Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 646

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 646

Episode 646

Pyowol left the battlefield and arrived at Lake Poyang.

A small boat floated in the empty dock.

A familiar figure was standing on top of the boat.


The man who welcomed Pyo-wol was none other than Hong Yu-sin, the superintendent of Hao-mun.

“You came first.”

Pyowol got on the boat.

Hong Yu-shin said while holding the oars.

“I was waiting for you to come in yesterday.”

“The Geumcheonhoe’s surveillance must have been severe.”

“Because of that, I had a lot of trouble averting my gaze. A lot of subordinates have been sacrificed.”

It was last night that Hong Yu-shin entered Lake Poyang.

At that time, the vicinity of Poyang Lake was littered with Geumcheonhoe soldiers.

As a result, many of his subordinates were sacrificed to divert their attention.

Thanks to their sacrifice, Hong Yu-shin was able to infiltrate safely.

Hong Yoo-shin, who infiltrated Lake Poyang, waited for Pyo-wol while analyzing the information he had gathered.

Pyowol asked Hong Yushin.

“What about Chang Chun-hwa?”

“I am staying at the old union association manor.”

Jang Chun-hwa was staying at Eun-ryun-hoe, which was occupied by Geum-cheon-hoe.

Even though the war between Eunryeonhoe and Geumcheonhoe was in full swing, he did not show his face once.

He didn’t even know that he didn’t think he fit the rank even in the great battle with the fate of the strong.

He completely entrusted the Great War to his son, Mu-geuk Jang. He was secluded in the old union association manor, as if he had nothing to do with himself, except to send military personnel of Cheonmujang to support.

It was a move that ordinary people could not understand.

Hong Yu-shin also tried to understand him, but eventually gave up.

His conclusion was one.

“He is absolutely not guilty. It’s a completely different way of thinking than what most people think.”

“I guess so.”

Pyowol shook his head.

Hong Yushin suddenly laughed.

‘This person is also unique.’

Pyowol also had a different way of thinking than ordinary people.

Hong Yu-sin, who prided himself on being able to read the insides of people, was unable to read the insides of Pyo-wol.

Squeak! Squeak!

Hong Yu-shin rowed the boat and moved it.

Each time he rowed, five boats slid straight out.

Fortunately, there were no other ships on the Poyang.

This is because people who intuit Jay’s strong battle did not launch the ship.

Unmado riverboats, rice cookers, and even small fishing boats all disappeared.

Thanks to this, Hong Yu-shin was able to focus only on rowing without worrying about other boats.

Squeak! Awesome!

Every time Hong Yu-shin rowed, the sound of wood rubbing resonated over Lake Poyang.

Because the surroundings were so quiet, the sound of rowing was particularly loud.

The boat moved forward at a very high speed because Hong Yu-shin injected inner energy and rowed.

Hong Yu-shin asked while rowing.

“What do you think will happen if the Geumcheonhoe wins?”


“It’s Kang Ho. If it ends with the victory of Geumcheonhoe, what will be the fate of Kangho?”

“well! Will anything change?”

“yes? nothing changes? Isn’t Cheon Mu-jang, the main axis of the Geumcheon-hoe, the successor of Shin-ma-ryun?”



“Would people be happy when the Union Association and the existing munpa ruled Gangho? Conversely, would people be unhappy if Chun Mu-jang became the loser of Kang-ho? It’s just a change in the ruling class, and most people’s lives won’t change dramatically.”

“Then why are you going to Zhang Tianhua? If there is no change, can we ignore it?”

“Because I received a request.”

“Who commissioned Pyo Daehyeop?”

“Lee Chung!”

“Are you talking about Gwangmu Munju Lee Cheong Daehyeop?”

Hong Yushin widened his eyes.

I never dreamed that Lee Cheong would ask Pyo Wol.

“Did Li Qing Daqiao really make the request?”


“My God! Did Li Qing Dahui commissioned it while he was alive? So, it means that he had already foreseen his own death.”

Hong Yu-shin’s hands trembled while rowing.

It was such a shock.

He knew that Pyo-wol met Lee Cheong, but he never imagined that Lee Cheong would ask Pyo-wol to assassinate him in preparation for his death.

Pyo-wol, the person who had uttered shocking words that made Kang-ho upset, did not change his expression.

“What the hell…”

Hong Yushin shook his head.

He thought that he knew about Pyowol to some extent, but it seemed that he was wrong.

It was tiring to count how many secrets he had.


Hong Yu-shin gave up on understanding and sighed.

Silence hung over the small boat for a moment.

It was when the ship passed halfway through Lake Poyang.

Suddenly, a large ship appeared on the other side.

It was a ship so large that it could not be compared to the ship that Hong Yu-shin and others were on. It was as if a small island was moving.

There were many unmanned people on board the ship.

Hong Yushin widened his eyes.

“It is a ship operated by Cheonmujang.”

The Cheonmujang ship was approaching the ship Pyowol was riding on. It was clear that transcendence was the goal.

If they collide with Cheonmujang’s ship, Hong Yushin’s ship would be smashed and sunk in an instant.


“Just go straight ahead.”


It was when Hong Yu-shin hesitated.


Suddenly, I heard the sound of something breaking through the waves and running from behind.

Hong Yu-shin was startled and looked back to see a huge ship approaching from behind.

“Moo Geomryun?”

“This is the boat that Yoo Soo-hwan sent. Cheonmujang leaves it to them and we pass on like this.”

