Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 626

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 626

Episode 626


Soma took a deep breath.

There was Guryongsalmak and the Salgwi Corps in front of me.

Their formation was greatly disturbed.

It was not possible to find an organic yet orderly appearance.

It seemed that the order was not being delivered well.

Soma knew why.


It was clear what Pyowol had done.

I don’t know what he did, but he shook the command system of the heavenly desire. That is why they are so confused.

Pyowol sent Soma away and asked him to come back in half a day. By then, he said, things would have changed drastically.

So I gritted my teeth and endured for half a day.

In the middle, they were attacked by soldiers sent by Soyeowol.

I sent quite a few troops, but they were all killed by Soma.

Even after killing them all, Soma persevered.

I forcibly suppressed the desire to run to help Pyowol right away and waited until the time he said. And now the time is up.

It was time for Soma to move.

On the other side, Hong Ye-seol, who had joined the assassins of the Black World, was already moving.

Because of that, the cheonrajimang was fluctuating greatly.

It’s not just Hong Ye-seol.

Dokbi Kwon King Hwang Bo Chi Seung Nam Shin Woo Noe An Sa Young also participated.

Guryongsalmak, the Bloodgwi Corps, and the warriors dispatched from the Geumcheonhoe, who neglected the vigilance of the outskirts because they were only distracted by Pyowol, were paying the price.

Now it was Soma’s turn.


Soma let out a loud cheer and threw herself at the Guryongsalmak warriors.

A ray of light shot up from the terror in his hand and formed the shape of a long sword.

It made the sword steel.

Chew Chemistry!

The Sword River cut through enemies blocking its way.

He became a huge tidal wave that swept away the Guryongsalmak warriors.



The Guryongsalmak soldiers who were swept away by the huge tidal wave called Somara screamed.

As Soma participated in the battle, Cheonrajimang fluctuated greatly.

In the first place, it was an aspiration for Daeil Incheon, which was created with the goal of only one person, Pyowol. A lot of things were different from the usual dream.

One of them is that it is vulnerable to external threats.

Concentrating all his power and nerves to kill only one Pyowol, he was unprepared for external threats.

Furthermore, Pyowol skillfully destroyed the chain of command of Cheonrajimang.

By removing the watchers who performed the ten-ri-tune-tune technique, it caused confusion in internal communication.

That alone was enough for Soma and Hong Ye-seol.

Because they were the ones who knew how to dig into the opponent’s loopholes and deliver the best blow.

It was an ability that he naturally acquired while accompanying Pyowol for a long time.

Pyowol was the best teacher in this area.

If you hang out with him, you will naturally know how to act in such a case.


Soma swung the sword with all his might.


With a terrifying sound of gong, dozens of soldiers were sliced away.



A scream erupted from among the soldiers of Guryongsalmak.

No matter how well-trained the elite were, they were helpless in the face of a surprise attack by an unmanned army that had risen to the absolute limit.

It was an unexpected event that Souma reached the absolute limit.

Because it was unexpected, there was no way to respond.

Soma displayed unparalleled brute force.


Every time the young sword was swung, three or four people died.

“Shit! Not us.”

“I need support.”

Ordinary unmanned soldiers were useless no matter how much they ran.

In order to deal with an unarmed man who reached the absolute limit, he had to come up with a soldier who reached the absolute level on this side as well. Only then did the scales balance to some extent.

There were definitely hidden masters in Guryongsalmak. However, all such masters were focused on Pyowol.

Because of that, there was no one here to stop Soma.

Soma literally ran amok like a mad wolf.


Soyeowol’s beautiful armies were distorted to the point of being unsightly.

Song Chun-wu asked in a worried voice.

“Moon! Why?”

“My orders are not being delivered at all.”

“You mean the chain of command has collapsed?”

“I think so.”


“I wonder about that too.”

Clearly, her aspirations toward Japan and Incheon were perfect.

The soldiers supported by the Geumcheonhoe pressed Pyowol and tried to eliminate it using the Bloodgwi Corps and Guryongsalmak soldiers.

It was an operation that had been reviewed dozens of times, so I was confident that there were no loopholes.

Among them, the most confident thing was the command system delivered in real time.

The plan to deliver orders by arranging Observers who had mastered the ten-way telephony technique to each element was perfect, even if she thought about it.

Because there were those who had mastered the ten-ri-jeon-yin technique, Soyeo-wol was able to perfectly control the aspirations against Japan.

She was confident that she could see through the movement of the moon like reading the palm of her hand. In fact, it was for some time.

According to her will, the whole situation was perfectly controlled, and Pyo Yue was cornered. But at some point, everything went awry.

Soyeowol’s orders were not transmitted to the soldiers of Guryongsalmak, and the reports coming in to her were cut off at some point.

He thought he had cut off Pyo-wol’s limbs, but instead, he himself had his limbs cut off and his eyes and ears cut off.

“It must have come out of the reeds. They secretly got out of the reed field and eliminated the observers.”


Soyeowol closed her eyes for a moment and measured the time.

More than two minutes had passed since she ordered the firework.

In that amount of time, I could have figured out quite a few things.

That is, if it is the ability of transcendence.

So Yeo-wol said to Song Chun-wu.

“Move to another place. His destination is here.”

“Is that possible?”

