Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 608

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 608

Episode 608

The atmosphere at the Seventh Generation was very chaotic.

It had to be.

They were sleeping soundly when, suddenly, a young Tao flew in and almost killed them.

Even the method of flying Tao reminded me of Lee Ki-Do.

There was only one warrior in the world who could lead Do-gang to win over the young Do.

But none of the people present mentioned his name.

As if his name itself was taboo.

At least, the people of the Chilhyeondan didn’t know the situation, so it wasn’t as serious as Soma or Hong Ye-seol.

Regardless of the opponent’s inaction, it was because Pyo-wol showed an excellent fight against it.

However, Soma, Hong Ye-seol, and Hong Yu-shin, who knew the situation, could not think comfortably like them.

In particular, Hong Yu-shin’s expression was serious.

‘There is only one martial artist in the world who can go beyond crossing the river. It is clear that he is the Daowang Licheng.’

Hong Yu-shin thought he was bold.

While serving as the chief inspector of Haomen, he saw everything he could not see and roamed the most dangerous areas in the world as if he were at home.

Naturally, he had no choice but to have more guts than anyone else.

But even he couldn’t help but feel fear in front of the name Lee Cheong.

Together with Cheonmujang Jang Cheonhwa, he is the absolute leader who represents this era.

His martial arts are different from those of the masters of the Palseongjwa or the Sampae Sanjang.

In a true sense, Lee Chung was an absolute warrior worthy of being called the strongest in the world.

His nickname was not King Dao for nothing.

It was called that because there is no rival in the world if you have only Tao.

‘Why did the Dowang come here?’

There was no way a soldier of that size would come to annihilate the Chilhyeondan.

His true goal was clear.

The problem was why he called out the symbol separately.

If he came to punish Pyowol by regulating it as a strong evil, the problem becomes serious.

‘He is helpless. Even though the situation has become like this, I can’t do anything.’

He was embarrassed by the fact that it was a position he would not miss if he were Hao Mun’s supervisor in Gangho, but he was of no help in this group.

‘I don’t know. I really don’t know. oops! Let it be whatever it is.’

Eventually he gave up on thinking any longer and closed his eyes.

But he had to wake up again soon.


Because Soma’s voice was heard.

When I opened my eyes, a man with a familiar body was walking towards me from afar.

It didn’t take long to realize that he was the moon.

“Brother! are you okay?”

Soma ran first, followed by Hong Ye-seol.

Finally, Hong Yu-shin approached Pyo-wol.

“Are you okay?”

“are you okay!”

Pyowol nodded.

Hong Yu-shin looked closely at his body to see if he was lying. However, there were no scars on Pyowol’s body.

Hong Yu-shin asked cautiously.

“Have you ever been a Dowang?”

“that’s right!”

“You really were a king. Why did he call Pyo Daehyeop?”

“He said let’s talk.”

“You mean you made this fuss to talk?”


“That made sense in terms of common sense…”

“Because he is a person who cannot be judged by common sense.”

“Of course, but… ah! I don’t know.”

In the end, Hong Yu-shin’s head was tangled like a tangled skein.

He gave up thinking further.

It was clear that something important had passed between Pyo-wol and Lee-chung. However, Pyo-wol had no intention of saying anything, so it was useless to ask questions.

Soma and Hong Ye-seol knew that too.

Because of that, they were happy that Pyowol had returned safely, but they didn’t bother to ask what had happened. They think that the moon will tell them when the time is right.

Hong Ye-seol smiled and said.

“I’m glad you came back safely. You must be tired, so go ahead and get some rest.”


Pyowol nodded and returned to his original position.

The homestead, which had become a mess due to the Dowang’s attack, was tidied up again before I knew it.

As Pyo-wol sat down in front of the campfire, Yu-gun, the owner of the Chilhyeon Danju, approached cautiously.

“Are you okay?”

“are you okay.”

