Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 630

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 630

Episode 630 Feng

Zun watched the two fight without blinking.

Cheonbungjitak (天崩地坼).

The sky collapsed and the earth split apart.

The atmosphere shuddered like crazy, and a blizzard of wind slashed the area.

In the middle of them were Li Qing and Zhang Tianhua.

Li Qing’s Tao called a storm, accompanied by Zhang Tianhua’s black thunderbolt.


Every time they clashed, the earth turned upside down.

Literally, the skin of the ground was turned inside out, revealing the inner flesh.

Huge rocks flew through the air like sheets of paper, leaving deep scars on the ground.

‘How can humans exert such power?’

Pungjon was also a warrior who had reached the absolute limit. So, he knew better than anyone else the strength and limits that a warrior who had reached the absolute limit could exert.

Undoubtedly, no master who has reached an absolute level could exert such power.

So, it was clear that their armed forces had transcended even the absolute boundary.

‘Is that possible? oh my god!’

Feng Zun felt goosebumps rising all over his body.

He, too, was once obsessed with martial arts. Thanks to that, I was able to get to where I am today. However, after reaching the current level, he did not dig into martial arts as fiercely as he used to.

In order not to rust, he practiced steadily, but gave up on achieving more achievements.

Instead, he chose to freely refuel the river. So the nickname he got was Pungjon.

Although he gave up further achievements, Pungjon took great pride in his martial arts.

However, his pride was shattered in front of the achievements of two people who denied common sense.

It was not a human fight.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Li Qing’s Docho and Zhang Chunhua’s Swordcho clashed and a huge explosion occurred.


Fengjon could not stand it any longer and retreated.

The aftermath of the clash was devastating even though they had retreated by about 50 chapters.

Feng Zun had no choice but to step back thirty chapters.

“You are crazy! it’s crazy!”

Pungjon’s white beard trembled.

An unbearable feeling of self-doubt swept over me.

While they wandered the river, the two reached a higher level by taking on each other.

There was a huge wall between them and myself.

If you have realization, you can overcome it overnight, but no one knows when that realization will come.

One thing is certain, it will never come to those who have given up on martial arts like himself.


Feng Zhen let out a deep sigh.

The fight between the two intensified.


A sharp wind blew to the place where Poongjon was.

Fengjon no longer avoided the wind and protected his whole body by self-defense.

Turtle Tongue!

The sword wind bounced off the self-defense machine.

The shock made Poongjon’s white beard tremble.

Still, Feng Zun watched the two fight without blinking.


Zhang Chunhua raised his sword towards the sky.

In an instant, unprecedented energy was concentrated in his sword.

Chang Chun-Hwa swung the sword, loaded with formidable energy, toward Li-Cheong.

Lee Chung also swung the sword with all his might without avoiding it.

The name Thousandsaldo was given because it even kills the sky.

Although he does not reach the achievements of his father Lee Gwak, he also formed a family with a thousand sons.

Of course, his sword contained the power of a thousand deaths.


As the sword and sword collided, a huge shockwave exploded.

The ground split at the center where they collided, as if a thunderclap had exploded.

Jang Chun-hwa’s eyes were bloodshot red.

All the blood vessels in his eyes burst due to the tremendous shock and turned red.

‘Lee Cheong! That’s amazing. You are definitely the enemy of a lifetime sent from heaven.’

A resolute hand without hesitation and an unwavering herbivore that supports it.

I fought seven times and lost six times.

Still, I am not ashamed of it because the sword of a thousand deaths is a martial art.

The sword of the thousand is the season that even frustrated Gogeomwol, who was the master of Jang Cheonhwa. Being pushed back in such a season was never a fault.

Jang Chun-hwa became more venomous and learned martial arts.

Defeat rather became the driving force of development.

In this way, Chang Chun-hwa rose from defeat and achieved the present achievement.

‘Now let’s see the end.’

‘older brother!’

Jang Chun-hwa and Lee Chung’s eyes met.

The two read the thoughts in each other’s eyes.

They concentrated all their remaining energy into swords and swords.


The sword and sword, which had been injected with more than the limit of air power, shook as if they would break at any moment.




The sword and sword collided, and the light that burst out of them turned their faces white.

A great light burst out, as if the sun had exploded.

The light dyed the area pure white.


Feng Zun covered his face with his hands from the blinding light storm.

Then, a huge shockwave hit him.

Fortunately, he was in self-defence, so he was not seriously injured, but he was shocked.

Bloodstains appeared on the corner of Feng Zun’s mouth.

Fortunately, the shock wave quickly dissipated.

Only then did Fengjon lower his hand to cover his face and look at the battlefield.

“This is…”

Fengjon couldn’t close his mouth wide open in surprise.

The topography of the area was completely changed.

The hills collapsed and became flat lands, and the plains were cut deep. If it rains and the water collects, it will become a huge lake.

It was an unbelievable sight that was caused by human clashes.

“Win or lose?”

After looking around the area blankly for a while, Fengjon came to his senses belatedly and went to visit Zhang Tianhua and Li Qing.

