Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 627

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 627

Episode 627

“You b*stard!”


Soldiers who are still alive have attacked Pyowol.

Swordsmanship and pottery swarmed as if they were about to tear the moon at any moment.

At that moment, Pyowol spread both hands wide.

Ten rain swords cut through the air.


Bido accurately penetrated the necks and foreheads of those who were attacking the moon.

The warriors collapsed just as they were attacking Pyowol.

Sawyerwol looked at the scene with his brow furrowed.

‘To come so soon.’

It was a speed that far exceeded her expectations.

Pyowol’s inaction was proof that she was far superior to her grasp.

‘You mean it’s grown again? What the heck…’

Soyeowol bit his lip hard enough to bleed.

It was Soyeowol who prided himself on having a much better brain than others.

Even without learning separately, he saw through many principles, and his ability to understand people’s psychology and abilities was excellent.

Based on that ability, he was able to take control of Guryongsalmak. But there were people that even her brilliant brain couldn’t understand.

It was a moon that appeared right in front of my eyes.

The moon always exceeded her expectations.

Pyowol’s behavioral patterns, thought system, and mysterious martial arts achievements were all incomprehensible.

Sawyerwol always thought that the pyowol would be a problem, and he had thoroughly prepared for it. However, as if to mock her, Pyowol neutralized all countermeasures and came all the way here.


Sawyerwol sighed involuntarily.

Although she never revealed her feelings in front of others, she could not pretend to be calm even with Pyowol in front of her.

Sawyerwol opened her mouth.

“The moon!”

“We met again.”

“So it happened. Can’t we just die easily? Just like everyone else…”

“I can’t do that because I only have one life.”

“Why are you making things so difficult? Why are you living torturing me?”

The eyes of Soyeowol looking at Pyowol were terrifying.

Her young, young gaze was so frightening that I was afraid to see it in my dreams. This was the first time she had shown her hostility to others to such an extent.

Pyowol thought that this was the real face of Soyeowol.

Sawyerwol has always shown a calm and rational side. He was generous in any situation and led people with strong leadership. So everyone feared her and followed her.

They believed that Soyeowol would not be shaken under any circumstances. It was because the Soyeowol they saw was truly a woman of steel.

However, Pyowol had a different idea.

The reason she has always been so calm is that she has never been in a truly extreme situation.

It was only when he was thrown into the bottomless pit that the end was unknown, that the true nature that had been kept hidden would rise up.

The current situation of Sawyeowol was like that.

The original personality, which had been thoroughly hidden until now, came out in an unprecedented situation that had never been experienced before.

Sawyerwol asked.

“Did you know that I would open my dream?”

“I knew you would.”

“under! This is getting ridiculous. I was confident that I would put the world on my palm and knead it, but I myself was playing on your palm. How funny would it have looked? how much did you laugh Did you enjoy it?”

“It wasn’t particularly fun.”

“If I had known it would be like this, I would rather have killed you in an underground cavity. No matter what damage it takes.”

“I thought you weren’t the type to regret anything?”

“I thought so too, but it seems not.”

Red blood flowed from his lips as he answered.

The flesh of the bitten lip had burst.

The blood flowed, but she didn’t mind.

“My biggest regret in life is not killing you sooner. If I had killed you then, I wouldn’t have paid such a huge price.”

“If anyone hears it, they will know that it had the ability to kill me at that time. Nothing has changed between then and now. You cannot kill me.”


“If you used me to take control of Guryongsalmak, you should have been hiding a little more thoroughly. You should have grown stronger in hiding and made the Guryongsalmak even bigger.”

Pyowol approached Soyeowol.

Saw Yeo-wol looked at such a Pyo-wol with his white fists clenched tightly.

At one point, the expression disappeared from her face.

“Yeah, I guess it was my fault. I was too hasty. If I really wanted to kill you, I should have been more careful. I’m glad I realized that even now.”

Pyowol frowned slightly.

It was because So Yeo-wol felt a change of heart.

It seemed that her heart, which had been tossing uncontrollably just before, had regained its stability.

Without a corner to believe in something, there could not have been such a drastic change of heart.

Pyowol’s speculation soon turned out to be true.


A terrifying roar echoed from behind him.

It was clear that someone had been ambush.

Pyowol waved his hand without looking back.

In an instant, the suhonsa stretched out and formed a strong barrier behind his back.


A crackling sound came from behind.

The Suhonsa blocked the opponent’s surprise attack.

Only then did Pyowol look back.

In an instant, a small smile crept across Pyowol’s lips.

“Song Chun-woo!”

It was Song Chun-wu who attacked Pyo-wol by surprise.

Song Cheon-wu, who had left to settle the Cheonra-jiman, came back and attacked Pyo-wol.

So Yeo-wol said to Song Chun-wu.

“Didn’t I tell you to settle the Chunrajimang?”

“You are more important than that.”


Sawyerwol’s eyes shook.

Song Cheon-woo was always like this.

He prioritized Soyeowol’s safety above all else.

There were times when I felt like an idiot because I was so strict, but I was sincere.

Song Chun-wu aimed his sword at Pyo-wol.

“Your opponent is me!”

“The plan went awry, but you will be the one who dies here today.”

So Yeo-wol stood by Song Chun-wu.

Pyo-wol looked at the two faces in silence.

If you think about it, it was a very tough relationship.

