Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 76

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 76

Light Novel: Volume 4 Episode 1

Manhwa: N/A

The appearance of the gorgeous Hundred Flower Room was nowhere to be found. This is because more than half of them were destroyed in the war with the Qingcheng sect.

In this battle Jeonghwa the great disciple of Emei and Geum Ha-ryun the sect leader of the Hundred Flower Room lost their lives.

Yong Seol-ran was the one who united both the Emei and Hundred Flower Room’s disciples who lost their focus. If she hadn’t been on time the Hundred Flower Room would have completely collapsed in Chengdu.

Yong Seol-ran commanded the disciples of the Emei sect and Hundred Flower Room to restore the collapsed battle line and re-established the security line. Then she sent people to clans that were friendly with the Emei sect including the military officer and asked for their cooperation.

Thanks to her quick action the Hundred Flower Room was able to avoid the worst possible outcome.

Jang Muryang who was watching her was amazed.

“You’re such a wonderful woman. It’s strange how such a talented person has never been known.”

“From what I know they say that she is the best talent that the Emei group has had in 100 years. However she is quiet and the great disciple Jeonghwa is keeping her in check so she seems to have lived without revealing herself.”

At the reply of Daoshi Goh Jang Muryang laughed.

“Now that Jeonghwa is dead she will show off her talents to her heart’s content.”

“Yeah you can see how talented she is by looking at the situation right now can’t you? She is very good at placing people in the right place and using them in the right place. If she becomes the sect leader the Emei sect will be able to take another leap forward.”

“Hmm! Whoever possesses her might become the true master of the Emei sect.”

“Why are you greedy?”


Instead of answering Jang Muryang gave a meaningful smile.

Daoshi Goh also smiled.

“If the captain can get her it’ll be a great loot. It’ll make it easier to reach the captain’s goal.”

“That’s why I’m worried. The wall around her heart seems pretty solid.”

“The more colorful roses the more they hide sharp thorns and unless you are prepared to get hurt to some extent you can never break them.”

“Daoshi Goh always tells me only good words to hear.”

“Am I not always on your side?”

“I hope that you will never change. And please take care of Ranju.”

“Why Ranju?”

“The circumstances are unfamiliar. Don’t you know what the outcome will be if that child goes wild?”

“Alright. I sn’t handling her my specialty?”

Jang Muryang nodded as if he liked Daoshi Goh’s answer.

That was then.


Suddenly an intense aura was felt outside.

The complexion of the two changed.


“It’s strongl.”

Whoever the owner of the intense aura was made them feel the goosebumps. It was as if it’s the energy benefiting of a sect leader.

At that moment the door opened and hundreds of disciples came out of the Hundred Flower Room.

At the center was an old woman reminiscent of a crow.

An indescribable bizarre energy was emanating from her whole body as she stepped into the floor with her staff.

The owner of the intense wave they felt was the old woman.

Jang Muryang and Daoshi Goh quickly recognized the old woman’s identity.

“It seems that the Abbess of Nine Calamities came directly.”

“Hmm! The true owner of Emei is here.”

As if to prove their words the Emei and Hundred Flower Room disciples all rushed out to meet the Guhwasata.

“The disciples are here to greet the sect leader.”

“We sincerely welcome the visit of the sect leader.”

The disciples of the two sects regardless of who came first knelt down on one knee to meet the Guhwasata.

It was a sight to see how powerful the Abbess of Nine Calamities was.

The whole Hundred Flower Room froze at her appearance.

Not only the students of the Hundred Flower Room but also the disciples of the Emei sect who had already been there could not even breathe calmly.

The Abbess of Nine Calamities was not only the absolute leader of the Emei sect but also a powerful person who can cause a tremendous impact on the entire Sichuan Province.

If it were just that the disciples of the two factions would not have held their breath here.

Everyone knows.

How cruel the Abbess of Nine Calamities was. And what happens when someone gets in her eyes.

The Abbess of Nine Calamities was not just a ruler but a vicious leader.

At least within the reach of the Emei sect there was no one who could oppose her intentions.

