Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 634

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 634

Episode 634

Lee Geom-han sat with his back against the wall and looked out the window.

His eyes, staring blankly at the window, had lost their focus, and thick incense flowed from his mouth.

In the room, the bottle of alcohol he drank was scattered around in a mess.

After receiving his father’s letter, he lived with a bottle of alcohol.

That’s how Lee Chung’s death came as a big shock to him.

I knew it shouldn’t be like this.

He was the head of a huge organization called Union Reunion, and was in a position to take responsibility for the lives of countless warriors.

If you show a disheveled or careless appearance like this, the morale of your subordinates will drop.

I knew that in my head, but my heart didn’t move.

He sincerely respected and relied on his father Lee Chung.

I admired him so much that I wanted to surpass him and succeed without his help. So he took control of the union association and led it to this point without the support of Gwangmumun.

It was all because of the desire to be recognized by his father. But now that Lee Chung is dead, his wish could never come true.


Lee Geomhan let out a sigh.

After living with alcohol for a few days, I was in a state of disrepair.

It was then.

“Black Han! may I come in?”

A familiar voice came from outside.

It was Namgungseol.

Lee Geom-han was about to refuse, but changed his mind.

“Come in.”

“Black man!”

Namgungseol frowned as he opened the door and entered.

The bottles rolling around the room and Lee Geom-han’s drunken appearance disappointed her.

Namgungseol also lost his father.

However, she did not collapse like Lee Geom-han and overcame it.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t heartbroken. Rather, the shock of the sky collapsing made it difficult even to stand up and walk. However, she overcame it because there were so many people watching her.

Namgungseol, who had been looking at Lee Geomhan for a while, opened the window wide to ventilate.

A cold wind came in through the window.

Namgoongseol said to Lee Geomhan.

“Get up now.”

“new year!”

“You were sad enough. It’s time to wake up.”


“You are not alone. If you collapse, the entire Union Federation will be shaken. So get up. For you, for me…”

Namgungseol looked down at Lee Geomhan with eyes that said he wouldn’t accept anything like a young boy.

Those eyes pierced Lee Geom-han’s chest like a dagger.

If someone else had looked at me like this, I would have snorted and ignored them. However, Namgungseol, who had the same pain, could not just ignore it.


Lee Geomhan let out a deep sigh.

He felt that it was time to end his wandering.

Lee Geom-han said while avoiding Namgung-seol’s gaze.

“Wait a moment.”

“Do not worry. Because I can wait forever.”

In response to Namgungseol’s answer, Lee Geomhan immediately took the cross-legged seat and flew into the sky.


Steam escaped through his pores.

It is to drive out the main poison with internal air.

The terrible alcohol poison that had been accumulated in the body for the past few days was discharged in an instant.

“I’m sorry.”

Lee Geom-han stood up and apologized.


“Thank you!”

“Is your mind clear?”

“To some extent…”

“I’m glad. We no longer have time to remember the dead. Now is the time to look ahead and move.”


Namgungseol secretly let out a sigh of relief. Still, it was because Lee Geom-han did not insist and listened to his words.

‘okay! That’s enough. Now that he’s come to his senses, we just have to deal with it slowly.’

Of course it won’t be easy.

Both of them lost the strongest spiritual support.

Even if they did not receive direct support, it was true that they gained great strength just by existing.

In a way, the true meaning of standing alone was beginning.

However, the beginning was just too harsh.

Lee Geom-han held out his hand.

“Thank you! For waiting.”

“I can wait longer. If it’s for you…”

Namgungseol hit his hand.

It was when the two looked at each other and smiled.

Dang dang dang!

Suddenly, an urgent bell rang in the union hall.

The complexion of the two people changed drastically.

They ran out without saying who was first.

Beyond the wall, I could see countless torches pushing toward the Union Reunion.

Soldiers carrying torches will come running.

Namgungseol said.

“It’s a golden age. They are launching an all-out offensive.”

“Why is it that they are attacking at this time?”

Lee Geomhan bit his lip.

everything was their responsibility.

While he was drunk, it was clear that Geumcheonhoe had been diligently preparing for an all-out offensive.

If he had kept his cool a little longer, he would have sensed their unusual movements.


Lee Geomhan stretched out his hand toward the wall. Then, the Tao, which had been left unattended until now, was dragged away by the Void.


After a few days of neglect, the texture of the house felt unfamiliar.

everything was his fault.

Lee Geom-han said to Namgung-seol.

“You go ahead and assess the situation and command your troops.”

“how about you?”

“If Geumcheonhoe had launched an all-out offensive, it would surely have come without a fight. We must stop him.”



“all right.”

Namgungseol accepted Lee Geomhan’s order.

She was also responsible for making the situation worse.

Lee Geom-han pushed Namgung Seol.



Namgungseol didn’t say a word and ran to the place where his subordinates were.

First of all, he had to move his subordinates to rectify the situation.

‘I can stop it. It’s not too late.’

Namgungseol muttered that and spread the light attack with all his might.

Lee Geom-han watched her walk away, then turned his gaze back to the battlefield.


