Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 69

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 69

Light Novel: Volume 3 Episode 19

Manhwa: N/A

“What the hell is this?”

Yong Seol-ran’s eyes trembled violently.

An unbelievable tragedy was happening right before her eyes.

The disciples of the Emei sect and the Hundred Flower Room were lying on the floor and bleeding.

Of course the disciples of the Qingcheng sect and Golden Gates had fallen as much as they did but they did not enter the eyes of Yong Seol-ran.


Yong Seol-ran’s eyes saw a female disciple of the same age as her. It was Gonghwa a second generation disciple of the Emei sect.

Although they did not speak much to each other they were still of the same age so they used to talk comfortably when they met. So their relationship was a bit special.

Gonghwa was twitching and lying on her own blood. Yong Seol-ran rushed towards Gonghwa.

“Who did this to you?”


The warriors of the Golden Gate who saw her immediately attacked her. Yong Seol-ran held Gonghwa with one hand and spread out her other palm.


In an instant a strong pressure emanated from her hand and struck the warriors of the Golden Gate.



The warriors of Golden Gate collapsed to the floor and were unable to move. It was Pyoseol Cheonunjang which proudly has its name on the top of the Emei sect’s martial arts.

Pyoseol Cheonunjang was a technique that was not usually used unless it was either urgent or a life-and-death situation and the current situation was as such so Yong Seol-ran unleashed her technique.

Its power was truly astonishing and even within the Golden Gate the high rank warriors became unable to resist.

However Yong Seol-ran did not even look at the opponent she had defeated and looked at Gonghwa in her arms.

“Are you okay senior sister?”

“Junio… sister?”

“Yes! It’s me. Come on get up I’ll help you.”


Yong Seol-ran struggled to understand what Gonghwa was trying to say. But even that slight movement disappeared after a while. She stopped breathing.


A look of disbelief appeared on Yong Seol-ran’s face.

She wanted this whole situation to be a lie.

The situation itself felt unrealistic. Until yesterday the disciples were leisurely having a meal together and talking but now they’re all falling down with their blood pouring everywhere.

Yong Seol-ran was one of the few who knew the truth about why the Emei sect and the Qingcheng sect hate each other so much.

First of all knowing that the Emei sect had made a mistake they had no choice but to be passive in the fight against the Qingcheng sect.

It was the Emei sect who requested the Blood Shadow Group for an assassination and it was also them who betrayed the said assassin group.

Knowing that the root cause of all these events was provided by the Emei sect she was unable to go to the forefront of the war against the Qingcheng sect.

Her conscience didn’t allow it.

But now she realized.

No matter what she felt a war still broke out and because of her hesitation the Emei sect disciples were now dying.

“I don’t know how the situation came to be but it is unacceptable for any of the Emei sect’s disciples to die in front of my eyes.”

Yong Seol-ran flew towards the disciples of the Cheongseongpa.


In her hand a snow-covered celestial cloud was spread out.


The intense pressure swept the Qingcheng sect disciples like a storm.



When Yong Seol-ran intervened the situation escalated even more.

Not only the Qingcheng sect and the Emei sect but also the disciples of the Golden Gate Hundred Flower Room and Fire Dragon Room attacked each other.

Their reason flew away. Only madness remained controlling their instincts.

Whenever a warrior saw their colleagues right next to them die they would lose their sanity and rush towards the enemy without thinking. This happened frequently and because of that deaths and damages multiplied like a snowball in an instant.

“What? Why isn’t the Black Cloud Corps coming?”

Jang Muryang looked around the battlefield with a puzzled expression.

The Black Cloud Corps should have arrived by now and participated in the battle. However the Jo Jeoksan who was sent to summon the Black Cloud Corps hasn’t come back.

Jang Muryang felt something strange.

“Maybe the Qingcheng sect? No! They can’t afford to be distracted.”