“Ho, is there any chance that the one who attacked today will come back?”

Pyo-wol shook his head at Yoo-gun’s cautious question.

“There will be no such thing. We can just go on schedule.”

“Ah, thanks for the answer. Then you must be tired, so please rest in peace.”

After Yuu’s army took cover, he withdrew.

His attitude towards Pyowol was extremely cautious.

It had to be.

It was common sense to understand that the people who plotted the rebellion and the Green Forest were dealt with inside the Chilhyeondan. However, Pyowol’s inaction against Lee Chung was far beyond his common sense.

‘It’s clear that he is a famous absolute master in the stronghold.’

Like the owner of a huge merchant troupe, Yu-gun was well-informed about Kang-ho.

It was because they had no choice but to collect information in order to survive in the river. Among the information he collected were famous masters of Gangho.

In particular, as much information as absolute adherence was collected without fail.

There was no one like the man in front of me anywhere in the information of absolute adherence collected in this way.

‘A warrior who has reached the absolute state can change his appearance as much as he wants.’

Considering that her current appearance is not real, it was surprisingly not difficult to deduce.

‘It’s clear that he is a reaper. The god of death changed his appearance and joined our procession.’

The fact that Haemun was invaded by the ghost fleet and martial arts was already famous in the rivers and lakes. Everyone knew that Haewonjang defeated them, but the details were not known.

It is because Haewonjang and Haomun desperately hid information. Even so, it was impossible to fool the information-powered factions, but the general public could not know what was going on.

It was the same with Yumu-gun. However, he was the owner of excellent intelligence.

He knew that Dokgo Hwang had ill will towards Pyowol.

People simply talked about the fact that Mugeomryeon had invaded Haemun, but he had a question as to why Mugeomryeon came to Haemun.

If the opponent in front of him was Pyowol, all doubts were answered.

‘Dokgo Hwang was chasing the death god, but he got hit the wrong way.’

When I thought about it, goose bumps ran through my body.

It’s a companionship with the death god.

Something I couldn’t even imagine happened.

I was afraid rather than happy to be with him.

Originally, large trees were bound to be hit by strong winds.

I didn’t know what kind of storm I would face if I stayed next to him.

That said, he didn’t even have the courage to tell Pyowol to leave now.

In the end, whether it was porridge or rice, he had to accompany him until Jeong-ju.

‘I hope nothing happens…’

Yoo-gun thought so and sat down.

The merchants around him looked at him with wonder, but he kept his mouth shut and said nothing.

Yoo Yu-gun stared blankly at Pyo-wol, who was sitting across the bonfire.

It was like having a terrible nightmare today.


The next day, the Chilhyun Group moved early in the morning.

I cleaned up the place where I was sleeping and made breakfast with beef jerky on the wagon.

Pyowol chewed on the beef jerky and looked ahead.

He was sitting right on the roof of the carriage.

Being in the wagon was stuffy, so he came out.

Hong Yu-shin and Soma were still sitting in the driver’s seat, and Hong Ye-seol was inside.

The road was rough and the carriage rattled.

It seemed that it was shaking violently and was about to break at any moment. However, Hong Yu-shin skillfully drove the horse and minimized the shock.

Still, the pain in the ass did not change, but none of the people in the carriage expressed any complaints.

Life in Gangho was always full of uncomfortable things.

I had to get used to being uncomfortable.

From the moment Mu-in starts looking for something comfortable, his senses become dull. There have been quite a few cases in which those who have become so dull and unable to demonstrate their abilities have wild ambitions.

It was common for Kang-ho to become more confused by such people. So, Pyo-wol and Hong Yu-shin, who had a lot of strong experience, were wary of becoming comfortable with their bodies.

Pyowol chewed the beef jerky again and again.

He chewed so tenaciously that it took him almost a dozen or so minutes to swallow a piece of beef jerky.

After meeting Lee Cheong, things were complicated in my head.

