Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 636

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 636

Episode 636


As if an earthquake had occurred, the entire volcano let out a cry.

The rocks supporting the volcano shook as if they would fall off at any moment, and leaves were scattered.

The Volcano Squad’s guru’s eyes widened at the unbelievable sight.

This is because all these phenomena were triggered by the confrontation between the two.

It was Jacheong Jinin and Jang Cheonhwa.

The two were fighting swords as they ran across the volcano as if it were their own courtyard.

Kaaang! Kang!


Every time they clashed their swords, the shockwaves generated destroyed the area.

Huge boulders were shattered and old trees that had endured for a thousand years were blown away.

Beasts that lived in the volcano jumped out in surprise at the sudden disaster, and birds soared high into the sky.

Doo doo!

A vibration reverberated throughout the volcano as if the entire mountain were moving.

Whoa! Whoa!

Every time the two swords collided, the air above the volcano shook like mad.

“oh my god! How can humans do such an inaction…”

The faces of Zigong Jinin and the Volcano Sect masters were full of fear.

Now Jacheong Jinin was showing off his inaction beyond his original skills.

Just as a candle burns itself to light a fire, Jacheong Jinin was also increasing the power of swordsmanship by burning everything in himself.

It would never have been used under normal circumstances.

It’s not a method suitable for the volcanic faction.

A self-proclaimed true man was using a technique that would be used by a munpa or martial artist walking the apostles.

It also meant acknowledging the gap with the opponent.


Jacheong Jinn let out a groan.

There was a light stain of blood on his lips.

This is because they have already suffered significant internal injuries from repeated clashes.

‘How can a human being have such power?’

He looked at Jang Chun-hwa, who was swinging his sword, with eyes full of disbelief.


It was simply a stabbing sword.

Even the sword, the symbol of absolute adherence, was not young.

Even so, Jacheong Jin-in felt great fear.

Only the person who bumped into it could know the power of that sword.

The strength to break the mountains and push the sea was contained in a small sword.

Jacheong Jinin had never seen such a swordsman.

It felt like a mere human being with such tremendous power was defying the providence of nature.

At that time, Jang Chun-hwa, who was fiercely attacking, opened his mouth.

“Awesome. Volunteer Jinin! Of all the warriors I’ve dealt with, you have the martial arts that are within three fingers. Indeed, it deserves to be called Volcano’s No. 1 Sword.”

“It’s an honor. But I am not happy at all.”

Jacheong Jinin responded by swinging his sword fiercely.

In fact, it was very difficult to even say this.

It was because Jang Chun-hwa’s sword power was increasing more and more. However, I did not want to appear weak, so I forced myself to answer.

Zhang Chun-hwa smiled at the appearance of such a self-proclaimed Jin-in.

The age difference between Jacheong Jinin and him was not that great. Still, it was clear that they were juniors walking the same path.

I wanted to show my juniors who had reached this level as a senior.

“Do your best. I will do my best too.”


Jacheong Jin-in responded courageously and concentrated all his energy on the sword.

In an instant, the glow of the sunset overflowed from his sword.

The energy of the sunset took the sword body and wrapped itself around Jacheong Jinin.

The volcanic faction masters who saw it shouted.

“It’s Jahajingong (紫霞神功).”

“Are you trying to unleash a one-character sword?”

Expectations flashed on the faces of the guru.

Il Ja Hye Sword was the best swordsman of the Volcano Sect based on Ja Ha Gong.

If you complete Jahagong, you can unleash the glow of the sunset, and if you inject it into the sword, a glow of the sunset will be created.

This was the Zaha Geomgang.

Il Ja Hye Sword was the best swordsman of the Volcano Sect with Jaha Sword.

Once unfolded, it not only consumes all of the internal strength of the body, but also puts a huge burden on the body. For that reason, I had to train for three or four months.

Self-proclaimed Jin-in unfolded such a one-of-a-kind sword with all his might.

I bet everything on this one move.

your own life too.

The honor of the volcanic faction, too.


The sunset-colored sword was swung toward Chang Chun-hwa.

Responding to him, Cheonhwa Jang also swung his sword.


