Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 617

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 617

Episode 617

Pyowol lifted the blanket and stood up.

Hong Ye-seol was fast asleep next to him.

Pyo-wol came out, being careful not to wake her up.

In the distance, I saw Songshan, shrouded in darkness.

There was a brightly lit area in the middle, where Shaolin Temple was located.

After Pyo-wol’s visit, Shaolin Temple was holding meetings every night, staying up all night.

Even at this moment, they must be having a heated discussion on how to deal with Chang Tianhua.

Pyowol looked at Seungsan for a moment, then turned his head.


It was because a sharp crackling sound came from deep inside the outbuilding.

Pyowol moved to the source of Pagongeum.

Soma was there.

Souma was pushing himself to the limit, wielding a long sword.

His entire body was drenched in sweat, and his chin was covered with sweat.

As Pyo-wol remembered, he started swinging his sword in the early evening, so he had already been overtaxing his body for over three o’clock.

No matter how strong a soldier may be, if he works tirelessly like this, he will eat away at his body.


Pyowol sighed quietly and approached Soma.

Soma looked up, as if he had noticed the coming moon. But those eyes were strange.

It was subtly congested, and it felt excessive to live.


Pyo-wol noticed Soma’s condition at once.

In a state where his mind was shaken by the death of a swordsman, he was overly immersed in martial arts, so he was encroached on by his mind.

Shimma comes to us unwittingly.

If you had a calm mind, you would have found peace by driving out Simma right away.

There are two ways to solve Simma.

One was to gain enlightenment and drive it out, and the other was to subdue it by force.


A groaning sound escaped Soma’s mouth.

As he gazed at Pyowol, his eyes seemed to shimmer with ferocity, and he attacked without hesitation.


The black light split the thick darkness.


Pyo-wol blocked Soma’s sword with the vamp on his arm.

Horror was a rare and famous sword in the world, but even the armor filled with the moon had a strength equal to it.

Thanks to this, Pyowol was able to beat fear without difficulty.


Soma rotated in the air and attacked again.

Fear split into dozens in an instant and stabbed the blood of the moon.

Only one of them was real, and the other nine were fake.

Pyowol found the real grass and defended it.


With a metal sound, Soma’s body was thrown backwards. However, Soma quickly regained his balance and counterattacked again.

Shh shh!

His sword shot fiercely.

Pyowol defended his whole body by deflecting all those attacks one by one.

At first, it was not difficult to defend with only the Vambrace. However, as time passed, Soma’s attack became more powerful, so he had no choice but to bring out a suhonsa.


Horror and suhon collided countless times.

The flames bloomed and disappeared repeatedly.


Soma screamed and tried with all his might.

As if to vomit out the resentment he had been hiding inside, he attacked like mad.

Pyowol received all of Soma’s attacks.

I didn’t know how much time had passed.

Soma’s sword blade became more and more precise.

That’s how the power increased.

Pyowol pulled out everything from Soma.

The latent potential at the bottom is all the herbivores that Soma has learned so far.

Soma swung the sword with all his might, not realizing what he was trying to do.

It was indeed forced to reach the realm of sword and body as one.

Pyowol took all the attacks so that Soma’s sense of immersion would not be broken.

Soma’s sword grass, which had been messy, began to be tidied up little by little from a certain moment. The complex branch was cut off and the sword became concise.

Grass-eating became simpler, but the power rather increased.

At some point, a haze bloomed on Soma’s sword.

The haze came together and became a sword, and as time passed, the sword took the shape of a sharper sword.

It was a sword.

Hung! Whoo!

Soma swung the sword, not even recognizing that he had created the sword steel.

It was a miracle created by Pyowol.

He induced them to forcibly obtain the gain, and Soma faithfully followed him. As a result, Soma was put on a medical examination.

The foundations had already been laid.

From the great law he received at Soroeumsa to the martial arts he learned from Jinin, the swordsman.

Soma’s bowl was already full.

All Pyo-wol did was add another drop of water carefully so as not to break the full bowl.

That one drop of water made the bowl full of water overflow, and soma went one step further.

It was a Pyowol, so it was something I could do.

Because he knew Soma well, he was able to forcefully induce enlightenment.


Gathering the last of his strength, he slashed the sword.

Instead of dodging, Pyowol blocked Soma’s attack with Sasa River.


As the strong and strong wind collided, a huge shock wave was generated.

Soma came to his senses from the shock.


He woke up from Shimma, but the internal injuries he suffered were not light.

Before I even realized what had happened, I heard Pyowol’s voice.

“Damn it!”




Soma immediately sat cross-legged and started clouding.

It was a realization gained from the clash with the Pyowol.

It was something I realized unconsciously, so if I didn’t deal with it now, it was likely to disappear like a mirage.

Soma gained enlightenment by doing cloud work, and Pyowol stood by his side to protect the law.

Another absolute no-man was being born.

