Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 621

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 621

Episode 621

The next day, Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol left the room and came down to the restaurant on the first floor.

The owner of the inn greeted Pyowol and Hong Ye-seol with wide eyes.

“Did you sleep well?”

“We slept well, but I think you didn’t sleep well.”


“Are your eyes bloodshot?”

“ah! I couldn’t sleep…”

The owner of the guesthouse secretly avoided Pyowol’s eyes.

Pyowol sat down without saying anything to him.

“What would you like for breakfast?”

“Eat simple hwagwa and rice.”

“I’ll be ready soon, so please take a seat.”

“Where to go to see?”

“After going outside, go back to the back.”

At the words of the guest cup owner, Pyo-wol nodded and looked at Hong Ye-seol.

“I’ll be out for a while, so I’ll be waiting for you.”

“yes! Bye.”

Hong Ye-seol smiled and replied.

Instantly, the owner of the guesthouse turned red.

It was because it reminded me of the scene I secretly peeped at last night.

The hole was covered, so we could only see part of the upper body, but that alone was enough to take our breath away.


The inn owner forced himself to calm his excitement and backed away.

Hong Ye-seol looked at the back of the owner with a meaningful look.


The pewol that came out went back to the back of the guest cup.

As the owner of the inn said, there was a place to go. However, Pyowol just passed that place and went deeper into the back.

There was a small hole in an obscure place out of sight of people.

It was probably where Jeonseo-gu came in and out.

Pyowol put his hand through the hole. Then, the ghost that had been coiled around the forearm crawled out.

Gwiah went into the hole naturally, as if he knew what he was doing.

Pyo-wol leaned against the wall and waited for the ghost to come out.

After a while, Guia crawled out of the hole.

Guia’s mouth was bitten.

It came out with a jeonseoggu that was bigger than his body.

At Jeon Seo-gu’s ankle, there was a box containing letters.

Pyo-wol opened the barrel and took out the letter inside.

The letter contained a brief content.

[Target notices surveillance. Keep a certain distance from the target that is not allowed to meet and act naturally.]

‘As expected, I noticed.’

Pyo-wol rolled up the letter and put it in Jeon Seo-gu’s ankle box. And he said to Gia.

“Put it back in place.”

Gwi-a bites the wire again and disappears into the hole, then reappears after a while.

Pyo-wol returned to the inn after retrieving the ghost.

Meanwhile, food was set on the table.

It seemed like it came out quickly because it was a simple dish to make.

Hong Ye-seol said.

“Welcome. Hwagwa is delicious.”


Pyowol nodded and sat down.

Hong Ye-seol brought a bowl of flowers to Pyo-wol.

Pyowol took a spoonful of hwagwa and savored the taste.


“Right? As if it was made by a proper master…”

“That’s right!”

“It’s not even funny. How could a guest with this level of skill exist in a rural inn like this? If I had these skills, I would definitely go to an inn in a big city.”

Hong Ye-seol said in a low voice.

Like Pyo-wol, she also knows that this is no ordinary guesthouse.

Pyo-wol said quietly while eating the hwagwa.

“I checked the telegram in the back.”

“is it so?”

“Looks like they noticed what we noticed.”

“ha! Incredible. Either you or that one…”

Hong Ye-seol also prides himself on being meticulous, but compared to Pyowol and Soyeowol, he was like a firefly in front of a full moon.

It was hard to believe that such people existed in the world. Still, Pyowol could be acknowledged, but it was difficult to admit that there was someone who had the heart to match him.

However, since Pyo-wol confirmed Jeonseo-gu, he could not refuse to admit it.

“What are you planning to do next? Are you going to let them do what they want?”


“I knew it. How?”

“You have to shake the plate.”


Hong Ye-seol moved closer to Pyo-wol’s face with a smile on his lips.

It looked like a lover in love whispering a kiss.

The owner of the inn didn’t suspect it even when he secretly saw it.

The two laughed while eating and secretly shared a kiss of love.

‘ha! Those are very well salted.’

He cursed both of them inwardly.

Whether they knew this or not, the two laughed in each other’s ears.

Because he ate while whispering like that, the mealtime had no choice but to be prolonged.

The two got up from their seats after a long time.

After paying the bill, the two immediately left the inn.

As they disappeared from sight, the owner of the inn ran to a secret room in the back.

A corpse lay in the room.

He was a real guesthouse owner.

The fake innkeeper pushed the real innkeeper’s body aside with his foot and went to the table.

On the table, a bill of lading was waiting for him. But somehow, the jeonseogu was dead.


The owner of the fake guesthouse hurriedly checked the billboard.

He could quickly spot the snake’s teeth marks.

“snake? Could it be that the snake came in?”

It was anything that could have happened.

It was relatively common for snakes to enter homes in search of food. Moreover, there was a hole in the wall of the room through which the electronic mail could come and go.

If the snake had entered the hole, the current situation would have been understandable. The question is, why did this happen now?

This made it impossible to report what had happened this morning.

The innkeeper, who had been grumbling to himself for a long time, murmured.

“Would it be any big deal if I didn’t report it?”

Anyway, I didn’t see any abnormal trend.

At least that’s how it seemed to the owner of the fake inn.

In the end, he withdrew without separately reporting the trends of Pyowol and Hong Ye-seol.

