Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 650

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 650

Chapter 650


“Isn’t that near Union Union?”

The warriors who had been fighting for a long time stopped moving without realizing it and looked at one place. It was a large mountain on the other side of Poyang Lake.

A lightning strike on the top of the mountain caught everyone’s attention.

It was natural for lightning to strike when it rained. However, the lightning that just struck was different from any other lightning that people had ever seen.

It was exceptionally thick and clear.

It was that intense.

The moment the lightning struck, people in the area instantly lost their eyesight.

It was momentary, but it made me think that the end of the world had come.

muttered the man with only one arm, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth.


The one-armed man muttering with a tired expression was Hwang Bo-chi-seung.

At his feet, a warrior in red had collapsed and was bleeding.

The man was the enemy, the great master of the Red Army.

After hundreds of seconds of fierce fighting, Hwang Bo-chi-seung defeated him by a margin of half.

He cut off the enemy’s breath, but in return, the wounds suffered by Hwang Bo Chi-seung were not light.

His whole body was covered in blood, reminiscent of a demon, and his intestines were shaken, making it difficult to even move.

Nevertheless, Chiseung Hwangbo instinctively moved his steps towards the mountain where the lightning struck.



At that moment, one of the soldiers of the Jeokmyeodae, who came to his senses, rushed at Hwangbochiseung.

After seeing the death of the enemy, the soldier spread the grass regardless of front or back.

Hwang Bochiseung gave him a ticket and said.

“Don’t get in my way.”


The soldiers of the Red Army, who rushed recklessly with an explosion, turned into blood and flew away.

Chiseung Hwangbo left him behind and moved on.


“Haha! Ha ha!”

Hong Ye-seol fell to the floor and breathed heavily.

Like Chiseung Hwangbo, she also had seven packs of blood all over her body.

In front of her Hong Ye Seol, there was an old man who pierced her chest and poured out blood.

It was the Cheolgeumak that Hong Ye-seol had dealt with so far.

Cheolgeumak, the three elders of Cheonmujang, looked up at the sky and murmured.

“Ideal. I can’t do this…”

He blinked in disbelief at his defeat.

The fight between the two returned to Hong Ye-seol’s victory.

In return, Hong Ye-seol was also seriously injured, but he was able to move on his own anyway.

Cheolgeumak’s voice, which had been saying that the extension was strange, faded away and was not heard at all.

His breath had completely stopped.

Hong Ye-seol barely got up.

The place where her gaze was directed was the top of the mountain where the lightning that had colored the world white just before had fallen.


Hong Ye-seol, who was breathing heavily, looked around her.

She was in a lull for a moment, but the winds of blood were raging again on her battlefield.



The warriors of Eunryeonhoe and Geumcheonhoe attacked each other like demons.

Many people had already died and were injured and were moaning. Even so, they sprayed each other as if they were not satisfied.

After looking at the scene for a while, Hong Ye-seol murmured.

“Enough now. The intervention of the black world ends here.”


She blew a long whistle.

The assassins of the Black World, who had been put into the battlefield at the moment, began to escape like the ebb tide.



When the assassins suddenly left, the soldiers on both sides put on puzzled faces. But that didn’t stop the fight.

Hong Ye-seol also tried to escape the battlefield with her assassins. Then someone’s voice caught her.


It was her Namgungseol who called her.

Namgungseol was dyed as red as Hongyeseol.

Hong Ye-seol replied.


“If you want to help, you have to help until the end. Are you missing here?”


Hong Ye-seol’s answer made Namgung-seol’s beautiful army frown.

Hong Ye-seol’s answer that he will fall first even though the war is not over is absurd.

“Why? When I asked you that, you pretended not to know, then intervened on the battlefield, and now you want to fall back? Are you kidding people?”

“So, was there anything against the union association? Anyway, thanks to our intervention, we were able to fight this much.”

“If you’ve already been generous, why don’t you give it to the end?”

“sorry. The request we received ends here…”


“is it so.”

“Who made such a request?”

“Who is it?”

