Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 622

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 622

Episode 622

Pyowol took a long break near the reed field.

It wasn’t until about an hour later that he moved again.

Perhaps because he had taken enough rest, his steps were very light.

Pyo-wol walked leisurely, enjoying the scenery around him. Still, it was much faster than when two or three of us walked.

Pyowol suddenly took another piece of beef jerky from his pocket and put it in his mouth.

Originally, Pyo-yue did not eat while walking like this. This is because you eat enough when you are resting.

Pyo-wol chewed jerky like this to replenish his energy.

The air was changing.

There was a strong breath of life in the wind that was blowing.

There weren’t that many assassins in Gangho who could completely hide their lives. Most assassins shed their lives feebly, knowingly or unknowingly.

Even an assassin who had undergone professional training, let alone a general unmanned soldier.

From the moment you embrace life, life flows out.

There is only a slight difference.

The living spirit that was now spreading in the air was very strong.

It was not a matter of survival for one or two people.

At least hundreds of people had to radiate life uncontrollably to give this feeling.

“As expected, you unfolded your dream.”

It is not necessary to know the situation around you by checking with your eyes.

When he reached the level of Pyowol, he could figure out how things were going with just the flow and density of the air.

A suffocating life was choking around him.


It was at that moment that Pyowol sighed softly.


A sharp crackling sound rang out.

Darkness came flying from the forest without warning.

Pyowol raised his left arm to block the front.


With a weak metal sound, the memorized machine bounced in all directions.

It was not able to pierce the Vambrace on Pyowol’s arm.

The wristbands made by Dang So-chu were so strong that even such a small memorization would not scratch them.



At that moment, dozens of unmanned soldiers jumped out of the forest where the memorization had blown.

They had long polearms in their hands.

It wasn’t a normal window that most people know.

At the point where the spear and the blade meet, another sickle-shaped blade protruded.

It was a spear called Gugyeomchang (鉤鎌槍).

A cavalryman whose killing power was doubled by stabbing with a spear blade called in front and cutting it into sickle-like parts protruding from the side.

There were few warriors who used such cavalry as their main weapon in Gangho.

This is because the gugyeomchang itself was a weapon mainly used by the military.


The warriors attacked Pyowol’s lower body with their spears.

Pyo-wol took a meandering step and avoided Gu Gyeom-chang.


“Don’t run away.”

The attacking warriors relentlessly pursued Pyowol and attacked the bridge.

Their purpose was clear.

It is to injure or cut off the legs of the moon and take away its mobility.


Gu Gyeom-chang persistently aimed at Pyo-wol’s feet.

It was clear that once I got caught on the blade next to Gu Gyeom-chang, my ankle would fly off in an instant.



Gugyeomchang flew from the direction Pyowol avoided.

The warriors using the Gugyeomchang moved in perfect order.

The fact that Pyo-wol preemptively guessed the direction to avoid showed that they were not ordinary soldiers.

It was a method of attack that Gangho’s unmanned soldiers could never do.

Their movements were closer to those of the military.

In fact, these were military men who had served in the military.

They were good at group warfare and pass-through.

They had only one mission.

It was to attack Pyowol’s lower body and steal his mobility.

Shh shh!

Gu Gyeom-chang persistently aimed at Pyo-wol’s lower body.

“The moon!”

“Don’t run away cowardly.”

As they attacked, they provoked Pyowol.

See it!

At that moment, Pyo-wol held a wedding ceremony.

The water spirit that came out of his fingertips penetrated the forehead of the warrior who rushed like a wolf from the front.


The warrior fell forward with a scream.

Even though their comrades lost their lives, the warriors attacked Pyowol without blinking an eye.

Pyo-wol took a meandering step to evade their attack and counterattacked with a suhonsa.

Every time the suhonsa was swung, one person lost their life. Even so, the warriors did not shrink and persistently attacked Pyowol.

Their appearances, disregarding their lives and rushing at them, resembled wolves. They were roamers wandering outside the world.

Fear did not exist for those who were taken to Guryongsalmak and learned professional pass-through.

The place where they were mainly active was the desert outside of the bird.

A place like hell where there are no laws and no strong people.

People were there too.

They fought harder than anyone else to survive in a hellish environment.

Those who attacked Pyowol were a group of ronin who were notorious even in the desert.

They were proficient not only with spears but also with other weapons. But now they only used Gugyeomchang.

It was because the request they received was to bruise Pyowol’s leg.

“I’ll cut off your ankle.”


Dozens of Gugyeomchangs flew all at once, aiming for Pyowol.


Their spears pierced the moon’s legs. However, the expression of the warriors holding the Gugyeomchang was not so bright.

It was because he stabbed Pyowol’s leg with a spear, but he couldn’t feel anything in his hand.

At that moment, the new type of Pyolwol that penetrated the Gugyeomchang disappeared.