That too, by the hand of Pyowol.

Pyo-wol had no intention of raising disciples.

He did not have the confidence to fully pass on his enlightenment, and he did not want to force others to go through the harsh process he had learned martial arts.

To Pyowol, Soma was like a close younger brother and disciple.

Pyo-wol felt strangely satisfied watching the process of him being reborn as an absolute master.

At that time, someone approached cautiously with sponsorship.

Hong Ye-seol was the one whose curvy body stood out even in the dark.

She was awake from a sound sleep when she heard the sound of two people fighting.

Hong Ye-seol, who was looking at Pyo-wol and So-ma with a puzzled expression, came to mind.

Since she was also an unmanned person, she figured out how things were going.

Hong Ye-seol hurriedly returned to the room.

After a while, she reappeared with her clothes in her hands.

Hong Ye-seol did not approach the two and watched them from a distance.

Finally, Soma regained consciousness and awoke from cloud air.


Soma sighed and stood up.

Pyowol spoke to Soma.

“Congratulations on your enlightenment.”


“Good job.”

“Thank you brother!”

Soma smiled brightly.

As he flew, he realized what had happened to him.

At that time, Hong Ye-seol, who had been waiting from afar, approached.

“Congratulations on getting a chance.”


“Congratulations on being tall.”


As Soma blinked, Hong Ye-seol pretended to measure his height with his hand.


Only then did Soma realize that her eye level was similar to that of Hong Ye-seol.

In that short period of time, he grew taller and became similar to Hong Ye-seol.

He had grown from the appearance of a ten-year-old to that of a fifteen-six-year-old boy.

Soma’s eyes widened at the sudden physical change.

Unable to overcome the change in his body, the clothes he wore were torn, exposing his inner flesh.

Hong Ye-seol handed over the clothes she was holding to Soma.

“Put this on.”

“ah! Thanks sister.”


Hong Ye-seol smiled.

Now, the restraints on Soma have been completely lifted, and growth has accelerated.

According to Pyowol’s prediction, the soma will grow to adult size in just over a year.

It was a bit unfortunate that we couldn’t see the cute side of us now, but it was still something to celebrate.

Soma’s time, which had been stopped for a while, began to flow again.


“What is it?”

Hong Yu-shin was shocked to see Soma’s changed appearance.

He couldn’t close his wide open mouth.

I was surprised to see that he had grown so much overnight.

Soma smiled awkwardly as if he was unfamiliar with his grown-up appearance.

He grew almost a foot tall.

It was such a drastic change that even Soma felt his body was foreign.

As I grew taller, the world I saw changed.

If I used to see the world from a height of an adult’s waist, now I can see it from a height of my chest.

That alone seemed to take my breath away.

“How can that little boy grow up like this? Did some miracle happen overnight?”

“Stop it bro! Because I’m too awkward to die.”

“You, but what about me? wow!”

Hong Yu-shin burst into exclamations of exclamation.

Then Pyowol said to Soma.

“I suddenly grew taller and my body balance won’t be right for a while. Take a break and focus on finding your balance.”


Soma nodded.

Even if it wasn’t, the imbalance of the body was serious because of the sudden growth. My limbs felt foreign, as if they were not mine.

It seemed that it would take a long time to find the previous sense.

Soma headed straight to the patronage.

Hong Yu-shin asked Pyo-wol.

“What really happened? I’ve heard of half-role, but I’ve never heard of a boy becoming a young man overnight like that.”

“Many conditions have been met. Most importantly, Soma broke the wall himself.”

“What about breaking the wall?”

“I have reached the stage of Lee Ki-seong-gang.”

“oh my god! So you’re saying that Soma has reached its absolute limit? To reach such a level at that age.”

Hong Yu-shin was shocked.

I had never heard of anyone reaching the absolute limit at the age of Soma.

If his memory is correct, it must have been an unprecedented event in the history of Gangho.

If you simply look at age, Soma would be the youngest among the absolute masters of all time.

There was more room for improvement.

‘If this fact is known to the gangho, it’ll be a real uproar.’

The rise and fall of a munpa depends on how many strong masters it has.

If only they could recruit a young absolute master like Soma, the future of that faction was guaranteed.

Hong Yushin looked at Pyowol with awe.

‘What kind of strategy did you use to raise Soma to the absolute level?’

He knew the realm of Soma well.

He obviously possessed formidable martial arts, but he was far from absolute. Such a Soma rose to absolute heights overnight.

It would have been impossible without the help of Pyowol.

‘What the hell is this person?’

Even so, he thought he knew the symbol well, but now he doubted whether he really knew it.

He thought that perhaps the image of Pyowol he knew was just the tip of the iceberg.

Goosebumps came up all over my body along with a sudden chill.

The goosebumps, once raised, did not subside easily.

Then Pyowol opened his mouth.

“How did things go with Shaolin Temple?”

His voice brought Hong Yu-shin back to the real world.

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