Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 631

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 631

Episode 631:

Black World’s damage against Cheonrajimang was by no means small.

Many assassins lost their lives in this fight, and many were injured. I couldn’t afford to move with Pyowol.

In the end, Braineye and Sayoung remained and decided to take care of themselves.

I couldn’t climb Wudang Mountain with all the Assassins of the Black World anyway. So, Noe-an and Sa-young decided to stay in a safe house nearby.

Pyo-wol took Soma, Hong Ye-seol, Hwang Bo-chi, Nam Shin-woo, and headed to Mt.

It had been several days since the fighting had ended, but the weariness was evident on their faces.

All those involved in the fight suffered significant injuries.

As he took rest and treated his wounds while heading to Mt. Wudang, his progress was inevitably delayed.

When Wudang Mountain was visible in the distance, a light of impatience flashed on Soma’s face.

No matter what, he thought of Mt. Wudang as Jay’s hometown, and because of the grace he received from the swordsman Jinin, it was inevitable that his feelings would be different.

Soma looked at the moon and said.

“Brother! I will climb Wudang Mountain first, so come slowly.”

“Do you want to do that?”

“thank you! brother.”

Soma expressed her gratitude for Pyowol’s permission.

He told the others he would go first and left.

In an instant, his figure disappeared out of sight.

It was a light attack with full force.

Pyowol and the others moved slowly without haste.

It was just before sunset when they arrived at Gyunhyeon near Wudang Mountain.

Fortunately, we arrived at Gyunhyeon not too late, but it was too much to climb Mt. Wudang.

They took an inn in Gyunhyeon.

Fortunately, there were quite a few vacant rooms left, so there was no problem staying overnight.

After finding an empty room, they gathered in a restaurant and ate.

Hwang Bochiseung looked around the inside of the guesthouse and said.

“The inside of the inn is cold. There don’t seem to be many guests.”

“Since the shaman faction has sealed the door, there will be few guests.”

“hmm! I guess so.”

When the shaman faction was in its heyday, people never stopped visiting Gyunhyeon.

Not only martial artists, but also ordinary people visited Gyunhyeon to see the shamans. Because of that, finding an empty room in Gyunhyeon’s guesthouse was as difficult as picking stars in the sky.

But now, most of the guesthouses were empty, indicating that people had stopped walking.

The shaman faction suffered great losses in the fight against Yongcheongok, so they had no choice but to choose Bongmun.

It was the first time in decades that non-partisan factions suffered such great damage. In the past, the shaman faction chose Bongmun as a last resort. However, even then, Gyunhyeon was not completely stopped by people.

Although he had no choice but to choose Bongmun, his reputation as a shaman faction pierced the sky. People believed that the non-partisan faction would soon be able to make a comeback, so they didn’t cut ties completely.

Even though the shaman faction was closed, I tried to keep the connection by somehow sending someone. That’s how great the power of the nonpartisan faction was.

But now it was different.

People judged that the shamans had suffered so much damage that it would take at least two generations to fully recover.

In two generations, it was sixty years.

There was no reason to send people to reside in Gyunhyeon for such a long time without any income.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung burst into a sigh.

“her! Kang-ho’s human heart is truly heartless. Even rich people go through three generations when they go bankrupt, but to cut ties with a single knife just because the shamans in the world have collapsed.”

“I think it’s because everyone is overwhelmed just by taking care of me.”

“Well, it could be because the Great War is in full swing.”

At Hong Ye-seol’s answer, Hwang Bo Chi-seung nodded.

Ganghodaejeon was accepting many people like an abyss with no end in sight.

Once a person set foot in the Great War, he could never escape on his own.

The more I thought of the Great War, the heavier my heart felt.

Hwang Bochiseung asked Pyowol.

“Lord! My mouth is dry, but can I just have a drink?”


“thank you.”

Hong Ye-seol raised his hand and said.

“I’ll drink with you too.”

“I will.”

Hwang Bo Chi-seung replied with a smile.

He immediately called Jeom Soi and ordered a drink.

After a while, drinks and food came out.

Pyo-wol and Nam Shin-woo did not drink at all, and Hwang Bo-chi-seung and Hong Ye-seol drank back and forth.

Nam Shin-woo suddenly said to Pyo-wol.

“Is Master all right?”

“You seem worried.”

“yes! No contact after that.”

“Aren’t they brothers though? Surely nothing will happen.”

“Is that right?”


It wasn’t until after hearing Pyo-wol’s confirmation that the shadow on Nam Shin-woo’s face disappeared a little.

“I hope to see the master soon.”

Several months have passed since I broke up with Fengjon.

Nam Shin-woo hoped to meet Pung-jon as soon as possible.

Hong Ye-seol and Hwang Bo-chi-seung talked about this and that as if they were old friends.

The two of them communicated quite well, probably because they both had a point of contact called Pyowol.

They had an in-depth discussion about what to do next.

Pyowol put down his chopsticks and looked out the window.

A panoramic view of Wudang Mountain shrouded in darkness came in through the window.

By now, Soma should have arrived at the shaman group and chat with the people.

Pyowol prayed that Soma would not be too heartbroken.

At times like this, I wanted to drink like Hong Ye-seol or Hwang Bo-chi-seung. However, Pyowol suppressed his desire with superhuman patience.


The next day, Pyowol and his party climbed Mt. Wudang early in the morning.

Normally, there would be a line of people looking for non-partisans at this time. However, after the shamans closed the door, the people who came to visit stopped.

There is no reason for people to come because the gates of the conduit are locked and no visitors are accepted.

Originally, the road to the shaman group was very well paved. However, no one was looking for it, so weeds were growing thickly on the road.

It was strange to see weeds occupying places where people had stopped walking.

No matter how great the prestige of the Wudang faction was, in the end it was only a part of Wudang Mountain.

