Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 91

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 91

Light Novel: Volume 4 Episode 16

Manhwa: N/A

The Western Plateau of Sichuan Province was like a giant folding screen blocking the Central Plains1 and Saibei.2

It was almost impossible for an ordinary person to cross the Western Plateau and go out. Of course it is possible for those with exceptional courage or superior physical strength but they also had to risk their lives to cross the highlands.

Of course there were roads leading to Saibei but the borders were so tight that anyone without permission could not pass.

When you pass through the gate of Saibei the area facing Sichuan is called Xizang.

The hidden area of the west hence the name Xizang.3

Xizang has been an object of respect for people since ancient times.

Occasionally the masters of Xizang moved to Jianghu and caused great incidents but all of them were in vain and instilled great fear in the people. So people thought that there were a lot of scary masters in Xizang.

What people think is half right and half wrong.

Not all of the martial artists in Xizang were that strong and fearful. However some sects had a potential that was no less than that of Jianghu’s Daemun faction.4

One of them was Xiaoleiyin Temple.5

After entering Xizang and walking west for a month an area called Namling Forest was found. As the name suggests it is a place with a huge forest and people are reluctant to approach it even in broad daylight.

There was an old temple in Namling Forest6 which was Xiaoleiyin.

Xiaoleiyin Temple did not allow the public to enter. In addition there was a thick cloud cover all year round. So ordinary people could not even get close let alone get in.

It was this morning that the peace of Xiaoleiyin Temple which had only been quiet was broken. Suddenly a visitor came.

They crossed Xizang with two coffins on their backs and arrived at the Xiaoleiyin Temple. At their visit the thick cloud that surrounded Xiaoleiyin Temple disappeared and the road was opened.

The visitors climbed the stairs one by one with their coffins on their backs and finally arrived at the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

They lowered the coffin they were carrying then clapped their necks and shouted.

“Hyeolbul7 the lawful servant who is in charge of life and death in the world. Your disciples suffered tragic events due to our lack of power. Please relieve us of this injustice.”

They repeated the same words over and over in unison. Tears were flowing from their eyes as they bowed their heads.

After a while someone appeared with a knock on the wooden table.

They were monks who wore clothes red as blood.

At the center of the monks who radiated extraordinary energy there was an old monk with a particularly majestic aura.

An ominous red atmosphere was flowing around the old monk. With a rosary the size of a walnut in his hand the old monk bowed his head.

He looked at the visitors.

“Aren’t you the disciples who were sent out to Sichuan?”

“Yes. We are the disciples who went out to the fortress under the command of the dignified former Beopjong.8“

“Then did you guys come back to being fishermen? I’m sure that the former Beopjong must have ordered you to establish a base in Sichuan.”

“Kill me my disciples have lost our sect leader and young master and we were chased out like a dog. Please release this injustice. Huhuhu!”

The visitors sobbed and wept.

They were the survivors of the Thunder Clan.

After losing Mu Jeong-jin the Qingcheng sect released the disciples of the Thunder Clan. However the disciples who lost both their sect leader and young master had no place to relieve their injustice.

So while carrying the coffins with the bodies of the two men on their backs they walked a long way to find Xiaoleiyin Temple which can be said to be their origin.

“What happened? I’ve heard that you have successfully settled down in Sichuan.”

“Huhu! That’s—”

The disciples of Thunder Clan began to recount what had happened in Chengdu at length.

The young master Nam Hosan was killed by an assassin ordered by the Qingcheng sect and Tae Yeonho who went to hold the Qingcheng sect accountable was killed by Mu Jeong-jin.


Hearing all the stories of the mourning Thunder Clan disciples an intense gaze was emitted from the eyes of Hyeolbul.

It was his master Jeondae Beopchong who took advantage of the seclusion period between the Qingcheng and Emei sect and sent some of his disciples back to infiltrate Sichuan.

After establishing a bridgehead his plan was to see an opportunity in the future and enter Sichuan.

