Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 643

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 643

Episode 643

Dozens of jeonseogu flapped their wings and flew into the golden circle.

“A report came in from Cheolryeongdae, where I was dispatched.”

“A report came in from the Silver Gwang Sword Corps.”

“Daeju Yu has reported.”

In Geumcheonhoe, there were those who separately managed only Jeonseo-gu. They took out the letter that was tied to the ankle of the jeonseogu separately and handed it to the person in charge.

The general manager was Yeo Jin-hwang.

Yeo Jin-hwang was highly regarded for his expertise in collecting and processing information.

He began to read the letters he had received from all over the place.

In the letter, a secret word used only in the Geumcheonhoe was written.

There was no doubt that it was sent by the warriors of the Golden Heaven.

Yeo Jin-hwang organized all the correspondence and headed to the place where Zhang Mu-geuk and the leaders were gathered.

“A report came in.”

“How did it go?”

“Operation is a success. Everyone says the raid was a success.”


“That’s right. I have reported that every single one has been successful.”

“As expected, it worked.”

Jang Ho-yeon smiled at Yeo Jin-hwang’s report.

It was a plan that I had no doubt that it would succeed, but the feeling of hearing the report in person was different.

Jang Ho-yeon spoke to Jang Moo-geuk.

“At least half of them must have been killed or injured. It’s as if we’ve won since we’ve dealt this much damage before we’ve even gotten serious.”

“Still, you can’t be careless.”

“of course. We are already fully prepared.”

Jang Ho-yeon replied in a confident voice.

Forces were concentrated in areas where the enemy was expected to join them.

Even the soldiers from the Unryeonhoe, who were devastated by the raid, could be pushed away in an instant.

Everything was going smoothly and according to plan.

There was no room for the remnants of the Union Association and the munpa that cooperated with them to escape.

Jang Ho-yeon suddenly looked at Jang Mu-geuk with a puzzled expression.

It was because his face was dark even though he had heard a good report.

“Why? Is there anything that bothers you?”

“It’s strange.”

“What is strange?”

“Because it went so smoothly.”

Zhang Mu-geuk felt a strange sense of incongruity.

It’s obviously a perfect plan, but it’s strange that it goes so smoothly.

Jang Ho-yeon said with a smile.

“Even if everything goes smoothly, I’m worried. It’s not like you.”


“It’s because the plan is perfect. Don’t worry. They are like fish caught in a net. All we have to do is throw a net at the gathered defeated soldiers and strike them down.”

“is it?”

“The elites of Geumcheonhoe and Cheonmujang moved. Do you think the remnants of the Union Federation will reach this place safely? It seems absolutely impossible to me. Even these letters are all in secret language. The information sent from us is certain.”

“I guess so.”

Jang Wu-geuk shook his head.

Hearing Jang Ho-yeon’s words, he thought that his concerns were in vain. I felt like I could bury the uneasy feeling for a while.

“Now we move too.”

Zhang Mu-geuk stood up.

The point where the munpa allied with the Eunryeonhoe would join was already identified using the officers of Cheonmujang.

I didn’t want to use the power of Cheonmujang if possible, but it was too late now.

‘Let’s see where we’re going.’

First of all, you had to lead the match against the Union League to a complete victory before you could move up to the next level.

That is where Abi Chang Cheonhwa is.

Zhang Wu-geuk immediately led the elites of the Jincheonhoe and Cheonmujang to the point where the warriors of the Eunyeonhoe were expected to gather.



Lee Geomhan sighed.

He was standing on a high mountain with a panoramic view of Lake Poyang. The mountain was so high that the vast Poyang Lake could be seen even though there was quite a bit of distance left.

This was the gathering place where the munpa allied with the Eunryeonhoe decided to gather.

“You can’t predict how long it will arrive.”

On the way to this place, he and Namgungseol were also attacked by the Geumcheonhoe. So I found out.