Hong Ye-seol’s gaze turned to Lee Geom-han, who was engaged in a fierce battle with Jang Moo-geuk for a long time.

“A black man?”

“It’s not him.”

“Then maybe?”



Hot steam was rising from his whole body, which had become a lump of charcoal.

Only two eyes are intact.

Even that, the blood vessels were all bursting and he was frantic.


He let out a grotesque breath.

The vocal cords are also burned, so the voice cannot come out properly.

The charred man was none other than Chang Chun-hwa.

His entire body was turned into a lump of charcoal by the lightning that Pyowol had drawn in.

Pyowol was sitting in front of Jang Cheonhwa.

Both of his hands, which he used to spread his benevolence, were also charred. The lightning rode through the net and burned both of his hands. It was fortunate that it stopped in both hands.

If he had made a mistake, the Pyowol would have been like Jang Cheonhwa.

Chang Chun-hwa, who had closed her eyes for a moment, struggled to open her mouth.

“Attracting lightning. It’s… unique.”

“That was the only answer. I didn’t have the confidence to beat you with my own martial arts.”

Pyowol said while holding onto his heart.

If he had been a little late in drawing his thunderbolt, his own heart would have been torn to pieces by his intangible heart sword.

That’s how Chang Chun-hwa’s martial arts was overwhelming.

He felt strong even before the fight, but fighting himself made it even clearer.

He said that his own martial arts could not do anything to Zhang Tianhua. So, what I desperately came up with was to attract lightning to the landlord’s silver net.

It was a gamble with his life.

It was also a possible method because there was a thunderstorm at the right time.

Pyowol’s answer made Zhang Chunhua’s face strangely distorted.

She seemed to be frowning in pain and in some ways seemed to be smiling.

“Huh! anyway you are the winner What are you going to do now? If it was your martial arts, you could dominate the river.”

“My Ganghohaeng ends here.”


Chang Chun-hwa looked at him with an expression of incomprehension.

“The request I received ends here.”


“I received a request from Lee Cheong. If you ever lose, ask me to assassinate you instead.”

“Hehe! You mean Li Qing made such a request? Hehe! That… that’s funny. Cool! I love Lee Chung. Khehehe!”

Zhang Chunhwa laughed.

Every time she laughed, she vomited black blood. Still, he didn’t stop laughing.

Even if it wasn’t so, his chest, which had become a lump of charcoal, was stained with fresh blood.

Pieces of burnt entrails were mixed in the blood.

Jang Chun-hwa, who had been laughing for a long time, looked at Pyo-wol with bloodshot eyes.

“Let me ask you one last thing. What did Li Qing give you in return?”



“I didn’t get anything.”


“So I think it’s a loss. If I knew you were this strong, I would have accepted anything.”

“It was… it should be. An assassin accepting a contract without getting paid? I won’t be too miserable…”

Zhang Chunhua’s voice gradually faded and then stopped completely.

She was the end of a military man who dreamed of becoming the best person in the world.

Pyo-yue silently looked at her corpse, Zhang Tian-hua, then raised her body.

shoot it!

Heavy rain was pouring over his head as he struggled down the mountain.


The man stared at the fishing rod in the lake in silence.

He fished with me since morning, but didn’t catch a single fish. Still, the man looked at the fishing rod without a hint of disappointment.

A butterfly that flew in from somewhere was sitting on a fishing rod made of straight bamboo.

Although the wind blew from time to time, the butterfly only waved its wings slightly and did not leave the fishing rod.


Then the man snorted.


In an instant, an intangible aura struck the butterfly.

Butterflies turned into powder and flew away, and soon disappeared without a trace.

Then the man got up.

The sun was slowly setting over Seosan, and it had been dark for a long time in the son-in-law.

The man took the fishing rod out of the water and returned home.

His house was a fairly large manor built not far from the lake.

“Have you caught any fish?”

As soon as he returned to the manor, he was greeted by the governor.

“at all!”

The man shook his head and passed the fishing pole.

The general inspected the fishing rod carefully.

I couldn’t see the hook that was supposed to hang on the fishing line.

Throwing a fishing rod without a needle into the lake, it was natural that no fish would be caught.

