Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 609

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 609

Episode 609

Those who kept an eye on the new guests in the inn were mostly Saneumsa girls from nearby Shanseo Province.

Those who met in Sanyin County, Shanxi Province and united in spirit called themselves the Sanyin Temple.

Those who made a name for themselves in Saneum County gradually expanded their activities to Henan Province.

There was only one reason why they left Saneumhyeon and came all the way here.

It was just to make a name for itself.

Saneumhyeon was indeed the periphery of rivers and lakes.

There was a Great Wall just to the north, and beyond the Great Wall, it was a stranger.

It was a typical military hub, and the environment was also barren, so it was not a city suitable for people to live for a long time.

Because of that, as soon as the girl of the Shanyin Temple gained some fame, she left Shanyin County and headed for Jianghu.

It was because he smelled the smell of war blowing from the river.

Where there was war, there was chaos, and where there was chaos, there was an opportunity to make a name for yourself.

Although they claim to have a fair reputation in Shanxi, they are limited to that area.

Even when they came to Henan, no one recognized them.

They were unhappy about it.

The mountain temple girl planned to stay in Dengfeng County for a few days before leaving.

I liked the environment in Dengfeng County, but this was the domain of Shaolin Temple. It was clear that if he made trouble here, he would be overpowered by the Shaolin Temple.

For that reason, I intended to stay as quietly as possible while staying in Deungbong County. However, circumstances occurred that changed their minds.

The door of the inn opened and a group of people entered.

It was Pyowol, Soma, and Hong Ye-seol.

Among them, Hong Ye-seol was the one who caught their attention.

Hong Ye-seol covered her face with cotton, but couldn’t hide her thick body.

“wow! Are you awesome?”

“Sea Pearl! driving me crazy.”

The mountaineers exchanged glances.

Since they had never slept with a woman since coming to Dengfeng County, their desire was at its peak.

The Saneumsa girl exchanged glances with each other.

They read each other’s hearts in an instant.


“Boys don’t seem to care much…”

In their eyes, Pyowol and Soma looked like people who didn’t care much.

It seemed that if I put my mind to it, I would be able to pick it up at any moment.

“Still, I have eyes to see, so let’s wait until night.”

“I’m going to quietly get rid of it and leave Dengfeng County.”

“It was good.”

They whispered in low voices.

When everyone is asleep, he kills the men and rapes the woman.

After that, he destroys the evidence and leaves Deng Feng County.

That was their plan.


While drinking, they glanced at Hong Ye-seol with a sidelong glance.

Hong Ye-seol frowned slightly.

She said that she was secretly spying on Saneum Temple, but she couldn’t fool her intuition.

I’ve seen this kind of look countless times in my life. So I knew very well what that meant.

“ha! boring.”

Hong Ye-seol let out a sigh, and Soma smiled slightly.

“I’ll take care of it so my sister doesn’t bother.”

“Will you?”


“thank you!”

With that, the fate of the Saneumsa Girl was decided.

Unaware of this fact, the girl from the mountain temple giggled in anticipation of the pleasures of the night.

Pyowol murmured.

“Since the world is chaotic, there are people like that in the front yard of Shaolin Temple.”

“The battle between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe is getting fiercer day by day. Both sides are frantic about sourcing troops. That’s why even those who don’t have qualifications like that are going to Poyang Lake, aiming for success.”

Saneumsa Girl was a prime example of how broken the current Kangho is.

If Gangho was normal, people like that would never have set foot here.

Deng Feng County, the front yard of Shaolin Temple, couldn’t even imagine how dizzy it would be in other places.

After seeing Hong Ye-seol and seeing Saneumsa-geol, who reveals his dark mind, I realized how dizzy the world is.

Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol entered the room on the second floor without eating.

The Saneumsa girl who saw them enter the room also stood up. They immediately tried to follow Hong Ye-seol to this floor. But before that, a problem arose.



Suddenly, the maknae of the Saneumsa girl let out a scream.

A chopstick was stuck in his neck.

The youngest rolled his eyes and fell down, not moving.

It would be devastating in an instant.

“You are the youngest!”

“You b*stard! What are you?”

It was Soma who threw the chopsticks.



“Didn’t you ask for my name? My name is Soma.”

“Soma? Why did you kill our youngest?”

“My older brothers had a crush on my older sister first. no?”

“How dare you do this…”

The Saneum Temple became very angry and rushed at Soma. But their attacks couldn’t even reach Soma.

Because the level difference is too big.

Although it is said to have gained quite a reputation in the Saneum region, its actual military force was incomparable to the Soma.

The fear in Soma’s waist was released like a flash war.

Fear passed through the neck of the Saneumsa girl in an instant.




I felt a burning pain along with a cool feeling.

The mountain girl screamed and collapsed to the floor. And never moved again.

Soma killed three people at the same time with a single exit. It was truly a formidable swordsmanship.


The owner of the inn screamed when he saw the death of the Saneumsa girl.

Soma approached the owner of the inn. Then the owner of the guesthouse went white.

It was because the young Soma looked like a demon.

Soma handed the three hermits to the innkeeper and said,

“Can you quietly clean up the body?”

“ah! Mmm! Of course.”

The owner of the inn was embarrassed but accepted the hermit.

