Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 615

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 615

Episode 615

: Pyowol descended from Shaolin Temple.

He introduced Ambassador Unil to Hong Yu-sin, who was in Deungbong-hyeon.

Any negotiations with Hong Yu-sin, the chief inspector of Hao-mun, were up to Ambassador Un-il, so he quietly withdrew.

Pyo-wol stayed at an inn with Hong Ye-seol and Soma.

Because Shaolin Temple provided convenience, I was able to stay in the best guest house in Dengfeng County.

Pyo-wol muttered as he looked around the inside of the annex.

“It’s okay.”

“The Shaolin Temple paid a lot of attention.”

Hong Ye-seol shook his head.

It was surrounded by a high fence and was quite spacious, so it seemed like it would be okay to practice martial arts during my stay.

In fact, Soma went to the annex building and was swinging a sword.

After hearing the news that Il Sword Jinin died, Soma always felt like that.

Whenever he had a chance, he would swing his sword and improve his skills.

Perhaps because his concentration peaked, his skills grew frighteningly fast.

Pyowol did not stop Soma.

This is because we know very well that sometimes anger and vengeance become the driving force of growth.

The foundation was already solid.

The side effects of the Dafa that he received at Soroeeumsa were all resolved thanks to the one swordsman, and his internal skills and skills were increasing day by day.

It was to the point where I thought that the word Ilchiwoljang existed for Soma.

Pyo-wol said to Hong Ye-seol.

“Leave Soma alone and we go out to eat.”

“oh! Are you going to have a meal together? It’s sloppy.”

Hong Ye-seol smiled and reacted exaggeratedly.

Pyo-wol said yes and went outside.

“kid! Let’s go out together.”

Hong Ye-seol hurriedly chased Pyo-wol.

The two walked shoulder to shoulder along the streets of Dengfeng County.

I could have eaten at the inn where I was staying, but for some reason I wanted to eat somewhere else today.

Above all, I did not know when I would come to Deungbong County again.

Before leaving, I wanted to take a closer look at Deng Feng County.

So the two of them wandered around Deungbong County.

Deng Fengxian was quite lively.

However, it is still peaceful because a giant tree called Shaolin protects it.

It was a stark contrast to the thick clouds of war in other cities.

Pyowol took all of those sights into his eyes one by one.

Hong Ye-seol glanced at Pyo-wol’s face.

‘I mean he’s filthy handsome.’

Pyowol was walking in his true form without opening a reverse goal ball.

However, being conscious of people’s eyes, he was deeply suppressing Bang Rip.

Other people couldn’t see Pyo-wol’s face, but Hong Ye-seol, right next to him, could see it very well.

It was a face I hadn’t seen in a long time. Even so, every time I saw it, I was amazed.


Hong Ye-seol realized that he could never escape from Pyo-wol for the rest of his life. Still, it didn’t feel too bad.

Hong Ye-seol slipped into Pyo-wol’s arm. Pyowol did not remove his arm and walked as it was.

There are quite a few shops on the streets of Dengfeng County.

There were also shops selling items that could not be found anywhere else.

One of them was a place that sold goods from the West Station.

Items brought in by the Chilhyun Group are sold here.

Pyo-wol thought it was a strange relationship and went into the store.


The shop owner welcomed the moon.

“Is this the branch of the Seventh Stage?”

“you’re right. It looks like you saw the letters written on the board. lol!”

The shop owner rubbed his palms and laughed.

He did not know that Pyo-wol had come all the way to Jeong-ju with the Chil-hyeon group.

Pyowol walked through the store and inspected the goods.

Suddenly, Pyowol’s gaze was fixed on the small jar.

The jar was full of marbles the size of a pinky fingernail.

“What is this?”

“It is a rosary bead used by the monks of Arthur Station.”

“I don’t think it’s common, does it?”

“You have great eyesight. you’re right. It was carved from a special tree called ebony. Its strength is as great as that of iron, but it is also lighter than ordinary wood.”


At the owner’s explanation, Pyowol picked up a rosary bead and rolled it between his fingers.

I really liked the feel and weight.

“How much is this?”

“yes? You want to buy it? You’re not even a monk, so why do you need beads?”

“I don’t know about that, how much is it?”

“If you want to buy everything in the jar, just give me five gold coins. It’s something we also brought in expensively.”


Pyo-wol did not say a word and handed the five gold coins to the owner.

The owner put on a sad expression for a while at the distribution of Pyo-wol, who bought things right away without bargaining.

If I had known it would be like this, I would have sung it a little higher. However, he soon calmed down and put a bead of beads in a leather bag and handed it to Pyowol.

“By the way, since you’re not even a monk, what are you going to use the rosary beads for?”

“Should I even say that?”


The innkeeper shook his head hastily.

It was when Pyo-wol was wearing a leather pouch containing rosary beads around her waist.

“How about this?”

Suddenly, Hong Ye-seol’s voice was heard.

When I turned my head and looked, Ye-seol Hong was holding an accessory on her head.

It was not flashy, but it was a hair accessory that looked very elegant.

“It’s pretty.”

“Does it suit you well?”


“Then buy me one of these.”


“It’s because you’re pretty.”

Hong Ye-seol looked at Pyo-wol with a smile.

Pyo-wol, who frowned for a moment, asked the owner.

“How much is that?”

“That is also an item from the West Station. Just give me two gold coins.”


“It is an accessory that brides wear on their heads in the West Station. It is one of the items that the groom hands over as a sign of marriage proposal.”

