Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 648

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 648

Episode 648

Pyowol stared at Jang Cheonhwa. Jiang Chunhua’s smile deepened.

“Is it unexpected?”


“It could be so from your point of view. Shall we walk for a while instead of here?”

Jang Chun-hwa walked forward without listening to Pyo-wol’s reply.

He showed his back to Pyowol unprotected.

It was clearly an attitude of ignoring the standard.

It also meant that he believed in his own strength.

In fact, Pyo-wol couldn’t find any loopholes in Jang Chun-hwa’s back.

It was as if a great wall were walking.

A moving castle wall that is so hard and dense that there is no gap for even a single needle to enter.

That was the essence of Jang Chun-hwa that Pyo-wol saw.

It was an unexpected situation.

Although it was a leap month in preparation for numerous variables, it did not exist in his calculations that Jang Cheon-hwa came out like this.

Pyo-wol followed Jang Chun-hwa and moved on.

It wasn’t his inclination to go along with his opponent’s lead, but now he had no choice.

In any case, this place was occupied by the soldiers of Cheonmujang, and Jang Cheonhwa was their leader.

The moment Jang Cheon-hwa raises his voice, countless soldiers will come running to kill him.

As if seeing through his heart, Zhang Tianhua spoke at the right time.

“You look at me so funny. Do you really think I will call my subordinates to deal with an assassin? This Jang Cheonhwa?”

“Seeing your ego skyrocket, I don’t think that will ever happen.”

“Nice to see you.”

“Why didn’t you intervene in the fight against the union association? If you had intervened, the war wouldn’t have lasted this long.”

“Because getting into kids fights isn’t my thing.”

“You mean it doesn’t matter if the Union Federation wins?”

“You provided enough support. If you still can’t win, you’re incompetent. No matter how incompetent my son is, he should be weeded out.”

“You are cold.”

“Do you really think so?”

Chang Chun-hwa turned her head and looked at Pyo-wol.

His eyes were like the deep sea.

No fragments of emotion were revealed on the surface, but turbulence raged deep inside.

Pyowol could feel the powerful power in his eyes.

When Pyo-wol did not respond, Jang Chun-hwa looked ahead and continued.

“There are two people I admire the most. One is my master, and the other is Lee Gwak Daehyeop, who was Gwangmu-mun’s predecessor.”

“Lee Kwak?”

“Do you think it is surprising?”

“Honestly, I am surprised.”

“It won’t be too much. Because Lee Gwak Daehyeop is the enemy who killed my master. However, if it were not for his consideration and will, Cheonmujang would not have been able to take root in Gangho.”

“So you’re trying to repay the favor?”

“Not to that extent. I just thought we should give others the same chance he gave us.”

“It’s romantic.”

“Maybe it will be the last. To be so considerate.”

It was good if Geumcheonhoe won, and it didn’t matter if Eunryeonhoe won.

It’s because I have the confidence that everything will be sorted out in the end anyway.

It wasn’t just arrogance or arrogance.

Chang Chun-Hwa had been practicing martial arts all his life.

Although he lost six times to Gwangmu Munju Lee Chung, he eventually won the seventh fight and was able to kill Lee Chung in the eighth fight.

I thought I would feel relieved if I won Lee Cheong. But somehow, as if a hole had been pierced in my chest, I suffered from a great sense of loss.

Neither the self-proclaimed Jinin of the Volcanic Faction nor the transportation of the Shaolin Temple could make up for his loss.

Locked in the ban, only learned martial arts.

Even so, it was because I was able to forget the feeling of loss for the moment I trained my martial arts.

As I forgot everything and focused only on martial arts, the boundary between self and others became blurred before I knew it.

In addition, emotions have also become dull.

The thought that everything is useless and the greed to have everything caused a collision.

Originally, I would have been able to fully control these emotions.

This is because he was deeply disciplined enough to move even the flow of his mind at will. But somehow I didn’t want to do that. So, I let my heart go.

