Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 647

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 647

Episode 647


The wide-eyed assassin convulsed as if he had epilepsy.

His eyes, which gradually faded from focus, were full of questions.


That was the assassin’s last thought.

Darkness soon came and his body stretched out.

it’s obvious

A black shadow rose behind the dead assassin.

The black shadow was the moon.

Pyo-wol looked at the assassin’s corpse with sunken eyes.

Lee Ja was the last assassin hiding in the reed field.

There was no longer any living creature in the reed field.

Pyowol got out of the reed field and headed for Eunryeonhoe.

There were many soldiers in the old Eunryeonhoe area.

They were soldiers dispatched from Cheonmujang, not belonging to Geumcheonhoe.

The soldiers of Cheonmujang were closely monitoring the area without a chance to leak a drop of water.

Infiltrating their surveillance seemed almost impossible.

After looking at them for a while, Pyowol went down to a nearby stream.

A foul stench emanated from the silgaecheon that ran through the city.

Pyowol knew why.

This is because all the filth from the Eunryeonhoe manor is dumped into the silgaecheon.

As I walked along the Silgaecheon, I soon saw a passage leading to the Eunryeonhoe manor.

Through this passage, dirt is discharged to the outside.

An iron grate the size of a child’s forearm was installed in the passage through which the filth was discharged.

The iron bars were made of iron for 10,000 years in preparation for an unexpected invasion.

Most people would be thrilled to know that they spent that expensive 10,000 years just to block the passageway through which sewage was discharged. However, it was an inevitable choice for the Federation Council.

This is because no one tried to protect the passage through which the filth was discharged. So, instead of being guarded by a person, they tried to block intruders with an iron bar made of iron.

Mannyeonhancheol is said to have the strongest strength in the world, but it was not strong enough to withstand the strong wind.

Pyo-wol pulled out the sasa-gang and cut it like a jigsaw.


The iron bars made of iron for the last year were cut through like cans of millet.

After cutting off one of the iron bars, Pyo-wol put his body into the cramped gap.

Pyowol, who entered the underground passage without difficulty, glared inward.

Various organs and traps were installed inside the passage.

The moment I touched even one, a signal was supposed to go inward immediately.

Although the owner changed from Eunryeonhoe to Geumcheonhoe, the traps and organs were maintained.

Before coming here, Pyo-wol obtained and memorized information about the agency and traps through Hong Yu-shin.

Pyowol moved cautiously, avoiding traps and institutions.

Cold! Cold!

With every step he took, the knee-high filth swayed loudly. And the stench got even worse.

A terrible stench was stimulating his sense of smell, but Pyo-wol moved forward without a frown.

This stench could not do him any harm.

The underground passageway, where no light entered, was as complicated as a maze. However, Pyo-wol arrived at the destination without getting lost.

It was a place where people dumped their filth.


Pyowol quietly came out and looked around.

Fortunately, no one was around.

In a quiet manor without a single person.

He arrived safely at the union meeting.

Pyo-wol did not immediately move to the place where Jang Cheon-hwa was, but headed towards the well. It was to erase the smell that had accumulated in the body while passing through the underground passage.

Pyowol drew water from the well and splashed it on his body several times before using his inner energy.

Chow ha ha!

The water quickly evaporated along with the smell.

Pyowol, who had completely erased the smell, moved again.

Even inside, the boundaries were strict. However, unlike the outside, there were quite a few spaces inside for Pyowol to hide.

Pyowol moved using the climax of stealth.

Numerous people were guarding the inside, but no one noticed the existence of Pyowol.

In an instant, Pyo-wol crossed the wall of the outer garden and infiltrated the inner garden.

In the deepest part of the inner garden, there was Chang Tianhua’s dwelling place.

It was said that Chang Chun-hwa’s dwelling place was completely cut off from the outside world.

Originally, it did not exist, but after Geumcheonhoe took control of Eunryeonhoe, it was newly created.

