Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 645

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 645

Episode 645

Sogyeoksan was the one who was aiming for the enemy’s soul.

‘If I don’t get rid of him, the damage will increase.’

The martial arts of the enemy were at odds with the assassins.

Not only was he strong in martial arts, but his senses were abnormally developed, so he could easily detect the presence of assassins.

The entire Red Army had the same senses as the Red Soul.

It was the characteristic of martial arts they had learned in common.

Black Circle Sensing Gong (黑圓感應功).

If you learn this martial art, your senses will be extremely developed and you will be able to capture any minute movement.

It was a martial art that could be said to be in conflict with the stealth techniques of the assassins.

Sogyeoksan had no idea that his opponent had mastered such a monster. Just by intuition, he realized that the other person was at odds with himself.

If he didn’t kill the Red Soul and the Red Army now, the damage from the assassins would increase exponentially.

I had to remove them before that.

Sogyeoksan held his breath and looked at the enemy.

The place where he hid was under the corpse, not far from the enemy’s soul.

It was a man whose name was unknown.

I didn’t know if he was a member of the Geumcheonhoe or a member of the Eunryeonhoe, and I wasn’t interested.

The important thing is that his body makes for an excellent cover.

Underneath the corpse, Sogyeoksan was hiding, holding his breath.

His gaze was fixed on the enemy standing in the middle of the battlefield.

Just looking at it gave me goose bumps on my forearms.

He was strong enough to make even the assassins who reached the heights of Sogyeoksan Mountain fearful.

It was to the point of wondering why such a strong man hadn’t been known to Gangho yet.

My skin hurt like being pricked with a needle.

The air waves that Jeoksong sprayed stimulate Sogyeoksan’s skin.

When Sogyeoksan Mountain moves, the air waves spread out like a net will sway.

‘What a great guy.’

It’s a level where you can detect the movement of an assassin by spraying air waves.

If there were only such people in Gangho, there would be no place for assassins.

The enemy knows that he is hiding.

I just don’t know exactly where it is.

‘It’s a battle of patience.’

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a fight like this.

Sogyeoksan took all the strength out of his body.

Being nervous doesn’t do much for the patience fight.

You have to relax as much as possible and maintain a state of mind like that of the Myungkyungsoo.

He was so perfectly assimilated with the surrounding landscape.

‘Look at this.’

The enemy’s soul tightened the hand holding the sword and looked around.

There must have been an assassin hiding somewhere.

He was no ordinary assassin.

He shed his murderous intentions for a while, but he completely hid his presence like a lie.

There was no way an assassin who reached this level would be ordinary.

‘Am I going to become the head of the assassins?’

A mischievous smile appeared on his lips.

The red soul unfolded the black circle empathy to the extreme.

In an instant, the air waves spread more densely in all directions.

“this guy!”

At that time, a nearby soldier of the Union Association found him and attacked him.

An annoyed expression appeared on the enemy’s face.

Instead of the fish he wanted, he caught a minnow.

‘No, it went well.’

Assassins aiming for him would not come out unless there was a ten percent chance. In that case, it was better to deliberately expose the loophole and bring him out.

The enemy deliberately exposed a loophole in his back and swung his sword.

Chow ha ha!


The soldier of the Eunryeonhoe, who had been running vigorously, was decapitated at once.

It was then.

Sogyeoksan, which had been holding its breath until now, took a surprise attack.

He had bitten the bait thrown by the enemy.

I knew it was a trap, but the bait was too sweet to bear.

Sogyeoksan bit the bait.


His sword reached the enemy’s throat in an instant.

‘It’s my victory.’

It was the moment when Sogyeoksan was sure of victory.

Suddenly, a subtle film formed over the enemy’s body.

Sogyeoksan recognized Mak’s identity.

‘Self-defense… strong ki?’


At that moment, Sogyeoksan’s sword bounced off in self-defense.

“Hehe! Got it.”

The enemy let out a phoneme and swung the sword backwards.

His sword was already young.


I couldn’t afford to dodge.

Sogyeoksan hurriedly focused his energy on the sword and blocked the sword.

The sword steel exploded.



The impact, as if struck by a huge sledgehammer, made Sogyeoksan scream.


The red spirit rushed at it, bulging its bell-like eyes.

Sogyeoksan, who had already lost his strength with a single sword attack, did not have the strength to block the enemy’s attack.

‘It’s over.’

Sogyeoksan regretted his judgment of snapping the bait.

I thought I could handle it enough, but the opponent’s inaction was much higher than my own.

He deserved to die just for not recognizing the strength of his opponent.

The bloody sword steel was pierced.

Sogyeoksan closed his eyes and waited for death.


An explosion erupted, and Sogyeoksan’s body shuddered. But I didn’t feel the pain I thought it would.

Sogyeoksan cautiously opened her eyes.

Then he saw a one-armed warrior blocking his way.

Sogyeoksan immediately recognized the identity of the one-armed warrior.


He was a one-armed warrior called the King of Dokbi Kwon.

At the crucial moment, Hwang Bo Chi-seung intervened and saved his life.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung said with his gaze fixed on the enemy.

“Are you okay?”


“I will deal with this guy, so kill the others.”

“i get it.”

Sogyeoksan answered without hesitation.

It was not the time to show pride.

Sogyeoksan ran to another place without looking back.

The red spirit frowned and glared at Hwangbochiseung.

The hand holding the sword was shaking.

I was shocked so strongly.

“Who are you?”

“Call me Hwangbochiseung.”

“King of poison control?”

“Did you know?”

