Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 623

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 623

Episode 623

Song Chun-wu said to So Yeo-wol.

“I drove him to the gate of death.”

“You wouldn’t have gone to the samurai side, right?”

“There was an effect of arranging archers. It must have been burdensome for him to deal with archers shooting arrows from a long distance.”


Soyeowol frowned in silence.

It was because he couldn’t believe that Pyo-wol had quietly gone to the place where the monk was.

‘Couldn’t he have noticed the Chunrajimang? no! He’s not that clumsy.’

The Pyolwol she knew was stronger and more intelligent than anyone else.

He was also quick-witted, so he could see through the whole picture just by looking at the situation.

If it was Pyolwol, he would have noticed that there was a Samun where the archers were attacking. Still, the fact that he entered the temple without hesitation was reluctant.

‘There must be a target.’

After organizing her thoughts, So Yeo-wol asked Song Chun-wu.

“Didn’t you place warriors dispatched from the Geumcheonhoe to Samun?”

“All three hundred and fifty were deployed as elites.”

“okay. Tell them to be prepared. Because the opponent is Pyowol.”

“I already told you. There will be no distractions. They must also know what a leap moon is.”

“How about our troops?”

“The Blood Demon Corps has been placed at the corner of the road. There is no place for him to escape.”

So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu were also assassins.

Furthermore, they were learning how to kill with Pyowol.

Not only did he know well about the moon, but he also saw through the techniques of the assassins as if he were reading the palm of his hand.

He already knew how the cornered Pyolwol would act and what method he would use to get out. So, the Bloodghost Corps was placed accordingly.

The Bloodgwi Corps was a group of assassins raised by So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu with great care.

The two of them added the secrets they learned while working in Gangho to the killing methods they learned in the underground joint and raised them.

Chunwoo Song assured me.

“The Bloodgwi Corps had customized training to deal with Pyowol. It’s impossible for Pyowol to pierce them no matter what. Even if we break through the Bloodghost Corps, we have to deal with the elites of Guryongsalmak next time. Unless Pyowol is a god, we will not be able to survive.”


Song Chun-wu frowned as So Yeo-wol didn’t respond.

“It’s the Cheonrajimang that you designed with your own custom Pyowol. What is it that bothers you so much?”

“Is the transcendental ability that we know really all about him?”

“Are you saying there must be more hidden?”

“I mean it might be.”

“It doesn’t matter. We put in more power than that.”

The Bloodgwi Corps and Guryongsalmak lacked strength, so they were supported by troops from the Geumcheonhoe.

More than 3,000 soldiers were mobilized for the Cheonrajimang.

A whopping 3,000 elites were mobilized to kill just one Pyowol.

Never before in a hundred years has this amount of force been mobilized to kill an individual.

It was a truly unique event.

He rated Pyowol so highly that he increased his forces several times.

There was no place for the moon to escape.

Song Chun-woo was so confident.

After looking at Song Chun-wu for a while, So Yeo-wol opened her mouth.

“What happened to those who accompanied Pyowol?”

“I sent the Blood Demon Corps over there as well. Because the aftereffects must be completely removed.”

“Both of you?”


“good job. Let us move too.”

It was about dealing with Pyowol, not another person.

So Yeo-wol was the brain behind Daeil-Incheon Raj.

When she directs the Cheonrajimang, her true power comes out.

It was the reason why Soyeowol had to move himself.

‘Still, I’ll cut off your last breath with my hands. transcendence!’




Two men were holding their necks and bleeding.

After staggering for a moment, they fell to the ground and did not move.


“Narrow the encirclement a little tighter.”

The dead men’s companions shouted at each other.

All of them were warriors dispatched from the Geumcheonhoe and were in charge of the monks of the heavenly world.

The thought of ecstasy was literally the gateway to death.

It was only natural that the strongest warriors would be in charge so that the target could not escape alive.

However, he had to take a lot of damage.

Even the warriors dispatched from the Geumcheonhoe knew about it. Nonetheless, he willingly accepted the inquiry.

It is because the resentment against Pyowol is so great.

Others didn’t know, but the elite members of the Geumcheonhoe knew that Dokgo Hwang and Mugeomryeon soldiers tried to kill Pyowol and were instead killed.

The Eun-Won between the two was so famous that even a soldier of the Geumcheonhoe could not be aware of it.

Because of that, when they heard the news that Dokgo Hwang had died, they naturally assumed that Pyowol was involved.

When Geumcheonhoe was cornered by Dokgo Hwang’s inhumane actions at Haemun, they resented Pyowol.

If it hadn’t been for Pyowol, I thought this wouldn’t have happened.

Because of that, the hatred towards Pyowol pierced the sky. So, I volunteered for this mission.

Among them, the grudge of Lee Hyeon-yul, the Cheonyoung Swordsman (千影劍客), was truly great.

It was because he was quite close with Dokgo Hwang.

His name is not very well known in Gangho, but his inaction was truly amazing.

He was given the nickname Cheonyoung Swordsman because he said that with a single swing of the sword, a thousand shadows were created.

He possessed such powerful swordsmanship.

“The moon!”

He groaned and swung his sword.

At that moment, dozens of sword spirits rose up and attacked Pyowol. However, before the sword spirit arrived, the moon had disappeared.

Lee Hyun-yul shouted.

“Seal the gate.”


The warriors of the Geumcheonhoe moved in perfect order with the answer and sealed the interrogation.

Pyowol’s retreat was blocked.

Another talent of Lee Hyeon-yul was the true method.

He had a very deep knowledge of jinbeop. So, I was able to conduct another small-scale battle within the Chunrajimang.

