Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 641

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 641

Episode 641

Lee Geom-han looked ahead with a firm expression.

Fierce fighting was going on at the front.

The soldiers who blocked the Eunryeonhoe were the soldiers of the Geumcheonhoe.

After bumping into each other several times, the faces were quite familiar.

It was clear that those who suddenly appeared and attacked were soldiers of the Geumcheonhoe.



The soldiers of the Geumcheonhoe attacked the soldiers of the Eunryeonhoe with fierce momentum.

The morale of the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe pierced the sky, as they had already won great victories.

“Stop them!”

“Put the bottle on the left. You can’t let them dig in.”

The Unryeonhoe warriors defended with all their might.

But the terrain itself was too unfavorable to them.

The place they were currently passing through was in the middle of a canyon.

As I took a secret route to avoid the eyes of the Geumcheonhoe, I naturally passed this canyon.

The enemies attacked from the top of the canyon, and the Unryeonhoe soldiers had to block their offensive from the bottom.

Casualties followed.

Namgungseol came to Lee Geomhan.

“A black man?”

“Either the information leaked or they must have already anticipated and prepared for our move.”

“phew! I think it will be the latter.”

“Then it was our mistake.”

“No, it was my mistake. If you had claimed to be the mastermind, you should have anticipated their movements.”

“I can’t escape responsibility either.”


“Now is not the time to question who is at fault. If we were ambushed, the other clans must be under attack as well.”

Lee Geom-han gritted his teeth.

It was clear that if the enemy had anticipated their movements and deployed troops, the damage elsewhere would have been greater.

If he made a mistake, the troops could be rebounded before they even assembled at Lake Poyang.

Namgungseol said.

“This is not the time to worry about other forces. We have to do everything in our power to defeat them and make contact.”

“You lead.”

“Black man!”

Leaving behind Namgungseol’s calling, Geomhan Lee threw himself.

Lee Geom-han, who quickly ran to the forefront, swung his sword.



“100 million!”

Numerous unmanned people screamed and collapsed.

Lee Geom-han was like a lion jumping into a flock of sheep.

He displayed formidable incompetence and defeated the warriors of the Golden Heaven.

When Lee Geom-Han joined forces, the soldiers of Eunryeonhoe fought with Geumcheonhoe with courage.

Namgungseol’s mercenary skills were added to this.

“Oh Dae-joo, support the right side. Geum Dang-ju, lead your men and go back to the enemy’s rear.”

She calmly read the market and operated her forces.

Under the command of Namgungseol, the warriors of the Union League revived and overwhelmed the battlefield.

In the end, the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe, who could not stand it, retreated.

“Everyone step back.”

“Retreat to Yiseon.”

The Geumcheonhoe soldiers slipped away like the ebb tide.

Although they won, the expressions of Lee Geom-han and Namgung-seol were not bright at all.

“Lee Seon?”

“Are there any other troops on standby?”

They paid attention to the word Lee Seon left behind by the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe when they retreated.

Because that means that another standby force exists.

Lee Geomhan sighed and muttered.

“They have already secured their defenses.”

“You have to go through it head-on. If you take a detour, you will surely waste your time.”

“I guess so.”

There was a time when we promised to gather.

If they did not arrive within that time, there was a high possibility that the Eunryeonhoe and the munpa could not unite and split into quarters.

Lee Geom-han gave the order.

“I’ll track them down right now and destroy Lee Seon at once.”

“Honorable name!”

The soldiers of the Union Association answered in one voice.

They couldn’t even collect the bodies of their colleagues and pursued the defeated soldiers of the Geumcheonhoe.

It was because it was clear that Lee Seon would be where the defeated troops headed.

Lee Geom-han muttered as he spread light air with all his might.

‘Please everyone should arrive safely.’


Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol moved along the Guandu.

This time Salno was with them.

It was Salno who had lost one arm and one leg. In addition, he suffered major internal injuries, and even a few months ago, it was impossible to move. But now he was walking fine.

It was thanks to the replacement of amputated limbs with prosthetic arms and legs.

The elaborate prosthetic limbs and prostheses were the workmanship of Tang Soqiu in Sichuan.

At Pyo Yue’s request, Tang Sochu personally made prosthetic arms and legs and sent them to Haimen. Thanks to this, Salno was able to move freely without a great sense of heterogeneity.

Salno seemed to like the new limbs quite a bit.

“This is really good.”


Every time he pounded his prosthetic arm and limb with his fist, a metallic sound erupted.

Salno’s prosthetic arms and legs are both made of a special metal by Dang Sochu. Not only was it sophisticated, but its strength was indescribably hard, making it a great weapon in itself.

When he lost his arms and legs, Salno thought he would no longer be able to function as an assassin. So I retreated to the back line and focused on training the Black Assassins. But in his heart, there was always a lingering attachment to his main job.

However, thanks to the prosthetic leg and prosthetic arm sent by Dang Sochu, I was able to move freely again.

Due to the nature of assassins that require stealth, it was unreasonable to go back to work, but he was satisfied with the fact that he could move freely with his two legs.

Because he could walk on two legs, he was able to claim himself as Pyowol’s confidant again, and he was happy to be able to serve him so close.

“Did you say that the artisan who made this thing was Dang So-chu?”


“I want to repay him. Is this level of metallurgy? I can’t believe it.”

Looking at the prosthetic arm, Salno was amazed.

It was the same with Pyowol to admire.

I asked Dang Sochu just in case, but I really didn’t know that even prosthetic arms and legs could be made so elaborate.

“I’ll see for myself later and repay you.”