The volcanic wave masters heard the sound of something being cut.

It was a sound so clear that it sent chills down the spine.

At that moment everything stopped.

Atmospheric fluctuations.

The escape of beasts.

And even the flow of time seemed to have stopped.

The masters forgot to even breathe and looked at Chang Chun-hwa and Jacheong Jin-in.

Fu Chemistry!

At that moment, blood gushed from Jacheong Jinin’s chest.

The blood that rose high in the air quickly fell again, staining Jacheong Jinin’s body red.

A deep cut had formed in his chest.

Jacheong Jinin looked at his chest for a moment, then raised his head and looked at Zhang Chunhua.

Zhang Chunhua, on the other hand, did not suffer any injuries.

He tried his best to unleash the sword, but it did not reach Jang Chun-hwa.

Jacheong Jinin barely opened his mouth.

“No…a sword?”

“I know, too.”

“It is an honor. Still, I got to see the intangible sword at the end.”

Intangible sword.

It is not a level that can be seen with the n.a.k.e.d eye, like a sword or a strong qi.

So, it was a legendary state that even doubted whether it really existed.

At least, it was the intangible sword that no one in the present era had ever seen.

“Really… did Jang Dae-hyeop rise to the level of an intangible sword?”


The volcanic faction masters were astonished.

It was because it was literally a legend.

It was then.


Jacheong Jinin, who was barely holding on, collapsed and did not move.

it’s out of breath

It was the moment when the volcanic first sword collapsed.

Even in the face of his death, the volcanic wave masters could not show their sadness. This is because Jang Chun-hwa is still standing.

He approached Zigong Qin.

Zigong Qinyin looked at Zhang Tianhua and said.

“The Volcanic First Sword has fallen into your hands. Do you still think you are lacking?”

“All I want is for the volcanic wave to stay in Shaanxi.”

“Are you saying we should pretend we didn’t see what Cheonmujang did or what Jang Daehyeop did?”

“Accurate. The fate of the Volcano Wave depends on your choice.”

If someone else had said this, Zigong Jin-in would have rushed with the determination to be imprisoned.

I don’t know anything else, but it’s because I can’t stand insulting the volcanic faction. However, the anger had to explode while covering the opponent.

The opponent was Jang Chun-hwa.

Jang Chun-hwa himself was a master of the intangible sword, but he was also the master of the Cheonmu-jang, who could be said to be the best in the world.

If you fight Jang Cheonhwa here, you will soon be in an all-out war with Cheonmujang.

Zigong Jinyin had to decide.

Either fight Chang Cheon-hwa with the determination to destroy the Volcano faction, or cover up Jin-in’s death by voluntarily.


Zigong Jinyin broke his teeth.

In my mind, I wanted to run into Jang Chun-hwa right away. However, he was the leader of the volcano faction.

He had to prioritize the safety of the Volcano faction over his own emotions.

‘If you run at him now, the Volcano Wave will be defeated. That’s why the self-proclaimed priest also fought against Chang Tianhua alone, while admonishing him not to act recklessly.’

I had to suppress the momentary resentment and shame.

Zigong Jinyin barely opened his mouth.

“There will be no volcanic waves going out of Shaanxi in the future. As long as Jang Dae-hyeop is alive.”

“good night! I believe in the promise of the volcanic wave.”

Chang Chun-hwa turned around without regret.

A faint smile appeared on his lips.

It is to ridicule the Huashan Faction and Zigong Jinin.

‘As expected, the spirit of the volcanic faction was broken before.’

It was the Volcano faction that had tried Bongmun once because of the decline of the Moon faction.

If it had been the Volcanic Wave before Bongmun, it would never have backed down like this no matter what damage it suffered. However, one failure broke the spirit of the volcanic faction masters and made them succumb to such unreasonable pressure.

Even before he climbed the mountain, Zhang Wu-geuk knew this would happen.

‘Now there’s only one thing left to do in earnest.’

Ilgeom Jinin Namgung Yugeom Lee Chung Jacheong Jinin.

All the people who might get in the way were sorted out in his hands.

There were not too many characters left.