The result is what it looks like now.

It was a situation that was slightly eroded by the mind, but not completely eaten.

Jang Chun-hwa was also clearly aware of his condition.

If I put my mind to it, I could drive out this kind of Simma at once. But not doing that is because you are looking at a higher realm.

Simma was a kind of wall.

If you break or jump over it, you can reach a higher level.

Jang Chun-hwa, who could already be said to be a post-human, was not satisfied with this level.

“The reason that the old horse was able to reach the best level in all ages was because of the existence of an opponent named Ho Cheonmyeong, and the reason that Li Guo Daehyeop was able to achieve a level comparable to that is because of my master. In this way, the absolute ruler of the era had an adversary worthy of him. A strong adversary gives you a strong motivation and leads you to higher places. I also wanted Lee Chung to be that kind of person. But he stopped at some point and couldn’t stimulate me anymore. It was the same with the Volcano faction’s voluntary request and the shaman faction’s sword.”

Jang Chun-hwa’s eyes looking at Pyowol were shining more intensely than ever.

After the self-proclaimed Jinin, he was in a lethargic state for a while.

I thought I would reach a higher level after defeating him, but in the end I didn’t get any income.

After thinking about it for a while, he finally came to a conclusion.

In order to get out of the current state and reach the same level as Kwonma or Lee Gwak, a strong opponent is needed.

The problem is that there is no warrior in the world capable of dealing with him.

He has already defeated all the famous warriors in the world.

There was no way that there would be no warrior left to rival him.

So I was desperate.

‘Why didn’t Heaven give me an opponent? It is clear that I am afraid to rise to a higher level.’

It was then that I got the information about transcendence.

At first, I ignored it as an assassin.

Even if the assassin became stronger, it is because the limit is clear.

But Pyowol was different.

After closely examining Pyo-wol’s actions, Jang Chun-hwa had no choice but to admit that he was different from other assassins.

“You are my last hope. I hope you will reach a higher level than I think.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Don’t you know? That sometimes it takes madness to get over the wall that stands in your way. Those without madness and obsession will never truly reach a high level.”

Madness is also another word for fighting spirit.

He had to go mad about something and fight to the limit in order to achieve true madness.

Those who reached the peak of martial arts were like that.

Those who were crazy about martial arts in their youth and consumed their youth.

In return, they attained the highest realm. However, few warriors maintained their youthful madness even as they grew older.

Because the madness of youth fades as we settle for our achievements.

All of the warriors Jang Chun-hwa had fought were like that.

The warrior who had lost his madness couldn’t stimulate him any more.

As they walked while talking, they arrived at the top of a high mountain before they knew it.

When I reached the top of the mountain, the surrounding scenery came into view.

I could see the vast Poyang Lake at a glance, and I could see flames and smoke rising from the other side of the lake.

It was a battlefield where Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe warriors fought.

Although it was too far away to see the people, the madness and heat they radiated were conveyed intact.

A madness so severe that goosebumps rise on the skin.

Zhang Chunhwa asked.

“Can you see it?”


“I hope you see what I see too. It’s a wasteful sight to see alone.”

An eerie smile appeared on Chang’s lips.

It was a grim smile that seemed to freeze a person’s heart just by looking at it.

Pyowol slightly frowned.

It was because the murderous intent in Jang Chun-hwa’s smile kept getting on his nerves.

“In the meantime, Gangho has been so peaceful. Peace makes people inert. A person steeped in inertia can never develop. Lee Gang Sammun Samjang? tell me not to be funny Such rhetoric is nothing more than a poison that blocks development. Shaolin, the shaman, and the volcano are all caught up in the glories of the past and unable to move forward.”

It was clear that all of them were absolute masters who could enjoy the flavor of an era, but they could not meet Zhang Chunhua’s level of expectations.

“You are the only one who advances on his own in this strong lake.”

It was right after he came to Poyang Lake that he became interested in Pyo-wol.