That’s why Lee Chung’s proposal was unexpected.


Suddenly, Pyowol let out a sigh.

Because the more I thought about it, the more complicated it became.

In the end, Pyo-wol gave up on thinking.

nothing was certain

Gangho was changing so rapidly that one could not foresee the day ahead. It was useless to worry in advance in this situation.

Pyo-wol lay down on the roof of the carriage and closed his eyes.

Less! Less!

The carriage rocked as if it would tip over at any moment, but Pyo-wol fell asleep.

The journey thereafter went smoothly.

There were no thieves looking for goods, and they were not caught up in other troubles.

Thanks to this, the Chilhyeon Group was able to arrive in Jeongju before fifteen days had passed since leaving Haemun.

“I lived.”


Merchants and workers made faces of joy as they watched Jeong-ju.

I’ve been through many ups and downs, but this was the first time I’ve had such a hard time and suffered so much.

That’s why the joy of returning safely was even greater.

Upon arriving at the Chilhyun Foundation, Yu Yu approached Pyo Wol and others.

“Thanks to you, I was able to arrive safely. Thank you very much for the escort.”

“No big deal. Don’t worry, I did it for a fee. Thanks to that, we were able to come comfortably.”

Representing everyone, Yushin Hong replied.

Yoo Yu-gun glanced at Pyo-wol.

Pyowol was already far away from the carriage.

Yoo-gun asked Hong Yu-shin cautiously.

“If you don’t mind, would you mind if we treat you to dinner?”

“ah! it’s okay.”

“But thanks to you, I came here safely…”

“Yu Daehyeop!”


“Do you guess his identity?”


“Let’s just go quietly. He doesn’t like being involved in useless relationships. I hate it even more when someone tries to gain prestige by borrowing my name. So, just quietly break up like there was no relationship. Do you know what I mean?”


“I’m glad you understand. Then we’ll be on our way.”


Hong Yu-shin smiled and turned around.

Yoo Yu-gun only stared blankly at the back of Pyo-wol and his group as they walked away.

Pyo-wol and his party did not stay overnight in Jeong-ju, and headed straight to Deung-bong county.

Deng Feng County was just a short distance away from Zhengzhou.

It was a distance that could be reached in a day if you walked diligently.

The four of them walked towards Deng Feng County.

Fortunately, we were able to reach Dengfeng County before sunset.

It was almost evening, but there were quite a few people on the streets of Dengfeng County. Many of them were incense burners trying to enter Shaolin Temple.

Shaolin Temple has been the spiritual pillar of Henan since ancient times.

Not only the soldiers, but also ordinary people visited the Shaolin Temple and burned incense.

Based on their strong support, Shaolin Temple has been able to play the role of a powerful leader for a thousand years.

Although its presence has weakened recently, it is still admired by many in Henan.

As soon as they entered Deng Feng County, Hong Yuxin said to Pyo Yue.

“Let’s break up at this point. I must go to the Haomen branch.”

“Is there a branch here?”

“We are running a branch to understand the trend of Shaolin Temple. I will go to the branch and see if there is any new information.”

Hong Yu-shin knew that he could not enter Shaolin Temple. It is because the Shaolin Temple cannot easily accept Hao Mun’s supervising master in matters related to Pyo-wol.

The role of him and Hao Mun was to connect Pyowol and Shaolin Temple. Hong Yu-shin was well aware of the line to be followed.

It was better to get away with it before being disgraced in prose.

Pyowol nodded.

“Do it.”

“Then I’ll see you later.”

After Hong Yu-shin took possession, he disappeared somewhere.

Pyo-wol said to Hong Ye-seol and Soma.

“Today I will sleep in an inn, and Shaolin will go up tomorrow.”


“Okay bro!”

The three went in search of a nearby inn.

There were many unmanned people in the inn, suggesting the chaotic gangho atmosphere.

They watched the new Pyowol group closely.

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