If you organize them, you will be qualified to challenge the best of all ages.


Rumors that the Union Association had collapsed hit the world.

At first, people did not believe this rumor.

It was because just a few days ago, the Eunryeonhoe was overwhelming the Geumcheonhoe.

Public sentiment leaned toward the Union Association, and most of the warriors who entered Gangho Daejeon joined the Union Association. Conversely, the Geumcheonhoe lost public sentiment and even its existing power was shrinking.

It was almost impossible to reverse once such a violent flow took place. So, of course, people thought that Eunryeonhoe would beat Geumcheonhoe.

Even if it takes a little time.

However, rumors that defied their expectations hit the world, and after a few days, it was revealed that these unbelievable rumors were true.

Indeed, the Geumcheonhoe won the Eunryeonhoe.

The Geumcheonhoe carried out a surprise attack in the middle of the night, and the Unryeonhoe, unable to prepare for it, collapsed without being able to respond properly.

Many died and were injured.

The damage to the Eunryeonhoe was greater, but that does not mean that there was no damage from the Geumcheonhoe.

Geumcheonhoe also suffered injuries and damages that could not be ignored.

I just won by wearing a little less than the Union League.

It was an honor that only hurt.

Anyway, the Geumcheonhoe took over the base of the Eunryeonhoe, and the survivors of the Eunryeonhoe were scattered.

Now, the world’s hegemony has definitely tilted towards the Golden Temple.

It became clear that Geumcheonhoe, who became the winner of the Great War, would lead the next era.

When the situation became like this, the merchants and merchants who had only noticed until now turned to the side of the Geumcheonhoe first.

Since they are a group that is more sensitive to profits than anyone else, they realized that profits are maximized only when they are on the side of the Geumcheonhoe.

Even if it wasn’t, the mighty military power was added to the gold power.

There was no group to stop Geumcheonhoe anymore.

If there were, there were existing strongmen such as Shaolin Temple, Shamanism, Thousands of Shamans, or Gwangmumun, but somehow they did not move.

The reason soon became clear.

All four factions lost the absolute masters who are the main axis.

In particular, the death of Lee Chung, the head of Gwangmumun, gave a great shock to the people of the world.

The death of Lee Chung was different from the deaths of other masters in terms of shock intensity.

It was Lee Cheong, who was called the absolute leader of Gwangmumun and the best place in the world.

To people, Lee Chung was not simply a martial artist with strong martial arts.

He was a huge pillar supporting the world.

A giant that supports the sky without collapsing or shaking.

That was the warrior named Lee Chung, seen by the people of the world.

The death of such Lee Cheong gave people a huge shock beyond sadness.

People were stunned by the shock of the sky collapsing.

The shock went away after a long time.

Only then did people wonder who killed the absolute warrior named Lee Chung.

The fact came to light shortly after.

Cheonmujangju Jang Cheonhwa.

It is revealed that he confronted and killed Lee Chung.

In fact, it was what most people expected.

It was because there was not even a warrior comparable to Lee Cheong except for Jang Cheon-hwa.

Jang Cheonhwa’s nickname was Gucheon Sword Demon (九天劍魔).

Regarding the sword, he was the best swordsman in the world, said to be unmatched throughout the Nine Heavens.

Only he was qualified to deal with Lee Chung.

Zhang Chunhua did not bother to hide the fact that he had killed Li Qing, so the people of the world soon found out about it.

“Chang Chun-hwa finally revealed his ambition.”

“It is clear that Zhang Chun-Hwa’s intention was that Jin-Chun Hui-Zhu Zhang Wu-Geuk moved.”

“Did you reveal your ambition to unify the world?”

People held their breath and watched Zhang Chunhua’s movements.

However, he could not find Jang Chun-hwa anywhere in the world.

Zhang Tianhua’s appearance has changed greatly since the half-roof transformation.

Because of that, only a few people knew about his appearance.

It wasn’t until long after that that people learned that Jang Cheon-hwa had returned to Banro.

He finally appeared at Lake Poyang, which was occupied by Geumcheonhoe.

He entered, being welcomed by Zhang Wu-geuk and the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe.

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