Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 635

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 635

Episode 635

A small ceremony was being held within the shaman faction.

It was the ceremony to accept Soma as a disciple.

If it was to accept an ordinary Dodong, he wouldn’t have to go through this ceremony. But Soma was no ordinary Dodong.

Although he nominally became a disciple of the Jinin of Chongjin, in fact, he was no different from the progress of the Jinin of Ilgeom.

Because of that, even the same great disciples felt a great burden at Soma’s enrollment. Even though they are the same great disciple, there is a big difference in age, and it is because Soma has already reached the absolute level.

Soma’s death was an event that can be called the greatest shock in the history of the shaman faction.

Chongjin Jinin asked Soma.

“Would you like to become a disciple of the shaman group?”

“That’s right.”

“Will you swear to become a disciple of the shaman faction and renovate yourself for the sake of the shaman sect?”

“I swear.”

“good night. I will give you the provincial name Wooyeong. Instead of your generic name Soma, use your provincial name Wooyoung from now on.”

“I will.”

“Guru Wooyoung declares that he has become one of the greatest disciples of the shaman sect as of today. You are the Primordial Heaven. Here today a new disciple walks in your path, so please shine a light on his future.”

The ceremony ended with Jinin of Chongjin telling Wonsik Cheonjon that Soma had become the Taoist Wooyeong and praying for blessings.

“Is he going to be our dormitory now?”

“It’s an absolute no-brainer at that age.”

“You’re the strongest young sasuk in history.”

The disciples of this generation scattered in whispers.

They had no choice but to react most sensitively as they accepted people who were much younger than themselves.

Normally, they would have resisted, but since the situation was at its worst, everyone agreed.

“Welcome, Priest Wooyoung.”

“Now Priest Wooyeong will be the youngest.”

“A priest whose martial arts failed. This is a burden.”

The great disciples welcomed Soma.

Soma gave them a hug and said.

“Now that I’m the youngest, please be comfortable with me.”

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve become a guru, but even the way I talk has changed.

One of the great disciples surrounded Soma and had a long conversation.

Pyo-wol was worried about what would happen if Soma didn’t get along well with the disciples of the shaman faction. But looking at them now, it seemed like there was nothing to worry about.

Unexpectedly, Soma was having a casual conversation with the disciples of the shaman faction.

It is said that a seat makes a person, and Soma was just that.

From the moment he got the name Wooyoung, he was acting and talking like a real guru.

Even his eyes changed.

Even the good spirit was felt in the eyes that were always full of life.

Pyowol was very surprised at the change in Soma.

I couldn’t understand how a person could change so drastically.

Hong Ye-seol, who was beside him, asked cautiously.

“What are you going to do now? You’re not going to stay as non-partisan like this, are you?”

“I saw Soma become a shaman’s guru, so there’s no reason for her to be here any longer.”

“Then are you going down right away?”

“It should be.”

The shaman faction was a closed door faction.

The fact that Pyo-wol was staying with the shaman faction was known, and there was nothing good about it.

Getting out as soon as possible was the way to ease the burden on Soma as well as on the non-partisans.

Pyo-wol said goodbye to So-ma right away.

“Now we will go down Wudang Mountain.”


“Please take care of yourself and see you later.”

“Your brother is doing well. I will definitely come find you.”


Soma’s respect was a little awkward. But now I had to get used to it.

Pyo-wol said goodbye to Chungjin Jin-in and the elders and left for prose.

Hong Ye-seol and Pungjon Nam Shin-wu followed him to the shamanist faction.

Fengjon asked, sticking to Pyowol.

“What are you going to do now?”

“There is a manor not far from here where the men are staying. I will go there at once.”

“Can I go too?”

“Do whatever you feel like.”

“Then I will go with you.”

Normally, Fengjon would have acted independently as soon as he came down Wudang Mountain. But now I couldn’t.

While they were staying in Wudang Mountain, they did not know what Zhang Tianhua had done.

