Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 618

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 618

Episode 618

As a result, the negotiations between Hong Yu-shin and Shaolin Temple ended successfully.

Haomen decided to mobilize all his might to find out the movements of Zhang Tianhua and Tianmujang, and Shaolin Temple decided to pay a reasonable price.

It was a deal that both parties were happy with.

For Hao Mun, just establishing a close relationship with Shaolin was a huge benefit.

It is said that his name and color have faded due to Cheonmujang or Gwangmumun, but Shaolin’s potential was so great that it could not be ignored.

After hearing all of Hong Yu-shin’s story, Pyo-wol nodded.


“yes! The negotiations ended smoothly thanks to Pyo Daehyup’s good bridge. thank you.”

“Thank you.”

“Have you heard the true story?”

“What story?”

“Chang Cheonhwa Daehyup.”

“Why is he?”

“Looks like you haven’t heard yet. Cheonmujang Jang Cheonhwa Daehyeop killed thousands of Hoeju Namgung Yugeom Daehyeop.”

“Is that true?”

“yes! I also got the information this morning.”

The reason Hong Yu-sin came to Pyo-wol was to tell him the news.

Deng Feng County, where Pyo Yue is now, was thousands of miles away. Because of that, they still did not know about Namgung Yu-geom’s death here.

Hong Yu-sin didn’t know how surprised he was when he heard the news of Namgung Yu-geom’s death.

Thousands of Huizhou Namgung Yugeom was an absolute martial artist who was within at least five fingers in the world.

Among his children, Namgungwol and Namgungseol became independent and had a great influence on Gangho, and he himself was completely in control of thousands of episodes with his absolute presence.

It wasn’t enough that such a warrior was defeated by Jang Cheon-hwa, and he even lost his life.

It was a huge loss in terms of overall strength.

“Do you know why Jang Chun-hwa killed Namgung Yu-geom?”

“I haven’t figured it out yet. But I think he may have revealed his ambition in earnest.”

“Where is Chang Chun-hwa now?”

“I am figuring it out.”

“Is there anywhere you can guess?”

“We will figure it out as soon as possible.”

Hong Yu-shin gave an answer and glanced at Pyo-wol.

I don’t know what he was thinking, but Pyowol was looking at the sky.

Hong Yu-shin asked cautiously.

“Are you trying to deal directly with Zhang Chunhwa Dahyeop?”

“No, there is someone else to deal with him.”

“Who the hell?”


Pyowol kept his mouth shut and did not answer.

Hong Yu-shin, who looked at him for a moment, asked cautiously.

“Are you… Lee Chung Dae-hyeop?”


“Looks like it.”

Pyo-wol did not give any answer, but Hong Yu-shin was sure that his guess was correct.

‘Well, in this era, the only person who can fight head-to-head with Zhang Cheonhua is Li Qing.’

No matter what anyone said, the only strong competitor to Chang Chun-hwa was Lee Chung.

It wasn’t because Pyowol’s martial arts was weak.

It is evaluated considering all the years and reputations that have been built up so far, and their relationship that has lasted for a long time.

Li Qing was Zhang Chunhua’s strongest competitor.

“If only Lee Chung Dae-hyeop had stepped forward…”

A light of relief flashed on Hong Yu-shin’s face.

It was because he thought that if it was Lee Chung, he would be able to stop Chang Chun-hwa’s actions.

Pyowol said.

“Let me know if you find out what Jang Chun-hwa is doing.”

“All right. I’ll be the first to tell you.”


“Anyway, what are you going to do next? Are you going to stay here?”

“I’m thinking of going non-partisan for now.”

It was only about 500 li from Dengfeng County, where Shaolin Temple is located, to Gyun County, where the Shaman Sect was located.

It was a distance that would be burdensome for ordinary people, but it was not too far for those who had learned martial arts like Pyowol.

Now that I came to Shaolin Temple, I wanted to stop by the shaman group and burn incense at the ancestral tablet of the one swordsman.

It wasn’t for himself, it was for Soma.

Although he did not show it while they were together, Pyowol knew that Soma was very saddened by the death of Il Sword Jinin.

I don’t know if I hadn’t come all the way to Shaolin Temple, but I wanted to stop by Wudang Mountain to give Soma a chance to burn incense.

Hong Yushin nodded.

“All right. I will ask for cooperation from the branch over there as well, so if you need anything, feel free to let me know.”

“Aren’t you going?”

“I think I should go to Lake Poyang. The atmosphere there is also unusual.”

“Does it look very serious?”

“yes! In particular, the movements of the Geumcheonhoe were unusual. Something big is about to happen.”

“On the way to Lake Poyang, send a letter to Shinwoo.”

“You mean CNU?”

When Hong Yoo-shin made a puzzled expression, Pyo-wol briefly explained where Nam Shin-wu was.

Hwang Bo Chi-seung and Nam Shin-woo were hiding in a fishing village with other assassins after Solgawon was burnt down.

At least I had to tell them the news so they wouldn’t worry.

Perhaps, at the moment the letter was sent, two people could have come with troops. No, it definitely will.

Because Salno will take care of that.

Salno was well aware that it was not the taste of Pyol that many people followed. Even so, Salno will definitely dispatch the Black Slayer and assassins.

It wasn’t because I didn’t believe in epitaphs.

That’s because the symbol is an important existence.

Hong Yushin laughed and said.

“Do not worry. We will inform you of the news as quickly as possible.”

“thank you!”

“It was nothing. Aren’t we all helping each other?”

Pyowol nodded and agreed with Hong Yushin.

Hong Yu-shin was one of the few people Pyo-wol believed. Because he helped him a lot, Pyowol was also ready to help him.