Before leaving the inn, he said to the body of the real inn owner.

“You made good use of the guesthouse. Go to a nice place.”


After leaving the inn, Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol walked through the gwando.

Unlike yesterday, the interviewers were not visible.

It seemed that everyone had withdrawn.

When the road forked, Pyowol said.

“It would be better to break up at this point.”

“Will you be okay alone?”

“I’d rather be alone. You do as I say.”

“Don’t worry about that.”

Hong Ye-seol stretched out his white hand and touched Pyo-wol’s face.

Her eyes looking at Pyowol were very affectionate.

Her heart wasn’t like this from the beginning.

She thought she could use and discard the leap at any time. So I also hit the back a lot. However, the closer he got to Pyo-wol, the more his heart leaned towards him without even realizing it.

It was to the point where I thought I couldn’t live without Pyowol. Of course, that won’t happen, though.

Pyowol told her.

“Go first.”


Hong Ye-seol chose the left path among the forked roads.

It was on the way to Gyunhyeon, the first destination.

Pyowol silently looked at her back as she walked away.

Only after Hong Ye-seol completely disappeared from sight did Pyo-wol move.

I was alone again, but I didn’t feel alone.

It has become a daily life to go with many people now, but from before, he always preferred to move alone.

‘Yeonwol! Now you are alone as you wished.’

Now, Pyo-wol and So-yeo-wol were having a kind of nun fight.

At least psychologically, Pyowol had the upper hand.

This is because he already knows that Saw Yeo-wol is leading the whole situation.

Pyo-wol walked alone on the road and thought about how So-yeo-wol would turn out.

‘The best thing is to completely isolate me. To isolate them without anyone’s help and then break them down psychologically.’

This required some preliminary work. So the moon helped her make a decision.

After breaking up with Hong Ye-seol, he became alone.

Pyowol suddenly raised his head and looked around.

I saw an unknown mountain in the distance.

It looked quite large even from a distance.

‘I’m sure he’ll do something before he gets to that mountain.’

It was almost impossible to catch an assassin who had reached the height of the moon if he entered the mountain where there were many places to hide.

Soyeowol would surely know that.

If so, it was clear that Pyowol would make some moves while still in the plain area.

Pyowol walked the road alone and carefully examined the surrounding landmarks.

Just because it was plain didn’t mean it wasn’t without curves.

There were also low hills and small rivers.

There was a fairly wide reed field along the river.

Pyowol moved to the riverside where there was a field of reeds.

The reeds grew as tall as a man’s height. Therefore, the outside could not know what was going on inside.

After looking at the reed field for a while, Pyowol sat down on a nearby rock. What he took out of his bosom was the beef jerky he had prepared in advance.

Pyo-wol took out a piece of beef jerky and chewed it thoroughly.

Even as he ate the jerky, his eyes were fixed on the reeds.


“The target is out of the expected path.”


At the report from his subordinate, So Yeo-wol jumped up from his seat.

Song Chun-woo, who was by So Yeo-wol’s side, said with a frown.

“Where did you get off course?”

“I chose the right road near Nanso.”

“Isn’t that the road to Gyunhyeon?”

“That’s right. In the direction of Gyunhyeon, the woman who accompanied me went.”

“What do you mean? You mean you didn’t go non-partisan?”

Song Chun-wu bit his lip.

They thought Pyo-wol was going non-partisan.

It was because his route coincided with the road to Gyunhyeon, where the shamans were located.

All plans so far have been established under the premise that Pyowol is headed for Gyunhyeon.

If Pyo-wol goes to a place other than Gyun-hyeon, all the plans he has made so far will go to waste.

You have to re-plan everything from scratch.

Song Chun-woo looked at So Yeo-wol.

Unlike Song Chun-woo, who was flustered, So Yeo-wol was unexpectedly calm.

“No fuss. Because this was also in the calculation.”

“You calculated it?”

“The opponent is Pyowol. Considering his unpredictable nature, it’s not strange that he chose a different path. Perhaps he intends to shake up the unknown watcher.”

I thought maybe it might be like this. But I didn’t know that Pyowol would really do it.

It was a really formidable opponent.

So Yeo-wol said to Song Chun-wu.

“At this rate, he will be dragged along as he intended.”


“If we wait any longer, we will only be at a disadvantage. Even if you’re not ready, it’s better to activate Heavenly Desire now.”

“I get it. If that’s what you mean…”

Song Chun-wu answered without hesitation.

Once So Yeo-wol has made a decision, Song Chun-wu moves into action.

It was their way of survival that never changed.

“Where is the moon now?”

“I’m going into the reed field and taking a break.”

Subha answered Sawyerwol’s question.


“Observed eating beef jerky.”

Sawyerwol looked up at the sky.

The sun was up in the middle of the sky.

It was a time when I was hungry. It wasn’t strange at all. But something bothered me. The problem is I don’t know what it is.

If she had been given a little more time, she would have realized the identity of the sense of incongruity she is feeling now. But she didn’t have time to think about it.

The more you leave the moon free, the more things will turn in an unexpected direction. It was better to blow like a storm.

After organizing his thoughts, Soyeowol gave the order.

“Invoke the desire for Japan and Incheon.”

The dream of Cheonra, which was created with only one goal of Pyowol, unfolded.

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