It means that troops were placed all over the way from Geumcheonhoe to Lake Poyang.

Although he defeated those who came by surprise with his overwhelming inaction, there was no guarantee that the elites of the Union League or other sects that came separately would do the same.

Namgungseol said.

“It will probably do a lot of damage.”

“Phew! I guess so.”

“It was my mistake. I should have predicted that they would come out like this.”

“How could that be Seo Mae’s fault?”


“New Year’s Eve?”

“I think my pride has ruined you.”

Namgungseol apologized.

He was confident that he could run the world with his head, but the reality was different.

Unexpected variables appeared one after another, and she lacked the ability to adjust them all.

‘You should have brought in Hao Mun. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have allowed the surprise attack due to the lack of information.’

It came to this point after relying only on the information power of the union association itself.

Namgungseol thought that as soon as this crisis was overcome, Haomen should be annexed.

Until now, no clan faction had dared to think of taking possession of Hao Mun. It wasn’t because of lack of power. The strength of most of the Haomen disciples was insignificant.

Because it was impossible to grasp all the Hao Mundo that were spreading like weeds, no clans dared to think of getting their hands on them. However, Namgungseol had a different idea.

‘If you subdue Hong Yu-shin, the superintendent of inspections, you’ll be able to figure out the overall organization chart. I can do the blitz after that.’

It’s still far in the future, but I had to draw a picture from now on.

It was then.

“There are thousands of unmanned people coming.”

Subha’s voice broke her thoughts.

When I came to my senses, thousands of unmanned soldiers were approaching, led by Namgungjin. However, their behavior was unusual.

All of the warriors had their clothes torn and suffered significant injuries.

First of all, the number of troops who decided to join was significantly smaller.

Namgungseol and Lee Geomhan hurriedly approached Namgungjin.

“Are you okay?”

“We lost a lot of troops in an ambush.”

“Have you been attacked thousands of times?”

“I divided the troops into five, and three of them suffered great damage from their surprise attack.”

“It’s a big deal.”

“At least we ended up at this point, but I don’t know what the other munpas will be like.”

Namgoongjin’s voice was quiet.

Lee Geomhan nodded and waited for the other clans to join.

After a while, the munpa who decided to join arrived one after another.

The elites of Shaolin Temple’s Gwangmumun and Mugeomryeon arrived, but the damage was not as great as Lee Geomhan or Namgungseol expected.

There were even munpa who were not harmed at all.

Namgungseol had doubts.

“How did this happen?”


Lee Geom-han let out a quiet voice.

He asked the owners of the munpa who were not directly harmed what was going on. However, they did not know English either.

Yoo Soo-hwan, the new martial arts master, said.

“It seems that someone secretly protected us.”


“There is only one person in the world who deserves it.”

“No way… are you talking about the leap? But he turned down our offer.”

Lee Geom-han made an expression of disbelief.

Yoo Soo-hwan said firmly to him.

“Of course, I would have refused to study with the Daehyeop. Being swayed by someone doesn’t suit his temperament. Obviously he would have moved on his own.”


“You’ll find out sooner or later whether what I’m saying is true or not.”

“I hope that what you said is true. This is sincere.”

“I know.”

Yoo Soo-hwan replied with a calm expression.

Meanwhile, Namgungseol’s expression distorted after hearing their story.

‘Is he really helping? I can not believe it.’

If Pyowol had really sent assassins from the Black Territory to eliminate the Geumcheonhoe warriors who had been secretly hiding, the current situation would have been understood. But she didn’t want to believe it.

For her, Pyowol was an incarnation of evil comparable to that of Jang Cheonhwa.

In fact, Pyowol never committed any conspicuous evil, but it was unknown what he did behind the scenes.

Of all the people Namgungseol knew, Pyowol was the most sinister and dangerous.

For some reason, Yoo Soo-hwan seemed to completely believe in Pyo-wol, but Namgung-seol couldn’t.

