Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 620

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 620

Episode 620

: Tadak! Tadadak!

A bonfire was burning in a clearing in the middle of the forest.

In front of the campfire, a woman with a cold impression and a man blowing off the cold were sitting facing each other.

In the middle of a remote forest, they were So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu.

As the flames faded a bit, Song Chun-wu put in the twigs he had gathered earlier. Then the flames came to life even more intensely.

Looking at the flames, Chunwoo Song said.

“Doing this reminds me of the past.”

“If it’s an old idea, maybe it’s time to learn how to kill in an underground cavity?”


“It’s not even a good memory. Why?”

So Yeo-wol looked at Song Chun-wu with a puzzled expression.

Song Chun-wu answered while stirring the bonfire with a large branch.

“That’s right. I don’t have any good memories, but these days I keep thinking of that time. If we hadn’t had a bad relationship with Pyowol back then, or if we had held hands, what would have happened by now? Maybe I didn’t get a whole Guryongsalmak instead of half?”

“It seems that the premise is wrong.”


“Even if we reached out first, Pyowol would never have caught it. you know? What is his temper like?”

“know! So that’s what if.”

“Assuming that, things must have been better than they are now. No matter what anyone says, he’s the best assassin. We must have got the sharpest knives in the world.”

If they could absorb all of Pyowol’s achievements so far, the power of Guryongsalmak would have been at least doubled.

If he had that much power, he wouldn’t have stirred up chaos in the world by hiding like this.

By using the sword of the moon, many things that were impossible until now become possible.

Song Chun-wu sighed.

“Sorry. If I knew it would be like this, then I would have improved the relationship a little more.”

“It would have been to no avail. He had no intention of cooperating with us at all. We would have been just a nuisance to a serpentine human being perfectly adapted to the darkness.”

“snake? okay! The moon is definitely like a snake, no snake itself.”

“that’s right! A snake doesn’t look like a companion or a friend. Everything you see is just food. It’s not about holding hands with snakes. It is far better to throw it in the fire and burn it.”


Sawyerwol threw a small twig into the campfire.

She gazed indifferently at the flames burning high.

A heavy air settled on their shoulders.

So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu also kept their silence.

The one who broke the silence that had been maintained for a while was a man who suddenly appeared from the darkness.

The man who appeared without a sound knelt down in front of Soyeowol and said.

“Major Lord! The target went into the inn we prepared.”

“Which inn are you talking about?”

“This is an inn run by an old man named Gam. We are in control now.”

“That guesthouse? Do you mean there is an epitaph in it?”

“That’s right. We had dinner there and went to bed.”

“Are you sure?”

“yes! Instead of old man Gam, a person disguised as an inn owner confirmed it.”

“okay? Any doubts?”

“There is no sign of doubt.”

“Are you sure?”


The man bowed his head and replied.

Soyeowol frowned slightly and was lost in thought.

Song Chun-wu asked her.

“Why? I have no doubts.”

“That makes it even weirder. That snake-like human being passed over so easily?”

“He is human too. You can’t be without flaws as long as you’re human.”


“Have you not prepared everything so that he does not suspect you? No matter how keen his eyes are, it is not easy to see through the truth.”

Despite Song Chun-Woo’s consolation, So Yeo-Wol’s crumpled brow didn’t seem to straighten.

It was only a few days ago that I figured out the course of Pyowol.

She did not expect that Pyo-wol would stay in Deng Feng County, close to Shaolin Temple.

When she and her subordinates arrived nearby, Pyo Yue and his party were about to leave Deng Feng County.

Because of that, I didn’t have time to prepare anything.

Fortunately, Soma moved very slowly to resolve the imbalance of the body.

Thanks to that, I got a little bit of time to spread my dream.

She planned to kill Pyo-wol by unfolding her dream.

It wasn’t just a way to gather a lot of people and hunt sheep.

It was the aspiration for Japan and Incheon that she had been envisioning for a long time.

A cheonrajimang made to hunt only one Pyowol.

It was created after thoroughly grasping his disposition and habit of force.

Perhaps Sawyeowol knows more about him than Pyowol himself.

However, if there is one downside, it is that time is running out and there is not enough time to unfold it perfectly.

I tried to spread the cloth of heaven along the way, but if the moon leaked from the middle to another path, everything went to waste.

So, I thoroughly watched to find out the exact course of the leap.

By using methods such as close-knit interviews.

Suha said.

“There has been no sign of notice so far. Don’t worry too much.”

“The opponent is Pyowol.”


“Tell it to the person who is the owner of the inn. Don’t approach it hastily, just watch it.”

“All right. Oh and…”

“What else?”

“The little boy he was with suddenly left the inn.”


“I haven’t figured out that far, but they say something very urgent has happened. Leaving in a hurry doesn’t seem like it’s usually embarrassing.”

“hmm! If you’re a kid you used to go to, you mean Soma?”

Sawyerwol rubbed her chin with her white finger.

We have already obtained enough information about Soma.

He knew everything about his relationship with Samun Pyowol. However, the returned servant’s answer was unexpected.

“I don’t think so.”


“A child named Soma now looks like she’s only seven or eight years old, but the one she went to with her looked like she was sixteen.”

“What is it?”