“All right. If that’s the case…”

Originally, Mugeomryun cooperated with Geumcheonhoe. However, after Yu Su-hwan became a ryanju, he was cooperating with the union association.

The captain who operated the martial arts ship shouted.

“Hold tight, everyone.”

A thousand-armed ship was approaching from the front, but he did not change course and instead increased its speed.

You want to hit it head-on.

“That crazy…”

“Are we going to sink together?”

There was an uproar on the Cheonmujang ship.

It was because, in their eyes, it seemed that the Mugeomryeon ship was only going to come together.

However, the martial arts captain did not do this without thinking.

He believed in the strength of the ships he operated.

Boats operated in the sea and boats operated in freshwater were different from the structure. Ships operated in the sea were made several times stronger than ships operated in fresh water to overcome the rough waves.

In addition, the wood of the ship itself was pickled in brine, so it couldn’t even compare in strength.

Hong Yu-shin’s boat, which was caught between the two boats, slightly changed its course and escaped.


The two ships finally collided.

What was terribly broken was Cheonmujang’s ship.

The bow flew away and the water from the lake flowed into the boat.

“Shit! Ride across.”


The soldiers of Cheonmujang abandoned the sinking ship and boarded the Mugeomryeon ship.

“Take it!”

“Damn it!”

“You shouldn’t let a single one get on board.”

While the Mugeomryeon and Cheonmujang fighters clashed, Pyowol’s boat leisurely crossed Poyang Lake.

He could hear people screaming and screaming behind him, but Pyowol didn’t turn his head once and only looked straight ahead.

This was also a promise with Yoo Soo-hwan.

Yoo Soo-hwan said.

Go to the place where Chang Cheonhwa is without looking back or to the side.

At least at Lake Poyang, they said that they would block any enemy from approaching.

Yoo Soo-hwan kept his promise by sending the strongest ship.

Now it was Pyowol’s turn to keep his promise.

Hong Yu-shin gritted his teeth and rowed.

The boat stretched out and was now almost on the other side of Lake Poyang.

I could see the old union meeting in the distance.

Pyowol said to Hong Yushin.

“You go back now. From now on, I will go alone.”

“Are you sure you want to go alone?”

“I am grateful to you. Thanks to you, I was able to come here safely. But from now on I have to go alone.”

An assassin needs the help of many people to succeed in a single murder.

Gathering information on the murder target, building a safe house, and preparing an escape route is something that cannot be done alone.

The stronger the murder target, the more people will need help. But in the end, it was the assassin’s job to carry out the murder.

You can get help only in the preliminary stage, but killing the target directly is ultimately the responsibility of the assassin.

Hong Yu-shin knew that too.

He stopped rowing and looked at Pyowol.

“I hope that you will finish the murder safely and return.”

“thank you!”

Pyowol smiled softly.

This was the first time he had shown Hong Yu-shin a smile. So it felt more unfamiliar.

“If you don’t want to come back…”


Before Hong Yu-shin’s question was finished, Pyo-wol silently obtained it.

Pyowol, who went into the water without splashing a drop, never appeared again.

Hong Yu-shin stood on the boat for a long time and did not move.


On the surface, Lake Poyang appeared to be stationary.

It didn’t have waves like the sea, and it didn’t flow noticeably like the river.

However, the water in Poyang Lake was constantly moving.

However, the flow was so slow that it seemed to stand still. But the deeper the water, the faster the current moved.

Pyowol practiced the immersion technique and surrendered himself to the current.

I didn’t even have to move my arms and legs.

The current took care of it and brought him to the water’s edge.

All he needed was the patience to hold his breath for long periods of time.

We finally arrived at the shore of the lake we were aiming for.

Only then did Pyo-wol move and stick his head out above the surface of the water.

The lakeside was quiet.

The human figure was not visible at all. However, the sense of the moon could not be fooled.


Three warriors were hiding in the reeds by the lake.

Unmanned people who spread the Great Law on Demons and deceived their presence.

‘They’re assassins.’

Although Pyowol led the world of assassins and made the Black World, not all assassins came under Pyowol’s command.

There were assassins who were out of reach of Pyowol’s influence, and there were also assassin groups independently operated by the Daemunpa.

It was natural for a clan with a thousand armed forces to have at least one group of assassins to take care of the dirty work.

Even if that level does not reach that of the white ghosts or the assassins of the black world.

Those hiding in the reeds now were the assassins raised by Cheonmujang itself.

Their mission was only one.

To find and kill those who recklessly approach the place where Jang Chun-hwa is.

Nothing could be as useful as an assassin in finding and taking out those sneaking up on them.

Even at this moment, they were monitoring the lake with their senses extended to the maximum.

Pyowol evaded the assassins’ surveillance and moved.

No matter how much the assassins focused their attention on it, it was useless.

Pyowol completely erased his presence and assimilated into the surrounding landscape and approached behind the assassins.

Signal firecrackers were placed next to the assassins.

The moment a suspicious movement is detected, they set off firecrackers to inform the headquarters.

But it didn’t happen that they set off the firecrackers.


This is because the back of their heads was penetrated by a suhonsa.

The assassins died without even realizing that they were dying.

In an instant, Pyowol, who had organized the assassins, scanned the reed field.

I could feel the secret breathing everywhere.

There are more assassins hiding here.

Pyowol moved to hunt them down.

A wind of blood began to blow in the quiet reed field. However, no assassin noticed it.

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