Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 625

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 625

Episode 625

: Puppy!

Fine silver saliva poured out.



Two blood demons carefully searching the reed fields were struck by silver needles.

It was a beef hair needle as thin as a cow’s hair.

The feather saliva was stuck in the blood of the blood demons.

The blood demons rolled their eyes and collapsed. It would stop breathing in an instant.


Not too far away, another blood ghost was lying on the ground with his ankle cut off. His ankle was cut off by a silver thread that had been secretly installed.

This kind of scenery was unfolding all over the reed field.

Pyowol made a death trap in the reed field while taking a break.

He mobilized all the techniques and visions he had learned during his life as an assassin.

The gifts and memorizations made by Dang Sochu were installed throughout the reed field to attract blood demons.

Because of the reed leaves blocking the view, the blood demons could not discover the hidden gifts and memorization.

If they searched slowly over time, they would have been able to respond sufficiently, but unfortunately, they were not given such free time.

Pyo-wol was hunting the Bloodghost Corps as he roamed among the reed fields. If you stay still or move slowly, you have no choice but to get hit by Pyowol. Because of this, they had to move quickly.

In fact, it was as if they were forced to make a choice.

Pyowol made it that way.

By removing the option from the Bloodgwi Corps, they had no choice but to move quickly.

The Bloodgwi Corps was confident that they had gone through all the battles, but this was the first time they had experienced it.

Hundreds of assassins were being swung by a single Pyowol.

Pyowol really liked the reed field.

This was the best terrain for assassins to operate.

There was plenty of cover, and the possibilities available were endless.

For an assassin who reached the same level as the moon, this environment was nothing short of a blessing.

Pyo-wol released the ghost in the reed field.


The ghost disappeared among the reeds without a sound.

It was close to impossible to find a ghost in this terrain where the reeds grew densely.



The bodies of those who had been bitten by demons stiffened and fell backwards. And I immediately stopped breathing.

There was no time to drive out the miasma with internal air.

He died instantly the moment he was bitten.

It was truly terrifying poison.

The combination of Pyowol and Ghost was nothing short of a disaster for the Bloodghost Corps.


“how should?”

Seriously, the demons broke the law of silence and opened their mouths.

The situation in the reed field was so bad that the flesh spirits who had lost their human sensibility felt fear.

Many of the blood demons who jumped into the reed field lost their lives, but I couldn’t even guess where Pyowol was hiding.

This was the first time since they became blood demons.

The unfamiliar experience of being hunted, not in the position of hunting others, gave them a sense of fear.

Still, instead of running away, they did their best to find and kill Pyowol. But the more they did, the greater their damage.

Eventually, after losing considerable power, Soyeowol made a decision.

She gave an order to the Guryongsalmak soldiers waiting outside.

-Set fire to the reed field.

Many of the Bloodghost Corps were still in the reed field.

It was clear that setting the fire before they could get out would do more damage. Nevertheless, So Yeo-wol did not withdraw the Bloodgwi Corps and ordered the reed field to be set on fire.

It was because it was certain that Pyowol would also escape the reed field if he noticed the bloodgwi army withdrawing.

It was more important to drive Pyowol into a corner by lighting a fire, even if it cost more or less.


The dry reed field quickly spread into flames.

Huge flames engulfed the reed fields in an instant.



The Bloodghost Corps jumped out of the reed field, startled by the unexpected flames.

Coming out of the reed field, what they saw was the soldiers of Guryongsalmak who were building a perfect encirclement before they knew it.

After avoiding the flames, the Bloodghost Corps quietly entered the Guryongsalmak among the warriors.


One after another, blood demons appeared through the flames.

Some were slightly scorched by the flames, while others suffered serious burns.

The burnt ones bit their lips in pain but did not groan.

He didn’t want to appear unsightly opening his mouth in front of everyone.

“Everyone throw the oil bottle.”

When the blood demons seemed to have come out to some extent, the one who led the soldiers of Guryongsalmak shouted.


At that moment, the warriors of Guryongsalmak threw the vials into the reeds engulfed in flames.

Inside the vial was a specially made oil.

Oil made for chemical purposes had the property of never being extinguished once it was ignited. In addition, it had the effect of making the flame several times more intense.

A fiery hell unfolded before my eyes.

The heat was so intense that it felt like my face would melt even if it was ten or so away.

“Step back a little more.”


The Guryongsalmak soldiers hurriedly retreated.

Even they didn’t expect the heat to be this high.

“Big up!”

“help me!”

Occasionally, blood demons with severe burns would come out. However, the Pyowol, which they were eagerly waiting for, did not know that it would appear.

The soldier leading the Guryongsalmak wore a blue mask on his face.

It has a flat shape and has holes in only two eyes.

The name of the soldier was a soldier called Cheongmyeon in Guryongsalmak under King Shin.

Like the enemy king who was killed by Pyo-wol, he was also a warrior who gained notoriety outside the world.

Prince Shin looked at the reeds engulfed in flames and said.

“It will come out soon. Make sure everyone is prepared.”

I didn’t expect that Pyo-wol would run away to the reed field. However, I had no intention of missing Pyowol.

Pyowol was also a person.

I don’t know how I’m holding out in that hellfire flame, but I’ll soon feel the limit and jump out.

