Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 624

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 624

Episode 624

“Did You Notice?”

Sawyerwol muttered.

The place where she was was in the middle of the plain.

It was also the center of the aspirations for Japan and Incheon, and it was also the middle of a vast web.

In fact, the first thing that came to her mind when she was planning a heavenly quest against Pyowol was the spider’s web.

The moon she knew was a snake.

A venomous snake that can slip through any hole, no matter how small.

In order to catch such a leap, there had to be no loopholes and a means to detect even the slightest movement was needed.

So, she decided to become the queen spider herself.

In the middle of the Daeil-Incheon network, the queen spider senses the movement of the Pyowol coming through the spider’s web and gives instructions.

I don’t know if the species of spider really has a queen, but Sawyerwol thought she was the queen spider.

Unmanned warriors who have mastered the art of simrijeoneum deliver the trend of the moon in real time.

Through the whole tone transmitted from mouth to ear and again from mouth to ear, So Yeo-wol grasped the movement of Pyo-wol as if reading the palm of his hand.

He ordered Pyowol to go to Geonmun, and his subordinates faithfully followed that instruction. However, Pyowol moved in the opposite direction.

It’s not just this time.

Pyo-wol moved in the opposite direction to her intentions, as if to tease So-yeo-wol.

Sawyerwol was sure.

It means that Pyowol understood his intentions.

You may not know where you are, but you probably know how the Daeil Incheon Rajimang operates.

Pyowol was such an existence.

He does things that are impossible for ordinary people.

With its mysterious brain and mind, it grasps the opponent’s intentions and responds in an instant.

It was like a fight between a snake and a spider.

When the pyowol touched it, the pyowol reacted, and when the pyowol tightened the spider’s web, the pyowol somehow found a loophole and escaped.

Song Cheon-wu watched all the fights by So Yeo-wol’s side.

A look of tension was evident on his face.

Song Cheon-woo also boasted that he had gone through all the battles, but he had never seen a fight of this kind. no, I couldn’t even imagine.

Soyeowol and Pyowol were moving a few moves ahead.

The difference is that Pyowol moves directly, and Soyeowol uses thousands of warriors instead of limbs.

The soldiers who were mobilized for the Cheonrajimang were dying.

The epitaph was also the epitaph.

No matter how cornered he was, his ferocity did not disappear.

At the slightest loophole, it bites the neck and suffocates the opponent.

Countless people were killed by one Pyowol.

Sawyerwol bit his lip gently.

‘Still, I will be the winner.’

The movement of the moon was still in her palm.

Pyo-wol was struggling to somehow get out of the world, but his efforts were futile and he was sinking deeper and deeper.

It was because Soyeowol was coordinating the Cheonrajimang after sensing the movement of Pyowol.

Song Chun-wu shuddered at the sight of So-yeo-wol.

‘Only Yeowol can do this. No one in the world would be able to act like this.’

Thousands of warriors were moving in perfect order according to Soyeowol’s will.

The time it took for Soyeowol to give the order to the soldiers at the lower end to move was only a fraction of a second.

No chain of command could be faster than this.

‘Pyowol! This will be your tomb.’

Song Chun-Woo was confident of victory.

As many as three thousand people were mobilized.

No warrior in the world could pierce such a human curtain.

Song Chun-woo was so sure.

Sawyeowol gave orders without rest.

“From there, drive the Pyowol to the right. The blood demon corps stand by on the spot. Guryongsalmak unmanned prepare to throw memorization.”

As soon as her order was issued, the desire for heaven changed again.

The appearance of Cheonrajimang changing in real time was thrilling itself.

Chunwoo Song muttered.

‘This is it. As long as Yeowol has this kind of ability, no military man or Munpa in the world can defeat our Guryongs. We will rule the world from the shadows.’

Song Chun-wu unknowingly clenched his fists.

A tremendous sense of exhilaration welled up from the depths of his heart.

It was then.


An unexpected voice came out of Soyeowol’s mouth.

Suddenly, she had a puzzled expression on her face.

Chunwoo Song asked.

“Why are you doing this? What is wrong?”

“for a moment!”

So Yeo-wol raised his hand and refrained from asking Song Chun-wu.

She frowned and focused on the countless electrical sounds.

There is not just one voice transmitted through tenrinjeonmyo. Dozens of different voices are heard at once.

It was her ability to distinguish all of them and make a judgment in an instant.

It would have been better if the disruption was caused by confusion. It was because if I focused my nerves, I could distinguish voices and grasp the situation.

The problem is that one voice that has been transmitted without rest until now has disappeared.


Then another whole tone disappeared.

You could say what they were so worried about with only two people left blank, but that wasn’t the case from So Yeo-wol’s point of view.

They were trained to talk nonstop.

Even if it’s useless stuff.

The fact that their voices disappeared was tantamount to encountering a situation where they could not report.

It meant one thing for someone who had been trained to keep talking until he died and not talking anymore.

‘Both of them lost their lives to Pyowol.’

The moment she made her decision, reports poured in through the tenriphone.

―As the target is watching, eliminate the two.

– rushes this way Whoa!

―That guy is aiming for watchers.

A voice full of urgency filled her ears.

The screams of those who were reporting were heard behind them.

Cracks went on Sawyerwol’s face.



The warrior who was sending telegrams to Sawyerwol from the top of the tree fell down with a scream.