A roar erupted from the front door.

Finally, the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe came.

At the forefront was an unmanned man who showed off his formidable feats.

The soldier who exudes a formidable presence alone was Jang Mu-geuk.

“Jang Wu-geuk!”

Lee Geom-han called out his name and jumped.

“Lee Geomhan!”

Jang Mu-geuk, who was fiercely swinging his sword, also looked at Lee Geom-han.


Zhang Wu-geuk flew without hesitation.


The two collided in midair.

As the sword and sword collided, a fearsome shockwave burst out.

The shock wave shattered nearby palaces and walls.


“what’s this?”

People nearby fled in fright.

It was an inaction that denied people’s common sense.

Lee Geom-han and Jang Mu-geuk landed on the floor at the same time.

The heads of the two were almost scattered from the impact of the collision.

Lee Geom-han opened his mouth.

“Have you no intentions at all? To come in the middle of the mourning.”

“I’m sorry about that. However, there are circumstances on this side as well, so I hope you understand.”


“Okay! no more excuses After all, it must have happened one day.”

Jang Mu-geuk aimed his sword at Yi Geom-han.

A terrifying spirit radiated from his whole body.

Faced head-on with the force like a storm, Lee Geom-han looked around.

The warriors of the Geumcheonhoe were pouring into the Eunryeonhoe as if a flood had burst.

The Unryeonhoe warriors were blocking it with all their might, but it was clear that they were being pushed back overall. However, among the young soldiers, disparate warriors were seen.

Lee Geom-han said while watching Jang Mu-geuk.

“Did they even bring in the warriors of Cheonmujang?”

“I couldn’t help it.”

Zhang Wu-geuk did not deny it.

A self-deprecating smile was on his face.

As Lee Geom-han said, Cheonmujang soldiers were put into this general offensive.

Without their help, it would have been impossible to neutralize the Union Federation’s surveillance system and secretly approach this place.

Thanks to this, Geumcheonhoe was able to easily approach Eunryeonhoe and insert a knife.

“I really didn’t know that the world’s martial arts would come out like this.”

“I don’t say I’m sorry. After all, history only tells the record of the victors.”

“You still talk fluently.”

“I’ll show you that it’s not just a mouthful.”


Wuji Zhang swung his sword first.

Lee Geom-han gritted his teeth and swung his sword in front of him.


In an instant, they competed for dozens of sums.

Their martial arts were whistles.

Neither one was able to completely overwhelm the other, and a tight battle ensued.

Lee Geom-han attacked Jang Moo-geuk with all his might.

Before he knew it, his Tao was difficult to cross. However, it was also Zhang Wu-geuk who brought out Kang Ki.

Jang Mu-geuk pressed Lee Geom-han, wielding a strong sword.

Cagaga River!

As the Geomgang and Dogang collided, the fragments fell off.

Although it is said to be part of the sword and river, it also had the nature of a river.


Buildings heavily affected by the strong wind collapsed like sand castles.

“help me!”


The unmanned soldiers fighting near the building freaked out and fled.

The fight between Lee Geom-han and Jang Mu-geuk was fierce and dangerous.

No one dared to approach the place where Lee Geom-han and Jang Moo-geuk were fighting.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

A continuous explosion erupted, turning the whole area upside down.

Apart from the fight between the two, the fight between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe was also fierce.

“These cowardly b*stards do a surprise attack.”

“The victim is sick.”


The voices of the people who suffered from evil echoed through the federation.

It hasn’t been long since the war started, but many people have already died.

The inside of the Union Hall was stained red with the blood shed by the people.

It was then.

“Attack the Union League guys.”


Once again, a group of unmanned soldiers broke into the union association.

It was another martial artist brought in by the Geumcheonhoe.

The war situation was unfavorable even without it, but the participation of other warriors completely tilted towards the Geumcheonhoe.


“Uh, how could this happen…”

The warriors of the Union Association hesitated and stepped back.

It was completely pushed out of momentum.

Namgungseol also noticed this.

“Move troops through the left gate.”


“There is a detached unit that has been removed, right? I mean move it to the left door.”

“I see.”

Her orders were not communicated properly.

The chain of command is broken.

In this state, it was not possible to effectively respond to Geumcheonhoe.

Namgung Seol bit his red lips until they bled and watched Yi Geom-han and Jang Mu-geuk fight.

The two of them were still fighting each other.

Maybe Lee Geom-han would win. But that won’t change the situation.

‘I have to retreat and plan for the future.’

When Namgungseol made up his mind, he put it into practice.

“Everyone retreat. Poyang Lake gives up.”

The subordinates were greatly agitated by her declaration, but they did not rebel and carried out the order because they already knew that they could not go against the trend.

‘Even while retreating, we must preserve our strength.’

Namgungseol gave orders without a break.

At her command, the warriors of the Union League fled out of the manor like the ebb tide.

Namgungseol vigorously shook his head.

‘I have to get him out safely.’

Even if the other forces are intact, if Lee Geom-han is not safe, the fight is over.

I had to get this sword out safely somehow.

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