It was the moment when the unmanned people looked around in fright.

Behind them, the moon appeared silently.

He unfolded the magic spirit ring and occupied their back.

By the time the warriors realized that they had been deceived by the illusion, it was after Pyo-wol had already opened the Sasagang.

See it!

The sasa river grazed the necks of dozens of people.



The warriors who were hit by the sand river grabbed their necks and fell.

Red blood flowed from their necks.

In an instant, ten soldiers died in the Sasa River.


“You cowardly b*stard…”

The rest of the soldiers hurriedly turned around in fright. But by then, the moon had already disappeared from their sight.

Pyowol, who had gone back before they knew it, had a bag of Gugyeomchang in his hand.

He picked up the gu-gyeom-chang that was in the hand of the dead man.


Pyowol skillfully used Gugyeomchang.

The scythe protruding from the side of the spear caught on the warrior’s ankle.

Pyo-wol mercilessly pulled Gu Gyeom-chang. Then my ankle was cut off like a can of millet.



With a scream, the soldier with his ankle cut off fell to the floor.

Pyowol also put a gugyeomchang on the ankles of other warriors. And pulled without mercy.

Another soldier’s ankle was cut off and he fell to the ground.

“Keugh! be careful.”

“He’s aiming for the ankle.”

The unmanned soldiers who were still in good health shouted in fright.

Although they thoroughly defended themselves, they could not prevent the pyowol from penetrating.

It was the first Gugyeomchang I caught in my life.

Nevertheless, Pyowol skillfully used Gugyeomchang as if he had been using it for a long time.

stab and cut

The warriors gave it back to Pyowol in the same way they did.

Screams erupted over and over again.

Soldiers with their ankles or shins cut off lay on the floor and screamed.

Pyowol did not bother to cut their breath.

Because it was enough to deprive them of their mobility, as they tried to do to themselves.


The soldiers who struggled until the end collapsed with screams.

The thigh was cut off in the gut.

A huge amount of blood gushed out from the cut section.

In excruciating pain, Mu-in did not dare to stop the bleeding and passed out.

Most of the unmanned were like that.

However, there were those who were enduring with strong mental strength.

He was a warrior with a large scar on his face.

He said to Pyowol while holding on to his severed ankle.

“Pyowol! Yes… he will never get out of here.”

“You said you opened your wish to heaven?”


The scarred soldier widened his eyes in surprise.

Pyowol threw away the Gugyeomchang he was holding in his hand and said.

“It’s obvious. Because there are limited ways that those who lack imagination can unfold.”

“Big! Still, you die.”

“Maybe. But I will die later than you.”



The suhon thread extending from Pyowol’s hand penetrated his forehead.

The man with the scar died as it was.

It was then.

Puppy pew!

Suddenly, arrows flew from afar. More than dozens of arrows reached the place where the pyowol was in an instant.

At that moment, Pyowol stepped back.

He took a meandering step and took a dozen or so steps back in an instant, and dozens of arrows pierced the place where he was standing a moment ago.



The warriors, unable to move because their ankles were cut off by Pyo-wol, were killed by arrows shot by their colleagues.

‘Is an archer next to Changsoo?’

Pyowol moved without hesitation.

One of the ways to get out of Chunrajimang is to avoid places where enemies are gathered by moving endlessly.

You shouldn’t blindly avoid it.

It was important to know the intentions of the enemy in advance and avoid being cornered.

In a way, it was similar to playing Go.

I had to constantly figure out the opponent’s intentions and move a few moves ahead.

Pyowol was the first to grasp the direction the archers were running towards.

Archers were running from the south shooting arrows.

It was clear that they intended to push Pyowol to the north.

‘Looks like the main force is in the north.’

He wouldn’t have thought that he could do something about himself by shooting an arrow.

They must also know that if they are not skilled enough to put strength on their arrows, they will not be able to hurt him. Nevertheless, it was clear that the arrows were being shot like this to drive Pyowol to the place where they were well-prepared.

The so-called sheep hunt began.

The archers spread light air and took the position again.

The speed at which they shot their arrows was truly frightening.

After firing one shot, it took me almost a second to put it back on the string and fire the second arrow.


Arrows flew at a frightening speed.

The arrows contained so much power that it was almost impossible to catch them by hand.

Above all, not one or two, but dozens of shots flew at Pyowol at the same time.

Pyowol fled to the north to avoid the arrow.


“I drove him to the Samantha.”

The archers shouted and fired their arrows more ferociously.

Everything was going as they intended.

The place Pyowol avoided was a plain with no place to hide.

Occasionally, there was a place where the grass grew to chest level, but there were already soldiers prepared by Soyeowol hiding there.

“Everyone, stay alert. You never know when he’ll strike back.”


“Let’s push this to the end.”


The archers used even the strength they had been suckling and tracked Pyowol.

In their eyes, the pyowol looked like prey.

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