Many people, including his son Zhang Mu-geuk, were wary of Pyo-wol.

At first, I thought I was giving too much attention to assassins. This is because no matter how great an assassin is, the limit is clear. But it didn’t take long for his prejudice to change.

He found out that his henchmen, Black and White Musang (黑白無上), had been killed by Pyowol.

The martial arts of the Black Musang’s fake signal and the White Musang’s front lobes were truly amazing.

They were never meant to be killed by petty assassins. The fact that such people died proved that Pyowol was not an assassin.

From then on, I looked at Pyowol’s steps with interest.

It is a close look at his steps from the moment he first appeared in Gangho until now.

After examining all of Pyowol’s life, I came to a conclusion.

“He is by no means an assassin. He is reading all the tables and turning the situation in the most advantageous way for himself.”

These abilities cannot be developed innately.

You can only have it if you are born with it.

A talent reserved for only a few.

It is even harder to find among strong people.

Gangho was a place where everything could be solved if the armed forces were strong. People who live in such places rarely use their hair like Pyowol. That’s why even if you were born with such a talent, it will degenerate later.

“Unbeknownst to me, my nemesis was born in the wrong place.”

From then on, I always waited for Pyowol to come.

That was the reason he welcomed Pyowol.

“The moon!”


“I thank heaven. For sending me a guy like you while I was still alive.”

“You talk like a caught fish.”

“If you don’t like that, you can struggle to your heart’s content and try to get out of the net.”

“Even if you don’t say so, I’m about to do it.”

Pyo-wol’s blunt reply made Jang Chun-hwa’s smile grow thicker.

I don’t know when, but dark clouds began to gather over the top of the mountain.

The world turned dark as if it would rain at any moment.

Chang Chun-hwa was still looking across Poyang Lake.


At that moment, the pyowol moved.

was assaulted first.

Silently, Pyowol approached Jang Cheonhwa from behind and stabbed the ghost rain into the scruff of her neck.


The moment the ghastly sharpened ghost rain touched the nape of Jang Chun-hwa’s neck, it shattered like a can of sorghum.

Concentric is the gearbox.

When the mind moves, the qi moves and blocks it like a shield.

There is no form or herbivore in him.

The moment Pyo-yue opened her eyes wide, Jang Chun-hwa hit Pyo-yue in the chest with her shoulder.


With an explosion, Pyowol’s body was thrown backwards.

It flew well over a dozen sheets and landed on the floor.

he washed his hands

There were bruises on his palms.

It was a reward for Jang Chun-hwa to block it by crossing his palms the moment he struck with his shoulder.

Even though most of the impact was shed, Chang Chun-Hwa’s shoulder attack had tremendous destructive power, enough to bruise his palms.

Zhang Chunhua smiled and approached Pyowol.

“You are sneaky and cowardly like an assassin. But it wasn’t bad.”

“It would have been better if it had been successful.”

Pyowol brushed his palms and said.

Although he attacked cowardly, he did not feel any remorse.

As Jang Chun-hwa said, ambush was one of the essence of an assassin.

Kill the enemy with all the means at your disposal.

That’s how I learned and survived.

Others may criticize, but Pyo-wol had no shame in his way of surviving.

Zhang Chun-hwa did not think Pyo-wol was cowardly either.

‘What’s wrong with an assassin attacking like an assassin? The victim is incompetent.’


An intense energy wave emanated from Jang Chun-hwa’s body.

For a moment, the mountain trembled as if screaming.

It was a phenomenon that occurred when the atmosphere fluctuated in response to his air power.

It was an unbelievable sight to see with your own eyes.

Pyowol tightly closed her lips.

From now on, it was the true face of the monster he had to deal with.

‘This is the worst!’

Even if he prepared for the murder, he would be successful or not, but he had to deal with Chang Chun-hwa in the worst situation.

A desolate mountaintop with few places to hide.

worst environment.

The goal is the number one person in the world with unpredictable inaction.

Pyowol’s impossible murder had begun.

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