Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 613

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 613

Episode 613

An elderly man with a clean appearance was sitting in his room sharpening his sword.

He painstakingly polished his sword with a dry cloth while lighting the lamp.

The old man’s name is Yugeom Namgung.

It was the absolute of thousands of times.

In Jianghu, he was called Cheongpo Yusa (靑布儒士).

It was because he always wore a blue robe, and his appearance and atmosphere were similar to those of Seosaeng.

Because of that, no one thought he was a warrior unless he wore a sword.

But he was unmanned.

It is also an absolute no-man who has reached the highest level.


Namgung Yu put the carefully polished sword into the scabbard.

It was a famous sword that had been handed down to family heads since the days when the Namgung family was alive and well and commanded the world as a member of the four great families.

Its sharpness and strength are the best in the world, so it is a symbol of thousands of times.

Namgung Yugeom looked at the sword for a moment before putting it down on the table. And he opened his mouth.


“yes! Lord.”

With the answer, a middle-aged man in his early fifties entered the room.

It was Hwangbo Theology, the general director of thousands of meetings.

Hwangbo Shin-hak bowed his head to Namgung Yu-geom and opened his mouth.

“Did you call?”

“How are the second and the third doing these days?”

“The second lady is firmly in control of the Eunryeonhoe and is pushing against the Geumcheonhoe.”

“Is it clear that you have taken control of the union association?”

“From what I understand, yes.”


A satisfied smile appeared on Namgung Yu-gum’s lips.

He was a child who left on his own thousands of times, but he was still a child.

There was no reason to dislike the fact that his son had taken over the huge power of the union association.

The reason she left thousands of times was simple.

It was because of the reality that he could not beat Namgung Jin, the eldest son of Namgung Yu-geom, and become the master of thousands of times.

Namgung Yu-geom intended to hand down thousands of episodes to Namgung-jin, and did not want any trouble to arise in the process.

Namgung-jin was not simply handed down because he was the first. He thought he would lead thousands of episodes well because he had that much ability.

Thousands of times, Namgungseol’s place did not exist. So, she left thousands of times on her own and built a new nest in the Union Association.

“I wasn’t worried because he was a tough kid, but he exceeded my expectations.”

“That’s right.”

“If you ever need anything, please help me secretly. Tea should never come out. He’s a proud kid, so if you openly help him, he won’t like it.”

“I will.”

Hwangbo Shinhak lowered his head and replied.

“Where is Wally?”

“I’m not sure about that.”

“You mean you haven’t figured it out yet?”

“yes! After stopping by thousands of times for a while, the whereabouts are unclear.”


“In my opinion, I think he joined the Black Territory.”

“Black world?”

“Assassins who follow the god of death call themselves that.”

“It’s not even funny. It’s a dark world.”

“But their force is never laughable. They have already proven their power in Haimen. The elites of the martial arts training and ghost fleets in the world were defeated by them.”


Yugeom Namgung nodded.

Although he said so, he was well aware that his fighting power following the leap was far from ridiculous.

I don’t know how, but the assassins who became the limbs of the moon became stronger.

It was far beyond the level of being dismissed as an assassin.

If Namgungwol joins them, their power will increase further.

“Anyway, joining the Black Territory isn’t bad either. In a big way, the influence increases thousands of times.”

A deep smile formed on Namgung Yu-gum’s lips.

He left three children with his wife.

If the first one took thousands of rounds, the second one with the Eunryeonhoe, and the third one with the Black World, the power of Namgung Yugeom would increase by that much.

No matter how much Namgungseol and Namgungwol went out shouting for independence in thousands of meetings, the relationship between father and child was not something that could be artificially severed.

If Namgung Yugeom gives an order, he will have no choice but to listen.

Hwangbo said carefully.

“What about Confucius Namgungwol’s request?”

“A request to intervene in Kang Ho’s work?”

“That’s right.”

Not long ago, Namgungwol visited thousands of times and met Namgung Yugeom. And to calm Kang-ho’s confusion, he asked to be moved thousands of times.

At that time, Namgung Yu-geom did not give a definite answer. I just gave it a chance.

I’m trying to make a decision by watching the situation where Kang-ho goes a little longer.

Some said that Namgung Yu-geom was prudent, while others criticized him for opportunism.

But no one dared to speak to his face. It was because Namgung Yu-geom was a strong man who could aim for the loser of the world.

After thinking for a moment, Namgung Yugum opened his mouth.

“Watch that a little longer.”

“All right.”

“Just show me how to move a little enough that Wall-E doesn’t feel sad. You know what I mean?”


“If my children completely control the Unryeonhoe Heukgye, they will not have to fear Cheonmujang or Gwangmumun.”

Namgung Yu-gum was in a situation where he could blow his nose without touching it.

Thanks to the proud children, it is possible to form the most powerful force in the world.

‘As expected, an opportunity will come because I am patient.’

Namgungwol gave a satisfied smile.

He had been hiding it until now, but he was also aiming for the loser of the world.

Standing at the top of the river and reigning.

It was the dream of any absolute master who reached such a level.

I realized that it was not long before my dream came true.

It was then.


Something broke through the window with a sharp punch.


Hwangbo Shinhak screamed and collapsed.

A small dagger was stuck in his neck.

Hwang Bo Theology held onto the neck where the dagger had been stuck and convulsed before dying.