He could tell just by looking at the facial expressions of the Qingcheng sect’s disciples fighting here. They had no leeway to slack off.

Jang Muryang thought that this whole situation was deliberately created.

It was as if someone was in control of the whole situation.


Jang Muryang called for an aide who was nearby.

“Yes Captain!”

Seol-pyo came to him covered in blood. Some of it was his own blood but most of it was the blood of others.

“The flow of the battle is strange. The cumulative total has not returned yet and everything is arbitrary.”

“I think so too. Things are moving too quickly.”

“You get out quietly and look around.”


“I feel like someone is manipulating this fight in the background. Find out if there’s really someone like that.”


Seol-pyo stepped back without saying a word. Because he also felt the same way as Jang Muryang.

Seol-pyo quietly exited the battlefield.

In the meantime he was attacked several times but he did not counterattack and just evaded. In return he suffered minor injuries. But he ignored the wounds. He had received wounds like this countless times.

He looked at the battlefield from the outside there was no hell like this.

It had been a long time since he had seen a battlefield dominated by this level of madness. It was by no means easy for the elite disciples of the Emei or Qingcheng sect to be eroded by madness.

‘It is clear that someone is controlling the situation just as the Captain suspected.’

Seol-pyo looked around.

Suddenly his gaze turned to the highest place in the area.

It was a large tree nestled not far from the street where the fight was taking place. If someone is up there they will be able to see the whole scene clearly.

He thought that if there was someone who really instigated this situation they must be on that tree. Securing a line of sight would be the most important thing in controlling a battlefield.

Without hesitation Seol-pyo flew towards the large tree. His body pierced the lush branches and landed lightly on a large trunk.


At that moment he felt a strong sense of danger. As he looked up he saw a dagger falling down at the top of his head.

“So you were here you b*stard!”

He twisted his body to dodge the dagger and shouted.

He was shouting in hopes that Jang Muryang could hear him but unfortunately his voice did not reach Jang Muryang’s ears.

Seol-pyo reluctantly decided to catch the mastermind himself.

Seol-pyo was proud of his martial arts skill. In fact even within the Black Cloud Corps he was ranked among the top 30.

Although he cannot be compared to old warriors with strong personalities like Daoshi Goh and Hyulseung he was still among the strongest among the young warriors.

Seol-pyo believed in his own strength.


He flew in the direction the dagger was flying.

The leaves and branches were so thick that the figure of the attacker was not visible. That’s why he trusted his senses and threw himself away.

That was then.


A dagger came flying again. Seol-pyo tried to avoid this time as well. He avoided it a while ago so he thought it would be easy to dodge this time as well.


But he soon had a puzzled expression on his face. This was because the dagger’s trajectory had changed in the air. The dagger changed direction abruptly like a living creature and flew towards his side.



Seol-pyo swung his sword with all his might. Fortunately the dagger was blocked by his sword.

Seol-pyo once again kicked off a branch and tried to fly away. But at that moment the dagger that seemed to have lost its strength and fell to the floor once again flew again at a terrifying speed.

“W What?”

Seol-pyo freaked out. This was something that he could not grasp with his common sense.

‘Is that really a dagger?’’

A flash of fear flashed across his face. If his opponent is really good enough to use swordsmanship he cannot dare to face him.


Terrified he tried to jump off the tree.


But this time his path was blocked by a dagger that flew and followed himt.


The dagger flew up and down like a living creature and attacked the Seol-pyo. Seol-pyo tried to shake off the dagger and run away but to no avail.

He thought of his situation as a moth caught in a spider’s web.

Indeed he was.

The dagger gradually tightened around him.

He ran out of breath

An extreme fear reigned in his mind.

He was already cornered like this but the fact that he never once saw the face of his opponent made him even more afraid.


A dagger pierced his shoulder. Seol-pyo opened his mouth in excruciating pain. At that moment an invisible noose was placed over his head.

