Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 616

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 616

616 Zhang

Wu-geuk looked at Poyang Lake in the dark.

The long moonlight fell over the dark water surface, indistinguishable from the sky.

‘Lee Geomhan.’

On the other side of the vast lake was his nemesis.

Like himself, he might be struggling with his gaze at Poyang Lake by now.

The war was taking longer than he thought.

As the war dragged on, side effects were emerging one after another.

One of them was the Ivan of public sentiment.

At first, people who looked at Geumcheonhoe with goodwill changed their gaze.

As Deung Cheol-ung and Dok-go-hwang and others went in vain one after another, people began to think of Geumcheonhoe as an axis of evil.

You might think that people’s eyes are not a big deal, but from the point of view of fighting a war, there was nothing more burdensome than this.

In the past, people cooperated voluntarily, but now, not enough to look at it with a cold gaze, they even quietly interfered.

Such dissatisfaction with public sentiment led to a decline in the morale of the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe.

Both the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe were groups of young warriors.

The reason they pointed their swords at each other was simple.

Advancing in one’s reputation.

In other words, it was to blow up fame or to become a hero.

Even if they talk about their ideals with all sorts of rhetoric and wrap them up fancy, the essence hasn’t changed.

He joined the Geumcheonhoe to become a strong hero, but anyone who was treated as a villain had no choice but to lose morale.

If morale continued to drop like this, the Geumcheonhoe might self-destruct.

If the opponent was insignificant, he would be able to endure internal maintenance for the time being, but unfortunately Lee Geom-han was not a person who could be dealt with so loosely.

For Lee Geom-han, there was a heroine with a single mind called Namgungseol.

She knew very well how to use the current situation to her advantage.

Namgungseol secretly spread false rumors to Kangho.

The types of rumors also varied.

In fact, Geumcheonhoe is the door of the apostle.

He spread rumors that he was performing all sorts of witchcraft in the basement or that he might be the successor of God’s Arrangement.

It didn’t matter if the rumors were true or not.

She knew very well that people were not interested in the truth.

But if you throw in a problem that will arouse people’s attention, the fire will grow on its own.

When Geumcheonhoe won public opinion, these works were useless, but when public sentiment was divided, as it is now, rumors spread naturally.

Namgungseol knew this property all too well.

So, rumors spread randomly and accelerated the divergence of the public sentiment of Geumcheonhoe.

As a Jangmu-geuk, it was a mental system that made the chi tremble.


Zhang Wujie let out a deep sigh.

At times like these, it would have been nice to have a friend with whom I could open up. But that friend was no longer a man of this world.

“Dokgohwang! Why did you do such a thing?”

No matter how blinded he was to revenge, there was definitely a line he couldn’t cross.

Dokgo Hwang crossed the line and was criticized by Kang Ho.

It’s a shame because he lost his life, but if he was alive, it would probably have been Kang Ho’s achievement.

If he had been pointed out as a Kang Ho’s achievement, Geumcheonhoe would have suffered an incomparable public dissatisfaction.

The more I thought about it, the more complicated my mind was.

“Whoa! It would be better to fight with a sword without thinking.”

It was just a pity that I couldn’t do that.

Zhang Wuji lifted his head and looked up at the sky.

The bright moon flooded his retinas.

“Should I ask Cheonmujang for help?”

He bit his lip softly.

Because it was a way I never wanted to choose.

It was the path he chose because he wanted to become the ruler of the world without the help of Cheonmujang. His pride did not allow him to open his hand to the cheonmujang now.


It was when Zhang Wu-geuk clicked his tongue and tried to turn around.

Suddenly, his eyes shone sharply.

“The liver is big. How dare you sneak all the way here.”

His gaze turned to a large tree.


The leaves were blowing in the wind from Poyang Lake.

Jang Wu-geuk spoke again.

“Would you like me to pull it out with my hand?”

“I’m going out on my own.”

At that moment, someone walked out from the shade of the tree.

It was a man in a black bloody robe.

He hid his face with the cap on his blood jacket.

Jang Moo-geuk said.

“You will have to answer straight. If you don’t want to die…”

It wasn’t just empty words.

The man shuddered. Because Zhang Wu-geuk’s life was focused on him.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt such a terrifying life.

It hurt like my skin was being cut with a knife.

The man raised his arms to show he had no intention of attacking.

“I am a lion. I’m here to negotiate.”


“I know you are worried about the worsening public sentiment. We can solve that problem.”


“yes! we.”

“Whose order did you come from?”

“My name is Song Cheon-woo from Guryongsalmak.”

“Guryongsalmak? Chunwoo Song?”

Jang Wu-geuk frowned.

Because it was a word I had never heard before.

If others had said this, they would have been slaughtered at once. The reason he didn’t use his hands yet was because the other person’s prayer was not that unusual.

It was about the size of Zhang Wu-geuk, so I sensed his presence, but the other warriors would never have noticed even if the man in front of them was by their side.

That’s why the man’s stealth was excellent.

His stealth technique assimilated with the natural scenery had reached the level of Cheonuimubong.

There was no way a warrior with such stealth skills would say anything.

“Is Guryongsalmak a group of assassins?”

“Why do you think so?”

“Because your stealth skills remind me of some assassin.”

“Is that assassin talking about transcendence?”

“You know?”

“Everyone knows. If I had to argue, he and I are like brother-in-law alumni.”

“So Pyowol is also from Guryongsalmak?”

“It is not. The situation is complicated, so it’s a little hard to tell you now.”

“Tell me because I have a lot of time. If I don’t tell you that, how can I believe it?”

