Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 628

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 628

Episode 628


Sawyerwol’s new model bounced back.

Each of her hands held a deformed dagger.

The half-moon-shaped dagger was a shape not commonly seen in strongholds. It was an item mainly used by assassins from distant western regions or outsiders.

So Yeo-wol gave the name Shin-wol-in (新月刃) to the dagger he obtained with difficulty.

There was a sharp sawtooth in the middle of the new moon blade. It’s not just about cutting the flesh, it’s about ruthlessly tearing it apart.

Soyeowol killed countless soldiers using the Shinwolman.

Those who fell victim to her died in agony with horrendous wounds, as if they had been bitten by a wolf.

Even so, the reason why her identity is still unknown is because the clean-up was done so secretly.

See it!

Soyeowol flew the new moon.

Shinwolin, who circled in the air, was thrust straight into Pyowol’s scruff. Just before his throat was torn, Pyowol defended it using ghost rain.


The Shinwolman bounced off with a metal sound.

So Yeo-wol jumped up and caught the New Moon-in, and threw the Shin-wol-in in his other hand at Pyo-wol.


The new moon man could not penetrate the ghost rain of Pyowol and bounced back. However, Soyeowol was not taken aback and threw another new moon person and retrieved the bounced new moon person.

All of her movements flowed naturally like flowing water.

Throwing, retrieving, and throwing again, pressurizing the leap.

Every time it was retrieved and thrown, the power of the New Moon Man doubled.

If the shock of the first time he faced Shinwol-in was work, it was several times that now.

Because of that, the cover of the Pyowol was torn and blood was seeping through it.

This was one of Soyeowol’s secret arts, Cheopcheopjungpain (疊疊重破刃).

This tactic, in which the opponent’s strength bounced off the Shinwolman plus his own air power, was returned back.

It was a destructive technique that did not go well with an assassin.

There was no way to get out of the overlapping pins once.

Like a fish caught on a fishing hook.

“It’s over!”

So Yeo-wol shouted loudly and threw all his energy into the Shin-wol-in.


She believed that with this single move she could inflict great damage on Pyowol. That’s how much destructive power is condensed.

It was then.

Instead of bumping into the Shinwolman with the ghost rain, Pyowol pulled out the Sasagang and swung it.


The Sasa River wrapped around the Shinwolman and snatched it.

The unbelievable sight made Soyeowol widen her eyes.

Pyo-wol caught Shin-wol with the sasagang and swung it wide.


Shinwol-in, who made a full circle in the air, went back to Sawyeowol.


Sawyerwol’s face twisted.

Shinwolin, whose centrifugal force was added by Sasagang, returned with several times more destructive power than what she threw.

‘This is impossible.’

It was impossible to catch Shinwolman, whose destructive power was amplified several times by the centrifugal force, even though he said that no matter how much he mastered the special handicraft, he would not be hurt by the blade.

If you make a mistake, her wrists will be severed.

In the end, Soyeowol gave up on capturing his weapon, the Shinwolman.


Shin Wol-in passed her and slammed her to the floor. Leaving only a small hole in the floor, the Shinwolman dug deep into the ground.

Sawyerwol felt a chill run down his spine.

It was clear that his wrist would have been that way if he had received the Shinwol-in because of his pride.


Pyowol swung Sasa River and attacked Soyeowol.

Saw Yeo-wol swung the remaining Shin-wol-in to protect the whole body.


Sasa-gang and Shinwol-in clashed, and the sound of metal exploded continuously.

The two collided, moving at terrifying speed.

It was impossible to visually distinguish the two figures moving at the same speed as a flash battle.

It was a fight on a different level with Song Chun-wu and Hong Ye-seol, who clashed while performing air hiding.

Naturally, the movements of the two were of a higher level.

Sawyerwol used all the killing methods he knew.

Her own martial arts, which were added to the killing method learned in the underground cavity and the season of Guryongsalmak, had already established its own territory.

If it wasn’t for Pyowol, the person called the greatest assassin would have been none other than Soyeowol.

While wielding the Shinwolman, he fired the memorization and sprayed the poison he had hidden in his sleeve.

So Yeo-wol mobilized all the techniques that an assassin could use.

Just like Pyowol, she did not choose any tricks to win. All kinds of dirty tricks and unimaginable killing methods were unfolded through her hands.

However, all of those methods were shattered by the moon.


The memorization bounced off the wrist gauntlets, and the poisonous dance had no effect on Pyowol.

Pyowol had already anticipated all the tricks she would use.

Whatever method So Yeo-wol used, it was within Pyo-wol’s palm.

All those methods were shattered and dissected in Aguido.


Sawyerwol gritted it.

A cold sweat ran down his spine.

He prided himself on knowing all the tricks of leaping, but it was the opposite.

No matter what technique she used, Pyowol was easily destroyed.

I wondered if a mouse in front of a cat felt like this.

It was the first time I had felt these feelings.

“The moon!”

Sawyerwol screamed loudly to get rid of the fear.

It broke the taboo of assassins.

At that moment she saw

Something that sparkles around you.

it was a thread

A thread made of flags was wrapped around her like a net.

It was the landlord’s silver net.

While Pyo-wol crushed So-yeo-wol’s attack, he secretly spread the favor of the landlord.

So Yeo-wol, who was distracted by Pyo-wol, did not notice at all that a death trap was being created around him.

By the time she noticed the gift spreading like a spider’s web, it was already after the holding gift was completed.


