Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 637

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 637

Episode 637

The hot sunlight was beating down.

I wanted to move from winter to spring, but the season was already preparing to skip to summer.

It’s the same sunlight, but it felt stronger on the beach.

The sunlight reflected off the surface of the water, hurting people’s eyes.

Because of that, people living by the sea always squinted their eyes. Otherwise, the sun will damage your eyes.

People walking down the street with frowns looked up at the tall wall of the manor blocking their way.

It was a manor without even a sign board.

The walls seemed to be three or four times taller than a person’s height, and they were lined up so that the end could not be seen.

It was a newly built manor.

The scale of the manor was so large that it took a good amount of time to go around the fence.

“When did this manor come into being?”

“I’m sure there wasn’t a manor like this a few months ago, right?”


People looked at the suddenly built manor with a curious expression.

I knew that the manor was being built, but I really didn’t know that it would be completed in such a short period of time.

“Who is the owner?”

“Because you don’t show your face…”

Who the owner of the manor is is not known at all. I didn’t even know what kind of people lived in the manor.

It was said that it was a place where high-ranking officials had gone home, and there were rumors that a military man had settled there. But I wasn’t sure about any of it.

What is certain is that this manor is supported by Haewonjang, the first generation of Haemun.

For some reason, it was known that Haewonjang paid a huge cost when building this manor.

At first, I thought Haewonjang was moving to a new base. However, even after the manor was completed, the members of Haewonjang did not leave their residence.

That means that those who will soon move into the new manor are other people than the people of Haewonjang.

People were very curious about the people who entered the new manor, but no one could find out who the people living in the manor were.

People called a manor that did not even have a sign board hung on it as an unnamed manor. And I hoped that one day the owner of the unknown field would show up.

At that time, a person approached the front door of the nameless field.

I couldn’t recognize his face because he was wearing a mask, but judging from his body shape and the condition of his skin exposed through his clothes, it was clear that he was a young man.

People passing by the unknown field thought the young man would be kicked out. This is because all those who had approached the unknown field out of curiosity were kicked out in a miserable manner.

However, contrary to people’s expectations, the front door of the nameless farm opened wide, and the man went inside safely.


“Who are you?”

The people’s absurd eyes were stuck on the man’s back.


At that moment, the front door of the nameless field was firmly closed again.

Only then did the man take off the banglib he was wearing on his head.

“after! It’s huge.”

The man who exclaimed while looking around the inside of the manor was Hong Yu-shin.

Hong Yu-shin stuck out his tongue at the panoramic view of the manor on a huge scale.

I had seen quite a few manors in Gangho, but it was the first manor with a large interior like this.

However, the inside of the manor was very desolate.

Other manors usually have dozens of buildings decorated with large hills, ponds, and all kinds of well-grown plants. However, there were few such things in the nameless field.

There were only four pavilions suitable for people to stay, and the rest of the space was filled with various facilities that were hard to guess.

Among them, the most outstanding thing was the structure that seemed to have moved the street as it was.

There were no people, but the streets of a certain city were reproduced as they were.

These structures were not alone.

Hong Yoo-shin was surprised to see the structure.

“what? You moved the Poyang Lake Street as it is.”

“What are you surprised about? You’d just pass out looking downstairs.”

Then a woman in a red silk dress approached and said,

“ah! Sojeo Hong.”

Hong Yu-shin recognized the woman’s identity at once.

She was Hong Ye-seol.

“welcome. It’s been a while?”

“It seems like I will see you in three or four months. How were you?”

“As you can see, I’m doing well.”

“I’m glad. What are all these anyways? Why did you set up a street in the manor?”

“I made it because I needed it all.”

“Are there more of these things underground?”


Hong Ye-seol smiled and blurted out his words. However, her expression alone convinced Hong Yu-shin that his guess was correct.


He shook his head and walked along Hong Ye-seol.

Even in broad daylight, there was no sign of a person in the manor. But Hong Yu-shin knew.

That there are people in the manor.

Quite a few of them also resided in the manor.

However, the fact that they couldn’t detect any signs was proof that they were moving so secretly.

Hong Ye-seol guided Hong Yu-shin to the palace.

“You have to step only where I step. Otherwise, the organ works.”

“Have you installed an institution?”

“I installed only simple things. I didn’t have time.”

“You managed to create a place like this in a short amount of time.”

“It would have been impossible without the support of Haewonjang.”

Hong Ye-seol smiled.

While Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol passed through Shaolin Temple and the shaman faction, Tarha, the lord of Haewon, built a huge manor on the outskirts of Haemun and presented it as a gift.

There was also a manor that was used previously, but it was too small for all the Assassins of the Black World to live in. So he built a new huge manor.

Pyowol brought Hong Ye-seol and the assassins of the Black World to this place. and so far

He was trapped in the underground space and trained black assassins or learned martial arts.

Because of that, even though he had already visited him several times, Hong Yu-shin never saw his face.

“Can I see you today?”

“You came at just the right time. It just came out today.”

“is it so?”

Hong Yu-shin was delighted.

Pyowol’s dwelling place was inside the largest hall. However, it did not use the entire seal.

His residence was only a part of the space in the palace.

The moment Hong Yu-sin entered the hall, he felt stuffy as if he had entered a secret room.

Hong Yuxin was the chief inspector of Haomen and possessed strong martial arts. However, the atmosphere inside the palace was so calm that even he felt severe pressure.

