Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 614

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 614

Episode 614

Namgung Jin is the first son of Namgung Yu-geom and was the first son of thousands of times.

He was also the one who made his younger brother, Namgung Seol, leave the thousands of clubs and take a seat in the Union Association with his great talent and outstanding control.

Namgung-jin looked at Hwangbo Shin-hak’s body with cold eyes.

Hwangbo theology was not a simple general director.

He was his biggest supporter and like father.

Instead of his heartless father, he supported and cared for him.

Thanks to this, I was able to completely control thousands of times today.

Such Hwangbo theology was found as a cold corpse.

It was also at the residence of Namgung Yu-geom, his father.

Namgung-jin pulled out the sword that was stuck in Hwangbo Shinhak’s neck.

Bido, the size of an adult’s palm, was extremely sharp. The problem was the direction the rain came from.

It was a tall hill behind thousands of miles.

Namgung-jin asked the soldier next to him.

“Is your father still not back?”

“That’s right.”

“I am looking for my father. Everyone follow me.”


Namgung-jin threw himself into the hill.

Thousands of elites followed.

Namgung-jin’s expression hardened as he spread light air.

Because I didn’t have a good feeling.

‘It’s such an air power that it suffocated the commander in the hills with a rain sword.’

He shot as many as 500 chapters and blew his sword, killing Hwang Bo Shin Hak.

It was something Namgung-jin couldn’t do either.

‘I’m sure my father won’t get hurt?’

He believed in Namgung Yugeom, his father.

The best master Namgung-jin knew was Namgung Yu-geom.

Namgung Yugeom learned the King Sword type to the level of ten stars.

The emperor sword type was the best swordsman of the Namgung family, which was the predecessor of thousands of times.

There was no way that Namgung Yu-geom, who had mastered the philosophical teachings of heaven and earth, could not be defeated easily.

It was then.


As if to prove his guess, a roar came from afar.

It was clear that Namgung Yu-geom was fighting an unknown beast.

Namgoongjin exclaimed.

“Hurry up. I have to help my father.”


He and his men climbed the mountain at a faster pace.


As we got closer to the top of the mountain, a strong wind blew like a storm.

The beautiful giant tree swayed as if it would break at any moment, and the dust was so thick that I couldn’t open my eyes.



Thousands of unmanned soldiers could not easily advance due to the strong wind and were pushed back.

Only a few advanced through the wind.

‘I have to go.’

Namgoongjin gritted his teeth.

It hurt as if my skin had been stabbed with thousands of awls.

It was because of the formidable life contained in the blowing wind.

The life in the wind was so terrifying that even he, who had already risen to the point of rising, felt fear.

Namgungjin raised his air power and advanced while protecting his heart.

It was when he was almost at the top of the mountain.


Suddenly, an intense group of lights burst out in front of me.



The unmanned soldiers closed their eyes tightly at the unexpected intense flash.

It was the same with Namgoongjin.

He stopped moving and closed his eyes.


The area was quiet.

It was hard to believe that the air had stirred with such a roar just a moment ago.

When the pain in his eyes subsided, Namgung-jin carefully opened his eyes. The peak of the mountain, horribly destroyed, appeared in front of him.

All the trees were uprooted and blown in all directions, and the rocks were broken into pebbles.

Namgung-jin’s eyes fluttered at the sight of the top of the mountain, which had changed so disastrously that it was impossible to find its previous appearance.

Suddenly, his gaze turned to a huge pit dug in the center.

Namgung Yu-geom was lying in the center of the fan pit as if a meteorite had collided with it.

“father? father!”

Namgoong Jin called Namgung Yugeom and ran away.


“Hoe Lord!”

The unmanned soldiers who belatedly found their eyesight chased after him.

“father! Calm down.”

Namgung Jin hugged Namgung Yugeom.

Namgungjin tried to wake him up by injecting internal energy into Namgung Yugeom’s Myeongmun Blood. However, Namgung Yugeom didn’t even move.

it is already clear


“Hoe Lord!”

The soldiers who arrived late fell on the floor and shed tears.

After a long time passed, Namgung-jin accepted Namgung Yu-geom’s death.

He woke up holding Namgung Yu-geom’s body.

Namgoongjin gave the order.

“Find out who killed your father. I won’t hold a funeral until I get my revenge.”

“Honorable name!”

The subordinates answered in unison.

Namgoong Jin looked up at the sky with tears in his eyes.

“I will never forgive you. Never…”

He swore revenge on the sky.


Namgung Yugeom accounted for half of thousands of times. His death meant the loss of power thousands of times.

If an outside enemy invaded by aiming at this opportunity, they would be helpless.

Because of that, thousands of times tried to hide the death of Namgung Yu-geom as much as possible. However, it was impossible to shut everyone’s mouth.

The death of Namgung Yu-Geom was known to the entire Gangho within a few days.

“oh my god!”

“Thousands of lords die?”

“Who the hell killed him?”

The warriors of Gangho were stunned by the unbelievable news.

Namgung Yu-Geom was not just a warrior with strong arms.

He was the owner of a huge force called thousands of times.

It was hard to believe that Namgung Yu-geom, surrounded by countless masters, had died in vain.

It was impossible to kill Namgung Yu-geom by passing through so many masters with normal force.