The warrior’s neck was tightened like a noose by fine threads that could not be distinguished with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

Pyo-wol snatched him by the throat with a hand-wives.

There was no time to resist.


The warrior who was caught by the water spirit was thrown into the earth upside down.

Before he had time to scream, his head was smashed.

Pieces of meat and gray-white bone marrow splattered in all directions.

It was a truly terrible death.

Fortunately, it happened so quickly that I didn’t feel too much pain.


“Come on, chase me.”

The warriors chasing Pyowol roared.

Even with them attached like tails, Pyolwol killed those who practiced the ten-ri-jeon-yin technique.

Because of that, Soyeowol’s instructions were suddenly cut off.

Those who had been moving in perfect order until now were confused as if they had become ragtags.

He killed four people who were practicing tenri trance.

All of the unmanned soldiers in the area were at a loss due to the lack of information and communication.

It was a Daeil Incheon Rajiman made with the aim of targeting only one Pyowol.

There was only one Soyeowol who presided over all of it.

There were 3,000 warriors who became her eyes, ears, hands and feet, but only Soyeowol moved them.

Because Soyeowol presides over everything, 3,000 warriors can move in perfect order.

It is a very efficient method, but it was also impossible without unmanned eyes and ears.

It would have been impossible to identify this problem if it had been an unmanned vehicle other than Pyowol.

Pyowol had an excellent ability to grasp the overall picture or outline even with a small clue.

Because of that, I was able to quickly grasp how the Daeil Incheon Rajimang worked. And they found a way to easily neutralize the Incheon International Network against Japan.

One of them was to eliminate the unmanned people who acted as eyes and ears.

If he does not receive a report through the ten-ri-jeon-eum technique, So-yeo-wol cannot make a proper judgment.

While she was unable to make judgments and hesitated to give instructions, her aspirations for Japan and Incheon fell into chaos.

The chain of command was temporarily paralyzed.

It was the moment Pyowol had intended.


Pyo-wol kicked the ground and performed a light attack.

The Cheonrajimang, which had organically interlocked without an inch of gap, became loose. There was space for the moon to escape.


“Block the path.”

The warriors shouted urgently, but by then Pyo-wol had already broken through the encirclement.

Soldiers dispatched from the Geumcheonhoe chased after him, but they were unable to catch Pyowol with their abilities.

Pyowol was the highest among the assassins.

If he made up his mind and hid or escaped, an ordinary soldier could not be found.

When the situation came to this, So Yeo-wol gave an order to the Bloodgwi Corps that was waiting.

The Bloodgwi Corps was an assassin like Pyowol.

He knew better than anyone about the physiology of an assassin and how to stealth and escape.

Because of that, So Yeo-wol had no choice but to move the Bloodgwi Corps faster than expected.

The whole picture she drew was distorted.


The Bloodgwi Corps quickly caught up with Pyowol.

Pyowol also noticed their approach.

‘The real one appeared.’

The warriors he had dealt with so far had all been dispatched from the Geumcheonhoe.

To Soyeowol, it was just a hand that could be used and discarded at any time. However, the Bloodghost Corps was different.

The Bloodgwi Corps, which had been raised with great care, could be said to be the true strength of So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu.

The existences that the two could use with the most peace of mind and could certainly trust were the Blood Demon Corps.

Despite the numerous assassins narrowing the siege, not a single breath came out.

The flesh demons who wage a silent war.

The way they moved was strikingly similar to the moon.

The Blood Ghost Corps chased Pyowol at a terrifying speed.

As they moved, the loosened Chunrajimang tightened terrifyingly again.

It was not enough to completely fill in the loose parts, which gave strength to the dream of heaven.

As the Bloodgwi Corps moved, the watchers who were threatened by Pyo-Wol, that is, the warriors who were performing the ten-ri battle were also guaranteed safety.

-The target is escaping.

―The destination is expected to be a reed field.

―It seems that you will arrive at the reed field within one day.

‘A field of reeds?’

Sawyerwol’s eyebrows twitched.

The only reed field in the area was the place where Pyowol had rested earlier.

It was a place where the reeds grew as high as a person’s height and completely blocked the view.

Pyowol took a break for more than an hour on a rock in the reed field.

For Pyowol to go to the reed field meant going back the way he had come so far.

‘Is it a coincidence?’

It was possible to do that if you were chasing the heavenly desire.

However, the Pyowol she knew was never a person who lost his mind or lost his mind.

There was no way he had lost his way and returned to the reed field he had passed through.

So Yeo-wol remembered that Pyo-wol had taken a break for more than an hour.

There were few cases where a person who reached the same level as Pyo-wol took a break without doing anything.

Unless it’s something special.

In an instant, Soyeowol raised her eyes wide.

‘It’s a trap.’

The only time Pyowol was out of her sight was while resting in the reed field.

So Yeo-wol hurriedly tried to warn the Bloodghost Corps using the ten-ri-jeon-eum technique.

―It’s a trap. Everyone…

But before her order was delivered, the Bloodghost Corps entered the reed field.


The bloody ghost who was chasing Pyowol at the forefront collapsed, spraying blood.

The bloody ghost’s ankle was cut off as he was rolling on the floor.

The blood ghost widened his eyes at the pain of his body being severed.

It was only then that I could see the fine threads installed on the round side of my ankle.

Gifts as sharp as knives are installed throughout the reed field.

Only then did the assassin realize why Pyowol had chosen this place as a battlefield.

This was the realm of death created by Pyowol.

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