Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 640

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 640

Episode 640

Sunlight hit the surface of the water and scattered fragments in all directions. Pieces of broken light tickled people’s eyes.

There were quite a few boats floating on Lake Poyang where the sun was shining.

It’s been a long time since many ships came out of the trolling.

All of this was possible because the Great War was over.

The great battle at Lake Poyang ended with the victory of Geumcheonhoe.

The Geumcheonhoe raided the base of the Eunryeonhoe and seized it.

The Union Reunion suffered a major blow and retreated.

There were far more people who lost their lives than survived and retreated. At least in Lake Poyang, the influence of the Eunryeonhoe had completely disappeared.

Thus, the battle at Lake Poyang ended with the victory of Geumcheonhoe. It gave a great shock to those who live in Gangho, but it was a story that had nothing to do with ordinary people.

Rather, they cheered the fact that the fighting at Lake Poyang was over. This was especially true of fishermen who live and work in Lake Poyang.

During the Gangho War, they suffered huge losses because they could not float their boats.

Since they were unable to work, which is their main means of livelihood, they slept more days than they ate.

Because of that, he welcomed the victory of Geumcheonhoe more than anyone else.

“Pull this way.”

“Be careful, it will tear if you pull it too hard.”

“It’s full.”

The faces of the fishermen pulling the nets were full of smiles.

This is because the fishermen have not been fishing for a long time, so each net is full of fish.

It seemed that the laughter of the happy fishermen could be heard all the way to Poyang Lake.

Jang Chun-hwa stood on the shore of Poyang Lake and watched the fishermen’s fishing in silence.

It was such a peaceful landscape.

As the sunset was added, a more fantastic scene was created.

Despite the beautiful sight that draws people’s exclamations just by looking at it, Zhang Chunhua’s expression did not change.

He was a man who saw through the essence of the world.

I didn’t have enough free time to feel meaningless admiration just by looking at this appearance.

Jang Chun-hwa left the sunset behind and returned to Geumcheonhoe.

The place that had been shot by the Eunryeonhoe was now occupied and used by the Geumcheonhoe.

“Meet the lord.”

When Jang Chun-hwa returned, the warriors guarding the main gate greeted them with a loud voice.

Zhang Chunhua nodded nonchalantly and walked past them and went inside.


Upon arriving at the residence, Zhang Wuji greeted him.

They were two people who looked about the same age.

Jang Chun-hwa asked his son who looked just like him.

“What’s going on?”

“I have something to report.”

“report? I would have told you to take care of it yourself.”

“I still feel like I should know.”

“It must be pretty serious.”

“That’s right.”

“Let’s go inside.”

Chang Chun-hwa passed Zhang Wu-geuk and entered Daejeon.

Zhang Wuji cautiously followed him.

Jang Chun-hwa said while sitting on the throne.

“So what’s going on?”

“The movements of the remnants of the Union Association have been detected.”


“It’s not just a remnant. It seems that Shaolin Temple and some other sects are cooperating.”

“hmm! In the end, it turns out as expected. Strong people always fight against each other, but when a big threat comes, they hold hands and fight.”

Chang Chun-hwa had a calm expression, as if he wasn’t surprised at all.

This is because they have already experienced first-hand that strong people united and fought against God.

At the time, he was still young and had little influence on the situation. However, I watched with my own two eyes how strong people united and fought against each other. So I thought it would be the same this time too.

Chang Chun-hwa said to his son.

“You will take care of this on your own.”

“Are you leaving it to me?”

“If I don’t trust my son, who will I trust? I will give you full power.”

“thank you.”

“Take care of it perfectly instead. Once you have decided to use your hands, you will not be able to tolerate even the smallest circumstances.”

“All right.”

Zhang Muji lowered his head and replied.

“I don’t know if you haven’t drawn your sword, but since you’ve drawn your sword, wield it properly.”

“I will keep your advice in mind.”

“If necessary, you can use the power of Cheonmujang.”