Originally, I thought that the owner of Wudang Mountain was not a human being, but a weed.

‘After all, human beings are just fleeting beings like this…’

Suddenly, I thought that the rough desires of the world were useless.

No matter how long a person lives, in the end it is over a hundred years.

For some, it may seem like an eternity, but in the end, it was only a shorter life than an old tree growing in Wudang Mountain.

Humans would be the only ones who lived such a short time and fought so fiercely among the same species.

I didn’t even know that I would have so many thoughts while climbing Wudang Mountain. Normally, I would have quickly erased my useless thoughts, but today, for some reason, I didn’t want to.

Pyowol moved his steps mechanically, entrusting his consciousness to the swirling thoughts.

After walking for a long time, a prose of a shaman appeared.

I also saw a small pond where the legend of the sea sword dwells.

The shamanist prose, which should normally be wide open, was firmly closed.

Fallen leaves were piled up in front of the mountain gate, as if proving that people had stopped visiting for a long time. Since the warriors of the non-partisan sect do not come out of the door, the leaves cannot be removed.

“Mmm! How can a shamanist…”

Hwang Bo Chi-seung let out a sigh.

Along with Shaolin Temple, it was a shaman faction called the head of the Gangho.

In its heyday, there were more than 2,000 Taoists staying inside, and it was a place where the people outside the mountain gate were crowded with people.

Seeing the downfall of such a non-partisan faction made my heart ache for some reason.

It was then.


I didn’t even touch it, but the tightly closed prose of the shaman faction was wide open. The priests inside opened the door.

“Welcome Pyo Daehyeop! I was waiting.”

The middle-aged master who respectfully took possession of Pyo-wol was Woo-gong master, a great disciple of the shaman faction.

Pyowol pretended to know.

“Long time no see.”

“I would have been more than happy if things had been better. Please come inside.”

“What about Soma?”

“We are waiting for Pyo Daehyeop from above.”

“is it?”

Pyo-wol nodded and entered the sanmun, followed by Hong Ye-seol and others.


As soon as they entered, the disciples who came with the dojo of Ugong locked the mountain gate again.

Ugong Dojang stood at the forefront and guided Pyowol and the others.

He was the great disciple of the nonpartisan faction.

The next Jangmun was a powerful talent. The situation of the non-partisans was not good enough that such a person came out to guide them.

Pyo-wol did not bother to ask him about the damage of the shaman faction.

Even if it wasn’t, it would hurt my stomach, but I didn’t want to remind myself of the bad situation.

The place where Ugong Dojang took Pyowol and his party was Sangcheong Palace.

It was the stop where the long-time writer Jinin of Cheongjin stayed, and all the big and small matters of the shaman faction were decided here.

In Sangcheong Palace, the elders, including Jinin of Cheongjin, were sitting together. However, the number was significantly reduced compared to the previous time.

In the fight against Yongcheongok, more than half of the elders died.

The damage of Il-i’s disciples was more serious.

The shaman faction did not choose Bongmun for nothing.

It was a choice they had no choice but to make.

Bongmun was the best way to preserve the power of the present and to nurture future generations.


Chongjin Jinin and the elders welcomed Pyowol.

Some of them still looked at Pyowol with disapproving eyes, but they did not openly reveal their feelings.

Pyo-Wol looked around Daejeon and noticed that Soma was missing.

“What about Soma?”

“Even if it’s not, that’s why they brought Pyo Daehyeop inside. Originally, you shouldn’t have joined the non-partisan faction either.”

That was the case with Bongmun.

It was not possible to accept visitors at any time as needed. Literally, I had to lock the door tightly and not intervene in outside affairs at all. Only then will the gates from outside be acknowledged and not touched or invaded.

There was no reason to use the word Bongmun if the prose was opened from time to time as needed.

Pyowol asked.

“What’s wrong with Soma?”

“There is nothing wrong with Soma itself.”


“It’s because of Soma’s stubbornness.”


Pyowol put on a puzzled expression.

Last night, I wondered what kind of stubbornness Soma had been here first, so that Chongjin Jin-in would say such a thing.

“What is Soma insisting on?”

“He said he would officially join the non-partisan faction.”

“So you want to become a guru?”


Pyowol’s complexion hardened at the unexpected reply.

He didn’t expect that Soma would insist on becoming a shaman’s guru.

“Why is he so stubborn?”

“after! I went to the residence of Il Sword Sasuk and he said that.”

Ilgeom Jinin’s body was cremated and did not remain in the world.

As usual, Ilgeom Jin-in told me not to cremate his corpse, but to leave it as food for birds or animals. However, as a disciple, he could not follow his words. So he was cremated and the bone powder was scattered in front of his abode.

It was a familiar space for Soma.

This is because it is the place where I was sent with Ilgeom Jinin.

Although the period of stay was short, it was a place where Soma had many memories.

No one knew what Souma’s change of heart was there.

“Is Souma qualified to become a guru?”

“Anyway, since I inherited the intuition of private sword training, I can’t say I’m not qualified at all.”

Because of this, even within the non-partisan faction, controversy continued.

There were some who said that it was okay to become a master of the shaman faction, as it was the same as a disciple of a swordsman, and there were also those who expressed concern that accepting Soma as a disciple would entangle Hangryeol.

He was also one of the best non-partisan faction, one sword jinin.

If you are recognized as his official disciple, you will have the same rank as Cheongjin Jinin.

In that case, the distribution of non-partisan factions was bound to be messed up.

“Where is Soma now?”

“I went up Geumjeongbong Peak early in the morning to see the sun.”

Geumjeongbong was the center of Wudang Mountain.

Geumjeongbong was surrounded by seventy-two peaks in the shape of an incense burner.

“I will go.”

Pyowol rose from his seat.

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