With the support of the Xiaoleiyin Temple and the plan of Jeondae Beopjong the Thunder gates has steadily built its foundation.

Although the plan to enter Chengdu was delayed because of the Qingcheng and Emei sect Hyul Bul was satisfied by the fact that they had laid a solid foundation.

If they continue to wait there will definitely be a gap someday and then entering the midfield was not a dream.

Only if the Thunder Clan is alive and well.

But both the sect leader and the young master of the Thunder Clan who had been raised so painstakingly were killed. Their foundation in Sichuan has been completely blown away.

The monks who were escorting Hyeolbul asked themselves.

“How dare the Qingcheng sect destroy one of our bases. This cannot be overlooked. What do you guys think?”

“It must not be overlooked. The Qingcheng sect must have known that the Thunder gates is a school related to the Xiaoleiyin Temple. Still killing the head master and young master of the Thunder Clan is clearly an act of contempt for the Xiaoleiyin Temple. If we leave them as it is many will ridicule our main sect.”

“Yes. If we ignore it it is clear that many people will look down on Xiaoleiyin Temple in the future.”

The monks who stood guard for Hyeolbul were the top monks of the Xiaoleiyin Temple. They all insisted on taking revenge on behalf of the Thunder Clan.

Hyeolbul was having similar thoughts. Whatever the reason they cannot condone this incident.

“Send Heukam9 to take care of this.”

“We take your orders.”

Heukam bowed deeply with his hands joined together.

No one raised any objection.

The existence of the Heukam was special in the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

Hyeolbul murmured.

“I’ll make you regret touching the Xiaoleiyin Temple.”

* * *

Pyo-wol left the guest house.

After the meeting that day Hong Yushin did not appear again. But Pyo-wol knew.

The fact that Hong Yushin has not yet left Chengdu. Still it didn’t bother him too much because he didn’t appear in front of him.

The destination of Pyo-wol was the workshop of Tang Sochu.

As soon as he arrived at the workshop a powerful hammer sound was heard. It was the sound of Tang Sochu working.

Pyo-wol opened the door of the workshop and went inside.

The scorching heat in the workshop made it difficult to breathe. Tang Sochu was working in a harsh environment that an ordinary person would not be able to endure for even a moment.

Tang Sochu had his shirt off as he was hammering. Countless beads of sweat were forming on his body.

Tang Sochu did not even realize that Pyo-wol had arrived as he concentrated on his work. Pyo-wol watched him work without disturbing him.

It was almost an hour or so after his work was finished.


Tang Sochu sighed and looked at the result in his hand.

It was a single sword that he labored for a day or so. There were no sword energy it was only a sword but there was an unusual sense of anticipation.

A satisfied smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

The result was satisfactory for the amount of time he put in. Now if the sword has a scabbard it will be as good as any other famous sword.

After appreciating the sword for a long time only then Tang Sochu realized later that there was someone else in the workshop.


“That’s some cool stuff.”

Pyo-wol got up from his seat.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had arrived?”

“You were completely immersed in your work that I didn’t dare interrupt.”

“Thank you! Thanks to you I was able to complete this guy without interruption.”

“It looks like you got an order.”

“That’s right! There’s been a rumor in Chengdu lately that my skills are good. So orders have increased a lot.”

“That’s a relief.”

“If it wasn’t for you brother this wouldn’t have happened.”

As he called Pyo-wol his older brother Tang Sochu had an embarrassed expression. Because the title was still awkward.

It was thanks to Pyo-wol’s support that he was able to establish a workshop here. Most of the gold coins that Pyo-wol had were given to him. So he was able to take over the workshop and hold out until an order came in.

For Tang Sochu Pyo-wol was his real benefactor.

He took revenge on the Qingcheng and Emei sect and helped him lead a stable life by setting up a workshop. For Tang Sochu it was a debt that he would not be able to repay even for the rest of his life.