“Your ego isn’t that important. What really matters is winning at any cost. No matter how good the process is, if you lose, it is the human heart of the world that you will eventually be forgotten. History only remembers the victors, no one remembers the process.”

“All right. Then, I will borrow some of Cheonmujang’s power.”

“Do it.”

“I’ll just go away.”

Zhang Wu-geuk took a hug and went outside.

Jang Chun-hwa, who was left alone, closed his eyes.

Just closing my eyes reminded me of Master.

The only one who gave the brothers a chance and led them, who lived a harsh life as orphans.

People still remember him as a demon. However, Go Geom-wol, who remained in his memory, was more polite and dignified than anyone else.

Gogomwol called him quietly one day and said.

“If I lose my life in this war, it will be because of Lee Gwak. But you shouldn’t blame him.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It is because of his character. He is upright and knows how to have mercy on the weak. You must use his character. So whatever the outcome, you should never blame him.”

“It is too difficult for a disciple.”

“Nature will find out.”


“If things go according to my plan and Mujang Cheon settles down in Gangho, then from then on, I will live quietly. We will have to live like that for at least two generations.”

After saying that, Goh Geomwol closed his eyes.

His anguished expression was still clearly etched in Chang Chun-hwa’s mind.


When I was alone like this, I especially missed him.

He killed his master with his own hands.

The world did not know, but he committed immorality.

I sometimes think about it.

At that time, I wondered what would have happened if I had disobeyed the order of Gogumwol and just watched.

“I’m sorry, Master. It just doesn’t fit my way of holding my breath. I’m sorry I couldn’t follow Master’s instructions.”

Dust piled up on his shoulders, which did not even move the slightest like a stone statue.


Namgung-jin came out thousands of times with his troops.

After the death of his father, Namgung Yu-Geom, he rose to the post of chief of thousands of associations.

The younger brothers, Namgung Seol and Namgung Wol, had enemies in the Eunryeonhoe, so he was the only one who had the qualifications to ascend to the thousands of ranks.

Even if the two younger brothers had remained in the thousands of circles, he would have become the master of thousands of circles in the end.

That’s how great his ability was.

Namgung-jin said while looking at the thousands of leaders surrounding him.

“Let’s hurry because we have to go to Lake Poyang within three days.”

“we are running out of time. I don’t know if I’m moving too fast.”

Namgung-jin spoke firmly at the elder Iljango’s cautious words.

“Unryeonhoe and Shaolin Temple also said they would arrive at Lake Poyang within three days. You must not arrive later than them.”


“To avenge my father and keep the world safe, we must arrive within three days. Only then can we unite with the Eunryeonhoe and the like to defeat the abominable Geumcheonhoe. Could it be that they were the successors of Shin-Pro-Ryun? It can be so heinous…”

Namgung-jin’s jaw muscles twitched.

It was only recently that it was discovered that Mujang Cheon was the successor to Shin Ma-ryun, who stained Kang-Ho with blood decades ago.

You don’t know how absurd and absurd I was when I heard that story from Namgungwol.

The story was so unrealistic that I thought Namgoongwol was telling lies. However, Namgungwol also heard the story from Lee Geomhan. He had no reason to lie. In a way, it was like Gwangmumun’s original sin.

This wouldn’t have happened in the first place if Gwangmumun’s inspector Lee Gwak hadn’t saved Jang Cheonhwa.

Anger surged up at Gwangmumun, who neglected to let the situation happen. But now was not the time to vent my anger on them.

First of all, they had to destroy Geumcheonhoe and Cheonmujang.

That was the reason he accepted the Union Federation’s proposal.

“I compete.”

Thousands of elite troops began to move at the command of Namgungjin.

The journey to Poyang Lake was smoother than expected.

Namgoongjin thought it was natural.

This is because thousands of movements and travel routes were very stealthy.

To hide the fact that thousands of unmanned people were moving, they split their forces into hundreds and moved covertly.

Some moved by boat, others disguised themselves as caravans or flags.