The interior and exterior were completely disconnected using tall walls and steep steps.

Even when he was in Cheonmujang, Jang Cheonhwa chose to be isolated.

He was a natural born martial artist.

Cheonmujang’s great and small affairs were entrusted to his aide or Jang Mu-geuk, and he devoted himself only to martial arts.

Such a tendency did not change even after entering the Union Association.

He wanted a space isolated from the world and created it using restraint and high walls.

Perhaps even now, Zhang Tianhua is concentrating on practicing martial arts in his living quarters.

Those who have the highest level of talent do not neglect their efforts.

No one knew exactly how far his achievements would go now.

It was time for Pyo-wol to advance cautiously towards Chang Chun-hwa’s residence.


A powerful wave of air was felt from the front.

The owner of the gipa was an old man sitting cross-legged in the middle of the inner garden.

It radiated energy equal to that of Jang Cheon-hwa, but it was not Jang Cheon-hwa.

Chang Chun-Hwa returned to his youthful appearance.

The old man was Neung Yu-hwan, Chu Hon-gyeom (追魂鎌), the elder of Cheonmu-jang.

There was only one reason why Neung Yu-hwan was sitting in the middle of the inner garden.

It was to protect the residence of his master, Jang Chun-hwa.

Most of the elite members of Cheonmujang were committed to the war.

The elders of the Presbyterian House also participated, and he was the only one left.

He refused to participate in the war because of his age, but in fact, there was only one reason he stayed.

It was to protect Chang Chun-hwa.

In fact, it didn’t make sense to protect Jang Chun-hwa, who was much stronger in martial arts than himself, but considering that it was an act of loyalty, it was not something I couldn’t understand.

Two scythes were placed on Neung Yu-hwan’s thighs as he sat cross-legged. A long chain the thickness of a child’s finger was attached to the handle of the scythe.

The length of the chain was more than a dozen pieces.

That means that around him, dozens of Bangwon are under his influence.

Ning Yufan looked at the front with half-opened eyes.

His gaze is in front of him, but his other senses are wide open, and he did not miss even the smallest changes in dozens of rooms.

It was then.


Suddenly, the intent to kill was felt from the front.


Neung Yu-hwan, without hesitation, flew the scythe toward the place where he felt the intent to kill.

It didn’t matter who the opponent was.

It was important that he gave off his murderous intent in front of his master’s residence.

The chains attached to the scythe were released in an instant.


The scythe plunged into the chest of the opponent who gave off the intent to kill.

It was only then that Neung Yu-hwan raised his eyes to figure out the identity of the unmanned man who radiated his murderous intent.


In an instant, a puzzled look appeared on his face.

It was because the human figure hit by his scythe was slowly disappearing like a mirage.


An illusion sophisticated enough to fool one’s senses?

Moreover, through the scythe, I could feel the touch.

If he hadn’t seen it himself, he would never have believed in the existence of an illusion that is no different from the true body.

“If you do, what is the true body?”

It was then.


Without a sound, a black shadow rose behind him.

It was a moon.

He spread the magic spirit illusion and dazzled the senses of Neungyufan, then moved to the rear.

Neung Yuhwan also noticed this.

“No way.”

I was momentarily dazzled by the vision, but that didn’t mean I was completely caught off guard.

Like the commander of the Cheonmujang, he immediately sensed the epitaph appearing behind his back and tried to counterattack. But he couldn’t swing the scythe all the way.


It was because of the sudden pain I felt in my ankle.

Unknowingly, he looked down at his feet and saw that a snake with red scales had bitten his ankle.


At that moment, I felt a burning pain in my ankle.

The fiery pain rushed through the blood vessels in an instant and rose to the chest area.

Neng Yufan instinctively recognized that it was miasma.

‘What poison?’

His face turned pitch-black in an instant, and his tongue was so stiff that he couldn’t say anything.