This is because information coming from the outside was almost cut off as the shaman faction chose Bongmun.

It had only been a few days since he joined the shaman faction, but no one knew how Kang-ho’s circumstances would have changed in the meantime.

The quickest way to get information in the area was to move with Pyowol. This is because Pyowol is building its own information network using Heukgye.

The four of them headed to the manor where the Assassins of the Black Territory were temporarily staying.

It was around noon the next day when they arrived at the manor.



Noe-Eun and Sa-Young welcomed Pyo-Wol’s group.

Pyowol asked them.

“Have you received any information?”

“The union association has collapsed.”


“This is the news that came in now.”

“Did Geumcheonhoe win?”

“It seems that way under the circumstances.”

“What happened to Lee Geom-han?”

“I am looking into it. As of now, nothing is certain except that the Union Association has collapsed.”

A nervous light was evident on the face of the brain that was reporting.

It was a shocking event to the extent that the brain, which never expresses emotions in quite a few things, revealed the surprised emotions intact.

You had no idea how surprised I was when I heard this news.

Even if I tried to find out the details, it took a long time because it happened too far away.

Pyowol stepped inside and said.

“Call the leaders right now.”

“I will tell you right away.”

Noenan winked at the subordinate nearby. The subordinate lowered his head and ran to deliver Pyowol’s command.

Hong Ye-seol said with a serious expression.

“What the hell happened in the meantime? Just a few days ago, Union Reunion was definitely advantageous.”

Until they joined the shaman faction, Eunryeonhoe was overwhelming the Geumcheonhoe.

Geumcheonhoe, where public sentiment left, was unable to respond properly and was being pushed back every day. However, in just a few days, the situation has completely reversed.

It was incomprehensible to her common sense.

Fengzon said.

“Your brother must have intervened.”

“Chang Cheon-hwa?”

“okay! He started intervening in Kang-ho’s affairs in earnest. It makes no sense otherwise.”

“That makes sense.”

Pyowol shook his head.

Hong Ye-seol said to Pyo-wol.

“I will look into this matter.”

“Call Yushin Hong. He would know the details.”

“I will.”

Hong Ye-seol walked away with frequent steps.

Pyowol looked up at the sky with deeply sunken eyes.

‘Chang Cheonhwa!’


A huge mountain sticking out alone on a vast plain.

From a distance, it looks like a single mountain, but when you get closer, you can see numerous rock peaks.

Each rock peak was sharp as if a knife had been driven upside down, and its spirit was as lofty as if it would pierce through the clouds and ascend to heaven.


It was a famous mountain in Taoism and the nest of the Volcanic Sect, one of the three gates.

Volcanic faction that holds the legend of the best horse of all times and modern times.

There was a man climbing Yeonhwabong Peak, where the Volcanic Wave was located.

Not a drop of sweat appeared on the man’s face as he climbed the steep mountain road with his sword in his arms.

Normally, going up a mountain road like this would leave you breathless, but the man had no sign of that.

The man moved his steps while admiring the magnificent view of the volcano as if he were on a cruise. It seems to be taking a light walk, but every time I move my foot, I move forward five chapters.

It was light engineering that could be processed into threads.

The man passed through three hundred and seventy steep stone steps. This near-vertical road called Cheoncheokdang (千尺幢) was notorious throughout the world for being rough and rough.

After passing Cheoncheokdang, there was another small stone stairway between the cliffs called Baekcheokhyeok (百尺峡).

Baekcheokhyeop was so narrow that one adult could barely pass through, and it was very dangerous because it was vertical. It was called Baekcheokhyeop because that road continued for almost 100cheok.

It was a series of difficult roads, but the young smile on the man’s lips did not disappear.

He was genuinely enjoying the scenery.

However, his excursion did not continue.

Poof! Poof!

Taurus in uniforms jumped out from all over the volcano and blocked his way.