“The disciple sees the master.”

“Woo Seonha of the Hundred Flower Room warmly welcomes the visit of the sect leader.”

Finally Yong Seol-ran and Woo Seonha faced the old woman. However Guhwasata only looked at them with a cold expression.

At the indifferent eyes that can’t tell her thoughts Seonha trembled.

‘What kind of gaze—’

She was not used to the gaze that seemed to see through her inside like this. The feeling of standing n.a.k.e.d in front of the Abbess of Nine Calamities made her uneasy.

It was a long time later that Guhwasata opened her mouth.

“Let’s all go inside.”

She entered Daejeon without hesitation as if she had come to her own house.

Yong Seol-ran and Seonha followed and those with higher ranks among the remaining disciples entered Daejeon.

As Jang Muryang and Daoshi Goh were contemplating what to do an unfamiliar voice reached their ears.

— The two of you come inside too.

It was the bellwether of Guhwasata.

Jang Muryang and Daoshi Goh looked at each other’s faces.

“Do you think we should go inside?”

“I don’t want to but we have no choice.”

“Go inside first.”

“Only in times like this would you put this Daoshi Goh the lead.”

“Whoops! I have to live a long even a little bit more”

“I want you to live long enough to lead the Black Clouds Mercenary Group well.”

The two went into Daejeon exchanging meaningless jokes.

The Abbess of Nine Calamities was sitting in the most splendid Taesa Temple in Daejeon. To the left and right of her were the disciples of the Emei and Hundred Flower Room.

There were a lot of people in the big Daejeon but not a single one of them could even breathe loudly so they could only watch Guhwasata.

Jang Muryang and Daoshi Goh looked at them moderately and snuggled into the back seat.

This is because when the atmosphere is not good they did not want to come to the front and received the anger of Guhwasata. Guhwasata looked at Yong Seol-ran with her legs crossed.

“Tell me what happened–”

She already knew the full story of the incident from the letter Yong Seol-ran sent but Guhwasata again demanded an explanation in front of everyone.

Knowing how tenacious the master’s temper is Yong Seolr-an told everything she knew from start to finish.

Guhwasata closed her eyes and listened to Yong Seol-ran’s voice. At Yong Seol-ran’s attitude as if she would not miss a single word the Emei sect’s disciples once again put on a tense expression on their faces.

However Yong Seol-ran’s expression did not change even once as she reported directly.

They don’t know if it’s because Yong Seol-ran has a bold personality from the beginning or because she’s not afraid of her master but Jang Muryang once again admired the way she spoke calmly without being nervous.

He already had a desire to have Yong Seol-ran but seeing her like this made him even more greedy.

“…that’s how it happened.”

After a long time the words of Yong Seol-ran have finally come to an end.

Up to that time Guhwasata did not open her closed eyes.

Yong Seol-ran looked at her master like that quietly. Now all she has to do is finish. It was the judgment of the rest of tGuhwasata and the decision that followed.

It was only after a while that Guhwasata opened her mouth.

“So it all started when Nam Hosan the young master of the Thunder Clan was killed by an assassin. Did that assassin master the Qingcheng sect’s Seventy-Two Sword Waves?”

“That’s right.”

“And are you sure that assassin is the assassin who caused theincident 7 years ago?”

“As far as I know so far yes.”

“We were thoroughly played by one assassin. Did you say his name is Pyo-wol?”


“Pyo-wol Pyo…wol!”

Guhwasata recalled Pyo-wol’s name. Her mouth was dry as if she was chewing a grain of sand.

At that moment Guhwasata’s eyes shone sharply.

Immediately after hearing the name Pyo-wol she noticed the change in the expression on Seolha’s face. She tried hard to keep a calm expression but her emotions already caught the eye of Guhwasata.


“Ye yes!”

In response to the sudden call from Guhwasata Seonha quickly answered.

Guhwasata looked straight at Seolha

“Do you have anything to say?”

“Yes? What?”

