Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 644

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 644

Episode 644

The war of soldiers was different from the war of soldiers.

If the soldiers’ war was conducted by the commander’s strategy, the unmanned’s war had a greater impact on individual judgment.

At first, he bumps into the opponent right in front of him, but soon he instinctively finds an opponent that suits his capabilities and fights.

That was how the warriors fought.

Caga river!

The sound of clashing weapons resounded dizzyingly.

Soldiers from both sides exerted all their might.

He threw up everything he had learned and accumulated so far and attacked his opponent.



There were people who were wounded and died one after another.

Gwangmumun’s unmanned Seo Geumchang swung his sword and killed the opponent in front of him.

Leaving behind the opponent who fell while spraying blood, he blinked his eyes in search of the next opponent.

There was one unmanned figure that stood out in his eyes.

It was a middle-aged soldier wearing a sleeveless military uniform that exposed his shoulders.

The moment he saw him, Seo Geum-chang’s eyes seemed to flare up.

It’s because I recognized the other party’s affiliation.

“You belong to Cheonmujang.”

I could tell just by looking at the energy that the opponent gave off.

I felt the unique atmosphere and temperament of those who learned the Cheonmujang mental method from the other person.


Seo Geum-chang rushed at the opponent without hesitation.

His sword aimed at the opponent’s neck. However, the Cheonmujang warriors were not easily tolerated.


“You are the swordsman of Gwangmumun.”

Just as Seo Geum-chang recognized that the opponent was a Cheonmujang soldier, the opponent also recognized that Seo Geum-chang belonged to Gwangmumun.

“I will avenge Moonlord’s enemies.”

Seo Geum-chang widened his eyes and performed the magic trick.

The soldiers of Gwangmumun knew that Munju Lee Cheong was killed by Jang Cheon-hwa.

The anger at losing Munju, whom he respected and followed more than anyone else, was great.

Not only Seo Geum-chang, but all the thieves of Gwangmu-mun were attacking the soldiers of Cheonmu-jang with all their might without fear of getting hurt.

Zhang Wu-geuk looked at the scene with his brow furrowed.

‘What happened?’

There were far more warriors of the munpa allied with the Union Association than he thought.

If the damage was really done according to the letter, there shouldn’t have been so many unmanned soldiers.

“Then they sent you false information? All the unmanned soldiers who participated in the raid?”

Zhang Wu-geuk thought it didn’t make sense.

Common sense did not understand that not just one or two places but a place that participated in the raid sent false reports.

Under normal circumstances, this would never have happened.

“If it’s not normal… has someone else intervened?”

It was understandable if someone systematically sent false information.

There was only one group in Gangho that could decode Geumcheonhoe’s secret language and send false information.

“It’s Haomen.”


Zhang Wu-geuk’s teeth were broken.

He already knew that Haomen was deeply related to the moon. It was not a big secret that Haomun’s chief inspector, Hong Yuxin, was in frequent contact with Pyowol.

“It is clear that the moon moved Hao-wen and disturbed the information.”

I thought I knew what had happened now.

Jang Wu-geuk looked around.

It had been a long time since the battlefield had turned into an asura hell.

Many people lost their lives and were wounded and dying. Still, there was no sign of stopping.

I’ve come too far to stop fighting now.

Both sides considered each other to be life-and-death enemies.

We attacked each other with the mindset that we must kill you to live.

As the circumstances progressed, the fight became more intense as time passed.

The open fight didn’t matter.

Either way, the stronger side will win.

The problem was that it was not exposed.

“There must be an assassin led by the moon somewhere here.”

The moment they intervened in the fight in earnest, the scales of the match could be tipped at once.

Zhang Wu-geuk called someone.

“An enemy!”

“yes! soju.”

Suddenly, a man in a red uniform appeared without a trace.

He was the lord of the Jeokmyeodae, the bodyguard of Jang Cheonhwa.

Zhang Tianhua specially sent him and the Red Army to help Zhang Wujie.

Zhang Wujie gave him an order.

“Somewhere here, assassins who follow the moon must be hiding. Find them and get rid of them.”

“Are you an assassin?”

“Yes. Don’t look at me as an assassin. Those raised by the god of death will never be weak opponents.”

“All right.”

The enemy disappeared along with the answer.

The Jeokmyeodae was composed of possessors of strong martial arts, befitting Jang Cheonhwa’s bodyguards.

Although the number was not very large, it possessed the power to instantly erase at least one munpa.

It was too wasteful to deal with mere assassins. However, Zhang Mu-geuk thought that even this much was not enough.

The sense of danger he felt was great.

It was when Zhang Wugei called another subordinate and tried to give an order.

that buck! that buck!

someone came towards him.

For some reason, the sound of his footsteps was especially loud.

Wuji Zhang raised his head and looked in the direction the footsteps were coming from.

“Black man!”

The warrior approaching with a long sword was his nemesis Lee Geom-han.

I haven’t seen him for several months, but Lee Geom-han’s prayers have changed greatly.


“I can’t go to my lord.”

Two warriors of the Geumcheonhoe attacked Geomhan Lee.

They soared into the sky and performed their own feasts.

At that moment, Geomhan Lee swung his sword at them.


It sounded like an eerie sound, and then the soldiers attacking Lee Geom-Han were shattered in the air.

It literally turned into blood and sand and crumbled down.

It was unbelievable power.


Lee Geom-han approached Jang Moo-geuk, leaving behind the bodies of the soldiers pouring down like rain.

Zhang Wuji slightly narrowed his eyes.