Even so, the man went out to the lake every day with a fishing rod without a hook.

It’s not just to catch the time.

The commander-in-chief knew very well that it was to sharpen an edge in his own heart.

The man said to the general.

“Go to the gymnasium.”


The commander-in-chief led the way with a fishing rod.

The gymnasium was located in the deepest part of the manor.

The size of the gymnasium was truly gigantic.

This is because all of the hills behind the manor belong to the gymnasium.



In the gymnasium, the sound of children’s spirits could be heard.

Hundreds of children were learning martial arts.

The faces of the children who were constantly performing martial arts were full of miasma.

the man asked the general.


“About 10 people have reached a level where they can unleash their sword skills.”

“Is it just that much?”

The man looked at the commander with a disapproving expression. Then the commander-in-chief hurriedly lowered his head and replied.

“sorry. But if we push further than this, deaths will follow one after another.”

The commander’s voice trembled slightly.

This was no ordinary gymnasium.

Death traps and organs were set up in the hills.

The children had to pass through the mountain gate once a day. At that time, many children died.

Children have already reached their limits.

It was clear that if they pushed further than this, an incomparably greater number of people would die.

The man said in a cold voice.

“Since when did you worry about the safety of the children?”


“They are just consumables anyway. If it’s not enough, you can get it anytime. Whether you kidnap or buy it… So, push harder.”

“All right.”

A cold sweat ran down the back of the commander with his head down.

The man glared at the commander for a moment. A ghostly light flashed in his eyes.

The commander-in-chief did not dare to breathe deeply.

Fortunately, the man quickly turned around and disappeared. Only then did the commander-in-chief let out a sigh of relief.

“Zhang Zhu’s madness has gotten worse. What shall we do with this?”

The man’s name is Jang Ho-yeon.

At one time, he had the power to visit the world as the second-in-command of the Golden Thousand Council.

However, in the war against Eunryeonhoe, Geumcheonhoe was defeated, and its owner, Jang Mu-geuk, disappeared with the remnants of Cheonmujang. And Jang Ho-yeon was left behind in Kang-ho.

It was left alone like an abandoned dog.

Kang-ho was never tolerant of losers.

Jang Ho-yeon and Woo-geom’s hut almost became a powerful feat.

In the end, Jang Ho-yeon had no choice but to lead the troops of Ugeom Lodge and come to this remote area.

Jang Ho-yeon’s father, Jang Pyeong-san, lost her life in the process.

Jang Ho-yeon’s vengeful spirit after being abandoned by him and losing his father was truly enormous.

He built a manor in a remote area and trained troops with the money he sold the property of Woogeom Hut.

“I will definitely return to Gangho sometime and regain my place. And I will strike the mace of punishment at Pyowol and Lee Geomhan.”

Jang Ho-yeon made such a promise and entered his residence.

His abode was a stone chamber made of stone.

The air inside the stone chamber, which was completely blocked from the outside world, was cool.

Just as Gucheon had consulted with him in the past, he also felt the chill in this stone chamber with his whole body and burned his vengeful spirit.

He had already lived in the stone chamber for years, so he was used to the cool air.

But today something was different.

Unlike usual, the air felt a bit warm.

“no way?”

It was the moment when Jang Ho-yeon’s eyes flashed.


I suddenly stopped breathing.

Something invisible gripped his throat with terrifying force.


It was an imperceptibly minute gift digging into his neck.

Jang Ho-yeon tried to cut off the gift by force with both hands, but to no avail. He focused his energy on both hands holding the gift. Even so, the gift did not budge.

“Turn it off!”

Jang Ho-yeon squeezed his lips and moaned.

His eyes bulged out as if they would pop out at any moment.

‘What kind of dog…’

Jang Ho-yeon couldn’t believe the situation he was in.

The fact that he had to lose his life in such a futile way that he couldn’t even get the revenge he wanted so much drove him crazy.

‘It’s a guy. The death god is here.’

There was only one being who could fool his senses and approach him.