The aftereffects of my sudden height were by no means light.

Because of this, Soma had to work hard to find the original sense.

I stayed up all night for several days to revive my old senses.

After 10 days, Soma was able to fully adapt to his new body.

It was only after Soma adjusted to his changed body to some extent that Pyo-wol left Deungbong-hyeon and headed for Gyun-hyeon.

They could have left on horseback, but Pyowol and the others chose to walk.

It was to help Soma adapt.

Although he had already adapted to his changed body, he still had to constantly move his body to become more perfect.

It was a good way to walk like this.

Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol also decided to walk together to keep pace with Soma.

Fortunately, they were very accustomed to walking.

I walked slowly with Soma and looked at the surrounding scenery.

The road from Deungbong-hyeon to Gyun-hyeon was not boring because the scenery was very beautiful.

Soma walked in various ways.

Sometimes I walked quickly with a quick step, and sometimes I walked with a long stride.

It was just walking, but Soma’s whole body was sweating incessantly.

That’s how much you spend all your energy on walking.

Pyo-wol looked at Soma’s back and thought.

‘Now I’ve adapted perfectly.’

At least because he was Soma, he adapted so quickly. If it was someone else, it would have been impossible.


Soma suddenly took a deep breath and stopped walking.

A smile appeared on his lips.

They felt satisfied with their achievements.

Soma looked at Pyowol and Hongyeseol and said.

“I have adapted perfectly. Now I think I can move like I normally do.”

“It certainly seems so.”

“Thank you for waiting for both of us. It must have been pretty boring.”


“Never mind, we are fine.”

Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol waved their hands at Soma, who had an apologetic expression.

Soma rubbed her stomach and said.

“But he’s getting out.”

On the surface, it looked like he was just walking normally, but in fact, Soma used a lot of muscle and strength.

Even with a single simple step, he managed his internal energy.

Perhaps because of that, I quickly became hungry.

Pyowol said.

“The next village is just around the corner, so let’s take a break and eat there.”


Soma smiled widely.

Thinking about eating a full meal after achieving something big made me feel good already.

Just then, I saw a village in the distance.

The three of them hurriedly walked.

They were able to reach the secluded village before sunrise.

It was a small village with only about a hundred households. However, there was an inn located at the corner of the main Guando road.

The three of them went into an inn where there was not even a hanging board.

The inside of the inn was very shabby as it only received guests passing through Guandu.

The tables and chairs that show the traces of the years, and the old owner couple.

Inside the inn were the owner and his wife and four guests.

The guests were seated at two different tables each. It was probably a separate guest.

As Pyowol and the others entered, the guests who had arrived first glanced at them. But that was only for a moment. They soon talked among themselves as if they were not interested.

As Pyo-wol and his party sat down, the male owner went into the kitchen and an old woman approached.

she asked, putting down the teapot and cup.

“Where are you from?”

“I’m from Dengfeng County.”

“You have come from far away. What would you like to eat?”

Hong Ye-seol’s answer was answered by the old woman with a bored expression.

It was a troublesome expression.

The previous question was just a formality.

“If you have three bowls of beef noodles and soryongpo, please.”

“Wait a little. Inspiration is getting older now, so making food takes time.”

“all right.”

Despite the old woman’s blunt words, Hong Ye-seol answered with a smile without showing any displeasure.

When you tour Gangho, you meet people like this and people like that.

Not everyone could like it. However, being angry every time only consumed his own emotions.

It was good to pass everything in moderation.

It’s not like saying that good is good for nothing.

Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol Soma drank the tea the old woman had left in the cup.

The inn was shabby, but the tea tasted quite good.

The three of them looked out the window, each holding a teacup in their hand.

I could see rice fields made by clearing the mountain around the guesthouse.

Most of the villagers earned their living by farming. They were all busy preparing for farming.

Despite the hard work, there were bright smiles on people’s faces.

They laughed and chatted while working.

Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol Soma stared blankly at the faces of such people for a long time.

In terms of what they had, the villagers couldn’t keep up with Pyowol’s group. Still, they seemed happier.

Looking at the faces of people with happy smiles while doing hard farm work, I wondered what they were doing right now.

I wondered why they fought so fiercely and lived so hard.


Suddenly, Hong Ye-seol let out a sigh.

Because I just felt weird.

Her gaze turned to Pyowol.

Pyo-wol also made the same expression as her for a while, but soon returned to his original determined expression.

Hong Ye-seol thought that appearance was like Pyo-wol.

As long as it’s human, it can shake for a while, but the shake doesn’t last very long. Recovering one’s usual composure at any time was one of Pyowol’s strengths.

Pyowol looked away from the people and drank tea.


Watching Pyo-wol drinking tea, Hong Ye-seol’s shaken heart gradually calmed down.

After a while, the old woman brought food.

“Take it.”

It was exactly three bowls of beef noodle and one plate of Soryongpo.

The beef noodles served by the old woman looked quite appetizing.

The three stirred the beef noodles with chopsticks and ate them.


Soma was the first to exclaim.

Because it tasted better than expected.

Hong Ye-seol also widened his eyes.

It tasted better than any beef noodles she had ever eaten. The flavor of the meat was full in my mouth.

“This is really delicious.”

“Right? sister.”

“I know!”

“I can’t believe there is a restaurant like this hidden in the countryside. It was a windfall today.”

“Soryong grapes are also delicious.”


Soma put one small dragon cannon into her mouth.

I could feel the savory gravy filling my mouth.


Soma sighed again.

Unlike the two who ate noisily, Pyo-wol ate quietly.

Bringing the chopsticks holding the beef noodles to his mouth, Pyo-wol looked at the customers sitting at other tables.

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