“Maybe he broke up with Soma halfway and went with another child.”

“Are you sure?”

“There is no other way to explain it.”


Sawyerwol put on a confused expression.

It was because there was a huge gap with the information I had grasped so far.

“Check that part again. Is the child you go with really different? If so, why did you change in the middle?”

“All right.”



“What did Pyowol eat for dinner?”


Subha looked at Sawyeowol with a questioning expression. However, the moment he saw So Yeo-wol’s cold eyes looking at him, he hurriedly lowered his head and replied.

“I ordered Hwagwa, rice, and Pork Pork.”

“Dongpoyuk? Did you just say Dong Po Pork?”

Soyeowol jumped up from her seat.

Subha’s eyes widened at her unexpected action.

“yes! What’s wrong?”

“Are you sure Pyo-wol ordered the pork belly?”


“Did the person who acted as the guest cup owner do that?”

“That’s right.”


Sawyerwol let out a deep sigh.

Song Cheon-woo looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“what’s the matter?”

“Pyowol noticed.”

“what? Aren’t you overreacting? How could he have noticed?”

“Dong Po Pork!”


Looking at Song Chun-wu, who blinked his eyes because he did not understand why, So Yeo-wol felt stuffy inside.

Soyeowol suppressed his anger and said.

“Dongpa-yuk is a dish that takes a long time to make. Besides, it’s greasy, so it’s a food that assassins avoid. In particular, those who are extreme in body care like Pyowol will never be greedy. He said that he ordered pork belly?”


“I did it on purpose.”

“oh my god!”

Only then did Song Chun-wu realize the seriousness of the situation and his expression changed.

I never dreamed in my dreams that a single pork belly could contain so much meaning.

Neither Pyo-wol, who noticed something strange and deliberately ordered Dong Po-yuk, and So Yeo-wol, who could see through the whole story of the dish upon hearing the name of the dish, Dong Po-yuk.

It was truly formidable and mind-blowing.

Song Chun-woo said with a serious expression.

“Then it is correct to assume that Pyowol noticed?”

“that’s right! By now you should be checking the owner’s reaction and thinking about how to respond.”



Excited Song Chun-wu kicked the bonfire.

Burning twigs flew in all directions.

On the other hand, Soyeowol rubbed her chin with her white finger and was lost in thought.

It was her strong point to think rationally without getting excited in any case.

‘It’s clear that Pyo-wol noticed that the situation around him was strange. But you won’t know I’m involved yet.’

He didn’t even put in enough power to expose himself and Guryongsalmak.

Even if he knew that the owner of the inn was strange, he would not be able to connect it with himself.

‘However, the preparations will be thorough.’

A person with a lot of doubts was Pyowol.

That’s why I was able to survive alone in the underground cavity without borrowing anyone’s help.

‘I was so careful, but you noticed. It’s really poisonous, Pyowol!’

There was no time to just admire.

The more time you spend on this side, the more time you give Pyowol to prepare.

I had to decide ASAP.

Sawyerwol said to the subordinate.

“For now, leave the owner of the inn as it is.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to withdraw?”

“no! Then you’ll know we noticed. Pyowol still doesn’t know that we noticed. So we should rather use it in reverse.”


“Hurry up to build the heavenly aspirations. Check the deployment of troops once again and deploy those dispatched from the Golden Heaven to the front.”

“okay. I will.”

Song Chun-wu nodded and replied.

Sawyerwol gave orders to his subordinates.

“From now on, visits and visits to the moon are prohibited. Only by far-sightedness can you grasp his trends. Let everyone know that.”

“yes! Lord.”

The subordinate disappeared with the answer.

Sawyerwol looked up at the night sky and murmured.

“Even if you notice, nothing will change. A leap!”


Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol were lying n.a.k.e.d on the bed.

Hong Ye-seol was breathing heavily, covered only by a thin blanket.

The afterglow of the passionate love from a while ago still lingers.

Pyo-wol was staring at the ceiling while holding Hong Ye-seol in his arms.

Suddenly, a flash flashed in his eyes.

‘I’m gone.’

There was a gaze that had been obsessively observing the inside of his room through a hole in the wall a while ago.

The owner of the gaze was the owner of the inn.

He tried to hide his presence as much as possible, but Pyowol immediately recognized his secret gaze.

The hole was in the best position to look into the room. However, Pyowol, who noticed the hole, placed a load in front of it, blocking much of the view.

Because of this, the owner of the inn could only see parts of the upper bodies of Pyowol and Hong Ye-seol.

The sight and sound of the two intercourse made the owner of the inn unknowingly excited, and his breathing became rough.

Pyo-wol guessed the changes in his emotions and actions from the breathing of the owner of the inn.

The excited inn owner could not take his eyes off the hole and did not notice that Pyowol was rather spying on him.

The gaze that had been looking around the room so tenaciously a moment ago had disappeared.

‘Did a new instruction come down?’

Guanyin, who secretly watches other people’s relationships, was not something that could be easily controlled.

The owner of the inn was obviously very excited about the relationship between the two of them.

It was clear that Sawyerwol had given some instructions.

‘Did he notice?’

I thought it might be.

Because So Yeo-wol’s eyes are as great as his own.

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