Finding them wasn’t difficult.

It was because I was standing in the middle of a completely changed terrain.

It was impossible to tell who won and who lost just by looking at their appearance.

It was hard to believe that both of them had moved so violently, because their complexion was so calm.

Not even the sound of breathing was rough.

At that time, Zhang Chun-hwa opened her mouth.

“Thank you so much. May you rest in peace on a long journey. But thanks to you, I wasn’t alone. Now I don’t know how to deal with this loneliness without you.”

Jang Chun-hwa looked at Yi-chung with affectionate eyes.

Instead of answering, Lee Chung looked at the sword in his hand.


The Tao that had been with her all her life was turning to powder and breaking.

Tao disappeared without a trace, leaving only the handle, as if he were looking at Yi Cheng himself.

Li Qing let out a deep sigh and said.

“after! It is also my defeat.”

“Did you expect defeat?”

“I expected it when I lost the seventh fight. The gap between you and me will only get bigger in the future.”

“Is it so?”

“It turned out just as I expected.”

Yi Qing smiled bitterly.

Starting from his own death, Gwangmumun will walk the path of downfall. However, I didn’t feel very sad or regretful.

No matter how beautiful a flower bloomed, it was the logic of the world that it would wither after ten days, and that it would shed when the moon was full.

No matter how great Gwangmumun’s opening investigation leader Lee Gwak was, he could not maintain everything he had achieved to the end.

The only regret is that I have to leave without seeing the face of my son Lee Geom-han.

‘I hope you get through this adversity well. Son!’

It was then.


Suddenly, Li Qing’s body began to scatter as powder.

Lee Cheong’s body loses its coherence and shatters like dust due to the counter-repulsive force caused by the massive impact from the outside and excessive use of aerodynamic power.

Lee Cheong opened his mouth for the last time.

“older brother! I assure you, I will not be so lonely in the future.”

“Are you saying there are other enemies besides you?”

“You will find out when you see it.”

“There are people who believe.”


Lee Chung did not answer.

No, I couldn’t answer.

It is because his body has turned to powder and has completely disappeared.

The wind blew and carried the powder.

That’s how Lee Cheong, a master, completely disappeared from the world.


Chang Chun-hwa sighed quietly and looked around.

However, Pungjon was nowhere to be seen.

“Did he run away?”

I couldn’t even laugh because I was so dumbfounded.

To think that his only brother abandoned him and ran away. No matter how close they are, I really didn’t know it would be like this.

“Okay! After all, I was alone from the beginning.”

Zhang Chunhua looked up at the sky.


Rain started pouring down his face.


Lee Geom-han suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky.

Because the raindrops hit his face.

It started with just one or two drops, but the rain quickly turned into a downpour.

shoot it!

The rain poured down terribly on the surface of Poyang Lake.

Lee Geom-han looked at the scene as he was bathed in the rain.

I didn’t feel good for some reason.

I felt chills running through my body and my heart was beating harder than usual.

“Why am I doing this?”

Lee Geom-han frowned.

There was no external factor to stimulate him.

Gangho Daejeon has already tipped the balance of the game in favor of Union Reunion.

The Geumcheonhoe, which lost public sentiment, was being pushed back by the Eunryeonhoe day after day.

After a little while like this, the Union Association will surely be able to become the winners of the Great War.

“Then why are you so anxious?”

Ominous thoughts continued to overtake him.

It was the first time in my life that I felt this way.

Lee Geom-han did not know how to deal with his ominous mood, so he walked endlessly in the rain.

His body was drenched in the rain.

How long did it take?

“Black man!”

Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind.

I turned my head and saw Namgung Seol walking with an umbrella.

Even with an umbrella, her sleeves and the hem of her skirt were wet from the rain.

“new year!”

“Why are you in the rain?”


Lee Geom-han, who was speechless, looked at the letter in Namgung-seol’s hand.

“What is that?”

“It was sent from Gwangmumun.”


Lee Geomhan tilted his head.

It was because there was no reason to send him a letter from Gwangmumun.

Lee Geom-han received the letter from Namgung-seol.

The correspondence was sealed, so the exact sender could not be identified.


Lee Geom-han tore the sealed part without hesitation and opened the letter.

As he read the letter, his eyes trembled as if an earthquake had occurred.


Namgungseol asked with a puzzled expression. However, Lee Geum-han did not answer and read the letter to the end.

Finally, after reading the letter to the end, Lee Geom-han knelt down in the muddy water.

“What is it about…”

Namgungseol took the letter and read it.

Her face as she read the letter was no different from Lee Geom-han’s.

– Son!

By the time you are receiving this letter, I may not be of this world.

To end the long-running Eunwon, I go to Cheonmujangju.

If I win, you will never receive this letter, but if you do receive this letter, then I will no longer be a person in this world.

I did my best to stop him all my life.

Looking back, there was no ‘me’ in my life.

There was only an unmanned person to prevent the existence of Jang Chun-hwa.


my son!

I only feel sorry for you.

I left with such a huge burden.

But don’t think you’re alone.

for you…

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