‘I’m sure he helped with some ulterior motive.’

She still thought that the moon was something she couldn’t trust. However, there was no need to show hostility to the moon right now.

First of all, the priority was to lead the war to victory.

If she wins the confrontation with Geumcheonhoe Cheonmujang, Kangho’s hegemony will come into her hands and Eunryeonhoe.

It was not too late to decide the disposition of the symbol at that time.

‘Anyway, he was involved in the war, but that’s not bad for us.’

He already knew how formidable the power of the group of assassins led by Pyowol was. Even though they didn’t officially hold hands, it couldn’t be more reliable if Pyowol and the group of assassins were together.

Namgungseol smiled brightly and said.

“Anyway, it’s fortunate that there are many munpa who arrived without damage. From now on, I will give instructions on how each faction should move.”

Seeing her boldly stepping up to take the initiative, Yoo Soo-hwan frowned slightly.

It was a place where the heads of each munpa had a conversation. No matter how much Namgoongseol is Lee Geomhan’s aide, he shouldn’t have acted recklessly like this.

It was the moment when Yoo Soo-hwan was about to say a prickly word.

“It’s a golden round.”

“There are also unarmed soldiers.”

“I can also see the Ugum Hut.”

I saw a huge army approaching down the mountain.

The momentum of the large army advancing, flying countless flags, was transmitted to the unmanned people at the top of the mountain.

Lee Geom-han raised his eyes and looked at the lead of the large army approaching.

At the forefront was an unmanned man who radiated an unrivaled presence.

Lee Geom-han recognized his identity at a glance.

“Jang Wu-geuk!”

Zhang Wu-geuk was the only martial artist in the world who could radiate such momentum.

A large number of warriors with unusual prayers were lined up around Zhang Wu-geuk.

Even at a glance, it was clear that they were the core soldiers of the Geumcheonhoe.

Lee Geom-han said as if there was a Jang Mu-geuk right in front of him.

“Let’s cover the unfinished game, Jang Mu-geuk!”

Last time, because of Namgungseol, he could not fight to the end and had to retreat. Because of that, it was known to the world that he was defeated, but in fact it was not. It was true that I was at a disadvantage, but I wasn’t really defeated.

Lee Geom-han thought it was an opportunity to restore his honor.

“Kill Zhang Wujie and go to Zhang Tianhua.”

He clenched his fist.

At that moment, a thunderous shout broke out among the soldiers who joined the Union Association.


I was tired from coming a long way, but my morale was sky-high.

Namgungseol gave him a sad expression.

Mu-in was a being more influenced by emotion than reason.

It was not an easy task to control the soldiers who burned their fighting spirit after seeing the soldiers of the Geumcheonhoe.

If she stepped out to take the initiative here, there was a high probability of resenting them.

‘It would have been nice if Geumcheonhoe arrived a little later.’

It was regrettable that the opportunity to seize the initiative had passed over.

On the other hand, the faces of the warriors who joined the union association were flushed red.

‘It’s an opportunity to make a name for yourself.’

‘If I contribute to the victory in this war, my name will remain in Ganghosa.’

‘I must make a big ball.’

Their hearts were beating more violently than ever.

The soldiers’ eyes were focused on Lee Geom-han’s hand.

My body was itching to fight.

They hoped that Lee Geom-han would give the order for an all-out attack right away.

Their wishes were conveyed intact to Lee Geom-han.

Since they occupied an advantageous position, they could take time to come up with countermeasures. But it wasn’t the way the warriors wanted it, and it wasn’t Lee Geom-han’s way either.

Their blood was seething.

There was only one way to cool the hot blood.

It’s about fighting fiercely.


Lee Geomhan stretched out his fist and pointed down the mountain.



“Drive out the Geumcheonhoe.”

The warriors scrambled down the mountain.

In an instant, they descended the hillside and clashed with the Geumcheonhoe warriors.

The final war between Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe was about to begin.

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