Namgung-jin chose a boat as a means of transportation.

He borrowed the entire large Unma Dogangseon and carried three hundred unmanned people thousands of times.

The troops he led directly were the best of thousands of times.

The warriors who were selected and trained by their father, Namgung Yu-geom, boasted of one-to-one feats.

They were all vengeful.

Because he studied martial arts himself, he had no choice but to be very loyal to Namgung Yu-geom. The anger at the loss of Namgung Yugeom was directed at Geumcheonhoe and Cheonmujang.

‘Abominable thousand armed b*stards.’

‘I will definitely kill them and avenge the Lord.’

In their hearts, they vowed to avenge Namgung Yu-geom.

The boat sailed leisurely up the Yangtze River.

The journey to Geumcheonhoe was smooth.

He didn’t show any movement, probably because he hadn’t been able to get any information from the Golden Temple yet.

As the Geumcheonhoe did not show any movement for two days, the tension of the thousands of warriors aboard the ship gradually eased.

Namgoong-jin said that you should never be vigilant, and thousands of warriors responded that they would do the same, but as cotton absorbs water, a loophole was created in their minds.

The accident happened then.


Thousands of times with a roar, the ship on which the unmanned people were riding shuddered greatly.

Thousands of unsuspecting warriors fell to the deck in shock.



The warriors got up quickly and ran to the player.

The player was badly broken as if he bumped into something.

“What is this?”

“Why is the boat here empty?”

It was a fairly large ship that broke the bow of the Unma Dogangseon.

A ship that had flowed somewhere collided with a ship on the Unma Island.

However, instead of people, only heavy objects such as rocks and trees were loaded onto the boat. As a result, the damage to the Unmado River Ship increased even more.

Water was leaking from the broken bow.

“Come on, scoop up the water.”

“We need to move the boat to the river. You have to move while it is still afloat.”

Thousands of unmanned soldiers made a fuss and struggled to rectify the situation. However, despite their efforts, the water flowing into the boat did not decrease at all.

At this rate, the ship would soon sink.

Namgoong-jin had to make a decision.

“Drove the boat to the river.”


The sailors answered and drove the boat to the river.

Namgoongjin’s face twisted.

“There’s no way a ship like that would appear by accident. Someone must have been playing tricks.”

The boat carrying the rocks and wood had already sunk and disappeared.

When the ship sank, the people on board had to jump out, but not a single person showed up.

It meant that it was an empty boat in the first place.

There was almost no chance of an empty boat drifting along the river and accidentally bumping into an Unmado riverboat.

It was clear that someone had intentionally let it flow into the course of the Unma Dogangseon.

“damn! I was careless.”

If I had looked straight ahead, this wouldn’t have happened. It was because it was only necessary to find an empty boat flowing in first and turn the course slightly.

It was then.

A group of unmanned soldiers suddenly appeared on the riverside where the Unmado River Line was headed.

“They are thousand armed soldiers.”

“Enemies are waiting.”

There were hundreds of unmanned soldiers all radiating unusual momentum. Thousands of unmanned soldiers saw the flags they were holding and recognized their identity.

On the flags they were holding, the three words “Cheonmujang” were clearly written on them.

Namgoongjin gritted his teeth.

“As expected, it was the thousand armed forces.”

His gaze turned to the warrior who radiated the strongest momentum in the midst of the warriors of Cheonmujang.

It was a middle-aged soldier with a beard all over his face.

The developed upper body told me that he was a master of martial arts.

“You came here too. Let this evil master deal with you.”

The middle-aged man’s name is Musang Ak.

He was one of the five masters of Cheonmujang.

He smiled at Namgoongjin.

Namgoongjin’s face darkened.

It wasn’t that I was afraid of the evil.

What he fears is that not only thousands of times, but also other clans advancing to Poyang Lake may have faced the same situation.

If they were already preparing a countermeasure, the disadvantage was the munpa allied with the union association.

Namgoongjin shouted.

“We need to let people know that there are ambushes in other factions as well.

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