Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 632

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 632

Episode 632

When Pyowol reached the top of Geumjeongbong Peak, the sun had already risen high in the sky. Soma was standing at the top of Geumjeongbong Peak, bathed in the scorching sun.

Soma was gazing at the world under Wudang Mountain, unaware that the moon had arrived.

Pyowol waited for a long time before opening his mouth.


“uh? brother!”

It was only then that Soma noticed that the moon had arrived and looked back.

Even though they had only been separated for one night, the atmosphere in Soma was very different from yesterday.

As if he had gained some realization during the night, his eyes deepened even more, and his prayers were much more muddled.

It was by no means common for a person to change so dramatically.

It was clear that something similar to Don-wu (頓悟) or awakening (覺性), which is commonly referred to in Buddhism, had happened to Soma.

Pyowol said as she approached Soma.

“You said you would become a guru?”


“Have you had that thought since you came to Wudang Mountain?”

“no! I never thought about that before entering Wudang Mountain.”

“Then you changed your mind while crossing the prose.”

“To be exact, it was when I entered my grandfather’s residence.”

“One sword, Jinin?”


“Did he leave Yujin behind?”

“no! I didn’t leave any… At least I cleaned it up without leaving any letters or old clothes. does that make sense? How can a person live for decades and leave no trace? How can you not leave traces of your life? Do you think it makes sense?”


“So I was curious. What kind of life did he live to be so detached from worldly affairs and leave the world without leaving any regrets?”

“Do you want to become a guru just for that reason?”

“I thought that I wanted to protect the shaman faction that Master had lived his whole life with.”

When I came here last night, I couldn’t forget the eyes of the guru who greeted him.

Dark eyes that seem to have lost all hope without any vitality.

From the long-time writer Jinin of Chongjin to the youngest Dodong, everyone had the same eyes as him.

Suddenly, I thought how heartbreaking it must have been if Il Sword Jin-in saw their eyes.

It was then.

Shimma came unexpectedly.

In a short period of time, Soma suffered from numerous worries and anxieties.

It was after an hour that he came to his senses again.

At that time, what filled his heart was the one-sided thought that he had to follow in the footsteps of the true swordsman and protect the shaman faction.

So he went to Cheongjin Jinin on that road and said that he would become a guru.

Now, half a day has passed since then.

Pyowol asked.

“Does that still change your mind?”



“I’m sorry about your brother. I know that I have to be with my older brother for the rest of my life and repay the favor, but now my heart is telling me to take this path.”

“You mean your heart made you do that?”

“huh! It’s intense too.”

“Won’t you regret becoming a guru? When you become a guru, you have to cut off all worldly desires.”

“Isn’t that what Grandpa did? I can.”

“I see.”

“And if I stay outside, will I do more than kill people? It’s the only thing I know how to do. At least if you’re here, you won’t mindlessly kill people, won’t you?”

Soma smiled.

Pyowol thought his smile was dazzling.

It was the first time Soma had seen something like this. So I respected Soma’s will.

“If that’s what you mean, then it wouldn’t be bad to become a guru of the non-partisan sect.”

“thank you! I believed that my older brother would understand me.”

“Let’s go to the Shangcheng Palace. Everyone is waiting for you.”


Soma nodded and followed Pyowol.

The two of them came down the rough mountain road talking about this and that.

Upon entering the Sangcheong Palace, Hong Ye-seol and Hwang Bo-chisa Nam Shin-wu welcomed me.

“Come on.”

“Your face is drawn.”


Soma smiled and hugged them one by one.

From his actions, the three people foresaw the future.

‘After all, he decided to become a guru.’

‘Can a shaman really embrace Soma?’

‘To be a guru?’

All three of them couldn’t hide their sad expressions.

At that time, Chongjin Jin-in asked Pyo-wol.

“How did it go?”

“Soma’s determination is strong.”

“What do you think of Pyo Daehyeop?”

“I respect his decision.”


Chongjin Jinin gently closed his eyes at the unexpected answer.

However, his conflict did not last long. Because everyone was waiting for his decision.

Chongjin Jinin, who opened his eyes, asked Soma.

“Did you think of becoming a guru?”


“Once you become a guru, you can never go back to the secular world. Will you still be a guru?”


Soma answered without hesitation.

Chongjin Jinin looked at the other elders.

The elders were nodding slightly.

Last night, Soma showed off her level for a while.

In order to persuade Jinin and others in Chongjin, he showed off his inaction that reached the absolute limit.

Soma’s brute force left a strong impression on Chongjin Jinin and the elders.

The future of the shaman faction was very precarious as they lost many masters, including one sword master. So I had no choice but to choose Bongmun.

However, the story changed when the absolute master named Somara joined.

It was not possible to unlock the gate immediately, but it was clear that the period would be drastically shortened.

The problem was the distribution of soma.

Since he studied with Ilgeom Jinin, he had to be given the same distribution as Cheongjin Jinin. However, if that happens, a large group of disciples like Ugong Dojo will be subordinate to Soma.

It was clear that there would be various problems if those who would lead the future shamans were assigned below Soma.

Chongjin Jinin, who had been thinking for a long time, finally came up with a solution.

“Don’t do this. Although Soma stayed with the one swordsman, he did not formally learn the martial arts of the shaman faction. This can be seen as sharing the affection between grandparents, so it is not bound by the riots of the shamans. Therefore, I will take Soma as my disciple and formally teach the martial arts of the shaman faction.”


“You are the Primordial Heaven.”

