Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 638

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 638

Episode 638

There was a secret room in the basement of the Unknown Field.

It was a very large and dark space.

The space where not a single light leaked in was filled with only darkness.

A thick darkness that is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish even from an inch ahead filled the basement of the Nameless Field.

Pyowol walked in the dark.

Darkness obscured his vision, but his eyes could clearly see the scenery around him.

In the darkness, there was a cover for a person to hide.

As if the ruins of the city were moved there, the remains are filling the underground space.

As Pyowol entered the underground space, black shadows rose from all over the ruins.

The black shadows, perfectly assimilated with the darkness of the underground, glared at the moon that invaded their space.


They drew their weapons and approached Pyowol.

There was no sound or sign.

They completely erased their presence and approached Pyowol like ghosts. And without warning, he attacked Pyowol.

Even though he wielded the weapon, it didn’t even come out.

It even erased the sound of pagong with history.

The sword and the memorization flew to Pyowol.

Pyowol also noticed that fact. But I didn’t stop walking.

At that moment, the suhonsa stretched out and blocked the weapon aimed at the throat.

Cagaga River!

The groom and the weapons collided.

Pyowol ricocheted the sword, deflected the sword, and slammed the sword away. Still, he never stopped walking.

The black shadows didn’t stop attacking either.

They secretly approached Pyowol and launched a wave of attacks. Still, he didn’t make a sound.



The suhonsa hit the black shadows one after another.

The shadows that allowed the attack bounced back and hit the wall.

I could have screamed when I was shocked, but not a single groan came out.

In an instant, the ranks of the Black Shadow Corps collapsed.

However, black shadows poured out endlessly like ants.

They turned like a wheel and attacked Pyowol.

In response, Pyo-wol pulled out all the suhonsa.

At the end of the marriage ceremony, there were ten ghost rains hanging.

Kagaga River!

The weapons of the ghost rain and black shadows collided.

The sound of weapons clashing shook the darkness.

The black shadows were like black tidal waves.

Even if it collided with the Pyowol and was broken and scattered, it soon united again and attacked.

Their attacks were ruthless.

If you were a normal unmanned person, you would have died from their attacks dozens of times more. However, Pyowol was not an ordinary soldier.

His eyes saw through the darkness, and his ears caught every faint sound in the darkness.

The skin detects the minute flow of air and grasps the opponent’s movements in advance.

The black shadows moved silently and secretly, but their movements were vividly pictured in Pyowol’s mind.

The offensive of the black shadows was truly frightening.

They mobilized all means to kill Pyowol.

A trap was laid in advance where Pyowol’s footsteps were heading, and all sorts of memorizations were arranged.

Pew pew pew pew!

The memorization was launched.

From feathered arrows to poisoned daggers and rainwater springs, all of them were mobilized.

Pyowol destroyed all of those attacks one by one.

The offensive of the black shadows became more powerful as time went on.

Pyowol’s hand movements against him also became faster.



The suhonsa hit the black shadow one after another.

The struck black shadow tumbled across the floor.

Pyowol’s steps slowed down little by little.

That is because the black shadows tenaciously held the pyowol and stretched.

Now, taking one step forward is harder than taking ten steps in the beginning. It was like walking through heavy water.

Pyowol also felt that it was too much to move forward.

Still, Pyowol did not stop and moved on.

Little by little, slowly…

That was then.

Suddenly, the floor Pyowol was stepping on collapsed.

Pyowol lost his balance for a moment and stumbled.

Without missing the gap, two black shadows attacked.

The speed and power history were different from the other black shadows.

Their swords penetrated the shields of the moon and almost reached their necks. If he pushed the sword a little further like this, he could have taken Pyowol’s life.


However, their swords could not extend any further and were blocked by the suhonsa.

Black shadows wide open eyes.

The moon’s fists were lodged in their abdomens.


It was jade.

The energy released through the fists penetrated their abdomens.

The two of them bounced back with their eyes wide open.

I couldn’t even open my mouth from the pain of dismantling my whole body.

It was as if my intestines were being torn to shreds.

Pyowol walked past them. And finally, after breaking through all the black shadow attacks, we arrived at the place we were aiming for.


At that moment, a light came on in the basement.

The torches hanging on the wall like decorations caught fire.

Under the light, the entire view of the basement was revealed.

The black shadows that collapsed and wriggled around the ruins were the Assassins of the Black World.

The assassins soon came to their senses and rose to their feet.

Their eyes, looking at the moon, were full of awe.

After settling down here, they fought Pyowol every single day.

If it reached its destination, they lost, and if it was stopped, they won.

The assassins attacked with the determination to kill the real Pyowol.

They applied all the killing techniques they had learned so far to Pyowol.

It was Pyowol, who was called the death god.

There was no way to take care of the circumstances in your hands.

They attacked the pyowol with all their might, and the pyowol broke all of their attacks.

It was a losing streak.

The Assassins of Black World couldn’t overcome Pyowol and lost day after day.

Hundreds of people rushed in, but the situation did not change at all.

I lost and collapsed every day.

I could understand because the opponent was the opponent.