“It should be. Thanks to you, I can live Jay’s life, so I have to give him all my possessions.”

“Looks like you have some hidden property, right?”

“I have quite a bit of wealth accumulated during my active duty. I don’t need it, so it doesn’t matter if I give it to him.”

Salno was sincere.

I know because I lost an arm and a leg.

How precious it is to move with your own limbs.

Even if I had billions of dollars of property, I couldn’t do it myself.

“Prosecution would be nice. I became rich with a single effort.”

“Would you like to share some with the Supreme?”

“it’s okay.”

“Hehe! I knew it would.”

Salno smiled his characteristic smile.

Hong Ye-seol thought that people have changed a lot while watching such a salno.

In the past, Salno rarely laughed and was a very sinister person. However, standing in front of the Pyowol became an ordinary old man.

The kind of old man you can often see around.

Few could tell from Salno’s aura that he was in fact a terrifying assassin.

At least, unless you reach a level similar to that of Salno, or possess a higher rank than that.

‘This must be because of that person too, right?’

Hong Ye-seol looked at Pyo-wol.

From the first time I saw it until now, nothing has changed. In a way, he showed a self-righteous side to the point of being consistent. Even so, the people around him changed little by little under the influence of him. And all of that in a positive way.

‘It’s so amazing. Influencing the surroundings in this way.’

I’ve never heard of such a person ever.

An existence that changes the surroundings just by existing. But I really didn’t know that there would be someone like that by my side.

Just the fact that Pyo-wol was by her side made her heart reassuring.

It was then.


Suddenly, Pyowol stopped walking.

Where his gaze was directed, a pile of corpses was piled up.

It looked as if someone had been tugging behind it.

Salno stepped forward and inspected the body.

“They seem to be unmanned people related to the union association.”

“Looks like there was a fight here.”

Pyowol shook his head and looked ahead.

There were also traces of fighting on the front.

The three of them moved along the trail.

The floor was crushed and there were clear traces of blood.

The bloodstains that had not yet dried showed how fierce the battle had been.

People’s voices were heard not far away.


“You wicked b*stards! A cowardly surprise attack.”


The three of them walked faster at the desperate scream.

After breaking through the bushes that blocked the way, a wide open area appeared. A fierce battle was taking place there.

Those who engaged in bloody fierce battles were the Cheongeomdae, a thousand-armed military men and thousands of outlaws.

The Cheongeomdae was one of the thousands of elites.

They moved separately from the warriors led by the owner, Namgung-jin.

All of this was to deceive the eyes of Geumcheonhoe. However, despite their efforts, they were ambushed by Cheonmujang warriors hiding in the corner of the road, and they were on the verge of extinction.

Two thirds of the Cheongeomdae warriors had already lost their lives, and those who survived were also in danger.

“To be so strong.”

Gongjimun, the master of the heavenly sword, looked around with a gloomy expression.

The Cheongeomdae was on the verge of annihilation, and no matter where you looked, you could only see thousands of armed soldiers.

The Cheonmujang warriors who were surprised were so strong that their chi trembled.

Not only did his individual inaction overwhelm the Cheongeomdae, but he was also very good at group warfare. They also had an advantage in numbers.

Two soldiers of the Muyoungdan clung to one soldier of the Cheongeomdae and attacked.

There was a gap in martial arts, but as they were even hit together, the soldiers of the Cheongeomdae died without using much effort.


“lender! Save me…”

The desperate screams of the subordinates were heard in the ears of the notice. Still, the notice couldn’t help them.

It is because he was also caught by the warrior of the Cheonmujang.

The person facing him was Cheonmujang Muyeongdanju Lee Se-moon.

As a warrior trusted by Chang Chun-hwa, he was particularly good at spearmanship.

Cagaga River!

Spears and swords collided countless times.

Gongjimun asked while vigorously swinging his sword.

“How did you find out we were going through this?”

“The route from thousands of times to Lake Poyang is obvious.”

“Did you know in advance that we would move?”

“What’s so hard about predicting that? How many targets does the defeated union association have to join hands with?”


The notice board’s face was terribly distorted.

If Lee Se-moon’s words were true, all the munpas heading to Poyang Lake would be under attack by now.

Before they could even fight properly, they were on the brink of extinction.

The munpa, who joined hands with Eunryeonhoe, were moving in dispersal to deceive the eyes of Geumcheonhoe and Cheonmujang.

If we had known this was going to happen, it would have been better to unite and move instead of dispersing our forces.


The notice waved the sword with all its might. However, Se-moon Lee swung his spear and easily blocked his attack.


The sword bounced off the window and the chest of the notice opened.

Lee Se-moon’s left palm hit the heart of the notice. It was one of Lee Se-mun’s festivals, the Blast Ridge (爆裂掌).


With an explosion, the new type of announcement bounced back.

The explosion field was a burial method that contained the description of the penetration mirror. Because of this, when hit by an explosive field, the internal organs are damaged and cannot perform their functions.

That was the situation with the notice now.


The bulletin board vomited black blood as its organs were shattered. Pieces of broken organs were mixed with the fresh blood.

That was the end of the notice.


Only then did Lee Se-moon pull the spear back and look around.

He naturally thought that Muyoungdan would have killed all of the Cheongeomdae led by Gongjimun.

It was because the Muyeongdan was overwhelming the Cheongeomdae until just now.

In fact, it was.

All of the Heavenly Swordsmen were slain.

The problem was the Muyoungdan.

The shamanic group that should have flocked around him fell silent.

Lee Se-moon’s eyes widened as he looked around.


All of Muyeongdan had turned into corpses before I knew it.

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