Jang Ho-yeon struggled to turn around while holding on to the gift. Then, in the darkness, a pair of red eyes appeared.



At that moment, his fingers holding the gift and his neck were cut off at the same time.

That was the end of the ambitious Jang Ho-yeon.


Jang Ho-yeon’s severed head rolled across the floor and stopped where the red-eyed owner was standing.

The being with red eyes looked at Jang Ho-yeon’s head for a while and then quietly left the manor.

No one in the manor noticed that he had been there. Even the fact that their owner, Jang Ho-yeon, lost his life.


The red-eyed man who easily climbed over the fence of the manor moved on.

Under the moonlight, his shimmering appearance was revealed.

Pyowol was the one with pale, pure white skin and a face more beautiful than that of a woman.

Years have passed since his fight with Zhang Tianhua, but he still retains his infatuated beauty.

Pyo-wol arrived at Mo-ok, a long way from the manor.

As he approached, the prison door opened and someone came out.

She was a beautiful woman who exuded an aura as cold as frost.

Pyo-wol knew the identity of her woman.


The woman was Namgung Seol, Lee Geom-han’s lover and also called Ji-nang of Gwangmumun.

She looked at Pyowol with Namgungseol’s deeply sunken eyes and said,

“What about the request?”


“It’s great too. How can you kill the world’s Jang Ho-yeon so easily?”

“It wasn’t easy.”

Pyowol answered honestly.

In order to perfectly assassinate Jang Ho-yeon, he had to put in a lot of time and effort.

Namgungseol lowered his head slightly.

“Thank you for accepting my insistence.”

Originally, Pyo-yue refused to accept any requests after the death of Zhang Tian-hua. However, Namgungseol knelt down and begged Pyowol to accept the last request.

The last request was the death of Jang Ho-yeon.

Pyo-wol was also reluctant to leave Jang Ho-yeon alone, so she accepted her request.

Pyowol looked at Namgungseol and asked.

“I will ask you one thing.”


“Why did you request the murder of Jang Ho-yeon instead of Jang Mu-geuk? Wouldn’t it be better for your lover to kill Wujie Zhang?”

“Zhang Wu-ge has to live for that person.”

“Is she some kind of competitor? Stimulate and develop each other…”

“Similar but different. For Geomhan to become a true strongman, that level of achievement is necessary.”

“You mean you need a sacrifice for Lee Geomhan.”


Namgungseol answered honestly.

Pyo-wol sees through everything, and even clumsy lies don’t work. I knew from experience that it was better to tell her honestly.

No matter what anyone said, it was Pyowol who ruled the night of Gangho.

As it has been for the past few years, Pyowol will continue to live in the shadow of Gangho. However, Lee Geom-han and himself were different.

He will live as a ruler on the surface of the river. To do so, he needed an offering to mark the end of the fire.

He was just Jang Moo-geuk.

After the defeat, Wuji Zhang led his men into hiding in Yunnan Province.

It is to restore his power in Yunnan, as was the case with Xin Zhi in the past. Namgungseol knew that, but left them alone.

It was Namgungseol’s idea to elevate Yi Geomhan’s reputation to the highest level by subjugating them at a decisive moment.

“It’s scary!”

“Should I just do you? You are the only one who made me feel afraid.”

Namgungseol was sincere.

She was a woman who was not afraid of anyone in the world, but her hamstrings tingled like a frog standing in front of her snake.

‘This is the last request. I don’t have anything to do with him anymore.’

He will not attack himself unless he touches him first.

Pyo-wol nailed it with his own mouth, saying that this was his last request.

Still, I had to check.

“Are you really going into hiding?”

“I will only see my friends off and live quietly.”

“A friend?”

“Don’t you know anything?”

“I have crossed the line. I won’t interfere any longer. I hope you live peacefully for a long time. then….”

Namgungseol captured her with all her sincerity.

She was the one who feared the leap more than anyone else in the world and kept it in check.

She actually did everything she could to get rid of him. So, she had no choice but to admit the transgression.

It was because she couldn’t do anything about Pyowol even after mobilizing all her means.

