Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 79

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 79

Light Novel: Volume 4 Episode 4

Manhwa: N/A

Pyo-wol said

“I already turned down the offer before”

“It’s different then and it’s different now.”

“What’s different?”

“At that time I was really purely thinking of signing you up but now it’s an offer with your life as collateral the Emei sect has commissioned us to bring your head to them. This is the only way.”


“You’d better think well handsome oraboni. If you decline our offer again this time you won’t get an opportunity like this again. I sincerely hope that oraboni will accept our offer and I will get to look at that handsome face for the rest of my life. It’s a waste to see such a handsome face go.”


Then with a dull sound a large monk appeared behind Pyo-wol. He was Hyulseung who always stuck with Heo Ranju.

Hyulseung joined them and said

“Namu Amida Butsu Buddha! I hope that you will accept Ranju’s proposal.”

The words were polite but the energy or content contained within them was absolutely not. A strong force was oozing out from the whole body of the Hyulseung.

Then another voice was heard.

“Damn it! Stop with your momentum. Are we here to kill? Why are you staring at him so ferociously?”

It was Daoshi Goh who appeared with a tap on the shoulder of Hyulseung. Daoshi Goh approached Pyo-wol with a peculiar gait.

“Long time no see. You seem to have gotten even more handsome. Damn it! What an enviable life. How does it feel to live in the world with that kind of face?

“It’s hard to see your face because you’ve been working so diligently. Anyway it’s amazing. You’re deepening the rift between the Emei sect and Qingcheng sect. Thanks to that we’re the only ones playing.”

Daoshi Goh slumped down on the seat next to Heo Ranju. Heo Ranju’s eyebrows twitched as if she didn’t like it but she didn’t say anything.

Daoshi Goh looked at Pyo-wol with a smirk on his face.

“Ranju is also desperately looking for you so why not just join hands with us?

“You said you received a request from the Emei sect? Can you withdraw it so easily?”

“What else can we not do? We can lie to them saying that we killed you properly and then fix it later. By the time the Emei sect finds out about it we will already have a firm place in Sichuan Province.”

“Is it okay to betray a client like that? If you’re a mercenary isn’t trust the most important thing?”

“Heh heh! Who in today’s world would keep such a banal thing? As you know the most important thing in the world is money. Only the value of money will not change.”

Daoshi Goh pretended to touch the money with his finger. It was quite a snobbish figure but he had great talent for him to not look hateful.

“If you come in I can become a vice-captain in no time. We need someone like you.”

“I still refuse your offer.”

“So quickly? Why?”

“Money is the most important thing for a mercenary but trust is the most important thing for assassins.”

“Trust? That’s old-fashioned. To turn down our offer for just that reason. I don’t understand.”

“I don’t think you’ll ever understand. The only thing I want is that you don’t interfere with my request.”

“A request? What kind of request? Do you mean you’re commissioned by someone else to do this?”

Daoshi Gohs voice rose to a high level. If Pyo-wol really did this at someone’s request it meant that that person had quite a background.

Heo Ranju asked.

“Who is the client?”

Pyo-wol didn’t answer.

At this moment it was as if he could hear the voice of Lee Min as she was dying.

-I want them to feel the same way I do. This miserable feeling of being trampled by an irresistible force.

Although Lee Min was just saying her last words before her death Pyo-wol recognized her words as a request. Even though he didn’t get a single penny in return.

It had already been seven years.

It was the only thing he remembered.

Even if he quit now there was no one to say anything to.

Even so Pyo-wol had no intention of not fulfilling Lee Min’s request.

He was an assassin.

He might have been born as an ordinary person but was raised as an assassin.

It was impossible to change the perception already deeply embedded in the crest. It was because it’s already related to the identity of Pyo-wol.

Daoshi Goh’s voice broke Pyo-wol’s thoughts.

“Last question. Who is the client?”

Perhaps it was because he thought it was important so he asked the question in a ferocious manner not like his usual carefree personality.

Then Ranju Heo intervened.

“It’s a girl.”

“What do you mean?”

“There is only one case where a guy risks his life to do the impossible. It is when a girl is involved.”

Heo Ranju deduced with astonishing precision that a woman was involved using her woman’s intuition. Even if the exact reason hasn’t been revealed yet.

Daoshi Goh smirked.

“A woman’s request? You’re more emotional than you look. It’s stupid.”

It was incomprehensible by the standards of Daoshi Goh to risk his life just because of a woman’s request. It was also against his values.