Namgung Yu-gum raised his eyes wide.

In the middle of thousands of episodes, while he was watching it from his own residence, Hwang Bo Shin-hak, the commander-in-chief, was assassinated and died.

It was a major incident that hurt his pride.

“What kind of guy are you?”

Namgung Yugeom shouted and jumped out.

After looking around for a while, he immediately identified the direction the rain had come from and threw himself away.


His body cut through the night sky like an arrow and disappeared.

Belatedly, the soldiers guarding his residence grasped the situation and shouted.

“Hoe Lord!”

“It’s an ambush.”

The soldiers hurriedly tried to chase after Namgung Yu-geom, but his figure had already disappeared into the darkness.

“The commander-in-chief has been assassinated.”

“Hurry up and bring Confucius Namgungjin back.”


Namgung Yu-geom ran through the darkness at a terrifying speed.

His destination was a high hill in the back of thousands of miles.

Because that was the direction the rain came from.

From the top of the hill to his residence within thousands of times, there were more than five hundred sheets. So, the opponent killed Hwang Bo Shin Hak precisely by blowing a sword at a distance of about 500 pieces.

It was truly a formidable secret technique.

As far as he knew, there was only one warrior in the world who possessed this level of secret magic.

‘Could it be a death god?’

If it was Pyowol who reached the peak as an assassin, it was possible.

The problem was, why did the god of death kill the commander in ambush thousands of times?

Even right in front of your own eyes.

Namgung Yu-geom shook his head, denying his guess.

No matter how much he thought about it, Pyowol had no reason to attack him.

His lofty pride was deeply wounded.

‘I can never forgive anyone who kills the general of the plenary session.’

Life shone in his eyes.

I saw a figure standing upright on a tall tree in the distance.

The wind blew and the branches swayed like they were about to break, but the black shadows stuck together like glue.

It was clear he had blown the rain.


Namgung Yugeom burst into Lion’s Roar and swung his sword.


Sword energy spurted out of his sword and flew away.

It was a method of flying a sword sword.

The big sword flew like a flash war and hit the man on the tree.


In an instant, a rustling sound rang out.

At the same time, the big sword that Namgung Yu-geom flew disappeared with an explosion. The black figure on top of the tree waved his hand to block the non-geomgi.

The impact severely bent the tree branch as if it would break. However, the tree branch soon returned to its place. The black figure standing on the branch was still there.

It was an incredible sight.

If it was the power of the big sword that Namgung Yu-geom flew, the tree as well as the black human figure should have been split in two. Even so, being fine meant that the black figure had completely eliminated the power of the non-sword weapon.

There were only a handful of people in the world capable of such a skill.

Namgung Yoo-gum felt the blood running cold in his whole body and landed on a large tree opposite the black figure.

Namgung Yugeom asked.

“Who are you?”

“Long time no see.”


Namgung Yoo-geom widened his eyes as the opponent’s face was revealed under the moonlight.

Although he became younger after half a year, the atmosphere and eyes unique to Jang Chun-hwa remained intact on his face.

“Chang Cheonhwa?”

“I’m still recognizing.”

“Has it been halved?”

“Somehow, I became young again.”


Namgung Yugeom let out a quiet voice.

Zhang Chunhua said it as if it were not a big deal, but in fact, it was because he knew very well how high it was.

Reverting an old body back to its youth was impossible with ordinary realization.

It was certain that Jang Cheon-hwa had crossed a certain wall that Namgung Yu-gum had not yet overcome.

“Are you the one who killed General Hwangbo?”

“Right! I did.”

“Why did you do that?”

“To summon you quietly.”

For a moment, Namgung Yu-gum’s expression stiffened.

“The reason is?”


“Does it mean that the good person is not good and the self is not good?”


“Why? Still, I thought you and I weren’t on bad terms.”

“It is already a set procedure. It’s just that it’s your turn.”

Namgung Yu-geom’s eyes trembled at Jang Chun-hwa’s plain reply.

I expected that the day would come when I would confront Jang Chun-hwa in earnest. But that time was not now.

He had no choice but to be taken aback by Jang Chun-hwa’s blitzkrieg, which was faster than he expected.

“Why now?”

“I thought now was the right time.”

“bandit? I think you are in too much of a hurry.”

“It doesn’t matter what you think. My thoughts and judgment matter.”

Namgung Yu-geom’s face hardened even more at the words of Jang Cheon-hwa, who seemed to be ignoring him.

Jang Chun-hwa and Namgung Yu-geom exchanged several times.

I couldn’t see him as friendly, but I couldn’t call him a stranger either. Still, coming out like this meant that Chang Chun-hwa was determined.

It was impossible to reverse Zhang Tianhua’s decision now.

Namgung Yugeom asked.

“Are you confident?”

“You will know when you experience it.”

“It won’t be easy.”

“You’ve got a bad habit when you haven’t seen it. Since when did your tongue get so long? You talk a lot.”


“Finish quickly. I’m a bit busy. There are quite a few other people to look for besides you.”

Namgung Yu-geom’s anger rose to the top of his head at the attitude of Jang Cheon-hwa who kept ignoring him.



He couldn’t stand it any longer and pulled out the sword he was wearing at his waist.

Namgung Yugeom’s sword shone with an aura like frost.

Jang Cheonhwa said while looking at Namgung Yugeom.

“Come on.”

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