This, too, was a line method that was thoroughly tailored to Pyowol.

“Pyowol, you die here today. Right in my hand…”


Pyowol was blocked by the soldiers who blocked the gate and bounced back into the camp.

Lee Hyun-yul gave him a deep smile.

Shh shh!

Swords and pottery flew as if they were going to hack the moon at any moment. However, Pyowol was not taken aback and took a meandering step to avoid all attacks.

The appearance of Pyo-wol, who sheds pottery and sword skills due to the difference in hair, resembled a snake.


“this guy! Let’s not dodge it, let’s face it head on.”

Unable to hold back their anger, the faces of the warriors turned red.

Lee Hyeon-yul calmed down the warriors.

“Everyone don’t get excited. If you get excited, things will go as he wants.”


The warriors regained their composure at his work.

See it!

Pyo-wol has been attacking Lee Hyeon-yul and the warriors with a courtesy wedding ceremony.

Since it is unknown how many unmanned soldiers were mobilized for the Chunrajimang, we had to save as much energy as possible. For that reason, Pyo-wol took out a suhon-sa instead of the powerful Sasa-gang.

At the end of the suhonsa, ten sacks of rain were hanging.

It is connected to the ghost fee.

Ten ghost tombstones and bridesmaids split the air vertically and horizontally.

Follow me!



The moaning of the warriors burst out with the sound of metal.

It was because the impact of their weapons colliding with the ghost rain ran up their arms.

Unbelievable for the power contained in the light bido, the weightlifting made their intestines shake.



The moment he let out a moan in shock, the bet was scattered. And Pyowol did not miss that gap.

The bridegroom wearing the ghost rain burrowed like a poisonous snake and cut off their breath.

In an instant, as many as five or six warriors collapsed, spraying blood.

It was then.

The formation of the soldiers who lost their comrades changed.

It was sharper and more sophisticated.


Their weapons flew aiming for the blood of the moon.

Pyowol frowned.

This is because it is different from the normal reaction.

The reaction of those who lost their comrades in an instant was overly calm and cool.

His face was obviously full of excitement, but it was clear that he was forcibly holding it in.

‘Someone is suppressing them.’

At first, I thought it was an order from Lee Hyeon-yul, who could be said to be their leader. However, his expression was not different from other soldiers.

He, too, is forced to hold back his excitement.

Pyo-wol wielded a suhonsa and took a closer look at Lee Hyeon-yul and the warriors.

For a moment, they were captured as if they were listening to something.

In the middle, it is to tilt your head as if you are listening to someone.

‘I’m receiving instructions by phoneme.’

Except for those who are inside.

Conduction was a method of compressing one’s words into sound waves and conveying them to the other person.

Except for the legendary method of conveying the meaning directly to the other person’s head, such as Hye-Kwang-Shim-Eo, there was no choice but to move his mouth.

However, among those attacking Pyowol, there was no one who could spread the sound.

See it!

Pyo-wol wielded the suhonsa with all his might.

Ten Bido and Suhonsa moved in different trajectories. Lee Hyeon-yul and the warriors jumped in all directions like grasshoppers and avoided his attack.

In an instant, Pyowol flew into the air.

Pyowol, who had reached the height of a dozen sheets of air in an instant, looked around.

I saw a warrior standing alone on a tree not far from where he was.

The gaze of the unmanned man, whose entire body was covered in a bloody clothing that made it impossible to distinguish whether he was a man or a woman, was directed toward Pyowol.

However, the warrior standing on top of the tree was not alone.

Dozens of warriors were standing on trees all over the plain, looking in his direction.

I saw the man standing on the nearest tree grimacing.

In an instant, the formation of Lee Hyeon-yul and the warriors changed.

At the same time, I could feel the presence of unmanned soldiers approaching from all sides.

The moment he saw it, Pyo-wol realized what was going on.

It wasn’t that trees didn’t grow on the plains.

Occasionally, there was a tall tree, and if you stand on the tree, you can see a clear view of the whole area.

It can even capture the movement of a young ant.

The person who presides over the heavenly desire first placed warriors in a high tree. Then, they monitored the trend of Pyowol and communicated by electronic sound.

The warriors on top of the trees were not ordinary warriors.

They only learned one articulation.

As the name suggests, the martial art called Tenni Jeoneumsul (十理傳音術) was a martial art that allowed people to communicate over a distance of more than ten li through telephony.

By placing dozens of unmanned soldiers trained in the ten-ri telephony technique on top of a tree, they were able to exchange information almost in real time.

If a person near the moon reports the trend with the ten-ri telephony technique, it will instantly reach the ears of the ruler of the heavenly world, dozens of li away. Then, the presiding officer gives instructions, and this is also transmitted in real time to the ears of the unmanned people who actually use force.

So they attacked Pyowol under the order of the ruler.

That’s why Lee Hyeon-yul and the warriors’ expressions were distorted.

This is because they did not attack according to their will, but had to follow the order of the ruler.

In my heart, I want to avenge my colleagues right now, but the host was ordering them to take their time.

―Drive him to the gate.

Lee Hyeon-yul’s ears heard electrical sounds.

The presiding officer gave an order not to recognize the Pyowol as a building gate.

Lee Hyeon-yul and the warriors bit their lips and attacked Pyowol.

All of their attacks were focused on Pyowol.

In an instant, the leopard flew away in the opposite direction they were being driven.

“no! Catch him. We have to drive him to the gun gate.”

Lee Hyeon-yul involuntarily shouted.

As soon as he heard his words, Pyowol was sure that his guess was correct.

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