax. The Iron Dwarf injected his internal qi and swung the chain.


The iron ball flew toward Pyo-wol with a tremendous momentum that could not be compared with before.

The Heaven’s Iron Ball.1

It was the name of the martial artist he had learned.

Heaven’s Iron Ball was literally the ultimate martial art of crushing even the sky with an iron ball. The iron ball loaded with inner strength had the power to turn even a rock the size of a house into powder at once.

“Go to hell!”

The Iron Dwarf angrily roared.

That was then.

Pyo-wol’s body seemed to float in the air like a kite filled with the wind and then he jumped on the iron ball that flew at frightening speed.


He was so surprised that he felt like his heart was about to drop. Until now he had crushed and killed many enemies with his steel ball but this has never happened before.

Tata that!

Pyo-wol kicked the iron ball and sprinted up the chain. In a brief moment when he could barely take a breath Pyo-wol reached the front of the Iron Dwarf.

The eyes of Pyo-wol and Iron Dwarf met mid-air.

In an instant the Iron Dwarf’s face turned white.

It was because the moment he looked at Pyo-wol’s eyes which had no emotion he felt a pain as if he was poked in the eyes with an awl.


At that moment the dagger Pyo-wol was holding was deeply embedded into the shoulder of the Iron Dwarf.


The Iron Dwarf tried to pull out the dagger in a hurry. But before he could Pyo-wol waved his hand then the body of the Iron Dwarf flew through the air.

He threw the Iron Dwarf using the Soul-Reaping Thread.

Pyo-wol once again waved his hand toward the dagger floating in the air.


The ghost knives were released one after the other.


The Iron Dwarf hurriedly tried to protect his whole body by desperately releasing his technique the Heaven’s Iron Ball.

However it was impossible in the first place to perfectly unfold a technique at a high level while in the air where there was no place for their foot to step on.

Eventually a gap was revealed and a phantom dagger was stuck like a viper.



The Iron Dwarf screamed as he fell.

Pyo-wol was about to throw another ghost dagger to finish off when

“Put that dagger in your hand.”


“Iron Dwarf!”

Different voices rang out and six people immediately surrounded the Iron Dwarf.

One person held the falling Iron Dwarf while the other five each wielded their own weapons and struck down the ghost dagger.

The oldest among them looked at the appearance of the Iron Dwarf. He got angry and said

“I don’t know what happened between the two of you but you young man your hands are too much.”

An elderly person with impressive eyes and eyebrows raised to the sky was Sa Hyo-kyung the leader of the Seven Stars. His martial arts was so strong that he was nicknamed the Storm Fire Dragon.2

Those who appeared with Sa Hyo-kyung were the rest of the members of the Seven Stars.

Jeong Sanwi the Poison-Bellied Sword.3

Jae Woong-pyeong the Reckless Shadow.4

Yo Sulyeong the Bloody Witch.5

Gam Ilhae the Bamboo Leaf Swordsman.6

Cho Samcheok the Mad Blood-Spraying Swordsman.7

Each and every one of them are masters considered at the top of Jianghu. All of them were currently glaring at Pyo-wol while protecting the Iron Dwarf.

Pyo-wol flicked his hand. Immediately all the ghost daggers that were either stuck in Iron Dwarf’s body or were lying on the floor were recovered.

Sa Hyo-kyung was quite surprised. They didn’t see Pyo-wol holding anything.

Then his expression darkened.

While he might not know the identity of the opponent he knew that he was a master who could not be ignored. Above all the opponent instantly neutralized and subdued his junior brother Iron Dwarf.

A person with that level of prowess should not be looked down upon.

“Reveal your identity why did you attack my junior brother? Attacking my junior brother is an attack on the entire Seven Stars. I will never forgive you unless you have a good reason.”

Sa Hyo-kyung’s voice echoed through the streets.

People on the street buzzed in surprise.

They weren’t familiar with the name of the Seven Stars but Sa Hyo-kyung’s spirit was so fierce that they thought they came from a great sect.

In fact the Seven Stars had a great reputation in the vicinity of Hunan. All of the seven martial artists were so great that there were some sects who gave way just by hearing the name of the Seven Stars.

Sa Hyo-kyung did not think it would have such an effect in Sichuan which is far from Hunan. However he expected the opponent to feel some pressure.

However the effect he expected did not appear.

“So you’re with the hunchback right?”

The bright red light in Pyo-wol’s eyes grew deeper.

Sa Hyo-kyung realized that his actions only had the opposite effect.

Many of Jianghu’s warriors showed respect for the name of the Seven Stars but it didn’t work at all for this beautiful man in front of him. Either he willingly ignores the Seven Stars itself or he has never even heard of the name of the Seven Stars.

Sa Hyo-kyung thought it would be the latter.

If the opponent had only stayed in Sichuan for a long time it was understandable that he did not know the name of the Seven Stars.

At that time a woman in her early to mid thirties who was examining the appearance of the Iron Dwarf came forward to Sa Hyo-kyung.

“Stop it oraboni.”

“What do you mean by stop?”

“Don’t you realize? That Iron Dwarf was the first one to cause a riot and this mess happened. He must have acted arbitrarily again and brought that man’s anger.”