The room was dark without a common lamp, and not a single sound of breathing could be heard.

It was as if no one was there.

But Hong Yu-shin knew that was not the case.

Although invisible, many eyes were watching him.

It was not just speculation, it was certainty.

The tickling feeling of ants crawling on his skin made his conviction stronger.

I suddenly became curious.

‘How many assassins are hiding in here?’

It was then.


Hong Ye-seol awakened his thoughts.

When I came to my senses, I looked ahead and saw a door that was firmly closed.

Hong Ye-seol said to the inside.

“Daeju Hong has arrived.”

“come in!”

Immediately after that, the voice of Pyowol was heard.

In an instant, Hong Yu-shin felt goosebumps all over his body.

Just listening to Pyowol’s voice is how the body reacts in its own way.

It was an ordinary voice that did not contain any violence or coercion. Even so, the body felt the fear first.

I’ve looked at Pyowol countless times, but this was the first time this happened.


Hong Yu-shin’s eyes trembled.

It was before I even saw the moon. Even so, the change in Pyowol was felt.

I still don’t know how or what has changed, but it’s clear that something has changed.

Finally, the door opened and I saw Pyowol sitting inside.

Pyo-wol was sitting on a bed with supplements spread at an angle.


There was an existence that wrapped around the body of such a Pyowol and played.

The existence whose entire body was covered with red scales was Gwia.

Meanwhile, Guia’s scales turned redder and her body grew larger. Also, the horns on his head grew bigger.

It looked more like a serpent than a snake now.

‘It’s a precious thing.’

The moment Hong Yu-sin saw Gwi-a, he felt an eerie feeling.

Demonic spirits that can never be felt in ordinary spiritual objects were transmitted.

Pyowol no longer hid her ghost.

Now, everyone in his aides knew that Pyo-wol carried ghosts.

Hong Yu-shin tried to say hello with a calm expression.

“Long time no see.”

“You seem to have lost weight?”

“I’ve been missing a bit since I haven’t been able to eat my meals on time these days.”

“You must be very busy.”

“Phew! I can’t take my eyes off Kang-ho’s trend even for a moment because I don’t know what will happen.”

“I guess.”

Pyowol shook his head.

It has already been several months since Geumcheonhoe seized the hegemony of Gangho.

Traditional powerhouses such as the Shaolin Temple and the Shaman School completely stopped their activities, and the sects that cooperated with the Golden Temple filled their vacant positions.

As the days passed, the influence of the Geumcheonhoe grew, and there was no faction or faction to match.

Now, the world of the Golden Heaven has been opened.

A world ruled by Zhang Wu-geuk.

That was the current strong point.

The number of people who swore allegiance was increasing day by day, even without Zhang Wujie’s effort.

Hong Yu-shin was aware of the identities of those joining the Geumcheonhoe in the shadows. It was a situation where even ten bodies were not enough to keep an eye on them all.

“What about Geumcheonhoe?”

“It looks like a monster.”


“Perhaps a giant group that is unique to Gangho may be born.”

“Is that enough?”

“There is no force to check, so they are expanding their power to their heart’s content. They haven’t invaded the territory of the traditional clans yet, but when they grow older, they might even eat them all.”

Even the subtle fear was felt in Hong Yu-shin’s voice.

It was the first time he had shown such fearful feelings.

That’s why I feel a great sense of danger.

Pyowol asked.

“What about Chang Chun-hwa?”

“I led Cheonmujang’s elite and entered Poyang Lake.”


“I am not doing anything. I have entrusted everything to Zhang Wu-geuk and am stuck in my heart.”

It would not have been such a headache if he had revealed his ambition to dominate the powerhouse.

If so, they would have defined it as an enemy and responded.

The problem is that Chang Chun-hwa doesn’t really do anything.

It’s like someone who has no interest in the outside world.

So I couldn’t figure out how to respond.

That was the reason Hong Yu-shin came to Pyo-wol.

Even so, I want to express my frustration.

I couldn’t show this weakness to others.

In any case, he was the chief inspector of Haomen.

Although there was Hao Munju, he could not be affected by Hong Yushin in terms of influence.

To that extent, Hong Yu-sin was recognized by Hao-mundo, and on the contrary, the tendency of Hao-mun-ju was not suitable for going through this difficult time.

That is why he dares to visit Pyowol from far away and confesses his stuffy feelings.

“You look very cramped.”

“How about Pyo Daehyeop? Is it okay to be stuck in the manor like this?”

“Because I’m used to it.”

“To do…”

From Pyo-wol’s point of view, there was nothing cramped.

Compared to the communal life underground hundreds of feet deep without sunlight, the current situation was no different from a comfortable vacation.

Of course, the assassins living together wouldn’t think so.

Pyowol said.

“Since we’ve come a long way, get some rest and we’ll talk again tomorrow.”

“Can we talk today?”

“It’s already scheduled.”

“You mean in the basement?”


Pyowol smiled silently.

Hong Yu-shin was convinced that his guess was correct.

“Can I go with you too?”

“If you go in, you die.”


“If you want to die, you can follow me.”

In an instant, Hong Yu-shin’s face hardened.

It was because he realized that Pyowol’s words were the truth.

Pyowol smiled at the frozen man.

“If that’s not the case, I’ll stay here. Personally, I’d recommend the latter.”

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