The moment Pyo-wol snapped his fingers, Ji-ju Eun-mang tightened So-yeo-wol.


So Yeo-wol raised all his power and swung the New Moon Man.

I cut the silver thread and cut it again.

However, there were too many gifts to cut them all down with one Shinwolman.

The silver thread, which literally stretched out like a spider’s web, hit Sawyeowol at a speed faster than a flash battle.


An eerie cutting sound echoed across the battlefield.

At the same time, Soyeowol’s movement stopped.

So Yeo-wol stopped and looked at Pyo-wol as he wielded the new moon.

Pyo-wol also stopped all movements and looked at Saw-yeo-wol.

Sawyerwol opened her mouth.

“Pyo…Mon! I should have killed you then…”

“Still, your death wouldn’t have changed. Even then, I was stronger than you.”

“Unlucky until the end…”


In an instant, Sawyeo Moon split into dozens of pieces and collapsed.

The landlord’s grace had cut through her beautiful body.

“Moon Moon!”

Song Chun-wu, who was fighting Ye-seol Hong, saw the scene.

Song Cheon-wu kicked Hong Ye-seol and ran like crazy.

“Moon Moon!”

Tears of blood flowed from his eyes as he called for Soyeowol.

The only woman he loved has turned into a corpse that is so gruesome that even its shape is unrecognizable.

His mind was empty, unable to think of anything.

There is only one thing left.

It was only a murderous intent to kill Pyowol.


Hong Ye-seol threw a rain sword at Song Chun-wu’s back.


Song Chun-wu, hit hard by the rain, stumbled.

I didn’t feel the pain because of the anger, but the shock threw me off balance.

Pyowol did not miss his loophole.


The secretly ejected Sasa River wrapped around Song Chun-wu’s neck.

Song Chun-wu widened his eyes at the eerie feeling on his neck.

“The moon!”

“It is over.”

Pyowol pulled Sasa River as it was.


With an eerie cutting sound, Song Chun-wu’s head rose into the air.

After spinning three or four times in the air, the head fell to the floor.

That was the end of Song Chun-woo.

The head that fell to the floor rolled up to Pyowol’s feet.

It may be a coincidence, but Song Chun-Woo and Pyo-Wol’s gazes met.

It was the moment between the winner and the loser, the living and the dead.

Pyo-wol looked at Song Chun-wu’s head for a moment, then raised his head and looked at the battlefield.

The battlefield was already being organized.

The Black Slaughter Corps is overwhelming the Blood Demon Corps.

The morale of the Bloodghost Corps, who lost their master, was greatly weakened. On the other hand, the black slaughterhouse was greatly improved.

The Black Slaughter Team was tough enough to win with their morale broken.



The Legion of Bloodghosts screamed and collapsed.

The soldiers of Guryongsalmak nearby witnessed it.

“Awesome! Shit!”

“The last lord passed away.”

“They are both dead.”

A rift broke out between the soldiers of Guryongsalmak.

The soldiers who were persistently holding out were greatly shaken by the fact that So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu had died.

Some warriors fought persistently, but most of them were heartbroken.

They were already being pushed back, but when the main army they were supposed to lead died, the battle line quickly collapsed.

In the end, the soldiers dispatched from the Geumcheonhoe were the first to break away from the battle line. Next were the soldiers of Guryongsalmak.


“help me!”

They screamed and ran away.

It was as if the embankment had collapsed.

As if the water they had been confined to poured out all at once, the unmanned men fled without any hesitation.

Those who fell one after another, and all of them were trampled by their comrades’ feet.


The flesh was torn and the bones were broken.

Screams pierced the sky and filled with pitiful moans.

“Does this make sense? Guryongsalmak collapsed like this.”

Shin Gong-ha looked around with a dejected expression.

Everywhere I looked, there were only dead bodies.

Most of the bodies were soldiers from Guryongsalmak.

Guryongsalmak was everything under Prince Shin.

The Guryongsalmak was collapsing before my eyes.

I couldn’t believe it.

At that time, Hwang Bochi-seung, who had been fighting against him until now, opened his mouth.

“Can’t believe it? But it’s a reality. This is what happens to all who oppose the lord.”


Shin Gong-ha screamed and attacked with all his might.

It was an attack that cost lives.

Gongha Shin’s body was enveloped in a brilliant light.

It was a phenomenon that appeared while burning all the air power.

It was a tactic used when giving up one’s own life to become friends.


Hwangbochiseung focused all his energy on his only right arm.

Heavenly King’s Three Powers (天王三拳) Third herbivorous Heavenly King Destruction (天王滅世).

Hwang Bo-chi-seung’s strongest herb was cooked.


Two energies collided in the air.

A cloud of dust rose and a shock wave swept over dozens of rooms.

Moments later, after the dust cloud had settled, the sight revealed was truly terrifying.

As if dozens of thunderbolts exploded, the whole area became a mess.

In the middle of it was Shin Gong-ha.

A huge amount of blood flowed from Gongha Shin’s body.

“Kuhhh! For a one-armed person, this me…”

“Just because you have one arm doesn’t mean you can’t perform martial arts.”

“Yeah! It’s… well done.”


Prince Shin fell backwards like a rotten old tree.

That was the end of Shin Gong-ha.


Only then did Hwang Bo Chi-seung groan and sit down.

He too suffered major internal injuries.

My intestines were shaken and I couldn’t move.

Soma approached him.


Soma groaned and sat down beside Hwang Bo-chi-seung.

The two of them sat back to back and took a deep breath.

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