Sa Hyo-kyung stuttered.

He too thought that the Iron Dwarf would have been the first to pick a fight. But even so when the Iron Dwarf was hit like that they could not just act like nothing had happened.

The woman glared at Sa Hyo-kyung.

If another woman had acted like that Sa Hyo-kyung would never have let it go. He was a very authoritative person. Neither men nor women would ever be allowed to challenge his authority.

However the story is different if the opponent is Yo Sulyeong the Bloody Witch.

She was the fifth member and the only woman of the Seven Stars. Not only Sa Hyo-kyung but all the men in Seven Stars loved her.

The reason why the Iron Dwarf tried to buy accessories at the market and made a fuss to get a room at the guest house was all to show off in front of Yo Sulyeong.

The Iron Dwarf was highly devoted to Yo Sulyeong but Yo Sulyeong didn’t like his behavior.

No it would be more appropriate to say that she actually hated it.

She didn’t like the fact that the Iron Dwarf was showing his love towards her. She was tired of feeling his eyes on her skin.

She hated it all the more because he caused an incident like this.

Although she was given the eerie nickname of the Bloody Witch Yo Sulyeong was actually a recognizable beauty.

What made her bewitching face even more accentuated was her curvaceous body. The appearance of her wearing a tight-fitting outfit to reveal her body was enough to attract men on the street.

Yo Sulyeong looked at Pyo-wol with her eyes slightly raised.

For a moment her eyes fluttered.

‘What kind of man…’

Pyo-wol’s beautiful appearance shook her heart.

Comparing the warriors of the Seven Stars to Pyo-wol they all loook like a dried up octopus.

Yo Sulyeong said with a bewitching smile

“I’m sorry for the trouble caused by the Iron Dwarf. I apologize on his behalf. I’m Yo Sulyeong of the Seven Stars. Everyone calls me the Bloody Witch. Oh don’t get me wrong. I’m not called that way because I’m a bad person. What is the name of this Young Sir?”


“That’s a cool name as much as your appearance. Anyway since our Iron Dwarf was the one at fault we apologize. We’d also like to step back for today. Of course we will compensate for all the damage he caused. This is a pretty good offer for you too isn’t it?”

Yu Sulyeong’s words were polite and persuasive.

Pyo-wol nodded his head without saying a word.

If he decides to fight he can fight as much as he wants but in that case the town of Chengdu which has barely regained stability will be destroyed again.

No matter how much Pyo-wol doesn’t care about other people he didn’t want to repeat that situation twice.

Pyo-wol went back into the guest house.

Then Sa Hyo-kyung asked Yo Seol-young.

“What do you think? Are you also fascinated by that pretty guy’s face?”

“Ho-ho! Why? Can’t I do that?”


“Don’t worry Oraboni! It’s not like that. There’s just something that bothers me.”


“It’s Chengdu’s atmosphere.”


“It’s strangely stagnant. There are sects in Chengdu and it’s a place where the influence of the Emei and Qingcheng sect is strong but I don’t feel that kind of atmosphere.”

“Come to think of it…”

Sa Hyo-kyung agreed with Yo Sulyeong.

While the Seven Stars is famous in the vicinity of Hunan in Sichuan they have no choice but to be careful. This is because they are far from their territory and powerful sects such as the Qingcheng and Emei sect are in charge.

Because of that when they entered the city they were very nervous and wary.

However the atmosphere inside Chengdu was completely different from what they had imagined.

The warriors and disciples of the Qingcheng and Emei sect were nowhere to be found and the members of the other sects could hardly be found.

It is as if the number of warriors in Chengdu have thinned out.

Yo Sulyeong looked around the streets of Chengdu with cool eyes and said

“Something must have definitely happened here. We can’t rush into a conflict until we know the truth.”

Editor’s Notes

Hope you enjoy the chapter~

Heaven’s Iron Ball. Raws: Apcheon Cheolgugong 압천철구공(愿天戴球功).

愿 yuan sincere honest virtuous

天 tian sky heaven god

戴 dai wear on top support

球 qiu ball sphere

功 gong achievement merit good result

Storm Fire Dragon. Raws: Shippung Hwarong 질풍화룡(疾風火龍)

疾 ji illness diseases

風 feng wind air

火 huo fire flame burn

龍 long dragon

Poison-Bellied Sword. Raws: 복밀독검(腹密毒剣)증산위.

腹 fu stomach belly

密 mi dense thick close

毒 du poison venom

剣 jian sword dagger

Reckless Shadow. Raws: 이랑객(影浪客) 자웅평.

影 shadow image

浪 wave wasteful reckless

客 guest traveller

Bloody Witch. Raws: 혈화마녀(血火魔女) 요설영.

血 xie blood

火 huo fire

魔 mo demon evil spirits

女 nu woman

Bamboo Leaf Swordsman. Raws: 죽엽검객(竹葉剣客) 감일해.

竹 bamboo flute

葉 leaf petal

剣 sword dagger

客 guest traveller

Mad Blood-Spraying Swordsman. Raws: 광풍혈산도(狂風血散刀)조삼척.

狂 insane mad

風 wind air

血 blood

散 scatter disperse

刀 knife

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