Heo Ranju stared at Pyo-wol with fierce eyes.

“What year?”

The emotion in her voice was obviously jealousy.

Normally Daoshi Goh would have made fun of Heo Ranju but he wasn’t like that now. From experience he knows that it is better not to get on Heo Ranju’s nerves at this moment.

Heo Ranju lashed out again.

“Tell me! What kind of b*tch are you?”


Heo Ranju couldn’t wait for a minute and hit the table with her fist. The table shattered and the food placed on the top was scattered everywhere.

But that wasn’t enough Heo Ranju even threw her hand towards Pyo-wol’s cheek. Jealousy flew away. At that moment Pyo-wol kicked the broken table.



The table collided with Heo Ranju’s body and was completely smashed.


“Namu Amida Butsu!”

Heo Ranju stumbled and Daoshi Goh and Hyulseung moved at the same time. They would normally fight each other but they still loved each other terribly.

Pyo-wol was the one who they had to remove anyway. It was commissioned by the Emei sect and there were already Black Cloud warriors all over the area.


Hyulseung stretched out his hands. Then a mighty energy was poured out towards Pyo-wol. But instead of hitting head-on Pyo-wol flew into the air.


Pyo-wol’s body soared into the air as he smashed the roof of the guest house. Pyo-wol who suddenly floated up to about a dozen meters on the roof looked around.

“It’s him!”

“Pyo-wol has popped out!”

Pyo-wol saw the warriors shouting and pointing at him.

They were the mercenaries of the Black Cloud Group. On every street he could see the Black Cloud warriors all over the place.

The Black Cloud Group was already building an entrapment around the guest house where Pyo-wol was staying.

Jang Muryang looked at Pyo-wol and grinned.

“You’re finally out of your fox den.”

Finding Pyo-wol was as difficult as finding the fox hiding in the burrow. Pyo-wol desperately walked around Chengdu with his face covered and never left a trace of himself.

Thanks to this the Black Clouds Group had to go through a lot of trouble to find Pyo-wol.

Jang Muryang released his entire army and searched the city as if his nose was sweeping the bottom of the creek with a net. After three days of hard work they found Pyo-wol.

They didn’t know that Pyo-wol was staying in a guest house near the Hundred Flower Room where the Emei’s troops were staying.

Pyo-wol landed on the roof of the guest house.

Afterwards Heo Ranju Hyulseung and Daoshi Goh rushed out and surrounded him back and forth. However Pyo-wol looked at Jang Muryang without paying attention to them.

“It seems that you have been ordered by the Abbess of Nine Calamities.”

“Fufu! They made an offer that I couldn’t refuse.”

“So did you mobilize all your troops just to catch me?”

“I understand. You’re so unpredictable so you’re doing your best here too. You can think of it as an honor. This is the first time that the entire Black Cloud Corps has been mobilized to catch just one person.”

“You will regret that decision.”

“Regret? You’ll be the one to regret it.”

“You shouldn’t have meddled in my war.”

Pyo-wol’s calm voice sounded strangely eerie. For a moment Jang Muryang felt a chill in his spine. His eyes trembled as he felt his nerves stand on their feet as if they were screaming and his head was shriveled all over.


An unfamiliar feeling for the first time in his life made him shudder. Jang Muryang cried out unconsciously.

“Catch him!”

As soon as his order was given Heo Ranju Daoshi Goh and Hyulseung attacked Pyo-wol.



“Namu Amida Butsu!”

Heo Ranju swung her whip and aimed it at Pyo-wol’s waist while Daoshi Goh stretched out his qi to prevent Pyo-wol from avoiding the attack.

The most powerful attack belonged to Hyulseung. As he swung his fist a powerful force was released in front of Pyo-wol.


When the three masters worked together a powerful battle raged like a storm.

In the middle of it was Pyo-wol. The hem of his clothes fluttered like crazy. But Pyo-wol himself didn’t move at all.

The Black Cloud Corps were moving in unison as if they were a single creature. They were moving and aiming only for Pyo-wol.

“Where are you looking?”

“Are you making fun of us?”

Heo Ranju and Daoshi Goh were furious at Pyo-wol’s motionless appearance.

The whip of Heo Ranju the tension of Daoshi Goh and the vigor of Hyulseung were about to hit Pyo-wol’s body.

Everyone thought it was too late for Pyo-wol to avoid.

It was the same with Jang Muryang who looked up from below.