The man did not even blink an eye at the appearance of the guru, who all radiated sharp momentum resembling a volcano.

Rather, he looked at the guru with an expression that something had come.

An elderly guru with a thick beard stepped out from among the volcanic faction guru who stood in the way of the man.

Nodosa, who radiates extraordinary momentum, looked at the man and said.

“It is said that Rhodo is the voluntary request of the Volcano Sect. Who is the nobleman, who is coming here, scattering energy like frost from the mouth of the volcano?”

“Are you Jacheong, the greatest swordsman in Hwasan? Then I called you correctly.”

“You haven’t revealed your identity yet, have you?”

“I am Cheonmujangju Jang Cheonhwa.”


In an instant, Jacheong Jinin let out a quiet voice.

A bewildered light flashed across his face.

During the long training, I felt a sharp force as if piercing my skin.

It was clear that he deliberately radiated the momentum that only masters who reached the level of a self-proclaimed true master could feel.

The problem is that such momentum radiated from the mouth of the volcano.

A volcano was never a small mountain.

It was a gigantic mountain so vast that it was called Seoak, one of the Five Mountains under Heaven.

Representative peaks such as Joyangbong Peak, Naganbong Peak, Yeonhwabong Peak, Undaebong Peak, and Oknyeobong Peak were all seven hundred high rock peaks.

Zhang Tianhua’s momentum penetrated all of these huge volcanoes and reached Jacheong Jinin.

It was unbelievable inaction.

I couldn’t understand how a person’s momentum could be so formidable with the common sense of a self-proclaimed true man.

Jacheong Jinin asked cautiously.

“Did you say you called a rower? Do you know if it was because of the fish man that he found the Nodo?”

“I’ve been wanting to see the volcanic sphere for a long time. The fist of the volcano that gave birth to the best fist of all time. But that’s practically impossible, so I want to experience Volcano No. 1 Sword instead.”

“I am thrilled that you are visiting Nodo for that reason. However, since my reputation is only false, I don’t think I will be able to satisfy Jang Dae-hyeop’s expectations.”

“Are you avoiding my challenge?”

“As I said, Nodo is old and sick, so he can’t afford to compete with a master like Jang Dae-hyeop. So please go away.”

“An old and sick man felt my energy emanating from the mouth of the volcano? You talk nonsense that even a dog won’t laugh at.”


Jacheong Jinin showed a puzzled expression.

Zhang Chunhua took a few steps closer to him.

“If you avoid confrontation with me, the volcanic wave will be stained with blood.”


“What can I do? Would you hide behind your disciples like this? Or will you have a one-on-one battle with me?”


Jacheong Jinn sighed.

It was because he realized that avoiding a confrontation with Zhang Chunhua was impossible.

Jacheong Jinin said to Nodosa who was right next to him.

“execution! It seems that the scars are bigger than the road today. Even if I lose, do not rush to attack the author and be patient.”


“This is the priest’s last request. Please listen.”


The old master sighed.

He was Zigong Jinin, the long leader of the Huashan Sect.

Zigong Jinin had a hunch that the greatest crisis of the Volcanic Sect had arrived.

It was clear that the future of the Volcano Wave would be different depending on how to overcome today’s situation.

‘How did the volcano that gave birth to the demon come to this point?’

If the power of the fist, which is said to be the best in the world, remained intact, the power of the volcano group would have been different from now.

Unfortunately, however, Kwonma did not leave his heart to the Volcano faction. Because of this, he had to deal with a rare warrior named Jang Chun-hwa with only the sword skills of the Volcano faction.

‘okay! Let’s believe. If I don’t trust the volunteer priests, who will I trust?’

Zigong Jinyin, who made up his mind, nodded and said.

“I will follow the priest’s words.”

“thank you.”

Jiaqing Qinren turned around and walked towards Zhang Chunhua.

It was a carefree expression that threw away lingering feelings.

“Then let’s begin.”

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