It was a Tang Sochu who was trampled on by many people just because he was using the surname of the Tang clan. Only one person did him a favor. So he felt even more grateful.

“But what’s going on? Has the ghost dagger been ruined again?”

“No. I have something I want to order separately.”

“What do you want me to make?”

“I need wrist armor.”


In the fight against the Guhwasata and Mu Jeong-jin Pyo-wol felt the need to protect his arms.

As an assassin Pyo-wol mainly engaged in close combat.

He used the ghost dagger as his main weapon but he had to be prepared for a close fight.

It was a good idea to use a weapon other than the ghost dagger. So after much deliberation Pyo-wol came to the conclusion that he should wear a gauntlet to protect his arms.

If he can block the opponent’s attack even just once using the armor he will be able to create an opportunity for a counterattack.

After hearing Pyo-wol’s explanation Tang Sochu nodded his head.

“Then I’ll have to make it so that the fingers can move freely from the back of the hand to the forearm.”

“That’s right.”

“It would be better if the material is leather on top of the metal. That way it won’t attract attention.”

It seems that Tang Sochu has already figured out how to make the wrist armor.

“How long will it take to complete?”

“Hmm… I think it’ll take at least five days. I think I’ll have to put several light iron plates on it but I think it’s going to take a lot of effort to secure the proper strength. Please hold out your arm for a while.”

When Pyo-wol reached out his arm Tang Sochu carefully checked the arm’s circumference length and shape.

“Okay now. Come back in five days. I’ll make it by then.”

“Please do.”

“Don’t worry about it and go ahead. I have to work now.”

Tang Sochu left Pyo-wol behind and hurriedly started his work.

Pyo-wol came out and walked towards the street where the stalls were crowded. Many people were coming and going on the street and merchants were soliciting with their voices high.

Pyo-wol walked down the street with his face half-covered with a scarf. Because too many people knew his face.

Fortunately most of the merchants and people looking to buy things were too busy bargaining so they didn’t pay attention to Pyo-wol.

That was then.

“How dare you try to sell me something like this!”

Along with the roar a crashing sound was heard.

When Pyo-wol turned his head and looked up he saw a person with a short stature and a curved back causing a disturbance.

He was so angry that he overturned the stall as he looked at the owner. His eyes were so ferocious that the owner of the stall couldn’t say anything and just trembled.

“Huh! I guess I looked funny because of my hunched back?”

“Oh no…!”

“And you’re asking for three pieces of coins for this sort of thing?”

The hunchback shook the ornament in his hand.

It was something the store owner brought to sell. It was inlaid with jade and pearls giving it a sense of elegance.

The owner said with a sad expression.

“The cost was high and the cost was calculated by adding up the craftsman’s labor cost. Three silver pieces is already low”

“Quiet. I want this for one silver.”

“Then I am at a loss.”

“So you mean you can’t give me a discount?”

“Please understand my situation.”

The owner fell down and begged. But the hunchback’s eyes who was looking at the owner were cold. A chain was hung from the hunchback’s waist and a large iron ball was attached to the end.

If the owner was hit with a metal ball the owner’s head would explode like a rotten pumpkin at once.

Knowing this the owner fell to his knees and begged the hunchback for mercy. But the hunchback’s eyes looking at the owner did not seem to know how to calm down.

On the contrary it felt like he was going to hit the owner with an iron ball at any moment.

Then loud laughter echoed through the street.

“Haha! How can the Iron Dwarf of Gongxian10 be so angry. The atmosphere is so gloomy please stop tormenting the poor store owner. If you’re short on money I’ll give it to you.”

“Who are you?”

The hunchback called Iron Dwarf quickly turned his head to the place where the sound was heard.Where his gaze was directed there was a middle-aged man with a nice beard. He was smiling as he walked.

Checking his face the face of the Iron Dwarf was distorted.

“Shadowless Monk Yu Shinfeng?11 Why are you here?”

“Haha! I came all the way here because I was wandering with my niece.”