“He must be going against the contact network while killing his watchers. If you continue like this, he will definitely come. You have to move from your seat and restore the Cheonrajimang.”

“I get it.”

Song Chun-wu nodded without saying a word.

He trusted Sawyerwol’s judgment more than his own.

Song Chun-woo hurriedly prepared to leave. However, no matter how urgent the situation was, it was impossible to move blindly.

The core of the Daeil Incheon Rajimang was So Yeo-wol and the watchers who had learned the ten-ri-jeon-eum technique.

Contact with the watchers who still remain must not be lost. When the organic network of contacts between them is activated, the collapsed Cheonra Jimang could be revived.

Soyeowol commanded the watchers with the tens of miles.

-Everyone move their seats. We pass to the second step.

It was not immediately clear how many live Watchers there were. However, if a few people were still alive and able to form a second formation, the situation could be reversed.

It was then.

“Major Lord! Unidentified warriors have appeared and are attacking the outskirts of Cheonrajimang.”

A subordinate has delivered an urgent message.

Saw Yeo-wol frowned and asked.

“What do you mean? You mean he has an assistant?”

“It seems that there are not just one or two helpers. The outskirts of Cheonrajimang are collapsing like a sand castle.”

“Even though the elites of Guryongsalmak went all out, they collapsed?”

“That’s… I think their power is also amazing.”

Seeing the subordinate’s report, So Yeo-wol’s face became even more distorted.

“There’s no way that snake-like person wouldn’t have taken any measures.”

I felt like an idiot for realizing this too late.

I was curious though.

When the hell did you notice the ominous feeling and come up with a countermeasure?

So Yeo-wol said to Song Chun-wu.

“You should go to the outskirts to assess the situation and deal with it.”

“But how can I…”

“I am not important. If we don’t get things right now, Cheonrajimang itself will collapse. Then we’re done.”

Even when the situation reached this point, Sawyerwol never got excited.

Her eyes and voice were still cold.

It is to think about how to overcome the impasse as rationally as possible.

Song Chun-wu looked at So Yeo-wol’s face for a moment and then nodded.

“I get it. I’ll be back soon, so please take care of yourself.”

“Did you forget? I am Sawyeowol.”

“okay! you’re a b*tch I forgot for a moment.”

Song Chun-Woo smiled.

It is extremely rare that he moves directly, but So Yeo-wol’s martial arts and killing methods are by no means inferior to him.

Rather, his secrecy and poisonous power far outweighed him. Otherwise, he would not have been able to command and rule so many people in the underground cavity.

“I will go.”

Song Chun-wu flew towards the outskirts alone without any subordinates.

After watching him disappear for a while, Soyeowol gave an order to his subordinates.

“We move too.”


They left quickly.

Cheonrajimang was a gigantic creature.

It was like a colony life form formed by numerous small creatures.

The fish that live in groups in the deep sea were like this. They band together in the face of a threat and stand against their natural enemies.

The difference is that the people who make up the Chunrajimang are highly trained warriors, not helpless little fish.

It may be shaken by external threats for a while, but it will quickly recover its position.

Sawyerwol believed so.

It was time for her to move to the next location with her subordinates.

―Here comes this guy… Whoops!

The observer sent a telephony and suddenly screamed. And the sound cut off.

In an instant, goose bumps ran up Soyeowol’s spine.

‘He came close.’

Sending ten-ri telephony meant that the observer was within a radius of ten li.

That meant that Pyowol was also within ten li.

―He broke through the last barrier. Hurry up and avoid it…

This time, I heard the electrical sound again, then cut off.

This meant that the eclipse came closer.

There was cold in Soyeowol’s eyes.

‘The moon!’

The nemesis of her life was approaching.

And that too at a terrifying speed beyond imagination.

I had to make a decision at this point.

Her decision was simple.

“Stop him here. It buys me time to dodge.”

“Honorable name!”

The subordinates answered without hesitation.

Sawyerwol looked in the direction from which the electric sound came.

There were also many unmanned people there. Even so, no one noticed Pyowol’s approach.

It was clear that Pyo-wol was approaching using stealth.

Sawyerwol bit his lip.

‘Pyowol! Like this goblin…’

He knows well because he has learned stealth. How high was Pyowol’s level of stealth.

If he possessed this kind of stealth technique, he would have been able to shake off the pursuit and hide at the time when the heavenly desire unfolded. Nevertheless, Pyo-wol deliberately appeared and focused everyone’s attention on himself.

So Yeo-wol, Song Chun-wu, the Bloodgwi Corps, Geumcheonhoe, and Guryongsalmak’s soldiers all focused their attention on Pyo-wol.

After focusing all eyes on himself, he secretly ordered his subordinates to attack the outskirts of Cheonrajimang.

I felt Pyowol’s will to see the end here.

‘If this happens, am I rather the one who fell into the trap?’

I hate to admit it, but I had to admit it.

That he was completely defeated by Pyowol in a battle of brains.

It was then.

See it!

I thought I heard a sharp gong sound, but Soyeowol’s subordinates collapsed.



There was a small hole between their foreheads, barely big enough for a needle to go through.

It was a trace of a male marriage piercing.

A black shadow rose above the fallen men.

It was a moon.

The death god appeared before Soyeowol could even leave.

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