Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 642

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 642

Episode 642


Lee Se-moon instinctively raised the spear and aimed it at the front. But there was no one where his spear was pointed.

All I could see was a dead body.

The bodies of the soldiers of the Cheongeomdae, which they abruptly attacked and annihilated, and the corpses of Lee Se-mun’s subordinate, Muyeong-dan.

The living do not exist.

But it definitely exists.

It’s just not visible to his eyes.

“Who are you?”

Lee Se-moon raised his air power and shouted.

His lion’s roar resonated throughout the area.

Countless fallen leaves were scattered and dust rose. Still, no movement was detected.

Lee Se-moon’s eyes narrowed.

‘They are definitely nearby.’

He thought it was a group, not just one or two.

This is because, no matter how good he is, he cannot kill that many subordinates in a short time by himself.

The time he fought fiercely with the notice was only about one or two.

At least three or four warriors had to move to kill Muyoungdan in that short time. Even those who have risen to a very high level are unmanned people.

What’s more, the warriors of Muyoungdan couldn’t let out a single scream even when they died. That said, it was a secret surprise attack.

There was only one class that was so good at surprise attacks in Gangho.


It was then.

Se-moon Lee suddenly felt an eerie feeling on his neck.

Lee Se-moon felt a strong sense of danger at the terrifyingly cold feeling.


At that moment, his body soared into the air like a fish on a fishhook.


Lee Se-moon recognized the identity of the object that was strangling him.

He swung the spear over his head.


Along with the sound of metal, there was the sound of a silver thread being cut.

Lee Se-moon, who regained freedom, landed and unfolded a succession of brilliant spirit spears.

Shh shh!

Numerous window shadows appeared around his body.

Changyoung created a window screen to protect Lee Se-mun’s body.

Only then did Lee Se-moon, who found peace, shouted.

“Don’t be cowardly and surprise me, show yourself…”


At that moment, Lee Se-moon felt a burning pain in Myeongmun Blood.

Without a sound or sign, the black shadow dug into the window screen and slashed a dagger the size of a child’s hand into his Myeongmun-Hyeol.

“Keugh! what?”

Lee Se-moon put on an expression of disbelief.

His window screen was absolutely perfect.

It was a dense window without a chance for even a single raindrop to seep through. It was unbelievable that he had penetrated such a window screen without any resistance.


The dagger stuck in the Myeongmun Blood pierced the flesh even deeper.

Lee Se-moon trembled with his mouth wide open.

As long as the Myeongmun Blood was destroyed, there was no possibility of him surviving.

“Yeah…who is he?”

He forced his head back to look at the black shadow clinging to his back like a cicada.

The black shadow also raised its head and looked at Lee Se-mun. So I could see his face clearly.

Whiter skin than a woman and a beautiful face.

A foreign atmosphere as if you are not from this world.

The moment he saw his face, Lee Se-mun could think of one of the most famous names in the world.

“Pyowol! Are you a Pyowol? How are you… how?”

Lee Se-moon could not finish his sentence.

it’s out of breath


his body collapsed

Only then did Pyowol insert the ghost rain into his leather belt and step back. Then, Salno and Hong Ye-seol, who had been secretly hiding, appeared.


“Thanks for your efforts.”

Even though Muyeongdan was secretly removed, there was not a single drop of blood on their bodies.

The three of them attacked and killed Muyeongdan while Lee Se-moon was distracted by the fierce battle with Gong Ji-mun.

But I couldn’t find the cheongeomdae. It was because the Cheongeomdae had already been annihilated when they ambush.

Salno said.

“The problem is worse than expected. At this rate, all the munpa who cooperated with the Union Association will suffer great damage.”

“If we make a mistake, the power will be rebound before a full-scale war begins.”

Hong Ye-seol was also concerned.

The operation of the Eunryeonhoe was good, but the problem was that the Geumcheonhoe already knew their intentions.

At this rate, numerous casualties would be incurred before reaching Lake Poyang.