She showed a perplexed expression but the eyes of Guhwasata which stared at her seemed to see through her. Guhwasata did not miss the reaction of Seolha



“What’s your relationship with him?”

“That what do you mean? Me I’m related to Pyo-wol?”


Guhwasata called Seolha’s name and stood up. She approached Seolha.

Thud! Thud!

The sound of her footsteps together with her staff hitting the floor was particularly loud. Seolha’s heart was also pounding heavily.

Finally Guhwasata reached the front of Seolha spoke.

“Look straight into my eyes.”

“Come on sect leader! I I-”

Seolha was visibly embarrassed. With her appearance others also thought that she was trying to hide something.

Seolha couldn’t look straight into the eyes of Guhwasata. It was because her eyes were scary and there were things that bothered her.


At that moment Guhwasata reached out and grabbed Seolha’s chin. She forced Seolha to meet her eyes.


Unable to overcome the pressure Seolha let out a rough breath. Guhwasata looked at Seolha and continued.

“I don’t like people close to me lying. What’s your relationship with Pyo-wol? Why are you so agitated when his name comes up?”

“That that…”

Seolha couldn’t stand the pressure any longer.

She possessed an outstanding beauty that stole the hearts of many drunken men but her heart was not strong enough to withstand the pressure of the Guhwasata.

In the end she burst into tears and opened her mouth.


She confided everything that happened with Pyo-wol.

The first meeting with Pyo-wol her relationship with him and even asking for the assassination of Nam Hosan the young master of the Thunder Clan.

“I’m sorry. I really didn’t know it was going to get this far.”

Seolha’s face was all stained with tears.

One of the most beautiful women in Chengdu was crying but no one came forward to comfort her. It was clear that if someone went out to protect Seolha they would completely receive the anger of Guhwasata.

Seolha was trembling.

She really didn’t know that the man she was trying to take advantage of would be capable of causing all this mess.

Because of him one of the Emei sect’s great disciples her aunt Jeonghwa and even Geum Ha-ryun her master lost their lives. Although she was not directly responsible for their deaths she could not escape the accusations that they would throw at her because of her relationship with Pyo-wol.

Seolha got down on her knees and said.

“I’ll take care of all of this. Just give me a few people and I’ll catch him. He trusts me so he’ll just fall into my trap.”

“Weren’t you listening? Do you think he’ll fall into your trap? He’s a snake.”

Guhwasata clicked her tongue.

If he had been captured by Seonha he wouldn’t have been able to get away with making fun of the Emei and the Qingcheng sect 7 years ago.

Because of that one person the Emei and the Qingcheng became rivals and they have been fighting each other ever since.

There was no way that a man like Pyo-wol would ever be caught in the trap made by Seolha. His relationship with her was nothing more than a tool for him to go ahead with his plans. That assassin is not capable of giving a woman any feelings.

Guhwasata reached out and stroked Seolha’s head.

“Seolha. You ugly thing.”

“Sect… leader!”

“Who told you to kill the young master of the Thunder gates?”

“But he threatened me. If I don’t marry him I’ll be on the side of the Qingcheng sect so I couldn’t do it— Anyway what I did was purely for the Emei sect and Hundred Flower Room”

“You should have done what you normally do to dazzle the men. That was your role.”


“It’s not that hard. You just needed to do it as you usually do.”

“Oh please forgive me.”

Seolha felt an unusual atmosphere and knelt down. However Guhwasata’s eyes who was looking at her were unbearably cold.

Yong Seol-ran who was next to them also sensed the unusual atmosphere and tried to move forward.

“Master! She is—”


At that moment a fountain of blood spurted from the top of Seolha’s head.

Guhwasata struck Seolha with the palm of her hand. Seolha’s skull was smashed and her brain was crushed like tofu.

Seolha looked at the situation with a look of disbelief.


She couldn’t finish her words and collapsed.

It was the vain death of Seolha who was called the most beautiful woman in the city.

Guhwasata muttered as she wiped the blood from her palms.

“You shouldn’t have even thought about it.”

The atmosphere in the hall froze in an instant.

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