“great. He and I were trained in the same Assassin Order. After that, we went our separate ways.”

Assassin Song Chun-wu spoke as concisely as possible.

Song Chun-wu was feeling a lot of tension inside.

It is because Zhang Wu-geuk’s achievement was more monstrous than he expected.

A superhuman sense of grasping one’s own stealth skills at once, and a formidable life unlike a human.

To take advantage of such a person, he, too, would have to risk his life.

If it hadn’t been for So Yeo-wol’s request, he wouldn’t have appeared in front of Zhang Wu-geuk.

Zhang Mu-geuk asked.

“So you went your separate ways, and is the place you chose Guryongsalmak?”


“That alone is enough to make me believe in you. Because I’ve never heard of a place called Guryongsalmak.”

“I’m sure you’ve heard of the impregnable prison.”


“Would you believe it if the fire ball was part of the Guryongsalmak?”


Only then did Zhang Mu-geuk’s eyes change.

If it was an impregnable prison, he knew.

A confinement prison used by the absolute masters or masters of the river for the purpose of secretly eliminating competitors.

He was well aware of this because his close friend, Dokgo Hwang, imprisoned his brother-in-law Yu Su-hwan in an imprisoned prison.

Song Chun-wu smiled bitterly and continued.

“You seem to know. Bulhoeok was one of the businesses run by Guryongsalmak.”

“That means there are more businesses like him. So is it Kowloon? An alliance of numerous businesses?”


“good! I understand. But why did the Guryongsalmak approach me? We would have no contact.”

“Isn’t there a table moon?”

“Pyowol? Does Guryongsalmak also have a grudge against him?”

“Thanks to that, the main base was destroyed.”


For the first time, Zhang Wu-geuk put on an interesting expression.

It was the general opinion on this floor that the enemy of the enemy was a friend.

If Guryongsalmak was really Pyowol’s enemy, it was worth using on this side.

“Keep talking.”

“The reason why public sentiment turned around at the Geumcheonhoe is simple. That’s because people defined Geumcheonhoe as evil. It’s also easy to bring the alienated public sentiment. We just need to focus people’s attention on the greater evil.”

“evil? Do you mean the moon?”

“That’s right.”

Song Chun-wu politely replied.

On the other hand, Zhang Mu-geuk’s eyes sank deeply.

It was not his way to intrigue and secure victory in this way. But now he and Geumcheonhoe were cornered.

A win was needed to reverse this situation.

“Describe the mark as a public enemy?”

“Isn’t the picture good?”

Song Chun-wu’s words were as sweet as the devil’s whisper.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Wuji finally opened his mouth.

“good night.”


A small boat floating in the middle of Lake Poyang under the moonlight.

Inside the boat, a beautiful woman was sitting and enjoying the scenery.

All she could see was deep darkness and moonlight, which made the scenery even dreary, but the woman looked at the whole area without a single movement.

A gust of wind blew the woman’s hair gently.

It was when the woman was arranging her hair with seomseom corn.


Suddenly, in the distance, I heard the sound of something falling to the surface. However, the woman looked at the place where the sound of the water came from without a hint of surprise.

At that moment, through the darkness, something approached the ship she was on.


Again, the sound of something falling into the water was heard.

It was the sound of a human figure approaching the boat spurring water.

Someone spreads a water helmet and is running towards the boat she is riding on.


Every time he hit the surface, almost five new models moved forward.

With the last dozen or so pages left, a figure soared high into the air and then fell towards the ship.


Even though In-yeong landed at a high place, the boat only rocked slightly and did not capsize.

The woman smiled at the uninvited guest who broke into the boat.


The person on board was Song Chun-wu, who had gone to negotiate with Zhang Wu-geuk. The beautiful woman who greeted Song Chun-wu was So Yeo-wol.

“I have been.”

“great job.”

So Yeo-wol greeted Song Chun-wu with a smile.

Under the soft moonlight, her smile looked even more bewitching.

So Yeo-wol stretched out her white hand and held Song Chun-wu’s hand.

Song Chun-wu took her hand and approached her.

So Yeo-wol asked Song Chun-wu.

“Any negotiations?”

“He accepted our offer.”


Sawyerwol’s smile grew wider.

Song Chun-wu asked her.

“How did you know he would accept our offer?”

“Because he’s as cornered as we are.”


“When people are cornered, their reason is paralyzed. I thought Zhang Wu-geuk was like that too.”

“It’s great, too.”

“great job. No matter how correct my guess, I would not have been able to negotiate with him successfully without you.”

Song Cheon-woo was the only person So Yeo-wol trusted.

No matter how confident she was, if the negotiator was insignificant, her plans would go to waste.

So he sent Chun-wu Song as a messenger.

Fortunately, Chun-Woo Song successfully achieved what she wanted and came back.

Sawyerwol looked at the moon reflected on the surface of the water and murmured.

“If the ghost fleet had held out a little longer, I wouldn’t have done so much.”

The fall of the ghost fleet gave her a great sense of crisis.

So Yeo-wol knew best about the abilities of his half-brother, Ko Il-won.

Because of that, she was greatly shocked by Ko Il-won’s death.

Since the ghost fleet had fallen, it was obvious that Pyowol’s next target would be Guryongslaughter.

Although he took control of Guryongsalmak, his strength was reduced to less than half compared to his heyday. In this situation, it was obvious what would happen if they collided with Pyowol, who was in the world of assassins.

That’s why she broke the unwritten rule of Guryongsalmak and contacted Zhang Wu-geuk.

All of that was to get rid of the heartache of Pyowol.

“Pyowol! Let’s put an end to our bad relationship now.”

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