The elders of the nonpartisan faction gently closed their eyes.

Because it was such a shocking declaration. However, according to Chungjin Jinin’s logic, there was no problem.

When Soma becomes a disciple of Chongjin Jinin, he becomes the great disciple ‘Woo’ Ja Hangryeol.

This was also unconventional, but it was still better than becoming a ‘Jin’ Ja Hang-ryeol, an elder.

Wu Gong Dojo gave strength to Chongjin Jinin’s decision.

“If I have a priest like Soma, I will be very reassured.”

It was the words of Woogong Dojang that the next shaman, Jangmunin, was certain.

Even the elders found it difficult to resist.

Furthermore, they were not in a position to cover hot rice with cold rice.

The shaman faction was in danger of Louran, and special measures were needed to overcome the current situation.

Soma had been with one swordsman Jinin for a long time, and was already a master who had reached absolute heights.

They are masters of a much higher path than them.

Even though he is still young, he has reached this level, and it was not clear to what extent he would reach it in a few more years.

‘If we open up the remarks to him and let him learn, maybe we can see the greatest master of non-partisan history.’

If Soma reached that level, the shaman faction’s gate could have been released much earlier.

Such was the existence of an absolute master.

Even if there was only one person, it could influence the rise and fall of the Munpa.

Furthermore, Soma was Pyowol’s stepbrother.

In an unavoidable situation, you can receive the protection of Pyowol.

Of course, it would be best if that didn’t happen, but the world was crazy.

Chongjin Jinin said to Pyowol.

“I’m going to arrange a lucky day and officially enlist Souma in the shamanist thief. Until then, I would appreciate it if you would stay at the headquarters and become a witness.”

“Do that.”

Pyowol nodded.

It was very unconventional for Soma to become a disciple of a shaman faction.

Even if it was an unavoidable choice, others did not know all the circumstances contained in it.

There were few cases in which a school with a history comparable to that of a non-partisan faction accepted an outsider as a disciple.

Perhaps you could accuse the shamans of denying history and destroying tradition in order to survive.

To prevent this, notarization by a prominent figure was required.

When it was about Pyowol, he had sufficient qualifications.


Life at the non-partisan faction was very monotonous.

That is the life of a conduit.

Wake up early in the morning, train your mind, and after eating, learn martial arts or read books.

A life lived away from worldly pleasures.

What’s more, the shamans were on guard. Since no one came from outside, I was able to be faithful to the life of a guru.

Perhaps he didn’t even know that the shaman faction was getting closer to the true nature of the Tao.

Thanks to this, the lives of Pyowol and Hong Ye-seol and Nam Shin-woo became monotonous.

Staying in the non-partisan sect has no choice but to live a life similar to that of the natural guru.

Still, they didn’t complain.

Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol were assassins, so they were used to such a monotonous life, and Nam Shin-woo was also far from glamorous.

Rather, they quickly adapted to conduit life.



In the vast gymnasium, shamanists were practicing martial arts.

Most of them were boys under the age of ten.

In the fight against Yongcheongok, more than half of the great disciples died, which can be said to be the main axis of the shaman faction.

Among those who survived, there were also numerous severely injured people who could not recover.

Even if they miraculously recover from their injuries and jump back into the front line, it was unclear whether they would be able to recover their previous inaction.

Now that the situation is like this, the only hope left is the three great disciples who have not yet matured and the children who are currently honing martial arts.

The only way for the shamans to survive was to quickly raise them and restore their strength.

Because of that, the kyoto heads taught the Dodong students harshly.

If there was even the slightest misbehavior, a roar erupted immediately.

“Didn’t you say that wasn’t it? If you put your strength into it from the beginning, you won’t be able to drag it on for a long time. Was the essence of non-partisan martial arts strong? no. Isn’t the text indispensable and able to make strong use for a thousand years? You should never forget this fact. Do you understand?”


The dodongs answered in one voice.

“Then let’s start over.”



With the answer, the dodongs stepped on the advance in unison.

It was quite spectacular to see the dust on the floor rise like a cloud.

Pyowol looked at the scene of Dodongs practicing their martial arts in silence.

The foundation of the dodongs was very solid, probably because they were trained rigorously.

Dodongs literally gritted their teeth and learned martial arts. Their miasma was even transmitted to Pyowol.

‘Maybe the shaman faction’s bonmun might not be that long.’

As expected, the potential of the traditional munpa could not be ignored.

If they continue to take this miasma in the future, the shamans will surely be able to make a comeback in a short time.

Even after that, the training of Dodong continued for a long time.

Pyowol looked only halfway through, then turned around again.

It was when he almost arrived at the guesthouse he used as a lodging.

Dang dang dang!

Suddenly, an urgent bell rang from the shore.

There was only one reason to hear such a sound in the prose of the Bongmunhan Munpa.

Someone is trying to break through the shaman’s front door and force their way in.

Pyo-wol spread light air and ran to Hae-geom-ji.

In front of Haegeomji, shamanist guru’s were confronting an old man.

The old man said to the non-partisan guru.

“I have to enter the shaman group urgently, so hurry up and open the prose.”

“It is useless even if anyone other than the elderly chief comes. The door to the non-partisans will not open, so please go back quickly.”

“Ugh! Have you seen these wall windows? The fate of Kang Ho depends on it. If you won’t open the prose yourself, I will open it with my own power.”

When the old man tried to raise his gong power, Pyowol stepped forward.


The old man looked up at the voice of the moon.

He was just Pungjon.

“You were here too.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you.”

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