At that moment the unbelievable happened.

The figure of Pyo-wol had vanished from their sight. Thanks to that the three men’s attacks were in vain and cut through the air.


At the incredible sight the three of them burst into consternation almost simultaneously. They were all masters who were considered to be the best in Jianghu. They could not believe that there was a new magic that could fool the attention of such masters and disappear.


The place where Pyo-wol reappeared was on the roof of another guest house a dozen or so steps away from the guest house with three mercenaries.

“Are you using magic?”


“Everyone be careful. His technique is unusual.”

They flew away towards the guest house in which Pyo-wol appeared. However when they landed on the house it was after Pyo-wol had moved onto another nearby full-angled roof.


Daoshi Goh’s eyes shook.

He had faced countless warriors before but this was the first time he faced such an opponent as Pyo-wol. It felt like I was dealing with a ghost not a human. The movement of Pyo-wol was beyond imagination.

Black Lightning.1

Pyo-wol gave the name of Black Lightning to his new skill which he learned in the underground cave. Pyo-wol realized the concept of lightning through the Thunder-Splitting Method.

The Black Lightning was one of the branches that grew out of the heart.

The human body’s response is driven by electrical signals that is brain power. Black Lightning adjusts the brain power to increase the body’s reaction speed to the limit.

By accelerating thinking through the speed of the lightning and increasing the reaction speed of the body to the limit through the black lightning it embodies the same movement as the legendary technique Immovable Spirit Method.2


The three people’s joint effort shattered the roof of the hall. However it was after Pyo-wol had already left the roof of the hall and moved to another place.



“Push harder!”

The three men frantically attacked Pyo-Yeol. However their attack was in vain and they only destroyed the pitiful pavilion roof.


Jang Muryang clenched his teeth at Pyo-wol’s actions which was better than expected. He gestured and gave orders to his subordinates.

“This is a battlefield that is advantageous to him. Push him to the open ground. His ‘magic’ will be useless there.”


Fifty masters waiting below took part in the battle.


Their participation in the war made the warriors of Chengdu who were otherwise sensitive jump out.

“What? Who else are they?”

“Why are they collaborating against one guy?”

The other warriors approached the street that recently became the battlefield to find out the full story of the incident.

Jang Muryang gave the order to Yang Woo-jeong the vice captain.

“Stop the others from approaching.”


Jang Muryang did not want this anomaly to grow and attract the attention of the other warriors. What he wanted was a quick end to their current situation.

But what Pyo-wol wanted was the opposite.

Pyo-wol who had deflected the three men’s attack with a black lightning bolt attacked one of the warriors approaching the battlefield.

“What what? Keuk!”

It was already after Pyo-wol blew a blow in the warrior’s chest when herealized what happened. After receiving a fatal blow the warrior flew away and crashed into the wall. But he never complained of pain.

Because he was already dead.

Although he killed one warrior in an instant Pyo-wol had no intention of stopping. He moved in search of his next offering.



He killed two more warriors at once. Then realizing Pyo-wol’s intentions Jang Muryang shouted.

“No! Stop him!”

The warriors of the Black Cloud Corps moved to prevent Pyo-wol from taking other people’s lives. But before they could catch up Pyo-wol already killed several more passerby warriors.

“What? These b*stards!”


The image of Pyo-wol moving with the Black Cloud Corps on its tail seemed to lead the other warriors to attack them.

“Stop those black-clad guys.”

“Damn it!”

The city became chaotic in an instant.

The warriors misunderstood the Black Cloud Troops as Pyo-wol’s companions and attacked them and the Black Cloud Troops cut down the cumbersome warriors to capture Pyo-wol.

“We have to stop it! He’s trying to keep us into trouble with the others.”

Jang Muryang belatedly realized Pyo-wol’s intentions and tried to stop him but the atmosphere was already going according to Pyo-wol’s intentions.


“The warriors who came out on the street without knowing anything jumped into the fight.

The streets were stained with blood.

At the center was Pyo-wol.

“I’ll bring out all the people who are hiding.”

A huge flame of madness that would burn the whole city of Chengdu was emanating from him.

Editor’s Notes

Hoped everyone enjoyed the chapter~ Don’t forget to comment down below what you think of the chapter <3 Black lightning. Raws: 흑뢰(黒雷). 黒 black dark evil 雷 thunder Immoveable Spirit Method. Raws: 부동신법(不動身法) 不 no 動 move happen action 身 body 法 law rule

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