Hong Ye-seol’s expression widened at the store owner’s words.

She looked at Pyowol with eyes filled with earnest longing.

Pyo-wol casually handed the two gold coins to the shop owner.

“thank you.”

“Ho Ho!”

The shop owner and Hong Ye-seol were satisfied at the same time.

Hong Ye-seol held out the accessory to Pyo-wol.


“Put it on your head yourself.”


“It’s not that difficult. give me some.”


Pyo-wol placed an accessory on Hong Ye-seol’s head with a nonchalant expression.

Hong Ye-seol looked up at Pyo-wol and said.

“Tell me. Fit well?”

“matches well.”

“Are you pretty?”


“Ho Ho!”

Hong Ye-seol smiled broadly and liked it.

Pyo-wol looked at Hong Ye-seol in silence.

The owner of the inn said, poking Pyowol’s side with his elbow.

“Your wife likes it.”

“Not Mrs.”

“yes? Oh sorry.”

“are you okay!”

“Ah yes!”

Hong Ye-seol, who had been looking at the mirror in the store for a while, said to Pyo-wol.

“Go away. I bought you accessories, so I’ll pay for dinner.”

“Do it.”

The two of them left the store together.

Hong Ye-seol clung to Pyo-wol’s side and smiled continuously.

Even if Pyo-wol pushed him away, Hong Ye-seol didn’t care and stuck closer.

“Is it that good?”

“sure. It was a gift I received from someone for the first time in my life.”

“You mean you never got one?”

“Of course, a lot of people with dark feelings gave it to me. But they all refused. Are you surprised?”


Pyowol shook his head.

Hong Ye-seol was a cold-hearted woman.

It is only in front of oneself that it is released like this, but in front of others, it does not show any loopholes.

Rejected anything that interfered with the mission.

Because of that, this was the first time I had ever received a gift from someone. Even though it was something she received because she almost pushed her back.

“Huh! joy!”

Hong Ye-seol even hummed what was so exciting about it.

Pyo-wol went into an inn with her, which looked fine.

It was a guesthouse famous for its delicious food nearby.

It was already late in the evening, and the guests in the inn were drunk.

Dugangju (杜康酒) was especially famous at the guesthouse.

Dugangju was a silky wine made in Yeoyang, not far from Dengbong County.

At the inn where Pyo-wol entered, Dugangju was airlifted from Yeoyang and served to the guests.

Dougangju was quite strong, so even though the customers hadn’t drank much, their faces were red.

The two chose a suitable seat and sat down.

Jeom So-yi approached the two of them.

“welcome. What can I get you?”

“Bring me a pork stir-fry and a beef noodle, the same drink the other guests drink.”

“All right.”

Jeomsoi stepped back with an answer.

Pyo-wol said to Hong Ye-seol.

“alcohol? I don’t drink?”

“I know. I want to drink.”


“Drinking in moderation is good for mental health. It loosens the tense nerves like a bowstring. You should drink it too. Then you will know what I mean.”

“No reservations.”

“all right.”

Hong Ye-seol did not recommend more.

It was because he already knew that Pyo-wol did not drink at all.

Hong Ye-seol rested his chin on his arm and looked at Pyo-wol.

There was a lively smile on his face.

Pyo-wol only bought a hair accessory, but Hong Ye-seol’s mood was soaring high in the sky.

Hong Ye-seol had a look that attracted me the more I saw him.

The first time I saw it, I couldn’t appreciate it, but the more I looked at it, the more I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

As she laughed heartily, many people around her couldn’t take their eyes off her.

Three men sitting at the table next to them exchanged glances.

All of them were from Shaolin Temple’s secular families, and they worked quite hard in Dengfeng County.

Normally, they are fine, but when they drink alcohol, their personality changes, so everyone avoids them.

The faces of those who approached Hong Ye-seol were drunk.

“Sozer! May I know your guest name?”

“How about us instead of these insignificant students?”

“I didn’t know that such a beautiful Sojeu could exist in Dengfeng County. Let’s leave the students who can’t drink like that and drink with us. We’ll pay for all the drinks.”

Even though there was a pyowol in front of Hong Ye-seol, they ignored it and kept cold.

‘Those b*stards are doing that again.’

‘Don’t you know what the Shaolin Temple is doing? Leave those fools alone.’

The people in the inn were impressed by the three men. But no one dared to step forward and stop it.

That’s why the prestige of the men in Dengfeng County is great.

They also thought that the beautiful woman would be caught by the revelers and shed tears.

However, contrary to their expectations, Hong Ye-seol neither shed tears nor panicked.

He was looking at the men with cold eyes.

“What is it?”

“What’s with that girl’s eyes?”

The men were startled by Hong Ye-seol’s eyes.

He was momentarily intimidated by Hong Ye-seol’s eyes.

Hong Ye-seol’s mood, which soared to the sky at the men’s flirtation, plummeted.

The very fact that men interrupted a historic day like today made her furious.


Ye-seol Hong grabbed the chopsticks in her hand.

Then the moon said to her.

“Don’t kill me. Because I don’t want to eat with a dead body next to me.”


Hong Ye-seol replied with a smile. But her eyes weren’t smiling at all.

He had no intention of forgiving the revelers who interrupted this good time today.


“Buy and save me!”

The screams of the revelers soon resonated in the inn.

Hearing their screams, Pyowol looked out the window and thought.

‘What will he do when he finds out that the henchmen who destroyed the evidence of his involvement are dead?’

Pyo-wol thought from Jang Chun-hwa’s point of view.

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