They were raised as assassins like when they were young and didn’t know anything, and it was similar that they reached the top after their own lives.

The problem is that they can never coexist.

If the grain is different, you will be able to pass by pretending not to see it. But there was too much overlap for that.

In order for one to live, the other must die.

they were like that

We can never coexist under the same sky…

Song Chun-wu said.

“You will surely die here today. You alone cannot defeat the two of us.”

In terms of simple killing or martial arts, Pyowol might be stronger. But they were two.

Both So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu were well versed in the martial arts and techniques of assassins. In addition, he had been collecting information for a long time to understand the futility of Pyowol’s martial arts. That’s why I was confident of a 10% win rate. Although it would take some damage, it was well worth it.

It was then.

“Who said he was alone?”

With a cold voice, someone suddenly appeared beside Pyowol.

The woman wearing the red silk was none other than Hong Ye-seol.

So Yeo-wol’s eyebrows twitched at the appearance of Hong Ye-seol.

“Are you Hong So-je, one of the Ten Bloods?”

“You know me, as I heard, your information power is amazing.”

“First of all, I am also an assassin.”

Sawyerwol’s eyes shone coldly.

Originally, when martial arts reached a certain level, it was natural to figure out the level of opponents that matched them.

Hong Ye-seol, seen by So Yeo-wol, had unparalleled martial arts as an opponent. But I didn’t want to confront her head-on.


Sawyerwol blew a long whistle. Then, the Bloodghost Corps, which had been scattered all over the place, gathered at her location.

For a moment, even Hong Ye-seol’s eyes were cold.

“If it comes out like that, I won’t decline here either.”

Hong Ye-seol stretched out his right hand into the air.

A ray of light shot up into the air from the gauntlet she wore on her wrist.


The light that reached the top caused an explosion and created a colorful flame.

It was a signal firecracker.

Then, the Black Slaughter Corps, which had been scattered throughout the assassination mission, gathered.

Both the Bloodgwi Corps and the Black Slaughter Corps were flesh demons that existed at the peak of assassins. Because they had already clashed once, they knew each other’s strength better than anyone else.

They glared at each other and burned their lives.

Sawyerwol shouted loudly.

“Let’s put an end to it!”

Her cry became the catalyst.


The Bloodgwi Corps and the Black Slaughter Corps ran towards each other, and Song Chun-wu also rushed at Pyo-wol.

However, it did not happen that Song Chun-wu collided with Pyo-wol. It was because Hong Ye-seol was blocking his way.

“You belong to me.”

“OK! Let’s try it.”

See it!

Song Chun-wu’s new model disappeared in front of Hong Ye-seol.

It was a method of hiding in the air, hiding in the air.

Song Cheon-wu casually performed a skill that only an assassin who reached the highest level could perform.


Hong Ye-seol snorted.

At the same time, her figure disappeared from sight. She also used the technique of hiding in the air.

Disappearance does not mean that the reality has disappeared.

They spread grass at each other.

Caang! Kakang!

Only the clashing of weapons echoed in the empty air.

Pyo-wol looked at the place where the sound was heard for a moment.

While the others could see only sound, he could clearly see the two men attacking each other.

It was the same with Soyeowol.

It was unexpected that Hong Ye-seol performed the art of seclusion in the air, but she still believed in Song Chun-wu.

Sawyerwol focused on Pyowol.

She didn’t miss even the subtle muscle movements of Pyowol’s posture, breathing, eyes, and muscles.

In particular, what she focused on was Pyowol’s heartbeat.

It was impossible for most warriors to hear the heartbeat of others from such a distance, but it was not too difficult for Soyeowol.

Living in an underground cavity made her senses transcend human limits.

Soyeowol could hear what others couldn’t hear and see what others couldn’t see.

Human body reactions are honest.

When you tense, your muscles stiffen and your pupils dilate.

In addition, breathing may become rapid and sweat may flow.

Most people have no control over these bodily reactions. However, the assassins who reached the highest level were able to hide even that or manipulate it to their heart’s content.

So Yeo-wol was one of those who reached that level.

That’s why he knew better than anyone about those who reached the same level as himself.

‘I may be able to control other bodily reactions at will, but there is one thing that is absolutely impossible.’

that’s the sound of a heartbeat

No matter how high a realm an assassin has reached, it is impossible to control the beating of the heart at will.

It is the characteristic of the body organ that the heart beats quickly when nervous and maintains a calm beat when the mind is relaxed.

Sawyeowol was able to grasp the opponent’s psychological and physical reactions in advance through the heartbeat sound. That too in an instant.

So Yeo-wol tried to hear Pyo-wol’s heartbeat. However, her face contorted in an unsightly way.

‘Can’t you hear the heartbeat? why?’

It was the moment when her common sense was denied.


The moon disappeared before her eyes.

‘Empty seclusion? No.’

It was Ma Yeonghwanwi, Pyowolman’s German method of dazzling with illusions and moving between them.


From the back, I heard a minute puncture sound that I couldn’t hear unless I concentrated all my nerves.

It was a sound that Soyeowol could barely hear because he was concentrating all his nerves.


Sawyerwol hurriedly flew forward.

With a hair’s breadth, the handmaiden passed her spine.

Had she been absent-minded, this blow would have rendered her incapacitated.

Cold sweat broke out on her back.

‘The moon!’

Turning around, the moon was rushing at her, stretching a black shadow all the way.

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