“Hasn’t he been quite famous lately? What is your relationship with the assassins?”

“We are serving the same lord.”


“The four god Pyowol. He is my lord.”

At Hwang Bo Chi Seung’s answer, the eyes of the enemy trembled.

Pyowol was never an existence to be ignored.

No, it was more dangerous than anyone else.

The enemy looked around and asked.

“Where is he?”

“Where do you think you will be?”

“You’re joking with me… can’t you?”

The enemy’s face hardened.

Because the worst assumption came to mind.

“Are you aiming for the lord?”


“You are crazy. How dare an assassin or something like that go after Mr. Jang without even knowing the subject?”

“He is not an assassin.”

“joy! No matter how much rhetoric you use, it doesn’t change the fact that you are an assassin.”

“Think whatever you want.”

“I will kill you first and find and kill the god of death.”

“I’ve wanted to fight a master like you for a long time too.”

“You don’t even know the subject.”

The enemy made a face that was absurd.

Hwang Bo-chi-seung is said to have recently gained fame as a strong player, but he was only a new master.

On the other hand, he was an absolute master who had been active for decades.

Although his fame is not known due to his activities in the shadows, Jininba’s inaction was never inferior to other absolute masters.

Otherwise, Zhang Tianhua would not have taken him as his confidant.

“I’ll pluck the head at once.”


The enemy spirit swung the sword.

“It won’t be easy.”

Hwang Bo Chi-seung threw out his only fist with all his might.

His knuckles, which were as big as the lid of a pot, were filled with clear strong energy.

It was Kwon Kang.


Geomgang and Gwongang collided in the air.


There were no people on the battlefield.

The madness that spread in the air paralyzed the reason of the warriors, and the hot heat exploded their rage.

The warriors swept away by madness were no different from beasts.



Cries and shouts resounded, and death swept across the battlefield like a plague.

“It’s crazy.”

Hong Ye-seol, who watched the scene from afar, shook his head slightly.

She prided herself on coming out of the chaos in her own way, but this was the first time she had ever seen the entire battlefield engulfed in madness.

Furthermore, most of the people fighting here were disciples or children of prestigious families.

Those who had been taught courtesy and benevolence since childhood were fighting like animals, forgetting even the bare minimum of duty.

It was a sight that even Hong Ye-seol, who had thick bones at the bottom of the river, could not bear.

On the other hand, Pyowol kept an eye on the battlefield without changing his expression.

‘It won’t last that long.’

It seemed that the war situation would remain tight for the moment, but the Union Association was at a disadvantage. At least, he is enduring thanks to the help of the assassins, but even if there is a slight change, the weight of the match will tip towards Geumcheonhoe.

Pyowol said.

“egg plant!”


The two walked past the battlefield.

A fierce fight was going on right next to it, but not many people recognized Pyowol.

It wasn’t a simple stealth technique or occult technique.

It is perfectly assimilated with its surroundings.

In the eyes of the soldiers of the Geumcheonhoe, they were seen as soldiers of the Geumcheonhoe, and the soldiers of the Eunryeonhoe recognized that they were on their side.

Because of that, I watched Pyowol pass right next to me, but I watched it.

Thanks to this, Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol were able to reach the other side of the battlefield without being disturbed by anyone.

It was then.

“her! Ideal hit. weird.”

Suddenly, a grumbling voice was heard.

It was a very bizarre voice.

In an instant, Hong Ye-seol felt goosebumps all over his body.

It was not simply because the voice came out of nowhere, but because the moment I heard it, I felt a creepy feeling as if I was digging my neck with an awl.

The owner of the voice was an old man with white hair and beard, five feet tall.

The old man was looking straight at the place where Pyowol and Hong Ye-seol were with his pipe on.

“Huh! Strange Kuna. Strange! Are my eyes wrong?”

He looked straight at the moon.

There was a really disturbing light in his eyes.

It was because there was definitely a person in front of me, but their presence was blurred as if there was fog.

“Has presbyopia come already? Why do you look so blurry?”

Rubbing his eyes, the old man trembled.

The old man moved his gaze to Hong Ye-seol with a smoking pipe.

Hong Ye-seol was very clearly visible.

“hmm! Is it like witchcraft?”

The old man tapped his head with a pipe.

Ashes fell and scattered, but the old man didn’t care.

In an instant, his eyes grew intense.

He raised his energy and focused on his eyes.

“It looks good now. who are you Judging from the fact that he uses the magic of lowering awareness, he doesn’t seem to be a soldier of a political faction.”

“If you want to know this person’s identity, isn’t it polite for you to reveal it first?”

“Hehe! What are manners on the battlefield? But let me tell you that I’m not wrong. Nobu is called Cheolgeumak, the three-jangro of Cheonmujang.”

“Three elders? Are there other elders?”

“You have a lot of questions. But you haven’t answered my question yet.”


Instead of answering, Pyo-wol called Hong Ye-seol.


“It is strong.”

“I know.”


“Leave it to me.”

Hong Ye-seol nodded.

Pyo-wol looked at Hong Ye-seol for a moment and then moved on.

Cheolgeumak gave him an absurd expression.

“That, that…”

A light of anger flashed on his face as he thought he had been made fun of.

He tried to kill Pyowol by attacking him, but noticed that Hong Ye-seol had disappeared without a trace.


There was only one kind of being that could deceive his senses and disappear in that short time.

“Is it an assassin? Damn it.”

Hong Ye-seol was hiding somewhere, aiming for his throat.

If I had known it would be like this, I should have attacked it when I first recognized it.

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