The warriors surrounding the reed field waited fully prepared to attack Pyowol at any time.

However, no matter how long I waited, Pyowol did not intend to appear.

“Couldn’t it have been burned to death?”

“It can’t be….”

“That person dies from something like fire?”

No matter how much I imagined, the picture of Pyowol burning to death was not drawn.

The epitome they knew and experienced was like a demon.

No matter how hard he tried to kill him, he did not die, but rather bit the throat of those who tried to kill him.

I didn’t think that such a Pyowol would die in just this much fire.

Time passed quickly in the midst of nervousness.

In the end, Gongha Shin, impatient, sent a telegram to the watcher.

―Tell the last lord to give me the next instructions.

Normally, the answer should have come back immediately. However, no matter how long I waited, I couldn’t hear the transmission sound from the watcher.

Only then did I realize that something was wrong with Shin Gong.

“what? Why is the observer…”

It was then.



Suddenly, the screams of Guryongsalmak soldiers came from behind.



The soldiers of Guryongsalmak were taken aback by the sudden change.

Gongha Shin hurriedly asked the subordinate.

“What’s going on?”

“I was attacked by s.”

“attack? Could it be that the Shinigami escaped?”

“I’m not sure about that.”


Shin Gong-ha furrowed his brow at the subordinate’s lukewarm reply.



At that time, the screams of Guryongsalmak soldiers could be heard from the other side.

The face hidden by the mask was even more distorted.

No matter how great Pyowol’s light air was, it was impossible to move to the other side so quickly.

That meant there were other attackers.

“What the hell is going on?”

In frustration, Gongha Shin took off the blue cotton he was wearing.


When I put strength in my hand, the blue mask shattered.

“Quickly grasp the situation.”

At his angry voice, his subordinates moved quickly.



Even at that moment, the screams of Guryongsalmak soldiers could be heard from the outskirts of Cheonrajimang.

One or two people ambush could not have heard such a scream.

No matter how long he waited, when his subordinates did not return, Shin Gong-ha himself left the ranks and ran to the place where the screams were heard.

There, I could see a warrior with only one arm performing divine work.


Every time he swung his one and only fist, a fierce fist was released. The soldier of Guryongsalmak, who was hit by a brawl, collapsed in blood.


Shin Gong-ha spread out his innocence toward the warrior with only one arm.

Wedge liquid!

The formidable sword flew away with a sharp piercing sound. But he couldn’t do anything about a warrior with only one arm.


The warrior with only one arm struck the sword with his fist.

Because it was spread out between spears, it did not reach its original power, but the sword energy, which contained considerable power, was extinguished as it was.

But thanks to that, he was able to buy time for his subordinates to retreat.

Gongha Shin approached the one-armed warrior and asked.

“Who are you and dare to interfere with the Guryongsalmak event?”

“If these are the warriors of Guryongsalmak, then it is true that I have come to the right place.”

“You mean you’re interfering with knowing? If you are not afraid of repercussions, reveal your identity.”

“My name is Hwang Bo Chi-seung.”

“Hwangbochiseung? Could it be that he is the King of Dokbi Kwon?”

Shin Gong-ha’s eyes trembled.

that’s so pitiful

The nickname of the king of poison control was never light.

The fact that a warrior with only one arm got the nickname of King Kwon showed how great the military power of Chiseung Hwangbo was.

“Why is the King of Poison Bite interfering with the Guryongsalmak event? If you leave now, I will not hold you accountable.”

“Are you saying that because you really don’t know?”

“What do you mean?”

“I really don’t know who this Hwang Bo Chi Seung is following.”


“As expected, you seem to know. He swore allegiance to his lord. Anyone who threatens him is the enemy of this Hwangbochiseung. Go beyond me if you want to get to him.”


His lion’s roar echoed across the battlefield.

The warriors gathered around the area shuddered as the lion roared through their eardrums and shook their brains.

Shin Gong-ha’s eyes looking at Hwang Bo-chi-seung were terrifyingly young.


Gongha Shin stomped his feet strongly and walked towards Hwangbochiseung.

“I know that you are gaining quite a reputation in Gangho. But even so, it’s just a one-armed idiot. You alone can’t stop our Guryong slaughter.”



“Who said I was alone?”

“You are not alone?”

It was the moment when Shin Gong-ha flinched unknowingly.


Suddenly, I felt the air around the area vibrate violently.


Gongha Shin and the soldiers of Guryongsalmak nearby looked around in surprise.

At that moment, black shadows abruptly rose from the outskirts of the Guryongsalmak warriors.

The moment Gongha Shin saw them radiating bleak energy, Gongha Shin muttered involuntarily.


Those who gave off an atmosphere similar to the Bloodghost Corps were obviously assassins.

They were the Assassins of the Dark Territory dispatched by Salno.

Hong Ye-seol was at the forefront of them.

Hong Ye-seol said.

“The king of poison control is not alone.”


“And he is not alone.”

While Pyowol throws herself into the sky and catches Guryongsalmak’s attention, Hwangbochiseung and assassins from the Black World arrive.

The real war had just begun.

The moment Hong Ye-seol raised his hand, the assassins of the Black World attacked the soldiers of Guryongsalmak.

The final war between Heukgye and Guryongsalmak was beginning.

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