Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 611

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 611

Episode 611

The monsters wearing black and white masks were the black and white Musang, the trustees of Chang Cheonhwa.

The one wearing the black mask was the front of the White Mask, the Black Musang fake signal.

The two men received only one mission directly from Jang Chun-hwa.

It is to kill Ji-kyung and destroy the evidence of Jang Chun-hwa’s involvement.

To do this, they used the precepts of Seongdonggyukseo.

While the front of White Musang set fire to the western section of Shaolin Temple, Dark Musang’s false signal was to quietly assassinate Ji-kyung.

If everything had gone according to plan, they would have escaped the Shaolin Temple safely without leaving any evidence behind.

However, when Pyowol intervened, all of their plans went awry.

‘Kill him and shut his mouth.’

The black and white image exchanged glances.

The only way left for them was to kill the one symbol.

Killing Pyowol solves everything.

They thought it was better.

‘I’ll take this opportunity to get rid of heartburn.’

Not only Zhang Wu-geuk, but even Chang Chun-hwa was paying attention to the moon.

Both of them think of Pyowol as a great misfortune.

If only Pyowol was killed, nothing would get in the way of the two of them.


At the same time, they kicked the ground and rushed at Pyowol.

Intense firearms gathered in both hands of Dark Musang Wei Signal, and a terrible cold condensed in both hands of White Musang.

If the stomach signal was fire, the anterior lobe was ice.

The cut crane of the sign of Wei is Chuk-yong-yeolhwajang (祝融熱fire掌), and the cut crane of the anterior lobe is Bingbaeksinjang (氷魄神掌).

It was a jeolhak that complements each other while contradicting each other.

It was strong even when alone, but when the two joined forces, its power increased three to four times.

Moreover, they boasted an excellent rapport to the extent that they could instantly understand each other’s intentions just by looking at each other’s eyes.

Black shadows and white shadows rushed from both sides of the moon, unfolding the feast.

Energy as hot as lava and extreme cold came at the same time.

Pyo-wol blocked the attack of the two by spreading the wave.


An explosion erupted, and Pyowol’s body was thrown backwards.

Although Pa-ok also had excellent power, it was not up to the attack of the two people who achieved the harmony of yin and yang.

The two people’s schooling perfectly complemented each other and amplified their power several times.

As if it was a promise, Black and White spoke at the same time.

“You die here today.”

“In our hands…”


Tremendous air waves pressed down on both sides of the moon as if it were being squeezed.

If you stay still, you will be ground like beans between millstones.

Pyowol took a meandering step and slipped between the waves. However, the black and white gratuitousness did not allow the pyowol to escape easily.


As if it had been promised, they burst into spirits at the same time and changed their herbivorous diet.

The heat of condensation heat as hot as lava and the chill of ice-bath kidneys, colder than the ice of hell, chased Pyowol like a grim reaper.


Two different auras hit Pyowol.

It was the moment when a young smile appeared on his black-and-white face.


The moon disappeared like a mirage. He unfolded the demonic illusion and moved to another place.

The two energies struck were illusions created by Pyowol.


“Is it an illusion?”

Only then did they realize that they had been tricked by Pyowol. But at that time, the moon had already moved behind them.

See it!

Pyowol’s counterattack has begun.

It issued a ghost fee.

In the ghost rain that flew in different orbits, the black and white statues flew in different directions.

‘It’s enough to avoid these things.’

After they easily avoided the ghost rain, it was time to prepare for a counterattack.

See it!

I heard a sound I shouldn’t have heard.

Surprised, I turned my head to look, and the ghost rain that had passed them by was spinning in the air and aiming for their breath again.

Pyowol connects and manipulates the suhonsa.



The two quickly bowed their heads.

In the blink of an eye, the ghost rain passed over their heads.

“To dazzle your eyes with witchcraft.”


The two of them performed condensing heat makeup and ice bag extensions at Bido, who was flying in anger.


Ten sacks of Bido were bounced in different directions with an explosion.

Without missing that moment, Black and White Musang flung himself at Pyowol.


The black and white hem was stretched out.



The black and white musang spread their own ceremonies toward both sides of Pyowol.

If their palms were hit like this, Pyowol’s body would explode like a leather bag with too much air in it.

Furthermore, the black and white martial arts complement each other and maximize the power several times.

There was no way for Pyowol to survive once it was severely damaged.

‘It’s over.’

It was that moment when a young smile of happiness appeared on his black-and-white face.

Suddenly, I felt an eerie feeling.

The two instinctively changed the trajectory of the tension that was flying toward Pyowol.


In an instant, both of their clothes were cut off.

Around the epitaph, an invisible gift was spread like a spider’s web. He had secretly spread out a silver net.

If Black and White Musang had continued to reach out to the place he was aiming for the first time, his arm would have been cut off by the support.


“Are you using witchcraft?”

It seemed like witchcraft to the black and white Musang, who did not know the favor of the landlord.

Pyowol did not feel the need to explain to them.

There was nothing more foolish than explaining one’s stoicism to one’s enemies.

When Jiju Eun-mang returned to inaction, Pyo-wol moved in earnest.

See it!

The suhonsa was changed to a sasa river.

The yarn-shaped ganggi each aimed at the breath of black and white.



Black and White Musang turned the pair like a windmill. Then, the cutting edge of condensing thermal makeup and ice-baking kidneys poured out.