In an instant, the miasma invaded the heart and brain.

Although he wasn’t invulnerable to poison, he still had enough energy to block a thousand poisons.

Quite a bit of miasma is possessed of formidable internal energy to the extent that it can be discharged out of the body as soon as it enters the body.

However, even that could not do as much as the venom of the snake biting his ankle.

The red snake biting his ankle was Gwia.

Gwiah’s miasma was processed into threads and instantly destroyed the heart and brain tissue of an absolute master named Neung Yuhwan.

Neng You-Hwan collapsed in the chil-gong, bleeding.

The pyowol carefully supported his body so that no sound could be heard.

Originally, I wouldn’t have used the gwiah recklessly.

However, in this murder, speed and stealth were more important than anything else.

Fighting a master like Neung Yu-hwan inevitably caused a commotion. Then, even Jang Chun-hwa, who is inside the ban, will notice his intrusion.

To prevent such a situation, he seduced Neung Yu-hwan with Ma Yeong-hwan, and then assassinated him using Guia.

Guia, who killed Neung Yu-hwan, returned to Pyo-wol as a habit. However, Pyowol refused Gwiah’s approach.

―If you stay in my arms, you might get hurt too. So stay hidden until this murder is over.

Gwia hesitated for a moment at the sound of Pyowol.

Gwiah, who had been staring at Pyowol for a while, disappeared into the grass.

Pyowol moved in a more relaxed mood.

There was no one before the ban.

It seemed that he believed in Neung Yu-hwan and defeated all the guard troops.

The moment he stood in front of the ban, Pyo-wol felt his entire body tingle.

The formidable presence felt from within made all his hair stand on end.


Goosebumps rose up on his skin.

It was the first time in my life that I felt this way.

It felt as if I was alone and isolated in the open sea.

I didn’t feel this way when I was in an underground cavity, when I was alone, when I was breaking through the heavens, or when I was dealing with other absolute masters.

At that moment, Pyowol realized.

‘I know.’

It meant that the other party already knew that he had entered the union association.

As if to prove that his guess was true, the zeal of the ban disappeared.

It was clear that it had been released from within.


Then the door to Prohibition opened.

Pyo-wol, who looked at the ban for a while, soon moved on.

I came this far and couldn’t go back.

No matter what kind of hell was spread out within this, I had to enter it.


When the pyowol went inside, the forbidden door was closed.

Pyowol walked forward without looking back.

The inside of the ban was very stark.

The vast gymnasium with bluestone paved with no common carvings or decorations was all that was forbidden.

A young man stood in the center of the ban, waiting for the leap.

It was a face he had never seen before, but Pyo-wol recognized his identity at once.

“Chang Cheonhwa!”

He was Jang Chun-hwa, the lord of Cheonmujang and the best master in the world.

Jang Chun-hwa looked at Pyo-wol with deep eyes.

“You must be Pyowol.”


“How did you know?” In fact, I noticed your visit from the moment I entered the reed field. That’s amazing. They put some kids with pretty good abilities over there, but they got rid of them all without anyone noticing.”

Pyowol’s eyebrows twitched.

Now, Chang Chun-hwa was saying that he noticed it from the moment he set foot on the reed field by Poyang Lake.

The distance from the reed field to this place was over thirty li.

It was hard to believe that he had sensed himself at such a distance.

I wouldn’t have been so surprised if I had noticed another soldier.

he was an assassin

It was also an existence that had reached the highest level of an assassin.

When he makes up his mind and uses stealth techniques, even the absolute masters of Kang Ho cannot easily notice.

In fact, Neung You-hwan died like that.

On the way to this place, the only time Pyowol showed his presence was when he killed Neung Yuhwan.

It was revealed only for an instant.

However, Jang Chun-hwa said that he had sensed his existence before that.

It was a sensation far beyond common sense.

Zhang Tianhua said with a smile.

“I missed you.”

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