People shuddered at the powerlessness of the pleural effusion.

Thousands of episodes tried to find the beast, but his identity and whereabouts were still unknown.

The news of Namgung Yu-Geom’s death reached the Union Association.

When Lee Geom-han first heard this news, the first person that came to mind was Namgung Seol.


He sighed and headed for Namgungseol’s residence.

“New Year’s Eve!”

When I opened the door and entered the room, I saw Namgoongseol sitting blankly in front of the dressing table.

I thought he was crying, but surprisingly, his expression didn’t change.

It wasn’t that he didn’t feel sad at all.

Lee Geom-han could read the sadness hidden in her face, which was pretending to be expressionless.

Namgungseol opened his mouth.

“Black man!”

“Are you okay?”

“are you okay.”


“I’m really fine. So you don’t have to make that face. I’m fine, but why are you looking like the sky has fallen?”

Namgungseol tried to laugh. However, the stiff expression on his face did not seem to be relieved.

Lee Geom-han quietly held her white hand.

His small, warm hand was shaking.

Lee Geomhan said carefully.

“Go to thousands of times. Go and have a funeral.”

“are you okay.”

“new year!”

“Even if I’m not there, Brother Jin will take care of himself.”

Namgoong Seol bit his lip.

He bit so hard that his lips cracked and blood gushed out. However, Namgungseol was completely unaware of this fact.

“I am speaking for you. No matter how bad it was, he is your father. It would be good for you to attend the funeral.”

“If it is the Jin brother I know, he will not hold a funeral until he finds the beast and takes revenge.”


“So I won’t be back until then either. It would be better for my father to stay here and help you.”

“Okay. if that’s what you mean then But if you change your mind, tell me anytime. I will gladly send you thousands of copies.”

“all right.”

Namgungseol nodded.


Lee Geom-han sighed quietly.

That’s what he said, but he knew that Namgungseol would never change his mind.

Namgungseol, like himself, was never one to stop or change direction until he achieved his goal.

Namgungseol was a person whose beliefs and goals were more important than the life of his own blood.

Sometimes, her persistence is a bit scary, but Lee Geom-han was essentially no different from her.

He, too, was a man whose ambitions and goals were above all else.

That’s why I left Gwangmumun and took over the Union Association.

After cooling his head for a moment, Lee Geom-han asked Namgung-seol.

“Do you know who the beast is?”

“Not yet. But you’ll find it soon enough. There are only a handful of warriors in the world who can deal with my father alone. If you investigate their whereabouts, the beast will surely appear at the end.”

“If so, shouldn’t you tell Confucius Namgung about it?”

“Oh, are you? You will know even if I don’t tell you. He is a very good person.”

Namgungseol closed his eyes.

Namgung-jin was the person who provided the decisive opportunity for her to leave thousands of times and settle down in Eunryeonhoe.

Even though he was not much better than her, he dominated thousands of times with a stable base of support, solid mental strength, and powerful martial arts.

The only way for her to take control of thousands of episodes was to make a life-and-death decision with him. However, I didn’t want to bring about thousands of rounds of supremacy while doing that.

‘Since I’m a person who can take care of my own business, I can leave it to him to avenge his father.’

The only thing I was worried about was the inactivity of the chest.

It was clear that if he was a master enough to kill his father, he would have reached the absolute limit. If you want to take revenge on someone like that, you will suffer a lot of damage thousands of times.

“Leave my father’s revenge in the thousands and focus on the fight right in front of us.”


“Currently, the movement of the Geumcheonhoe is unusual. I think they are aiming for a one-step turnaround.”

“Do you believe in anything? There should be very little power gap between them and us.”

It’s a one-step turnaround with good words, but in a fight between strong forces, the method of turning back the weight of the game at once was almost unusable.

That is, unless the leadership is extremely stupid.

In both the Geumcheonhoe and the Unionryeonhoe, there were many people with outstanding brains. Namgungseol was one of them.

It was close to impossible to come up with a plan so great that it fooled all of them.

Geumcheonhoe would surely know that fact. However, it was clear that the movement behind the scenes was captured that such words came out.

“Are there many numbers left for the Golden Age?”

“There are only a few left. Most of them are predictable.”

“For now, let’s look carefully at their movements. If you want to use a one-step reversal, you will have no choice but to show a different movement than usual.”

“I have already ordered my subordinates.”


Lee Geomhan nodded.

‘There’s nothing to worry about.’

Despite the loss of his father, Namgungseol still maintained his sharp judgment and cold reason.

At this level, it seemed that I could continue to trust and entrust important work to him in the future.

Namgoongseol said to Lee Geomhan.

“Leave it to me to run the union association, and you only think about dealing with Zhang Wu-ge. In the end, the end of this fight will come down to a confrontation between you and Zhang Wu-geuk. The winner will get everything.”

“I guess so.”

“So you focus only on your fight. I’ll sort out the rest. I’ll clear out anything that gets in the way of your fight. So don’t worry about that and just move forward.”

“Do that.”

“We will be the winners of this fight in the end. Black Han! Trust me.”

“I believe in you.”

Lee Geom-han held Namgung Seol in his arms.

Namgungseol’s eyes flashed in his arms.

‘I will remove all beings that stand in the way of Geomhan. Even if the target is a death god…’

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