However, being defeated is a day or two, and as I lose every day, at some point, I have come.

From then on, they studied to kill Pyowol.

I studied Pyowol’s martial arts and killing methods and figured out what the loopholes were.

Pyowol was also human.

He was a perfect assassin, but not omnipotent.

Clearly, there were flaws in him.

The assassins intensively attacked the loophole of Pyowol.

It wasn’t once or twice that Pyo-wol also felt the danger of death in the persistent attack like a poisonous snake.

However, through this process, Pyowol identified his weaknesses and perfected them.

Pyowol’s method of killing became more and more perfect.

However, it did not mean that the Black Assassins did not have any income.

Their killing methods also went up a few steps.

Hundreds of assassins were reborn as the best assassins in the Gangho.

Among them, Sayoung and Noeahn were the ones who earned the most income.

Those who attacked Pyowol at the end were the two.

They really made great progress, to the point where there was no one to beat except for Pyowol and Hongyeseol.

It was then.

“Poisonous b*stard! I lost to you today.”

“You are wonderful.”

A stooped man and an old man with a cane appeared from the other side of the moon.

It was Sogyeoksan and Salno.

It was these two people who commanded the Black Assassins.

They served as the brains of the assassins.

Even though the two commanded, they ultimately failed to subdue Pyowol.

The sense of desolation felt by Sogyeoksan was beyond words.

On the other hand, Salno made a natural expression.

“He is also a genius. It seems that you have reached the point of absolute perfection.”

“I only do this much for training.”

“If you do, will you no longer be able to practice?”

“Now it seems that we have all reached the stage where we can climb through training.”

“I think so too.”

The Assassins of the Black World have all grown to their limits.

In order to break through the limit line blocking their growth, there was no other way than to be put into practice.

It was the same with the moon.

Everything that can be obtained in the underground space has been obtained.

Spending more time here was just a waste of time.

Pyowol said.

“All training here is over. Everyone go outside and get enough rest for three days.”

Salno relayed his orders to the assassins.

“Did you hear? The Most High gave them three days of rest. Everyone, go out and eat your fill and get some rest.”

Every single thing!

After the assassins silently took the gun, they left the underground space in an instant.

Pyowol and Salno Sogyeoksan also came out.

I entered the underground space at night, but it was already bright.

After staying in the dark for a long time, I came out and the sun hurt my eyes. However, all three trained their eyes and were able to endure this level of pain.

Adapting to the sunlight was quick.

As soon as I opened my eyes, the pain disappeared like a lie.

They saw unexpected figures standing in front of them.

It was Hong Ye-seol and Hong Yu-shin.

However, it was strange that the two people’s expressions were red.

Pyowol asked them.

“What is going on?”


“An unexpected person came to visit.”

Judging from the expressions on the faces of the two, it was clear that an unexpected visit was coming.

Both Hong Ye-seol and Hong Yu-sin had iron and steel talk, so they didn’t blink an eye at anything. If the two of them made such expressions at the same time, it was certain that an unexpected person had entered.

Pyowol said.

“Guide them.”

“Phew! Please follow me.”

Hong Ye-seol took the lead.

Sogyeoksan and Salno fell out on their own.

They were people who showed their faces and did nothing good.

It was best to hide as if it didn’t exist at all.

Pyo-wol took only Hong Ye-seol and Hong Yu-shin into the room where the visitors were.

Three people were sitting in the room.

One of them saw the moon and hurriedly stood up.

“Top Daehyeop!”

Namgungwol was the one who took possession of Pyowol.

“Long time no see.”


When the Union Association collapsed, Namgungwol also disappeared.

It was a union meeting that came out half of one’s will and half of others.

It was because he had such great regrets that he went to Lake Poyang to grasp the situation as soon as he heard the news of the crushing defeat.

Pyo-wol’s eyes turned to the two people who came with Namgung-wol. Then the two got up and pretended to be eggs.

“Long time no see.”

The first person to say hello was someone Pyowol knew.

“Lee Geomhan!”

“Sorry for coming all of a sudden.”

Namgungseol was the one who apologized next to Lee Geomhan.

Both of them had haggard faces.

Pyowol said.

“You were alive.”

“It’s a shame, but I’m keeping my life.”

“It was just a strategic retreat. There is no problem with the new image.”

The attitudes of the two were different.

Lee Geom-han had a bitter smile and Namgung-seol had a confident expression as if nothing was wrong.

Pyowol looked at Namgungwol.

“Looks like you guided me.”

“sorry. I couldn’t help it either. They said they would have to see Pyo Dae-hyeop.”

“me? why?”

“I will tell you that.”

Namgungseol stepped forward.

Pyowol sat down on a chair and said.

“say it.”

“I need your help.”


“yes! To be precise, we need your help and the assassins who follow you.”

“What do you need us for?”

“We are going to destroy the Geumcheonhoe.”


Namgungseol looked straight into Pyowol’s eyes and said.

“yes! We’re going to launch an all-out assault soon. We need your help to bring down the Golden Heaven and restore the Union. Please help me. I trust you will not refuse.”

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