“As expected, it should have been finished at that time…”

He said that it was a remarkable match if it was the third day of bereavement.

Even an ordinary literary man could do that, but it was needless to say in the case of Lee Geom-han, the most outstanding player in the world.

Zhang Wu-geuk felt a strong sense of danger.

“Black man!”

He raised his sword and aimed it at Geomhan Lee.

I had no intention of having a leisurely conversation.



Lee Geom-han let out a spirit and rushed at Jang Moo-geuk.

Zhang Wuji also swung his sword with all his might.


Their swords and swords collided again after several months.


The ground was stained with blood.

I don’t know how many people died.

There were countless corpses piled up on the blood-stained ground.

Shisan Blood Sea.

It was such a horrific sight that I couldn’t bear to open my eyes.

Sogyeoksan also saw the scene.

Currently, he was hiding on the outskirts of the battlefield with the Black Assassins.

‘It’s really fierce.’

Sogyeoksan also prided itself on having gone through all the battles, but had never seen such a large-scale war.

The spectacle of uncountable number of warriors turning into demons was truly terrifying.

Even Sogyeoksan, who prides himself on being the owner of the Iron Stone Gundam, was shocked.

‘crazy! No matter how much the enemies of life and death are enemies, they hate each other to this extent?’

Sogyeoksan shook his head.

It seemed that the madness of the group paralyzed the individual’s judgment itself.

It was the first time I had ever seen such a scene of madness.

blah blah!


Not far away, a man was being cut in two and dying.

The opponent swung a huge godfather and broke it in two.

The warrior who cut people apart like trees blinked his eyes in search of his next victim.

The warrior with the godfather looked more like a bloodthirsty demon than a human being. Not only that, but all the unmanned people in this place were the same.

Sogyeoksan shook his head at the terrible sight unfolding in front of his eyes. However, he soon came to his senses and grabbed his weapon.

Pyowol ordered him and the assassins of the Black Territory.

He said to help the munpa who cooperate with the Eunryeonhoe in the dark. Even so, he was ordered never to appear.

In the distance, I could see Noe-an and Sa-young hiding.

To the eyes of ordinary people, they would not be able to see them hiding, but to the eyes of Sogyeoksan, a fellow assassin, they could clearly see them.

Their eyes met in midair.

There was no need to even talk.

It’s because they know each other’s intentions just by looking into their eyes.

They nodded and moved at the same time.


The assassins, who permeated the battlefield silently, began to assassinate the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe.



The soldiers of the Geumcheonhoe were helplessly attacked by an unexpected assassin’s ambush.

The Black Assassins who were trained by Pyowol far exceeded the level of ordinary Assassins.

Taking advantage of the chaos of the battlefield, the assassins moved like fog without a sound or sign.

It was only after they had done a lot of damage that the warriors of the Golden Heaven noticed the existence of the assassins.

“An assassin.”

“Everyone be careful.”

But unfortunately for them, even if they noticed the existence of the assassins, it wasn’t enough to stop them.

The chaotic battlefield was nothing short of a stage for them.

“There are those who help in darkness.”

“cheer up!”

The soldiers from the union association also noticed the assassins. But they weren’t afraid at all.

Because they noticed that the assassins were helping them.

It didn’t have to be mortally wounded or killed.

This is because the power of the opponent is greatly reduced even if the assassins inflict small wounds.

The Unryeonhoe fighters intensively attacked and knocked down the fighters wounded by the assassins.

The assassins also made full use of the Unryeonhoe warriors.

It is to attack and injure the soldiers of the Geumcheonhoe, who are distracted from dealing with the soldiers of the Eunryeonhoe.

It wasn’t too difficult for the soldiers of the Unryeonhoe to kill the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe, whose balance was scattered by the unexpected attack of the assassin.

“can win.”

“Push more.”

Union Union warriors rallied to join the assassins.

As a result, the Geumcheonhoe warriors were temporarily pushed back.


“You cowardly b*stards! Mobilizing assassins?”

The Geumcheonhoe warriors gnashed their teeth and swung their weapons.

The assassins were aiming for the back of the Geumcheonhoe warriors.

Even though they knew there was an assassin, the warriors of the Golden Heaven couldn’t pay attention to the rear. It was because the soldiers of the Union Association were tenaciously holding on to it.


An assassin stabbed a sword aiming at the back of such a warrior of the Golden Heaven.

The assassin had no doubt that his ambush would succeed.


However, his sword bounced off with a metal sound.

It was not defended by the target soldier. He was still engaged in a fierce battle with the Unryeonhoe unmanned.

The person who blocked the assassin’s sword was a completely different soldier.

The soldiers wearing blood-red clothes were the Red Army.

Jang Chun-hwa’s bodyguard organization, the Jeokmyeodae, finally appeared on the battlefield.

Shu Gak!

The soldiers of the Red Army killed the assassin with a single sword.

The assassin was unable to respond to the flash-like attack and collapsed, splattering blood.

The most terrifying thing about assassins was when they were hiding and attacking.

The assassins who appeared were not so frightening.

At least for the enemies.

The Red Army attacked without missing the moment the assassins appeared.

“How dare assassins and the like try to distort the system.”

The lord of the enemy of the enemy, the enemy of the enemy, sneered and murmured.


Blood ran down his sword.

He also killed two assassins at once.

The enemy hunted the assassins, and the enemy was at the center of it.

The enemy who was encouraging his subordinates suddenly felt eerie.

The enemy knew well what this feeling meant.

‘Murder! Who dares to target me?’

He looked around and his eyes lit up.

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