He had to fight against Geumcheonhoe with all his strength, and the result was obvious.

“As expected, he was in too much of a hurry…”

Pyowol frowned.

A gentleman’s revenge is never too late, even if it takes ten years.

Ordinary people would do that, but the martial arts masters had to be more careful.

Lee Geom-han and Namgung-seol were in too much of a hurry.

If it was really going to be a one-on-one confrontation, it would have been right to unite as one and advance slowly rather than dispersing and moving troops. If so, at least they wouldn’t have been so disorganized by the surprise attack.

Pyowol said to Salno.

“I can’t help it. Tell them to move as prepared.”

“All right.”

Salno put down his backpack and took out a copy of the book.

The well-trained Jeon Seo-gu did not make a sound even though it was in a cage in the backpack.

Salno hung the command of Pyowol on Jeon Seo-gu’s ankle and sent it flying.

Good food!

After flapping its wings above them for a while, Jeon Seo-gu soon flew in one direction.


Neung Gwan-young was a young soldier belonging to the Geumcheonhoe.

He was very ambitious from an early age.

He promised that he would definitely make a big contribution and gain fame in a strong game.

When the Gangho War broke out, he weighed the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe.

Calculate which side is more likely to win.

His choice was Geumcheonhoe.

Geumcheonhoe seemed to have a higher chance of winning. So he entered the Golden Temple.

Entering the Geumcheonhoe, he made numerous contributions.

More than a dozen soldiers of the Union Association died at his hands.

He was recognized for his merits and became a middle cadre of the Union Association.

His position was Cheolryeong Daeju (鐵靈隊主).

He rose to the position of leading the 150 soldiers of the Cheolryeongdae.

He rose to a fairly high position in the Golden Temple, but his ambitions were not met.

He longed for a higher position.

In order to achieve his goal, he had to build a bigger ball.

That was the reason Neung Gwan-young was hiding in the forest.

Neunggwanyeong and Cheolryeongdae were hiding in the forest and glaring at Gwando.

It was a place where the Unryeonhoe unmanned people were expected to pass.

They said that they were secretly moving, but they couldn’t fool the information network of the Geumcheonhoe.

They obtained information early and occupied an advantageous position.

If there is an ambush here, the soldiers of the Union Association will be wiped out without ever having a chance to fight properly.

Neunggwanyeong shouted at Cheolryeongdae.

“From now on, stop breathing and wait. Sooner or later, Union Union members will pass by this place.”


Cheolryeongdae soldiers answered in a low voice.

Neung Kwan-yeong smiled satisfied and glared at Guando again.

It was then.


An eerie cutting sound was heard.

Neung Gwan-yeong thought that one of his subordinates was wielding a sword out of boredom.

I was able to tolerate that much.

Take a break!

Then, a second cutting sound was heard.

Neung Gwan-yeong could not stand it anymore.

“What kind of guy is this…”

Neung Gwan-young, who was about to shout, widened his eyes.

I saw a black shadow moving behind the hidden Cheolryeongdae.

They swung their swords and killed the soldiers of Cheolryeongdae.

The soldiers of Cheolryeongdae didn’t notice how secretive they were, even when a colleague by their side died.

Neung Kwan-yeong groaned.

“An assassin.”



It was only then that the soldiers of Cheolryeongdae noticed the assassins’ surprise attack and responded. However, their response was delayed.

Many unmanned people have already lost their lives.

“Where are the assassins?”


Cheolryeongdae soldiers fought against the assassins. However, the terrain in the forest was a problem.

It was because the assassins hid in the bushes or cast memorization.



The dead came one after another.

“These guys! Can’t you stop?”

Neung Gwan-young swung his sword and charged. However, his progress was blocked after only five steps.

It was because a black shadow came out right next to him and attacked him.

His attacks were indeed sneaky and lightning-like.

Neung Gwan-young instinctively swung his sword to protect his whole body, but he could not completely block the surprise attack.

Take a break!


His left arm was wounded so deeply that it was almost cut off.