It was because it was a business that left much to be desired even after removing the body for three hermits.

She was a mountain woman who stayed in an inn for several days and caused all sorts of trouble. There was nothing to protect them.

Rather, it was much more beneficial to the owner of the inn because he was given a hermit.

Seeing the innkeeper giggle, Soma went upstairs.

When Soma disappeared, the owner of the inn changed his gaze.

‘I have to tell the Shaolin Temple about this.’

The young boy killed the Saneumsa girl in one fell swoop.

It was something to pay attention to.

The owner of the guesthouse hurried to inform Shaolin Temple of the news.


It was late at night, but Shaolin Temple was bright as night.

Torches were hung everywhere, and a fire was burning in a large brazier in the center of the temple.

Shaolin Temple was famous for its strict vigilance. But it wasn’t that bad.

It was a change that occurred after the Arbitration Foundation, which had been sent to the non-partisan faction, was massacred.

Shaolin Temple has strengthened its security network several times in preparation for a possible invasion by the Heavenly Armed Forces.

Even though it was late at night, monks were standing guard all over Shaolin Temple.

“Whoa! I can’t see a solution at all.”

Master Unji, the master of Shaolin Temple, pressed his temples with his fingers as if he were tired.

After hearing the news of the slaughter of the Arbitration Foundation, which he sent as a non-partisan faction, he hardly slept properly.

It was because of the great pressure that weighed on him.

‘Why the hell did Zhang Shizhu do this?’

Even now, I couldn’t believe that Zhang Chun-hwa killed the transportation and mediation team.

Rather, I wished that Ji-kyung’s words were lies. But there was no reason for Ji-gyeong to lie.

Master Unji placed monks around the geogyeong.

It was because at present, Ji-gyeong was the only one who could prove Jang Chun-hwa’s evil deeds.

If something goes wrong, there will be no one to prove Jang Chun-hwa’s evil deeds. Because of that, I did my best to protect him.

“No matter how hard Zhang Chunhua is, he won’t be able to touch the head office easily.”

Its reputation has faded a lot compared to before, but Shaolin Temple was still Shaolin Temple.

Master Unji believed in the power of Shaolin Temple.

It was then.

“It is the death penalty sea. May I come in?”

The voice of Master Unhae Ambassador came from outside.

To the visit of Ambassador Unhae, Shaolin’s first scholar and member of parliament, Ambassador Unji answered with a smile.

“Come inside.”

“yes! execution.”

With the answer, Unhae Ambassador came inside.

As soon as I entered the room, Ambassador Unhae said.

“You seem to be in a lot of trouble. Seeing you awake at this midnight hour.”

“Isn’t it the same for you?”

“Sleep doesn’t come easily.”

“Phew! The sleepless night continues and I am tired.”

“The burden on the death penalty’s shoulders seems so heavy. It would be nice if this priest could share even a little, but I’m sorry I can’t.”

“Your heart is enough.”

Ambassador Unji smiled and tapped Ambassador Unhae on the shoulder a couple of times.

“There is always the death penalty, which is reassuring.”

“Once this tribulation is over, I am going to hand over the presidency to Seongmu.”


“I feel keenly that I am old now.”

As people get older, they find stability.

It was the same with monks.

Moreover, both Master Unji and Master Unhae had a tendency toward stability rather than adventure.

He had a too moderate tendency and a lot of age to break through the rough sepa.

Because of that, I felt a lot of power.

“If it’s Seongmu, you’ll be able to lead Shaolin well.”


“I don’t mean to withdraw right away, so don’t look at me like that. When handing it over, even if it is handed down, it should be handed down after the Shaolin Temple has stabilized to some extent. That way you won’t stand a chance.”

“All right. Then I should be prepared to hand over my seat to Seongyeong. Seong-Young has the ability and learning to take his place.”

“okay! Seongyeong will do well enough.”

“I believe in you too.”

That was when the two old monks were preparing for the future.


Another voice came from outside.

“What is it?”

“The owner of the inn in Dengfeng County has delivered the news.”

“The owner of the inn? Come in.”


With the answer, Daejeon Lee hurriedly came inside. In his hand was a carefully folded letter.

Ambassador Unji received the letter and opened it.

“The first unmanned people came in? One of them killed the mountain girl.”

“Are you saying that the mountain priest is dead?”

“Yes. Moreover, the soldier who killed him is now only a boy of about ten years old.”

“Huh! Even though the Saneum Temple doesn’t have a great reputation, it’s still a formidable master, so a boy about 10 years old killed it?”

“They killed it without too much effort.”


“Anyway, this boy seems like the boy who goes with him.”

“What if?”

“Pyowol! Wasn’t there a little boy always following him?”


Ambassador Unhae agreed.

“You lead the disciples and go to the inn.”

“All right. Let’s go now.”

“You want to go right away? You can go after the sun rises.”

“I can’t sleep, so there’s no need to spend a long night with nothing to do, right? I’ll just leave now.”

“haha! People really… I get it. like that.”

“Then I will go.”

Master Unhae went outside following Disciple Lee.

Ambassador Unji, who was left alone, opened the window and looked outside.

The clouds were thick, so the stars were not visible today.

Ambassador Unji muttered.

“The heavenly spirit is confused. How do I get through this?”

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