Quagga gaga gag!

Sasagang and black and white free Jeolhak collided in the air.

It was like a battle of wild beasts aiming for the opponent’s breath.

Flames bloomed and disappeared, and extreme energy poured out like icy rain.

At the center of it was a pyowol.

Pyowol’s inaction to neutralize the black and white free season by wielding the Sasa River was truly formidable.

‘The young man’s inaction is beyond imagination.’

‘You must die here. If you miss him, the aftermath will be endless.’

I gave up my mind to deal with it moderately.

Pyowol was not a being that could be dealt with with a half-hearted attitude.

His name was black and white, called the best warriors of Cheonmujang.

They worked together for dozens of seconds, but couldn’t help Pyowol.

It was truly unbelievable.

This level of inaction was the first time since Chang Tianhua.

‘A level comparable to that of Jangju? You must die here and now. At any cost.’

It was heart-wrenching.

Without saying anything, they recognized each other’s intentions.


Baek Mu-sang shouted loudly and rushed at the front of Pyo-wol.

See it!

The Sasa River flew towards him like a poisonous snake.

Instead of avoiding the Sasa River, Jeon Yeop used self-defense.


The self-defense gang and the Sasa river collided.

In an instant, Pyowol twirled her wrist. Then, the Sasa River rotated at a terrifying speed and dug into the self-defense machine.

Like a thread snake burrowing into a small hole, it penetrates through self-defense.


In the end, Sasa Gang broke through the self-defense technique and penetrated Jeon Yeop’s shoulder.


The front lobe groaned in agony from the agony. However, he forcibly endured the pain and instead rushed toward Pyowol.

He hugged her tightly without even having time to escape.

Cheer up!

At the same time, the white cloth he was wearing wrapped around the moon like a living creature.

The pyowol gave strength, but the anterior lobe was immovable, as if being clamped with steel tongs.

Jeon-yeop whispered to Pyo-wol.

“It is intangible. bloke!”


As soon as he finished his words, something exploded inside the bag.

No smell, no shape.

But it definitely exists.

Intangible poison.

It is the most severe of all poisons in the world.

If you don’t take the antidote, it melts in an instant like a snowman under the summer sun.

He deserves to be called the King of Dokjungji (毒中之王).

Jeon-yeop usually put the intangible poison into a small ball and carried it inside his bag.

Jeon-yeop exploded such extreme poison inside the bag.

The terrible miasma attacked not only the Pyowol but also the front lobe. However, Jeon-yeop had a corner to believe.

Not only did he build up his tolerance by taking the poison frequently, but he also took the antidote for the intangible poison in advance.

It won’t last long, but you’ll be able to withstand it while the moon melts away. After that, if you take the antidote again and fly for three or four months, you will be free from the aftereffects of the poison.

It was the last tactic used when the front line was cornered.

Inside the white cloth, the intangible poison penetrates the opponent’s body through the pores and dissolves instantly from the inside.

Knowing that fact, the dark musang false signal did not dare to approach. This is because his life was also in danger if he approached it hastily and was exposed to the intangible poison.

When the front lobe exploded with intangible poison, you had to be at least 10 paces away.

The false signal was also quite resistant to poison, but it was nothing compared to the anterior lobe.

Because of that, the false signal could not approach it recklessly and watched Pyowol and Jeonyeop.

Jeon Yeop burst into laughter.

“Kuhhh! How does it taste? You will feel pain like ants eating all over your body.”

“It’s intangible…”

“Yes! Intangible poison will melt your body.”

“I hope so…”

Pyo-wol looked at Jeon-yeop’s face, trailing off at the end of his words.

Their faces were so close together that they could feel each other’s breath.

For a moment, the front lobe felt a chill.

It was because there was no sign of poisoning anywhere on Pyowol’s face.

It was then.


Suddenly, I felt something moving inside the bag.

I shuddered at the cold feeling that passed over his body.


The front lobe screamed in astonishment.

However, Pyo-wol didn’t answer and looked at Jeon-yeop’s face with a smile.

Still, Pyowol showed no sign of addiction.

Apparently, the intangible poison exploded inside the bag.


Something was spinning around his body inside the bag. Goosebumps gave me goosebumps.

“What do you mean?”

The front lobe shouted once more. But Pyowol still had no answer.

In an instant, Jeon-yeop could not shake off the ominous feeling and unwrapped the white cloth that had wrapped Pyo-wol.

Then the situation below the neck was revealed.

The intangible poison that had filled the inside of his bag had completely disappeared, and a small snake was entwined around his wrist.

A small horn on its head and burning red scales.

It was the ear.

At that moment, Guia bit Jeon Yeop’s wrist.


A scream erupted from the front’s mouth.

It was because the moment I was cornered by Guia, my head was spinning.

In an instant, my whole body was paralyzed and my eyes went black.

It was a symptom of poisoning.


He had a strong resistance to the slightest poison.

Moreover, he took the antidote for the intangible poison.

Quite a bit of poison was detoxified as soon as it entered the body. Still, the body was paralyzed and the tongue was hardening.

It was something that was impossible with common sense.

Pyo-wol said as he loosened Jeon-yeop’s arm that was holding him.

“I don’t know how strong the intangible poison is, but it’s nothing compared to the ghost’s poison.”


In an instant, Jeon Yeop’s face began to melt.


The false signal came running, screaming at the unbelievable appearance of a colleague.

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