Fresh blood poured from the wound like a waterfall. However, Neung Gwan-young had to swing his sword again without a chance to stop the bleeding.

Because the opponent who had been surprised attacked again.

‘I only need to stop it once.’

Assassins are terrifying because they stake everything on the first strike.

If the one-hit kill attack didn’t work, there was a high chance of dying from a counterattack.

That’s why Neung Gwan-yeong decided to block the assassin’s attack and then counterattack. But the assassin’s inaction exceeded his expectations.


Assassins rushed at him faster than flash.

By the time Neung Gwan-young came to his senses, he had already dug into his chest.


The assassin’s sword pierced Neung Gwan-yeong’s chest.


Neung Gwan-young knelt down, coughing up blood.

His chin and chest were stained red with fresh blood.

“you you?”

Neung Gwan-young struggled and looked at the assassin.

The assassin who stabbed his chest with a sword wasn’t even wearing a mask on his face. So his face lit up.

The assassin who abruptly attacked Neunggwanyeong and fatally wounded it was Noe An, one of the Ten Bloodslayers.

Noe-an led the assassins of the black world to ambush and annihilate Neunggwanyeong and Cheolryeongdae warriors.

The warriors of Neunggwanyeong and Cheolryeongdae only thought of raiding Eunryeonhoe from hiding, but they never doubted that someone would ambush them.

That was the defeat of Neunggwanyeong and Cheolryeongdae.

They forgot that if they could surprise someone, someone else could surprise them. that caused their deaths.

Neung Gwan-young stopped breathing and looked around.

The cluttered hall was soon tidied up.

The Black Assassins attacked and killed all of Cheolryeongdae.

It might be pushed back in a head-to-head confrontation, but in the case of ambush and ambush, there was no one who could face the Black Assassins.

Since all the unmanned soldiers of Cheolryeongdae were eliminated, it was time to clean up.

Noen An said towards one side of the forest.

“Come out now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a shabby-dressed warrior walked out.

He looked around and marveled.

“That’s really great. I never thought I would subdue them all this soon.”

The man in shabby clothes was dispatched from Haomen under Hong Yuxin’s order.

He felt goosebumps at the power of the assassins who subdued Neunggwanyeong and Cheolryeongdae without much damage.

No matter how much they surprised them, they did not expect to subdue the elite members of the Geumcheonhoe so easily. It was an inaction that exceeded his expectations.

‘There are assassins like this in the world. I think I can understand why the inspector is so concerned about transcendence.’

said the brain.

“I don’t have time. Hurry up.”


Haomundo searched through the luggage of the dead soldiers of Cheolryeongdae with the answer. After a while, he found a pigtail and a piece of paper for correspondence in his luggage.

It was a copy book and paper that Cheolryeongdae brought for the purpose of communicating with Geumcheonhoe.

Hao Mun Wu wrote on a piece of paper that he had completed his mission and tied it to his ankle.

“Go back to your house!”

Hao Mun’s warriors sent Zhen Xu Gu flying high into the sky.

Jeon Seo-gu, which hovered in the air for a while, flew vigorously toward Poyang Lake where Geumcheonhoe was located.

Haowen Wu said to Neuean.

“I wrote it in the secret language of the Golden Heaven, so I won’t have any doubts about the authenticity of the information.”

“Good work.”

“Nothing to say…”

It was when Haowen Wu smiled slightly.

“The Unryeonhoe unmanned pass through.”

One of the assassins reported.

When I looked at the road, I saw the soldiers of the Union Association passing by in groups.

They passed by, unaware that the troops who were targeting them were hiding in the woods right next to them.

If it wasn’t for the brain eye and the assassins, they would have suffered great damage or been annihilated.

My brain murmured.

“You’ll never know that they came back from the dead here, right? Lucky guys.”

Things like this were happening at the same time all over the road to Poyang Lake.

Assassins from the Black Territory suddenly raided and eliminated the hiding warriors, and the Haomundos sent a copy of a false report to the Geumcheonhoe.

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