It was a thread made of qi. The Soul-Reaping Thread was tightened around Seol-pyo’s neck.


Seol-pyo grabbed his neck and struggled. Then his body was suddenly raised on top of the tree.

Pyo-wol pulled the thread made out of qi.

The thread dug into Seol-pyo’s throat. From a distance Seol-pyo could finally see the face of the man killed him.

A man with a handsome face that would make a person dizzy if they would dare look at him. However in Seol-pyo’s eyes what was reflected as the god of death.

“You you?”


At that moment the Soul-Reaping Thread pierced Seol-pyo’s neck and completely stopped his breathing.

Pyo-wol looked at Seol-pyo’s face for a moment and then withdrew the qi thread. Then Seol-pyo’s body fell down a tree and crashed on a large branch.

Such a terrible thing happened on top of the big tree but the people nearby didn’t notice it at all. The large tree continued to sway carelessly in the wind as if nothing had happened.

Pyo-wol recovered the dagger that had fallen to the floor by wielding the Soul-Reaping Thread. The compatibility between the phantom dagger and the qi thread was absolutely perfect.

In particular it exerted its absolute power in trees or forests with such thick leaves.

Right now he can only use one qi thread and one knife but in the future he will be able to freely handle ten knives and ten threads.

That was then.


A huge explosion suddenly erupted from the battlefield.

The entire street was destroyed as if a bomb had been dropped. A wind wave like storm hit the tree where Pyo-wol was hiding.


The beautiful tree shook precariously as if it were about to break. As a result the body of the Seol-pyo which had been hanging from a large branch fell to the floor.

Pyo-wol shook his head and looked at the source of the explosion.

There were two people there a man and a woman.

It was Cheong-yeob and Jeonghwa.

There was a huge pit in between Cheong-yeob and Jeonghwa. A huge pit was created as a result of the clash of the two people’s desperate efforts.



Both of their conditions were not very good. Cheong-yeob’s complexion was pale and blood was dripping from his mouth and nose.

Jeonghwa’s condition was even worse. She was on one knee vomiting blood. She had deep internal injuries.

Cheong-yeob overpowered Jeonghwa by a small margin. However the condition of Cheong-yeob was also not very good so it was close to the concept of Yangpae.


Yong Seol-ran threw away the relentless pursuit of Cheongsan and ran to Jeonghwa.

“Are you okay?”


Jeonghwa couldn’t give a proper answer for a minute and only groaned. Her eyes lost their focus. Her consciousness was gradually slipping away.

Yong Seol-ran rushed around Jeonghwa and shouted.

“Everyone go back to the Hundred Flower Room!”

At her command the disciples of the Emei sect and Hundred Flower Room picked up the wounded and the dead and retreated.

“Senior Brother!”

Cheongsan ran to Cheong-yeob.

Cheong-yeob couldn’t open his mouth. If he forces himself to open his mouth now his internal wounds will only worsen.

It seemed to him that even at any moment he spurred on the momentum and firmly subdued the Emei sectand loaded it. However the damage to the Qingcheng sect and Golden Gate was so great that it was impossible to do so.

Cheongsan who understood the meaning of Cheong-yeob with only his eyes gave the order instead.

“We are backing down too.”

The disciples of Qingcheng sect and Golden Gates also retreated while carrying the casualties.

Fosanhae and the rest of the Fire Dragon Room members were coincidentally on the side of the Qingcheng sect. Fosanhae could see the eyes of the Emei disciples staring at him. He wanted to make an excuse and say it was just a misunderstanding but he knew best that it was useless.

No matter what anyone says the Fire Dragon Room is now being treated as someone on the same side of the Qingcheng sect. He now had turned a huge sect called Emei as his enemy.

‘Oh Heavens…’

He resented the sky for his situation.

But he didn’t know.

It wasn’t the heavens that made him suffer like this but rather it was because of a man.

And that man is still watching the entire situation from a tall tree.

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