Now that Pyo-wol was going into hiding, he felt like a tooth he had been suffering from had fallen out.

She prayed that Pyowol’s retirement would continue forever.

Pyowol turned around without a word.

Namgungseol continued to look at Pyowol’s back as it disappeared into the darkness.

‘Death God! I don’t want to see any more…’


The place where Pyowol parted ways with Namgungseol was the snowy mountains of Sichuan Province where the ice caps were piled up.

The cold mountain air awakened Pyowol’s spirit.

The steps of Pyowol climbing the mountain were very light.

It is because she completely cut off ties with Kang-ho after Namgung-seol’s request.

There were still a lot of people I was connected with, but regardless of that, I had no intention of working in Gangho again. So the black world was also disbanded.

I don’t know what effect the assassins trained by him will have on Kang-ho, but it doesn’t matter now.

They had to forge their own destiny.

As we got closer to the summit, the temperature dropped.

Even Pyowol, who had reached the point of invulnerability to cold, felt the cold.

At last Pyowol reached his destination.

He was a large donkey a little below the top of the snowy mountain.

Pyo-wol went into the cave without the slightest hesitation.

Outside, a razor-sharp wind raged incessantly, but inside Donghyeol, it was very warm.

Pyowol knew why.

Donghyeol was connected to the leyline of the snowy mountain.

The heat of the leyline is held intact by the donghyeol.

The deeper you went into the cave, the stronger the heat.

It was to the point where it was difficult to even breathe.

There was something gigantic coiled inside the underground cave that I had so hard to reach.

Its torso was so huge that even a few grown-ups could reach it with arms outstretched, its scales rippling like flames.

It was a huge snake.

A snake of such enormous size that you would never believe it unless you saw it with your own eyes.


The pyowol stretched out his hand and caressed the snake’s scales.

The scales were hot, as if they contained flames.

Perhaps feeling Pyowol’s touch, the giant snake raised its head and looked at Pyowol.

The snake had two huge horns on its head.

The snake was a ghost.

After several hibernations and moltings over the past few years, it has become as large as it is now.

It grew several times each time it shed, and now it has grown even larger than the gyoryong used by the life and death gyeongmusaeng.

Pyowol looked into Guia’s eyes.

Guia’s feelings were conveyed to him intact.

Pyowol said to Guia.

“okay! Now… this is the end.”

No one taught it, but both Pyowol and Gwiah knew it.

It means that the gwiah is leaving only the last shedding.

It also means that after the final shedding, the ghost will become a completely different being.

It was then.

Great! Blasphemy!

Suddenly, Guia’s body started cracking.

The final escape has begun.

It was an ordeal that Guia had to endure alone.

Pyo-wol finally got out of the cave after seeing Guia’s appearance.

A woman dressed in red silk was standing outside Donghyeol for some reason.

The woman waiting for the moon was Hong Ye-seol.

She approached Pyowol without a word.

The two stood side by side and looked at Donghyeol, who had a ghost.


As if an earthquake had occurred, the snowy mountains shook and let out a roar.

She looked just like a mother going through labor.

The vibration that lasted for a long time disappeared like a lie in an instant.


At the same time, a tremendous light burst from the top of the snowy mountain.

Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol frowned and looked at the place where the light was emitted.

Something huge rose from the top of the snowy mountain and rose into the sky.

A huge horn protruded from what was supposed to be the head.

It was a creature never seen before.

Nevertheless, Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol recognized the identity of the creature.


It was a dragon, a divine beast in mythology.

Gwia became a dragon and ascended to heaven.

The dragon swam over the heads of Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol as if swimming, then disappeared like a lie.

Pyowol murmured as he looked at the sky where the strange creature had disappeared.


The feeling of loss came as if a huge hole had been pierced in my heart.

It was Hong Ye-seol’s warm warmth that filled the sense of loss.

She reached out her white hand and took her epitaph’s hand.

Hong Ye-seol said.

“Leave Gangho’s fearful reaper here. From now on, I will live as a human being.”

“okay! It should be.”

Pyo-wol smiled at Hong Ye-seol.

It was the smile of a human being.


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