As a middle-aged man called Yu Shinfeng took a step back a mysterious woman standing behind appeared.

She was a woman with a cute impression like a curious puppy.

“So-ha! Say your greetings. That’s the Iron Dwarf Oh Kyung-wol Daehyeop of the Seven Stars who has a great reputation in the southern part of Jianghu including Hunan Province.

“This girl Lee So-ha greets Oh Daehyeop.”

Lee So-ha smiled and said hello to the Iron Dwarf.

When it was revealed that he was a member of the Seven Stars the Iron Dwarf could no longer act against the stall owner.

Although the distance is too far and little is known about them in Sichuan the Seven Stars was quite famous in the vicinity of Hunan.

The Seven Stars was a sect founded by seven warriors who had sibling brothers.

Although there are only seven members each individual has a great skill and is united by a strong bond so no one dared look down on them.

Among them the Iron Dwarf is famous for being dirty. Since he was born he had a hunchback so he was filled with a sense of inferiority. But even Iron Dwarf could not dare ignore the mature man in front of him.

Shadowless Monk Yu Shinfeng.

Although he did not belong to a particular clan he was a man who was praised by many for his strong martial arts and great sense of chivalry.

He maintained close acquaintances with many warriors who opposed his spirit.

No matter how stubborn he was he could not quarrel with such a man. It was clear that the repercussions would never end if they come up with a pretense.

Yu Shinfeng said

“Haha! If you really want that ornament I’ll buy it for you.”

“Nevermind! Who would want it?”

Oh Kyung-wol whose self-esteem was hurt threw the jewelry he was holding at the stall owner. He looked at the people around him and said

“What are you looking at you b*stards! Are you going to keep watching?”

Then he ran through the people and disappeared.

Yu Shinfeng looked in the direction he disappeared and muttered

“If the Iron Dwarf came here it’s only a matter of time before the other soldiers from the Seven Stars arrive.”

It was common in Jianghu that there was a storm wherever the Seven Stars was located.

Editor’s Notes

This took me forever to research because there’s a lot of new characters and places. Ngl I was staring at the whole map of China for so long trying to make sense of the locations.

Central Plains. Raws: Zhongyuan 중원과.

Saibei. Raws: Saeoe 새외를 塞北 or 塞外

Saibei in ancient times refers to the north of the Great Wall. Today it refers to the northwestern part of today’s Shanxi most of Inner Mongolia Gansu Ningxia Shaanxi and the area north of the Great Wall outside Hebei.

Xizang. Raws: 서장(西蔵). This is also known as Tibet.

西 western westward

蔵 hide conceal

Daemun Faction. Raws: 대문파. Might be referring to the main sects: Shaolin Temple Wudang etc.

Xiaoleiyin Temple. Raws: Thunder Temple Xiaoleiyin Temple 소뢰음사(小雷音寺)

小 xiao small tiny

雷 lei thunder

音 yin sound tone

寺 si court office

Namling Forest. Raws: Nammokrim 남목림(南木林)

南 south

木 tree

林 forest

Hyeolbul. Raws: Blood Budha 혈불(血佛)

血 blood

佛 Buddha

Beopjeong. Raws: Buddhist Monk Beopjeong 법종(法宗). It’s a title which is synonymous with sect leader.

法 law rule

宗 lineage clan ancestor

Heukam. Raws: 흑암(黑暗).

黑 black dark

暗 dark secret

Iron Dwarf of Gongxian. Raws: Cheolgong Waeta 철공왜타(鐵珙矮駝).

鐵 iron strong

珙 precious county in Sichuan Gong County/Gongxian

矮 short dwarf

駝 camel humpbacked

Shadowless Monk. Raws: 무영수사(無影修士)

無 negative no

影 shadow image

修 study repair cultivate

士 scholar gentleman soldier

Seven Stars. Raws: Chilseongdan 칠성당(七星薫)

七 seven

星 star planet

薫 medicinal herb to cauterize

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